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A Few Acres of Snow
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Multilingual second edition
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9.20 x 12.50 x 2.20 inches
2.90 pounds
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Mar 26, 2012
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ObjectID: 167532
Description Edit | History

2nd Edition Card list (109 Cards Total):

French Empire Cards:
Regular Infantry (4), Coureur de Bois (1), Militia (3), Siege Artillery (1), Military Leader (1), Priest (2), Intendant (1), Governor (1), Fortification (1), Trader (2), Home Support (1), Native Americans (1), Ships (1),

British Empire Cards:
Regular Infantry (6), Militia (3), Rangers (1), Siege Artillery (1), Military Leader (1), Indian Leader (1), Bateaux (1), Governor (1), Fortification (1), Trader (1), Home Support (1), Settlers (1), Ships (2*).
'*There is actually a misprint on the player aid, which says there is only 1 English 'Ships' card. Without the second one, you don't get to 110 cards though.???'

Neutral (green) Empire Cards:
Settlers (2), Fortification (2), Native Americans (5)

And then of course all the location cards: 33 British locations and 26 French locations.

Differences in the 2nd edition:

1. When playing Home Support, you draw 3 cards or whatever is left in the draw pile. You do not shuffle the discard pile and continue drawing if you drew less than 3 cards.
2. Locations can no longer be placed in reserve.
3. 1 raid card allows you to raid over 2 connections.
4. The French bateaux card was removed from the game.
5. In the 2nd Edition, Trois Rivieres and Fort Beausejour have a ship symbol next to it (on the map board).