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Board Game: Race
Board Game
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Second edition
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6.00 x 5.00 x 1.00 inches
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Try to win the race by reaching 1000km the first. During the race you have the following possibilities:

a) either you can place and ADVANCE CARD in your own field allowing you to move forward in the race.

b) OR you can stop another player by placing a DELAY card in his field.

c) OR you can use a BREAKAWAY card to cancel a DELAY card from a previous round, enabling you to continue going forward in the race.

d) OR you can display an IMMUNITY card which protects you from certain delay cards until the end of the game.

DON'T DESPAIR: Your opponent may be sure he's winning the race - he's up to 950km - but with good tactics you can still block him, race him up and WIN!

(From the back of the box).