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Podcast: The Comic Roast
Episode: The Comic Roast #152: The Hunt For Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor #1 ( 15.99 MB / 15:55)
On this episode of The Comic Roast, Scott and Mike talk about The Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #1. This week, we team up with the ladies of the X-Men as they head off to Madripoor on their hunt for Wolverine. This may be the best book yet! Maybe you should tune in to find out.  Follow Scott @xorsonx, and Mike @reviewandroast on Twitter. Listen on Stitcher, subscribe on iTunes.
Podcast: Run Last Click
Episode: Episode 100: The 100th Episode ( 92.04 MB / 80:18)
In this episode our heroes are celebrating reaching the 100th episode of the podcast. Hijinks a plenty as we have two very special features and share the listeners favorite memories of the last 4 and a half years.
Episode: Episode 19: Gen Con Preview ( 64.79 MB / 47:10)
Gen Con is just a few weeks away and it’s right in our backyard! We talk about all things Gen Con.  We start off describing our perfect convention day, sip on some Daredevil Vacation Kölsch and say cheers to Mark Burke (The Chubby Meeple) for being such an awesome person in our hobby. We also fill … Continue reading Episode 19: Gen Con Preview
Podcast: Out of Game
Episode: OOG - EP43 - Classic Obscurity ( 83.27 MB / 0:00)
In the forty-third episode of Out of Game Ryan, Chris & Tim revisit the Listener's Corner and answer more great questions from the amazing Out of Game fans.
Podcast: On Board Games
Episode: OBG 307: The Man Behind the Red Shirt ( 47.71 MB / 60:57)
In this episode, Erik and Don talk with Stephen Buonocore from Stronghold Games about games they've played lately including: Big Trouble in Little China Detective Gold Fever Loopin' Louie MemoArrr! Whoosh: Bounty Hunters Paper Tales Seafall Gloomhaven   (23:56) Then, Stephen talks about what games he really likes and we dive into what makes those games great. Inverse Genius: http://www.inversegenius.com/ Patreon account: http://www.patreon.com/obgTwitter: @onboardgames RSS Feed: http://onboardgames.libsyn.com/rssEmail us: onboardgames.net@gmail.com On Board Games Guild at Board Game Geek
Podcast: Deaf & Dumb
Episode: Episode 126: Hidden Roles ( 52.42 MB / 57:14)
This week is jammed full of secret motives and bold faced lies as the guys are talking about The Think: Infection at Outpost 31, Secret Hitler, and Bang! The Dice Game.  They also played Maximum Apocalypse and Downforce.  Dan is still playing Moonlighter and Dudley opened a Way of the Force booster box for Star Wars Destiny.
Episode: Bonus Episode: Designer Deep Dive- Founders of Gloomhaven by Isaac Childres ( 43.27 MB / 0:00)
http://traffic.libsyn.com/bluepegpinkpeg/BPPP_Founders_mixdown.output.mp3 During this Designer Deep Dive, we speak with Isaac Childres about his upcoming title, Founders of Gloomhaven. Founders of Gloomhaven is a multi-layered and tightly designed tile-placement, action-selection, city-building game set hundred of years before the events of the blockbuster campaign style board game, Gloomhaven. We talk to Isaac about his approach to game … Continue reading Bonus Episode: Designer Deep Dive- Founders of Gloomhaven by Isaac Childres
Episode: Mark Herman ( 67.39 MB / 73:37)

This week I speak to the daddy of war gaming Mark Herman! We discuss what a war game actually is, working at the pentagon and Edward Snowden. But which games did he choose?

Podcast: cubelovepodcast
Episode: clp067 – cubelove podcast – Dice Tower Con ( 59.56 MB / 0:00)
He went to a con and won’t stop talking about it. We also find some time for other stuff. 0:00:00 Please Listen Carefully 0:2:47 Dice Tower Con, general impressions 0:25:51 Dice Tower Con, Nathan played games and we played some online too 1:43:20 Dessert Penis, Why does Nathan hate all the election games 2:05:40 Song … Continue reading clp067 – cubelove podcast – Dice Tower Con
Episode: HLG 48: Moorea ( 76.82 MB / 76:03)

Aflevering 48 "Moorea" van Het Ludieke Gezelschap, dé Nederlandse bordspel podcast. Een aflevering in een wat huiselijke setting waarbij we toch twee keer onderbroken werden door onverwachte geluiden. Waarvan 1x door de nieuwe pratende huiscomputer; de Google Home. Maar er bleef uiteraard genoeg tijd over om diverse spellen en spellennieuws door te nemen. In het bijzonder kijken we extra uitgebreid naar het spel Moorea van Reiner Stockhausen. Moorea is een eiland in Frans-Polynesië. Een leuke locatie voor de vakantieperiode...

00:00 Intro / 00:38 Welkom (Tour de France) / 03:49 Gespeeld: Boonanza met huisregels (999 Games), Ganz schön Clever (Schmidt Spiele), iPad Board Games (o.a. San Juan en Race for the Galaxy), Near and Far (Red Raven Games) / 26:28 Onder de loupe: Moorea (dlp games) / 52:40 Spellennieuws: o.a. Keep Exploring Games (Tikal, Java etc.), Vendetta (Dale of Merchants), Ticket to Ride New York, BGG Hotness List, GenCon Preview / 73:05 Afsluiting / 74:50 Outro / 75:26 Blooper

Meer details op onze Facebook pagina:
Reageren? Mail ons op hetludiekegezelschap@gmail.com

Podcast: Hooked On Geek
Episode: Ep. 28: Luxor, Azul, The Mind, Oh My! ( 45.24 MB / 41:15)

In this episode we discuss what we have been playing recently (1:46), namely, Drop It, Micropolis, Don't Mess with Cthulhu Deluxe, and Exodus: Paris Nouveau.  Since the winners of the Spiel Des Jahres will be announced one week from the day this episode is released we also discuss the nominees and which of the three we want to win and which we think will likely win (20:20).  We wrap up the episode with another book recommendation (38:16).  Thanks for listening.  Enjoy!

Episode: Prime impressioni (con Michele Marotta) - Decrypto (T. Dagenais-Lespérance, Asmodee Italia) ( 0 MB / 10:35)
Nuovo format per il Dado Incantato, un breve podcast per parlare di prodotti e delle nostre prime impressioni. L'obiettivo di Prime Impressioni non è tanto quello di fare recensioni (sempre pericoloso dire cosa è una recensione e cosa non lo è) ma di dare un parere strutturato e da giocatore in merito alle impressioni di gioco, magari in rapporto con altre esperienze e con altri titoli. Oggi Michele ci parla di Decripto (T. Dagenais-Lespérance, Asmodee Italia), un party game a squadre in cui ci viene richiesto di fare associazioni mentali tra parole cercando di far comprendere un codice alla propria squadra e nel contempo creando confusione agli avversari. Sfortunatamente la squadra da lui scelta si rivela fallimentare, infatti procederanno a perdere tutte le partite fatte. Diamo anche il benvenuto a Michele Marotta nel nostro team!
Episode: Episode 34 - So... You Should Play Alchemists ( 109.47 MB / 119:50)
Episode 34 - So... You Should Play Alchemists - Today we talk about Eclipse 2nd Edition, Outlive, The Great Zimbabwe and more! We also suggest a listener a board game, play board game jeopardy, and present honorary games with a Cardboard Reality Seal. Enjoy the show! 00:00 - Intro 01:00 - Banter & Podcast updates 03:40 - Big update!! Link below 07:50 - Argent: The Consortium 17:00 - Outlive 29:30 - The Great Zimbabwe 43:00 - Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy 51:30 - Mars Open 1:00:30 - News/Kickstarters (Escape Plan) 1:01:30 - Hosts recommend a game to a listener 1:14:30 - Jeopardy - Dylan leads 1:33:50 - Discussion Topic - Honorary Inductions 1:57:50 - Closing Comments https://www.cardboardrealitypodcast.com/ https://www.facebook.com/cardboardrealitypodcast/ https://www.twitter.com/CardboardRealit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbWYSLk_hvqmCy4LPQEyzXg/ https://www.boardgamegeek.com/guild/3124 cardboardrealitypodcast@gmail.com Now remember, no matter where you are or what you’re doing, keep cardboard gaming a reality in your life.
Podcast: Proxi-Jeux
Episode: [DBDJ 2018] Gigamic ( 18.34 MB / 20:02)
Au cours du festival strasbourgeois Des Bretzels et des Jeux, nous avons pu poser notre matériel pour réaliser un paquet d’interviews dans de bonnes conditions. Pour cette sixième interview, on reçoit David Honoré, qui vient nous parler de Gigamic. On parle des jeux présents sur le stand de l&...
Episode: Ep. 9 - Carthago: Merchants & Guilds Review ( 0 MB / 72:26)
Ep. 9 - Carthago: Merchants & Guilds Review by Punchboard Paradise
Podcast: Men on Board
Episode: Episode 22: Queen Games ( 0 MB / 53:52)

Today we're taking a look at a publisher that typically makes family friendly games that can be scaled up in complexity with expansion content: Queen Games.  Specifically, we're talking about Alhambra and Fresco.  In part two of our two part Broader View conversation about expansions, we discuss our thoughts about when we integrate expansions.

[00:00:00] - Introduction
[00:00:34] - Queen Games
[00:02:19] - Alhambra
[00:15:20] - Fresco
[00:28:25] - Comparison
[00:34:39] - Other Games from Queen Games (and a game with a Queen)
[00:38:11] - Broader View

Podcast: Draft Mechanic
Episode: #79: DropMix on tap; Near & Far Campaign recap; Century: Eastern Wonders; Carcassonne: The Castle; Dragoon ( 73.69 MB / 105:33)

Draft Mechanic Episode #79: DropMix on tap; Near & Far Campaign recap; Century: Eastern Wonders; Carcassonne: The Castle; Dragoon; Gluten-Free Beer; Under-appreciated classics

Hot on the heels of our 2017 redux, we’re finishing up our Near & Far campaign and talk about what we’ve learned over the 10-game story. No spoilers here, unless you’re worried about knowing it’s a great game! We’re putting Hasbro’s music mixing masterpiece DropMix on tap, and visiting Carcassonne’s “The Castle” standalone in the CarcaZone. Recent plays include the hyped Century: Eastern Wonders, and Dragoon - plus there’s news, beer talk, discussion with the Slack, and crowdfunding as well! Oh, and you see that right - Draft Mechanic shirts are REAL!

01:00 Show Intro, News & Updates

04:44 Draft Mechanic T-Shirts available!

06:22 News: Azul, Stained Glass of Sintra

08:47 News: A Feast For Odin expansion

10:43 News: Gen Con GeekPreview

12:46 News: BGG approaches 100,000 games

13:43 Kickstarter Updates

15:19 Kickstarter: SPQF

18:20 Indiegogo: 14 Board Games from Africa

20:14 Kickstarter: Casual Game Insider, Year Seven

21:58 Kickstarter: Tiny Dice Buddies pins

23:25 Recent Plays: Century: Eastern Wonders

30:46 Recent Plays: Dragoon

37:13 Recent Plays: Carcassonne: The Castle

55:23 Recent Plays / On Tap: DropMix

65:16 Grey Fox Games Sponsorship Spot

66:26 Feature: Near & Far Campaign Recap

91:15 Gluten-Free Beer

97:37 Final Round: Classics that don’t get enough love

102:42 Outro

We hope you enjoyed today's episode! Send us some feedback at draftmechanic@gmail.com and visit us on the web at draftmechanic.net!

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Our theme and bump music is from the album “Superpower of Choice” by the Liberation Jumpsuit - thanks to the band for their help! Come listen to the full album on our website!

Thanks for listening! Please game responsibly and we’ll see you back here again soon for another round!


Podcast: Of Dice And Men
Episode: July 15th - Shelf Toads and Settlements ( 67.99 MB / 70:52)
**CONTEST ALERT! Listen to the episode to hear how you can win a copy of Azul from MrDiceGuy.com!** Today we'll be talking about a problem near and dear to all of our hearts - shelf toads. The games that do little more than collect dust on your shelves, but you can't bear to part with. What games are more prone to the "shelf toad" status? How can we get them back to the table? We discuss this and more in our mid-July episode. We take a break to announce our newest sponsorship partnership with Mr. Dice Guy, a local Canadian online game store. Check them out at mrdiceguy.com, and listen for details on how to win a copy of Azul in our twitter giveaway! Our feature game of the episode is Through the Ages, where we talk about both the first and second editions, why this is a shelf toad in Chad's collection, and what you can do to get a chance to play this great civilization-building game. Finally we wrap up with some recent plays, including The Big Book of Madness, Twilight Struggle, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, and the latest Terraforming Mars expansions.0 Image credit: https://boardgamegeek.com/image/2725254/through-ages-new-story-civilization
Episode: ASL Extra 25: Shklov's Labors Lost ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Hello, It's been a while since we have published an ASL Extra. This one has been recorded in a play by play style, where we follow every move and roll of an exciting game between Mike Ryzy's Germans and Eric Ortega's Russian defenders, as they try to hold onto some required buildings in Shklov, Russia. Hopefully you will enjoy listening along while the game is played, rules are recalled and
Episode: G2B Ep. 310: For the Love of The Amiga 1000 ( 124.17 MB / 0:00)
Come visit for a discussion of the life and times of the Amiga 1000 as recalled by a bunch of drunks who held onto their Amigas long, long after it was fashionable to do so.

Audio Only Version Below

Episode: Bonus Episode 02: Origins 2018 Recap! ( 88.41 MB / 64:10)
Origins 2018 was a full five (six, really) fantastic days of board game convention goodness! In this awe-inspiring Origins recap episode, Barb and Matt are…Continue readingBonus Episode 02: Origins 2018 Recap!
Episode: WDYPTW Conversation Thing ( 63.8 MB / 73:47)

Join Patrick as he sits down and chats with some of our northern neighbors, the fine folks who make up the Of Dice and Men Podcast -- Ryan, Chad and Adam. 


Episode: Joukkorahoitus ( 78.8 MB / 58:44)
Annika Saarto (Todellisuuspako) jututtaa Korttikuningas -blogin Timo Lindiä liittyen Kickstarteriin sekä muihin joukkorahoituksen muotoihin, tietenkin lautapelien näkökulmasta. Mukana omia näkökulmiaan joukkorahoitukseen antamassa ovat Mikko Saari (Lautapeliopas), Tuomo Pekkanen (Lautapelit.fi) ja Kristian Pesti (Pöydällä)! Jakso on nauhoitettu 10.7.2018, päivää ennen Eclipsen 2. editionin Kickstarterin alkamista. https://www.lautapeliopas.fi http://todellisuuspako.blogspot.fi/ http://noppapotti.blogspot.fi https://puutyolainen.wordpress.com http://www.lunkisti.fi https://poydalla.net https://korttikuningas.blogspot.com/ Intro/Outro musiikki: Vesa Siivola - A Funktional Piece (mix 0)
Episode: 12 | Dice Tower Con 2018 (Board gaming paradise!) ( 38.32 MB / 55:20)
In this episode, we give a report from our first Dice Tower Con. In short, it was amazing. We met so many great people and played so many games! On this show, we’ll discuss 15 games from the con that were new to us including Ticket to Ride: New York, Giant Azul, Fox in the … Continue reading 12 | Dice Tower Con 2018 (Board gaming paradise!)
Podcast: CoOp Cast
Episode: CoOp Cast - Episode 41: Baseball Highlights 2045 vs Bottom of the 9th ( 54.49 MB / 56:04)
This week Steve and Trent (an armature boardgamer)discuss Baseball Highlights 2045 vs Bottom of the 9th. If you would like to join us on Slack, here is the request form: https://goo.gl/forms/Ya29fB3jIp8SBewv1 And follow us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/onestopcoopshop/ If you want to contact us directly, email: MVPBoardgames@gmail.com
Episode: Episode 102 - CoolBoardGames Inc. ( 84.73 MB / 123:10)

In our one hundred and second episode, we talk about the games we’ve been playing lately. We reflect on Escape: The Curse of the Temple, which we reviewed 100 Episodes Ago. We're joined by Jake and Danielle of Draft Mechanic as we design some games in our second CoolBoardGames Inc. segment and we announce the winner of our contest for you to win a copy of the Church Vs Empire Exceed Season 2 box.

This episode is sponsored by The Quiver Card Case & Board Game Bliss

Episode: Garrett's Games 628 - Photosynthesis and Island of El Dorado ( 31.6 MB / 23:01)

Shelley and I struggle to enjoy two otherwise beautiful games:

Photosynthesis by Hjalmar Hach from Blue Orange Games


The Island of El Dorado, a Kickstarter game by Daniel Aronson

Before that discussion, though, we talk about a few of the games we enjoyed playing with visiting friends:

StreamRollers (previously discussed) from Stronghold Games

Han (also known as China & Web of Power) from Michael Schacht and Abacusspiele

Viva Pamplona by Wolfgang Kramer

Episode: WIPNcast 209 ( 0 MB / 69:01)

What I’m Playing Now

  1. Chandler Copenhaver of CrowdOx
Episode: Episode 67: Unlucky Frog on Tour - Magic Pre-release (…or Magic Herpes) ( 44.44 MB / 41:29)

This week Josh is joined by Tom Mannering and Ewan Bowers for an episode dedicated to Magic: The Gathering. Together they discuss the recent M19 pre-release event that they attended at ComiCrazy in Paisley and we introduce a new segment of the show, ‘What’s in the Booster Packs?!‘ - pretty much ‘What’s in the Box?!‘ without a box. Listen in as they explain what they would do with the cards in the packs, the mechanics and lore of the game, and share their own experience of playing Magic over the years. 

Happy Listening

The Unlucky Frog Team


Episode: ep 17: The Lore of Broken Battle Dice ( 0 MB / 29:54)

This week we're looking at Battlelore: Second Edition, a fantasy themed light wargame! Kyle goes super deep (much deeper than anyone probably wants) and Jason stays in the kiddie pool! 

Episode: Planeta de Juegos 95 – El jugador estival ( 123.04 MB / 134:23)
¡Hola, jugadores! Hoy vienen a acompañarnos Ferris y Max para contarnos cómo preparan su verano y qué esperan, como jugadores, del período estival. Tendremos una distendida charla en el que os contaremos a qué nos gustaría jugar, qué juegos nos llevamos en nuestras vacaciones entre promesas y deseos de sacarle el máximo partido a nuestros juegos también en ésta época. Max, además, nos hablará en 'Torre de Control' sobre la App del juego Imperial Assault. Así mismo, y aunque lo anunciamos al principio del programa, por querer dar a vuestros comentarios el espacio que merecen, hemos preferido unirlos a los que suscite éste programa para poder hacer una 'Sala de comunicaciones' extendida en el programa 96. Como siempre, tendremos nuestras secciones habituales. -Cápsula de escape - 00:02:33 Los temas del mundillo lúdico que más nos han interesado en las últimas semanas. -Campo de asteroides - 00:36:34 Tenemos hoy en la mesa perfiles de jugadores diversos y vamos a hablar sobre cómo afrontamos los períodos estivales desde éstos distintos puntos de vista. Un debate a cuatro junto con nuestros invitados Max y Ferris. -Torre de control - 01:18:50 Hablamos de las partidas que hemos jugado en las últimas semanas: Star Wars Imperial Assault - Legends of the Alliance, Here I Stand y Helvetia cup entre otros. ¡Que lo disfrutéis!
Episode: AMoT Review – Medieval Academy ( 50.75 MB / 30:12)
Becoming a knight is not as easy as you might think. You have to practise your swordsmanship sure, but you also need to study hard, to work in the kings court, to woo the princess, to prove yourself on heroic quests and show that you are charitable by giving to the poor. And most importantly you have to be the best at all of this, better than the others training to be knights alongside you. With so much to do and not enough time what type of knight will you become? Will you be… Sir Maximus the greedy, who ignores the poor… Sir Nigel the not so brave, who refuses to go out and slay the dragon… Sir Darren the dunce, who really should spend more time hitting the books… or Sir Bruce the mediocre, who has a go at everything but never really excels at anything. Find out what…

Continue reading

Episode: Episode 46: Dice Tower Con Awesomeness ( 58.87 MB / 85:28)
Episode 46: Dice Tower Con Awesomeness Coimbra, Reef, Hansa Teutonica and a TON of interviews! Podcast Sponsor: Druid City Games and the Board Game Spotlight facebook group Skip to Segments: Coimbra 2:50 Reef 7:41 Hansa Teutonica 11:38 Ben Kepner 23:33 Will Meadows 26:24 Mike Young 29:54 Sen Lim 38:22 Stephen Buonocore 44:21 Mike Hinson 47:53 […]
Episode: The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 220 ( 48.61 MB / 53:06)

With Garth back in the studio, this week the show is back to it’s regular high level of discussion, insight, humour and saying the alphabet backwards…trust us it’s true. The boys venture into the library and don their gnome hats to talk Ex Libris; we scale the high peaks of South America and it’s Alpacas more »

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Podcast: Staying In
Episode: Loffee, FTL: Faster Than Light, and Into the Breach - Staying In Episode 59 ( 54.82 MB / 59:52)

01:06 - We’ve not talked about it before, but Sam absolutely LOVES vinegar. So much so that he gives his chips a “double soak”, which is about as eye-wateringly acidic as you think.

05:24 - What we HAVE talked about before is seasonal playlists for music, and it being Summer, we think Loffee is the perfect accompaniment to this time of year.

10:23 - Kris went to Dortmund and had a lovely time of it, but he discovered two shocking things. 1) that he actually does like beer (when it’s accompanied by fruit and / or vodka), and 2) that you can swap out the sausage from [...]

Episode: Episode 7 - Teacher's Pet ( 74.82 MB / 32:41)
A student of the occult learns about an ominous book that allows communication with the dead.
Episode: 69 - RPG Basics - World Building for Tabletop Games ( 0 MB / 55:18)
In this very special lost episode, Brian and Jamie discuss world building for tabletop RPGs. A vivid, consistent setting is the solid foundation from which all good role playing campaigns are built, so join us for our top tips on how to create worlds your players will talk about for years to come. Want to help support our content? Now you can make a donation here: https://bit.ly/donatetwits https://www.criticaltwits.com https://www.twitter.com/Critical_Twits https://www.facebook.com/criticaltwits https://www.instagram.com/criticaltwits/
Podcast: Heavy Cardboard
Episode: Heavy Cardboard Episode 116 - Gaia Project ( 0 MB / 0:00)

Edward and Amanda discuss Dice Tower Con, GenCon plans, and review Gaia Project!

0:11:10:  Teotihuacan: City of the Gods
0:13:58:  Dice Settlers
0:11:47:  Dragon Boats of the Four Seas
0:15:13:  Caverna
0:19:01:  Gaia Project

iTunes link for Supplemental Feed:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/heavy-cardboard-supplemental/id1398708343?mt=2
RSS link for Supplemental Feed:  https://podcast.heavycardboard.com/supplemental.xml

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Be sure to join the discussion over at the guild to discuss the episode with us & your fellow Elephants!
Episode: RFC #17 Conflict in Gaming ( 97.96 MB / 71:19)

Hey guys,

Thanks for listening to Rolling for Change. We have some great new content coming for you in the next few months. In this episode of Rolling for Change, Brian and Woody discuss how conflict plays a role in our game experiences and how we respond to that conflict. This will likely be one of many discussions about conflict, but its a start. Please let us know any areas of conflict you would like us to address in the future. Contact us gamers@rollingforchange.com or at our twitter feed @rollforchange.


Episode: Trailer - Prime Impressioni (con Michele Marotta) ( 0 MB / 3:18)
Che cos'è "Il Dado Incantato - Prime Impressioni" e chi è Michele Marotta. In questo piccolo trailer vi sveliamo la nuova produzione de Il Dado Incantato che abbiamo anticipato martedì mattina ai nostri sostenitori su Patreon con un pilot. Continuare a seguirci!
Episode: Roll and Write Games, Birthdays, and Lords of Waterdeep ( 0 MB / 32:47)

We're going back in time and reviewing a classic game, Lords of Waterdeep. This game put Worker Placement on the map (pun intended) for a lot of folks, so how does it hold up six years later? Also, we discuss a little about the history of Roll and Write games and what makes them fun. Also, in honor of Wendy's birthday, we talk about birthdays around the world. Cheers!

Podcast: Eternally Board
Episode: Episode 21 - Theft or Inspiration? ( 60.76 MB / 0:00)
In this episode of Eternally Board we talk about board games that integrate applications into their play. We also go through our top 3 technology assisted board games and discuss what we've been playing lately. Games discussed include: Risk LegacyChameleonTimes Up!InsiderWerewordsPandemic​Defenders of the Realm(music: "Dark Horizons" by Koji Kondo) eb_episode_21.mp3File Size: 63708 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]
Episode: Episode 32 – Captain Mal-El of Krypton ( 45.98 MB / 42:37)

Holy Guacamole Flipsters! Have we got a ton of good news coming your way! Pogs are at the printers right now, getting created and pretty soon you could get the chance to throw down with me! Or Slam down. Or Pog Up? I’m not sure on the terminology… But Hey! We’ve got Tickets to BoardGameLand! …

Continue reading "Episode 32 – Captain Mal-El of Krypton"

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Episode: Episode 94: Burning That Midnight Oil ( 87.7 MB / 76:22)

Craig is back again with a new episode for your lovely ears. In this episode he celebrates the return of his lovely wife, Erin, to the program after a long and tiring hiatus. Needless to say there's a lot of games to be discussed. In the third segment Matt and Derek are back again and the conversation quickly turns from games to rulebooks to Star Wars to inserts to games. It's a wild ride.

Intro: 1:19

Erin Stops By: 5:08

The Third Segment with Matt and Derek: 26:01

Wrap-Up: 1:13:27

Punchboard Media Stinger: 1:16:14

Podcast: Malthaus Games
Episode: Ep.18 Time Stories, and Mental Health Representation In Games ( 53.26 MB / 38:50)
In this episode we crack open a Stormchaser IPA from Free State Brewing Co. and a Priscilla White Wit Wheat from Oscar Blues while talking about Time Stories. We then take to the issue of mental health and how it represented in games, who has done it correctly, and who is attempting to do it incorrectly. We then tell you why it needs to be represented in games. Also, don't forget to come say "Hi" to us as Gen Con! We talk a bit about that and will have more next time! Game Talk: 11:50 Top Shelf Topic: 18:48 Pint Sized Question: 30:57 Game Mentions: Mechs Vs Minions, Bitten, Azul, Rising Sun, Cthulhu: Death May Die Support: If you would like to help us improve our product, here's where you can do that! www.patreon.com/MalthausGames podpledge.com?p=3D8L1M1V4S7F8... ko-fi.com/malthausgames Sound Attributions: Something Elated by Broke For Free, Downloaded from freemusicarchive.org/music/Bro... Edits: Cut to length and Faded in. Heavy Happy With Drums by Ryan Cullinane, Downloaded from freemusicarchive.org/music/Ryan Cullinane/Heavy Happy With Drums – Beat Driven Productions – Heavy Happy With Drums Edits: Cut to length and faded out. Crowd in a bar (LCR recording) by Leandros.Ntounis, downloaded from freesound.org/people/Leandros... Edits: Cut to length, added vocals and own recorded drink making sounds. Vinyl_record_needle_static_01.wav by joedeshon, downloaded from freesound.org/people/joedesho... Edits: Cut to length, added to music and raised volume level. Hidden Wall Opening by ertfelda, downloaded from freesound.org/people/ertfelda... Edits: Adjust volume and cut to length added jungle sound and voice. Yucatan jungle.mp3 by folkart films, downloaded from freesound.org/people/folkart%... Edits: Adjust volume, cut to length, added door sound and voice. Footsteps, Concretem A.wav by InspectorJ, downloaded from freesound.org/people/Inspecto... Edits: Cut to length, adjusted volume, added jungle sounds and voice. Fantasy Sounds Effects Library, Ambience_Cave_00.wav by LittleRobotSoundFactory, downloaded from freesound.org/people/LittleRo... Edits: Cut to length, faded in, adjusted volume and added footsteps, jungle sounds, stone door, and voice. Game Show Theme Tune by FoolBoyMedia, downloaded from freesound.org/people/FoolBoyM... Edits: Cut to length, added vocals, adjusted volume. Audience, Theatre Applause.wav by makosan, downloaded from freesound.org/people/makosan/... Edits: Added music, added voice, cut to length and adjusted volume.
Episode: PSP #497: Warhammer: Vermintide 2 and Why I Don't Love Pixar ( 0 MB / 0:00)

On today's episode, Marc randomly falls down a well of unpopular Pixar opinions as they talk about how they think Pixar is overrated. After that, they talk about their first few hours with Warhammer 2: Vermintide, which is available now on Xbox One. Anyway, something-something shocking and rocking, cheers and enjoy the anime-zing(ly you're going to hate me now) show. | www.pixelatedsausage.com | Support us on Patreon: patreon.com/PXS | Buy some art: pxsart.com


Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Whatever? Email the show: psp[at]pixelatedsausage[dot]com; leave a voicemail: 312.772.5874; or, best of all, chat with me on Twitter: @PXSausage

Podcast: I, Geek Podcast
Episode: Ep 069 – Spiel des Jahres 2018 & BGG.Con Spring Talk ( 131.29 MB / 87:15)

Another spring and another relaxing Board Game Geek convention filled with late nights, Spiel des Jahres judges, and a hearty helping of coffee along the way.  In this episode the I, Geek squad discusses their recent visit to BGG.Con Spring

The post Ep 069 – Spiel des Jahres 2018 & BGG.Con Spring Talk appeared first on I, Geek Podcast.

Episode: Episode 88 - Jackson Pope Wants You To Get Creative! ( 0 MB / 53:38)

I'm joined once again by Mr. Jackson Pope of Eurydice Games, co-designer of the upcoming dexterity duel "FlickFleet". Jackson is passionate about family, games, and creativity, and we talk about all of those things in this fantastic conversation.

Eurydice Site - www.eurydicegames.co.uk
Flick Fleet BGG Page - https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/248878/flickfleet
Our Site - www.cardboardherald.com
Our Video Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsBLZ33CJXoUffCBF7plpjg
Our Twitter - https://twitter.com/CardboardHerald
Our Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/user?u=9669551

Episode: [BONUS] Modern Art – Impact Review - Board Game Impact ( 14.96 MB / 12:16)
In this [BONUS] episode, Bruce takes a look at Modern Art published by CMON games in 2016 and designed by Reiner Knizia. Modern Art has had many versions since it it first came out in 1992 but the core elements have remained the same. Bruce will talk about several of these versions, the mechanics, the experiences that Modern Art has facilitated for gaming groups, and more. Learn more by visiting our Patreon Patreon.com/boardgameimpact Connect with Board Game Impact please find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as BoardGameImpact. If you’d like to get in contact with the show please email Bruce at BoardGameImpact@gmail.com
Episode: GSL 104: Matthew Bivens ( 0 MB / 0:00)

Matthew Bivens, an art teacher in California, joins Kathleen Mercury to talk about Game Design as part of an Arts Cirriculum. 

Matthew T. Bivens


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