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Episode: EP 207: Days of future past! ( 26.06 MB / 75:54)

We talk about the past of EGN leading up to the end!

Episode: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 - The Black Order and our Phase Four MCU Hot Takes ( 43.69 MB / 47:21)
Liz and Aaron put on their spandex attire once again to tackle Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 - The Black Order on the Nintendo Switch! Yes! We know! They already tried the first two but this one will be different! Plus: The Co-Ops discuss the MCU Phase Four announcements quite a bit! TIMESTAMPS: 3:35 - GEN CON IS UPON US! 8:10 - Make Up Artist 3: Black Mirror, and the Co-Operatives history with the series 11:30 - The team behind MUA3 is not used to making these types of games... 14:15 - How MUA3 makes co-op on the Switch easy. 15:35 - "Who did you enjoy playing as most?" 18:40 - Yar! Spoilers ahead! 19:45 - Who is this game for? Would we recommend it? 22:25 - What was announced? 26:10 - "What are you most excited about? What are you most concerned about?" 33:40 - "What would you like to see for a standalone Dazzler movie?" 34:35 - "If you, as yourself, were to show up in an MCU movie, what would you do and what would happen to you?" 37:15 - "Will Ghost Rider ever get a good movie?" 39:15 - "Who would you cast as Kamala Khan?" 43:00 - Please watch Destin Daniel Cretton movies. --- Donate to our Patreon at www.patreon.com/VStheUNIVERSE! Even $1 goes a *LONG* way, and helps the show grow! --- Reach out to The Co-Operatives by tweeting to @CoOperativesPod on Twitter or e-mailing us at CoOperativesPod@gmail.com. Got a game you'd like us to try? LET US KNOW! You can also 'like' us on Facebook by heading to www.facebook.com/CoOperativesPod. --- If you feel like being super nice, leave us a review on iTunes! It would mean the world to us! Every review lets others know you enjoyed the episode and helps the show grow! Want more Co-Operatives? Then check out our archives for a bunch of episodes that cover cooperative board and video games, dating, and definitely not being robots.
Episode: E57 - Twist Gaming ( 56.03 MB / 60:39)
This week we are joined by the entire staff at TWIST gaming for a chat about how they got into Board Game streaming on Twitch.  They are currently in their 4th season fund raining effort, so be sure to check them on Kickstarter!
Episode: Ep. 206: Tidal wave of games! ( 30.26 MB / 88:08)

Ep. 206: Tidal wave of games!


What we have been playing!

  • (Roy) Dead Man’s Cabal, Kenny G’s Keeping it Saxy
  • (Rob) Throw, Throw, Burrito
  • (Matt) Codenames: Duet

Topic: So many games!!!

  • How do you feel about the quantity of board games being released?
  • Is it hard for you to pick and choose which board games you’re actually interested in picking up?
  • How do you think the mass of games being released affects the board game market?
  • How do you think it affects publishers/Game designers?
  • What can really help a boardgame cut through the noise and be something you would love to pick up?
  • Are there any specific media outlets you go to to see if a game is something you would be interested in?
  • How do you think the amount of new games coming out effects kick starters wanting to fund?
  • What new game would you recommend that you have really enjoyed so far from 2019?
    • Dinogenics
    • Wingspan
    • Lord of the Rings: Journey to Middle Earth
    • Batman
    • Nemesis

And all that jazz...

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Episode: Will it Game? Episode 35 with Michael Wright ( 17.97 MB / 19:29)
Michael Wright of Unfiltered Gamer helps us judge two horror game pitches from Ric and Ryan. Will this episode end up in a lawsuit? Probably. The post Will it Game? Episode 35 with Michael Wright appeared first on One Board Family.
Episode: Ep. 205: Dice Tower Con Stories!! ( 30.28 MB / 88:11)

Ep. 205: Dice Tower Con


  • (Roy) QE, Human Punishment, Wiz-War, Res Arcana, Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea 
  • (Rob) Concordia, Human Punishment, Tournament of Towers, Men at Work, Mountains of Madness, Axis and Allies and Zombies, Nemesis, Scythe, Wingspan
  • (Matt) QE, Concordia, Human Punishment, Catch the Moon, Tournament of Towers, Men at Work, Wiz-War, Mountains of Madness, Res Arcana, Dinogenics, Nemesis, Wingspan

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Episode: Ep. 204: Dice Tower Con ( 18.65 MB / 54:18)

Ep. 205: Dice Tower Con


  • (Roy) QE, Human Punishment, Wiz-War, Res Arcana, Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea 
  • (Rob) Concordia, Human Punishment, Tournament of Towers, Men at Work, Mountains of Madness, Axis and Allies and Zombies, Nemesis, Scythe, Wingspan
  • (Matt) QE, Concordia, Human Punishment, Catch the Moon, Tournament of Towers, Men at Work, Wiz-War, Mountains of Madness, Res Arcana, Dinogenics, Nemesis, Wingspan

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Podcast: Boards & Swords
Episode: Seasons of Rice, Next Level Game Recommendations, Part 2 - Boards & Swords #130 ( 0 MB / 0:00)
A couple of thoughts on Dice Tower Con, a look at Button Shy’s new game Seasons of Rice, and we continue the conversation from the last episode - what games would we recommend in different categories for people who are tired of “entry” games like Ticket to Ride and Catan?Email us your comments and questions at feedback@boardsandswords.com.  You can find the show on twitter @Boardsandswords, or on facebook at facebook.com/boardsandswords.  Personally I'm @ChrisTheProf on Twitter & Instagram Collin is @colcakes196 on Twitter & Instagram.  Cindy is @cindypastorius on Twitter & Instagram.  This podcast is also a part of the Dice Tower Network.  For other great board gaming shows, check out dicetowernetwork.com.  Also, thanks to CoolStuffInc for sponsoring the network - check out coolstuffinc.com for some great deals on games.Thank you for listening to the show.  Until next time, remember that every gamer has a story…..what's yours?
Episode: Episode 23 – Jaws, Everdell, Kickstarters, News, and more ( 50.63 MB / 51:14)
Josh is back for this episode where we talk through the new Jaws board game, the popular Everdell, and then after a short break we talked about the Die Macher and Game Toppers 2.0 Kickstartes. Plus Josh shares some exciting life news and more for you to enjoy! Specific Games Discussed: Jaws by Ravensburger, Everdell by Starling Games, Die Macher Limited Edition by Stronghold Games and Spielworxx, and Catan by Catan Studios To learn more about Board Game Impact you can: Join the Patreon: Board Game Impact Like the Facebook Page: Board Game Impact Instagram: @boardgameimpact Email: boardgameimpact@gmail.com -------Audio Transcript (Coming Soon, generated by AI)--------
Episode: Ep 32: Even more retail - with Derek Madlem ( 97.87 MB / 134:34)
In this episode Mike and Dan are joined yet again by the magnificent Derek Madlem, manager of The Game Preserve in Indianapolis, USA in order to talk about mucus membranes, wedding rings, and Last of the Summer Wine the board game.  They also talk a bit about the wonderful world of board game retail. Join the Sporadically Board Facebook group here Follow Sporadically Board on twitter @sporadicboard Follow Mike over on twitter at @michaeldilisio  Massive thanks to the ever fantastic Gary King for the graphics for the show Also huge thanks to  Singing Sadie for the show's music
Episode: Star Wars: Outer Rim and War Chest ( 140.45 MB / 61:21)

A Star Wars pick up and deliver game, an abstract bag building game, the story of how Josh and Al met and the beginning and end of the "relating games to albums era," all in one episode!  Punch it, Chewie!

Episode: Top 10 Most Anticipated Board Games Releasing at Gencon 2019 ( 26.41 MB / 14:11)

Click here to find the best prices and availability for thousands of games from our Sponsor BoardGamePrices.com:

My top 10 Most Anticipated Games Releasing at Gencon 2019! Find these best board games at Gencon in Indianapolis!

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Eagle Gryphon Games (Escape Plan) - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/eaglegryphon/escape-plan-by-vital-lacerda-with-artwork-by-ian-o

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Podcast: Co jest grane?
Episode: Fudżi [audioRECENZJA] ( 53.85 MB / 0:00)
Wolfgang Warsch, czarny koń roku 2018, ekspresowy laureat nagrody SdJ, autor chyba najżywiej komentowanych tytułów tego i zeszłego roku – słowem człowiek, który z powodzeniem namieszał w naszym poukładanym, planszówkowym świadku. Dziś sprawdzamy, jak poradził sobie z – „bagatela” – obalaniem problemu lidera w grach kooperacyjnych.
Episode: Episode 45: Bathroom of Doom ( 49.3 MB / 35:53)

We’re gearing up for Gen Con and are super excited! This week we check in and talk about crappy super powers, conventions, and play Dave’s new game: Exhibit Hall Sweep. We drink a sour and say cheers to Chris Hahn and our patron Kendra the Fabulous Smurfette!

Episode: PSP #657: Resident Evil 2, MCU News ( 0 MB / 0:00)

On today's show, Marc talks about their time with the Resident Evil 2 remake (so far) and a whole bunch of Marvel-related news, including the return of a blood-sucking anti-hero. Anyway, something-something scary and and making me poop my pants like grandma Mary, cheers and enjoy the anime-zing(ly phased) show. | www.pixelatedsausage.com | Support us on Patreon: patreon.com/PXS | Buy some art: pxsart.com

The Talking Points: Resident Evil 2, Streets of Rogue, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Widow, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, The Eternals, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, WandaVision, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Loki, What if...?, Hawkeye, Thor: Love and Thunder


Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Whatever? Email the show: psp[at]pixelatedsausage[dot]com; leave a voicemail: 312.772.5874; or, best of all, chat with me on Twitter: @PXSausage

Episode: Episode 190 - Torched By An Angel - Angels and Celestials in D&D - The Digital and Dice Podcast ( 80.55 MB / 58:39)

The Digital and Dice Podcast Episode 190 - Torched by an Angel - Celestials in D&D

Show notes recorded below:

Show #190 of the podcast series for The Digital & Dice Podcast

Show Main Topic: Torched by an Angel - Celestials and Angels in D&D

The Question: "When were you saved by Divine Intervention?"

Website http://www.digitalanddice.com/

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/GmeBXeR

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Music in this episode: Final Fantasy IX "A Formidable Mischief" By posu yan and zykO












Background/Bed Music provided by Zircon - Full Speed Ahead - (http://facebook.com/zirconmusic), SoundCloud (http://soundcloud.com/zircon-1), Website (http://zirconmusic.com), and Bandcamp (http://zirconstudios.bandcamp.com)

Episode: PRVO ROLAJ PA ONDA MISLI – Epizoda 4 ( 99.68 MB / 43:30)

 Stigli smo i do četvrtog poglavlja intergalaktički popularnog podcasta Prvo Rolaj Pa Onda Misli.

U četvrtoj epizodi Veljko je van akcije, pa će vas Danko i Bojan provesti kroz zanimljivosti iz sveta društvenih igara.

Krećemo sa osvrtom na Dice Tower nagrade, zatim pričamo zašto je Dungeons & Dragons i dalje ogromni hit, ali i kako će Warhammer 40k postati igrana serija.

Pregledali smo koje su to najzanimljivije igre koje stižu u narednim mesecima i osvrnuli se na neke glasine.

Na kraju, pričamo o onome što smo igrali u prethodnom periodu – Architects of the West Kingdom, Legacy i Space Base.

Podcast: Run Last Click
Episode: Episode 107 Part 1: Project NISEI Interviews - Creative ( 50.23 MB / 43:46)

In this episode our heroes talk to the Holly and Iain from the Project NISEI Writing Team. We learn about their process as well as what is was like working on Ashes. N.B. Iain would like to give full credit to Calvin Wong for the idea of Lat.

Podcast: On Board Games
Episode: OBG 359: Co-optitude ( 57.96 MB / 72:09)
In this episode, Don and Erik talk with Adam Cetnerowski about the games they've played lately including:
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: Against the Evil Master
  • Betrayal Legacy
  • Pandemic Legacy Season 2
  • Murder at the Paisleys
  • Slay the Spire
  • Kingdom New Lands
  • Star Wars Outer Rim
  • Terraforming Mars
  • Time Stories: Estella Drive
      (34:54) After the break, they talk about what we look for in cooperative games.   Be sure to check out the Pre Order for Endeavor: Age of Expansion.   Inverse Genius: http://www.inversegenius.com/

On Board Games is a proud member of the Punch Board Media Group.

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Email us: onboardgamesmailbag@gmail.com
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Episode: Imperial Settlers rolling and writing while looking for Incan Gold on the Tigris and Euphrates (SftH- Triple Shot) ( 14.62 MB / 18:40)
Episode 162: Brendan shares his thoughts on three new games he’s tried this month, two at [toggle]Top Day last weekend. Also, a wildlife sighting!
Episode: Spiel des Jahres 2019 Impressions ( 70.61 MB / 68:35)

Ben ventures out to the ceremony of the Spiel des Jahres and takes you through the day.

Episode: Mary And Tom, Episode 83 ( 11.68 MB / 12:47)
00:01 Introduction; 00:05 Claws; 00:50 Siege of Izmail released; 01:00 Slower release schedule; 01:50 Working in Offices; 02:55 Tom was an adequate manager; 04:25 Right and wrong fits for a team; 06:05 Mary lays out a book; 07:10 Exploding keyboards; 08:10 Table Battles: English Civil War; 09:45 District Commander: Maracas; 10:00 Page count follies; 11:20 WBC.
Episode: Il Dado Incantato - Spiel de Jahres, Impressioni a caldo ( 45.78 MB / 33:23)
Federico, Michele e le cicale parlano liberamente dei premiati dello Spiel de Jahres. Abbiamo cercato di far capire alle cicale che avrebbero potuto non partecipare alla registrazione ma non ci sono state a sentire.
Podcast: cubelovepodcast
Episode: clp075 – cubelove podcast – DTC & Konizia Discussions ( 54.48 MB / 0:00)
Nathan talks about his DTC then we talk about a bunch of Knizia games played at Konizia. 0:00:00 Please Listen Carefully 0:01:14 Foreplay, It is Con Season, Nathan went to DTC 0:36:00 Konizia was a convention dedicated strictly to games designed by Reiner Knizia 1:42:57 Dessert Penis, What is Nathan’s favorite Knizia, What is Nathan … Continue reading clp075 – cubelove podcast – DTC & Konizia Discussions
Podcast: Deaf & Dumb
Episode: Episode 179: Is There a Mrs. Deathshead? ( 53.18 MB / 58:05)

This week Dan and Dudley are still playing Satisfactory, Dudley has built his platform and Dan has built himself and inevitable nuclear meltdown.  Dan also played through Wolfenstein: The New Order.  Dan is having a religious experience over the announcement of the Joy-con colors. They also discuss Night Call, Before we leave, and someone stealing their voices.

Podcast: Dragon's Demize
Podcast: Dragons Demize
Episode: Least Favorite Game Mechanics ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Do you have a board game mechanic that you just loathe? Does a game with that mechanic have to clear enormous hurdles for you to even consider playing it? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, have we got an episode for you! On this week’s Dragon’s Demize, Lesley, Jakub, Hunter, and Greg commiserate over […]
Episode: 153 – Ann Losito, TWIST Gaming – The Family Gamers Podcast ( 24.28 MB / 35:22)

Our special guest for this episode is Ann Losito. She runs the TWIST Gaming channel with her c0-hosts Matt and Josh. TWIST was the first ever Twitch partnered channel that is focused on board games. Andrew met Ann at last year’s PAX Unplugged. They played Deep Sea Adventure together, with Claire, and had a great time. TWIST is best known

The post 153 – Ann Losito, TWIST Gaming – The Family Gamers Podcast appeared first on The Family Gamers.

Episode: Episode 151- Flip, Roll & Write Suite ( 157.54 MB / 0:00)
During this week’s episode: 1) The Pegs talk with Isaac Childress as they anounce the winner in their #exoticgloomhaven contest; 2) Discuss Charcon 2019 along with their recent game plays including Blood on the Clocktower, Star Wars: Outer Rim, Inuit and many more; and 3) All the Pegs review several flip, roll & writes including … Continue reading Episode 151- Flip, Roll & Write Suite
Podcast: Draft Mechanic
Episode: #105: Blue Lagoon review; Proving Grounds & Aerion ( 74.05 MB / 106:11)

Draft Mechanic Episode #105: Blue Lagoon

Ahh, hear that? The relaxing waves, the ocean crashing, yes, you’ve found yourself at a review of Blue Lagoon. It’ll be nice to relax a minute before we fall into the rapids of Gen Con! We’ve got Blue Lagoon on tap and in the review zone. We’ve got solo games with Proving Grounds and Aerion. We’ve got a massive flood of news and Kickstarters. And Jake went on the road for work a whole ton and gives mini-beer-traveler reviews of three cities. All that and more! Right now! Right here!

01:00 Show Intro, News & Updates

02:40 Games News: Gen Con is HERE!

07:12 Games News: Gloomhaven Digital Edition

09:00 Games News: Luckyhammers gets the axe

10:23 Games News: Even More Villainous

11:30 Games News: Diana Jones Award Nods

13:34 Kickstarter Updates

16:22 Kickstarter: Pret-a-Porter 3E

18:32 Kickstarter: Dice Hospital Community Care

19:52 Kickstarter: Rush MD

22:32 Kickstarter: One Small Step

24:37 Kickstarter: Dice Throne Adventures

29:13 Recent Plays: Proving Grounds

43:01 Recent Plays: Aerion

52:58 Grey Fox Games Sponsorship Spot

54:03 Six Pack Review: Blue Lagoon

54:28 Blue Lagoon: Gameplay Overview

58:47 Blue Lagoon: Discussion

70:07 Blue Lagoon: Final Thoughts

72:05 On Tap: Blue Lagoon

75:56 Jake’s Beer Odyssey

101:05 Final Round & Outro

We hope you enjoyed today's episode! Send us some feedback at draftmechanic@gmail.com and visit us on the web at draftmechanic.net!

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Thanks for listening! Please game responsibly and we’ll see you back here again soon for another round!


Episode: Round 3, Turn 1: "Res Arcana" with Tom ( 85.82 MB / 124:52)
  1. 0:00:00 - Group Check-In 
  2. 0:13:54 - Introduction to Episode 1 
  3. 0:18:56 - News
    1. Teburu (0:19:30)
    2. Funkoverse Strategy Game (0:24:52)
    3. Gloomhaven Early Access on Steam (0:25:43)
    4. The End of Lucky Hammers' Terraforming Mars App (0:30:35)
    5. Quest for El Dorado (0:31:42)
    6. Taj Mahal (0:32:40)
    7. Samurai (0:32:55)
    8. High Society (0:33:05)
    9. Through the Desert (0:33:14)
    10. Tigris and Euphrates (0:33:35)
    11. No Pun Included and Shut Up and Sit Down: Pipeline and Pax Pamir (0:34:54)
    12. Love Letter (0:36:11)
    13. Citadels (0:36:45)
  4. 0:38:04  - This Week's Game Night
    1. Pipeline (0:38:06)
    2. The Climbers (0:38:15)
    3. Gaia Project 
    4. Just One (0:39:30)
  5. 0:40:13 - Games on the Brain
    1. Tokyo Metro (0:40:53)
    2. Willy Wonka Pinball (0:47:55)
    3. Three If By Air (0:52:58)
    4. Thunderstone Quest, Too Many Bones (0:55:17)
    5. Magicians Language-Learning RPG (0:56:55)
  6. 1:00:35 - 8X8 Challenge
  7. 1:01:12 - Review of Res Arcana
  8. 1:26:53 - Debate: Uwe Rosenberg v. Vital Lacerda 
  9. 1:50:55 - Boardgame Sommelier
    1. Arkham Horror LCG, Thunderstone Quest (1:51:37)
    2. Solution to flattening warped game boards (1:52:47)
    3. Century: Spice Road (1:54:29)
    4. Istanbul (1:55:55)
    5. Castles of Mad King Ludwig (1:56:27)
    6. Bohnanza (1:57:52)
    7. Watergate (1:58:42) 
    8. Spirit Island (2:02:10)
    9. Impulse (02:03:09)
  10. 02:03:53 - Sign-Off
Episode: Episode 37. Treasure Mountain ( 30.42 MB / 33:13)

This week we talk about a game Patrick loves called Treasure Mountain. His first Kickstarter game.

Thanks for listening.

Hosting for this episode is provided by Gameology. Australia's Largest Gaming Warehouse.


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Podcast: Hooked On Geek
Episode: Ep. 75: Spiel Des Jahres Thoughts and Predictions, also, Skylight! ( 40.72 MB / 38:39)

Today is the day! Not just new Hooked on Geek episode day, but the day the Spiel Des Jahres is announced! The German game of the year, the biggest award in tabletop gaming! We recorded this not knowing who won yet of course and we give our thoughts and predictions. Also, tune in to hear this week's book segment (34:03). Enjoy!

Podcast: Brainwaves
Podcast: Brainwaves
Episode: Episode 32 - Robot Corner ( 37.1 MB / 35:41)

Wrecking his way into Brainwaves HQ Mark Mckinnon from Dream Big Games joins Iain and Jamie on this week’s episode. Together they tackle plagiarism, the rise of the robots, oddly shaped awards, the meteoric rise of Kickstarter and the interns have finally finished off the new RPG corner! 



Plagiarism accusations hit popular boardgame site

Reddit thread


Punchboard Media Statement


Robot AI takes on Poker


Diana Jones Award




7 Tabletop Games fund a day


Lewis Chessmen Update



RPG Corner

Stygian Fox



Destination Fantastic


Professional DMs


...and finally

There Will Be Games


Tabletop Scotland


Our Patreon


Our Guest - Mark McKinnon, Dream Big Games



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Episode: Audycja Przystanek Planszówka 108 – Taj Mahal ( 2.18 MB / 0:00)

Reiner Knizia ma na swoim koncie ponad dwieście gier planszowych. I nie, wcale nie chodzi o gry zagrane, a o stworzone! Nie wszystkie to perełki, ale Taj Mahal wyprzedziła wiele innych tytułów tego autora. Czy warto zapoznać się z grą, która mimo wszystko nie podbiła serc polskich graczy? Poszukajcie odpowiedzi razem z nami.  Pobierz […]

Artykuł Audycja Przystanek Planszówka 108 – Taj Mahal pochodzi z serwisu Przystanek Planszówka.

Podcast: Which Game First
Episode: Innovation | Carpe Diem | Executive Decision ( 23.96 MB / 33:19)
First up, we build our civilization with dogmatic fervor, while keeping a close eye on our neighbors in Innovation. Next, our noble patricians seize farms, villas and fountains to make the most prestigious districts in  Carpe Diem. And lastly, we predict the market and sweep it with oracle-like precision that leads us to riches in  […]
Podcast: Roasted Games
Episode: Episode 110 - Music Mashup! ( 72.57 MB / 66:04)

Bill and Kaz challenge each other to match up song clips to their board game counter parts. Do they succeed? Do the songs make any sense? Have they lost all reason and direction? All these answers, AND MORE!

Also, Tikal is in Guatamala, not Mexico. It's pretty famous. Probably should have known that, KAZ.

Episode: Episode 60 - Facts from the Fans ( 102.32 MB / 111:45)

Today we start off the episode with an update from Dylan on his life with the show. Then we move on to game talk where we discuss Welcome To..., Fantasy Realms, the new hotness Pax Pamir 2E, and a preview of Anomaly. We also do a Patron Spotlight. We wrap up the episode with a game show lead by Dylan called Facts from the Fans. Enjoy the show!

00:00 - Intro/Banter
02:50 - Update from Dylan
11:00 - Welcome To...
19:50 - Fantasy Realms
32:30 - Pax Pamir 2E
56:40 - Anomaly Gen Con Preview
1:00:55 - Patron Spotlight
1:13:10 - Game Show - Facts from the Fans
1:51:00 - Closing Comments

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Podcast: MFGCastMFGCast
Episode: Adventure Tactics: Domianne’s Tower with Dan Letzring and Nicolaus Yu ( 37.66 MB / 0:00)
Join us on this episode as we talk to Dan Letzring (Publisher of Letiman Games) and Nicolaus Yu (Designer) about Adventure Tactics: Domianne’s Tower, funding on Kickstarter July 29! Inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics, this game aims to be a … Continue reading →
Episode: VRE Fellowship #14: The Battle of Giza (Part 2) ( 62.85 MB / 45:45)
Dearest Listener, Forgive my frankness... but holy shit. What happens during the conclusion to The Battle of Giza (in the attached audio sphere) has left my mouth agape in awe and amazement. Truly, we live in an age of heroes. This episode contains "Think of You," "Sad," "New Hero," "On Stock 19," and "Now or Never" by Ilya Marfin, all available here: icons8.com/music/author/ilya-marfin This episode also contains sound effects from freesound.org: https://freesound.org/people/Huggy13ear/sounds/138967/ https://freesound.org/people/JanKoehl/sounds/85604/ https://freesound.org/people/ethanchase7744/sounds/441666/ https://freesound.org/people/malexmedia/sounds/35248/ https://freesound.org/people/ChrisButler99/sounds/367987/ Find out more about the show at our website: www.vre.show Show pins and more: shop.vre.show Support us on Patreon: www.patreon.com/VRE Follow us @VRECast
Podcast: MFGCastMFGCast
Episode: The Joys of Gaming ( 52.16 MB / 0:00)
Join us on this episode as we talk about the joys of gaming! From the excitement of getting a new game, to play with new friends, and more! We also talk about what we’re playing recently and we play a … Continue reading →
Podcast: MFGCastMFGCast
Episode: Relearn What You Have Unlearned ( 85.74 MB / 0:00)
Join us and our special guests John Haremza (Legends of Tabletop) and Sean Epperson (Thing 12 Games) as we talk about relearning games we haven’t played for awhile. We also talk about what we’ve been playing recently and a fun … Continue reading →
Podcast: MFGCastMFGCast
Episode: Winning and Losing ( 47.07 MB / 0:00)
Join us as we talk about winning and losing, whether if we’re okay with losing or winning frequently, and more! We also talk about what we’re Now Playing. Thanks for listening!
Episode: Episode 054: D2 Tactical Lasertag, Gundam, and Droids @ A-Kon 2019 ( 28.93 MB / 42:08)

Kevin and Mykie are back with a final round of wonderful interviews from A-Kon 2019! This week we're talking with Matt "Crixus" from D2 Tactical Lasertag, Gundam Drew from the A-Kon Gundam panel, and Frank the creator of the custom R2-GN3 droid. We had a blast chatting with all these great people about their time at A-Kon, the communities they were representing, and the nerdy touchstones that brings us all together so join in and get to listening! For more info about D2 Tactical Lasertag check out facebook.com/D2Lasertag/ and d2tacticallasertag.com For more Gundam nerdiness check out the Texas Gundam Club on Facebook at facebook.com/groups/texasgundamclub For more droid awesomeness and building help check out the R2 Builders Club at www.astromech.net
Podcast: The GameCasters
Episode: Episode Twenty One: Jaws, Tokyo Highway - Top 5 Games for GenCon 2019 ( 51.35 MB / 94:50)

Hello Gamers and welcome to episode 21! We talk a lot about Gencon 2019 and even have a special guest on for this episode's top 5! We discuss the new Ravensburger game Jaws, Tokyo Highway, and Muse! It would mean the world to us if you listened and maybe sent us an email with a question or just to say hello! TheGamecastersPodcast@gmail.com

Thanks again and we hope you enjoy the episode!

Episode: Ep 51 Two Year Anniversary Special (with Double Queen) ( 190.73 MB / 104:10)
That's right MoD fans - 2 whole years of Ministry of Dice goodness and here we are to celebrate our second birthday in style! As it's our birthday we've got a special, extended episode for your listening pleasure, packed to the brim with fun & frolics to share in our jovial landmark occasion. And special it truly is. We've got the Anniversary raffle draw, the MoDPAFOPC awards (otherwise known as the "clip show" segment), listener correspondence from the first of our royally named contributions, a gift from Andy to Chris AND, as our gift to you, an exclusive interview with Jimmy from Wizkid's to talk up all things Worlds. We'd like to sincerely thank all of our loyal listeners for an amazing two years and "hope you enjoyed listening as much as we enjoyed recording" over the last 24 months, and look forward to another year of MoD silliness with you all into 2020. Show Notes & Other Stuff For more info on Worlds you can visit the announcements Jimmy mentioned in the interview HERE & HERE.  If you would like to see the Live Streamed YouTube matches mentioned in this episode then please do head on over to our YouTube channel where the recordings sit in a “Live Stream” playlist, amongst other recorded games and voice over commentaries: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC37-yiK-AsamGVZFzEsEzxA/playlists We’d very much appreciate it if you subscribed to the channel, hit a ‘thumbs up’ on each of the vids, and clicked the bell thing to receive notifications when we upload a new vid. If you could then open up another 2 or 3 new accounts and do the ‘Like’ and ‘Subscribe’ thing all over again that would be tremendous. ;P Legal Bits N’ Bobs United Kingdom: God Save the Queen by National Anthems is licensed under a Creative Commons License. It was sourced from a Soundcloud account entitled “National Anthems”. The name of the creator/creators has not been provided on that account. The license can be found here: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/legalcode The Dice transition sound effect was sourced from freesound.org. The account it was downloaded from is “dermotte” and is shared under the following license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Our tremendous ‘Rule Britannia’ intro is used with permission from Richard Campbell and is a short extract from his “England Rock Anthems” track. We think Richard’s work is exceptional. So visit Richard’s website here for more of his music: http://www.richardcampbellmusic.co.uk/
Podcast: Board Game Bros
Episode: 85: DotA Underlords VS Teamfight Tactics ( 56.49 MB / 61:38)
This week the board game bros step into video game territory when comparing the latest additions to the auto-battler genre of game, DotA Underlords and Teamfight Tactics.
Episode: The New Ones 76-80 ( 26.61 MB / 24:20)

In this episode of The New Ones, Craig talks about The Legend of the Cherry Tree That Blossoms Every Ten Years, The Lost Expedition, Oaxaca: Crafts of a Culture, Piepmatz, and Let's Make a Bus Route.

Episode: Garrett's Games 681 - Realm of Sand and Yinzi: The Shining Ming Dynasty ( 61.9 MB / 45:04)

Shelley and I play in our respective sandboxes, using tetris-style pieces to create tile patterns in

Realm of Sand by Ji Hua Wei from EmperorS4

and then grow crops, sell them at the market, create products, then ship them abroad in 

Yinzi by Rôla and Costa from Spielworxx


Episode: Tabletop Scotland 2019 preview ( 41.72 MB / 45:34)

This week Josh and Tom are joined by convention overlord David Wright to get the latest on Tabletop Scotland 2019. Josh also takes the opportunity to confront Tom about how his character is being mistreated in their Pathfinder campaign.


We're Not Wizards


DMB Games




Podcast: Ludology
Episode: Biography of a Board Game 204.5 - Dune & Rex ( 15.61 MB / 10:45)

Scott covers the history of the seminal board game Dune, its legal tangles with its IP, and its retheming as Rex: Final Days of an Empire.


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