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Podcast: Heavy Cardboard
Episode: Heavy Cardboard Episode 82 - Summer '17 Briefing ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Edward and Amanda talk about games acquired, played and looking forward to in this episode. We also give our first thoughts on Vasco de Gama, Gentes and Feudum! YouTube channel! Support the show! Patreon.com/HeavyCardboard The Herd map is here: Click to add your mark! Be sure to join the discussion over at the guild to discuss the episode with us & your fellow Elephants!
Episode: Episode 89 - Joe Has a Topic ( 37.1 MB / 41:21)
I don't want to ruin the surprise because Joe brought a topic to the table today!
Episode: Episode 185: Pyre Manager 2017 ( 98.55 MB / 107:37)
This week Mike is away but Kieran and Paul have played a enough games that we still manage to run a bit over time! We talk about great games like the latest iteration of Motorsport Manager and Supergiant’s latest masterpiece, Pyre. Then also some uh…less great games like Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 and Prey. Also Kieran returns to Starcraft 2 and finds that the rage it once caused him has subsided. All this and news, new releases and first impressions of the Superhot card game!
Episode: Vox Republica 149: Card Crafting With John Clair And Gen Con 50 ( 69.48 MB / 75:19)
Episode 149: Card Crafting With John Clair And Gen Con 50 

Length: 1:15:18

Show Links: RSS | iTunes | Stitcher | Download Episode


Welcome back to Vox Republica, the Cardboard Republic Podcast!

We post new episodes every other Thursday, with each episode being about 45 minutes long.

Vox Republica is proudly supported by our Patreon. Consider contributing today!

DESCRIPTION: This week, Erin and Ryan talk about a few games they managed to get played, announce some Gen Con plans, and Ryan tries to guess the Gen Con sleeper hit. Then they interview designer John Clair on his innovating Card Crafting system.

GUESTS: John Clair


QUICK TOPICS – (13:11):

  • We're doing a Gen Con panel! If you're going, come check out Cardboard Quills: A Written Reviewer Roundtable - a written reviewer Q&A. (If you can't make it, feel free to still leave a question you'd like asked and we can see if we can get it answered!)
  • We list our five Gen Con games of personal note that aren't going to make many Top Ten Gen Con lists. Then Ryan tries to postulate on the sleeper hit of the con.


  • We speak to John Clair about Mystic Vale, Edge of Darkness, and Custom Heroes regarding his creative and innovative 'Card Crafting System', where you upgrade the abilities of cards in the game by use of card sleeves. We ask him about several avenues of this including:
    • How the idea originated
    • Why Edge of Darkness has taken so long to come to market (and maybe when it's finally going to...)
    • Where you can play Edge of Darkness during Gen Con
    • And more!

PLUGS - (1:14:37):

  • We’re raffling off a copy of Unlock to a lucky Patreon backer. Consider donating today!
  • As always, Cardboard Republic YouTube videos, Instagram pictures, and the BGG Guild are still ongoing. Subscribe to one or two - or all of them if you really love us. You do really love us, right?


We’d love to hear from you! You can send questions or feedback via email at podcast@cardboardrepublic.com. You can also reach us social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and BoardGameGeek.


Audio Credits: Intro music track is "Swing!" by Bargo!, used under Creative Commons license.

Episode: The Mega Meeple Podcast – Episode 015 – Special GenCon50 Edition - The Mega Meeple Podcast ( 46.19 MB / 32:09)
In this special GenCon Edition of The Mega Meeple podcast episode, Thomas talks about the games that he’s looking forward to from GenCon as well as some interesting news items that were announced leading up to GenCon. But if you are unable or unavailable to attend the 50th Anniversary of this epic con, we have […]
Podcast: For Geek's Sake
Episode: The One Where Al Laughed at a Pun ( 0 MB / 182:20)
We’ve got Orlando Weekly’s Scott Horn this week, and he’s giving us the details on Orlando’s blossoming board game scene. Hisarticledives deep into Dice Tower Con, local board game spots, developers, and much more. But, of course, we can’t just leave it there. We still have to crane kick our way to YouTube Red, lose our collective minds over Ducktales, and leave a single solid middle finger toward Dippin Dots. All that, plus the latest from the DCEU! Thanks for listening, and SUBSCRIBE!!
Podcast: Wargames To Go
Episode: Wargames To Go 13.1 - Franco-Prussian War (Introduction) ( 12.95 MB / 37:34)

Now that I'm back for good and getting a handle on things, I want to try returning to an earlier "format" I had for the podcast. That is, a small series of shorter episodes on each topic while I'm exploring it. That way, I don't excite my listeners about a topic just as I'm leaving it behind (the way it happens with those longer, mega-episodes). I did this a few times before, and I'm trying it again. I'd appreciate feedback on this approach.

My one "leftover" topic from my time living in France is the Franco-Prussian War. Twelve months ago I took several games on this topic with me overseas, but I didn't get to them until I moved back home. That's not to say that I didn't see a few sites that relate to the war in some way, or didn't think about it while I was there. I did. However, the games I'm just getting to.

The FP War is one of those topics I only had the slimmest of notions about before I became a historical wargamer. I knew the approximate time period, that it led to German taking the territory, and that this also led to the hostilities of World War One. I supposed I'd heard of the Paris Commune, but its connection to the FP War was very fuzzy in my mind. Well, as I always love about this hobby & podcast project, I'm now learning a lot more. Peeling back another layer of the onion of history, since there are always so many connections to events before & after.

The games I'm just getting to, and there are several good ones (large & small) that you may want to explore with me. Books, magazines, podcasts are well underway. Movies...well that's a tough one. In my podcast I forgot to mention Fall of Eagles, a BBC miniseries(?) from the 1970s that includes some of the important diplomatic events. But films that actually cover the war are proving nearly impossible to identify and locate. If you've got suggestions, please let me know.


Fall of Eagles (also on YouTube!)
La Commune (Paris, 1871)
1864 not even FP War, but the Second Schleswig War between Prussia & Denmark is pretty close
1871 just discovered this is on Amazon Prime
New Babylon silent from from Soviet Union, available on YouTube
Last Cartridges A historical artifact in itself! An 1897 one-minute silent from from Georges Méliès
Field of Honour

I'm also still looking for more films associated the FP War and Paris Commune as identified on Wikipedia.

The Fall of Paris by Alistair Horne

Remember to follow along & chime in on my geeklist/discussion) for all of my FP War explorations. If you're a wargamer on social media, follow me on Twitter (@WargamesToGo). Feedback is always welcome.

Episode: The Reserve Pool Podcast S3. Ep. 27 - Guardians of the Galaxy Rares ( 89.23 MB / 0:00)
Isaac and Michaela discuss All things Guardians of the Galaxy, upcoming release schedule and other fun things!

Direct Link
Episode: The Reserve Pool Podcast S3. Ep. 28 - Guardians Super Rares ( 87.26 MB / 0:00)
Isaac and Michaela discuss the Virtual Worlds tournament, dream flip cards, and the Guardians Super Rares spoiled thus far!

Direct Link
Episode: Lasers and Printers and Robots! Oh My! at The Game Crafter - Episode136 ( 13.35 MB / 29:06)








JT takes on a challenging listener request.

Have you ever wondered about some of the "behind the scenes" things that go into you being able to produce your game on The Game Crafter? Well, you aren't alone.


In episode 136, JT tells Jeff about what happens with the equipment they buy, modifications that need to be made, and the 16-month process for bringing UV coating to The Game Crafter. 





Jeff can be found at:

Website: http://www.allusgeeks.com

AUG Twitter: https://twitter.com/allusgeeks

AUG Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AllUsGeeks

Voice Over work: http://reliablevoiceover.com/


If you like the content we provide, please consider leaving us a rating and review! 

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/game-crafter-official-podcast/id955056351

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Board Game Geek: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgamepodcast/26560/game-crafter-official-podcast


This podcast is a part of the United Geeks Network over at: www.unitedgeeksnetwork.com. You can broadcast your geekiness at United Geeks Network!


The intro and outro music:

"Mechanolith" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Podcast: Arcade Castle
Episode: Arcade Castle: Episode 07 - The Colossal Cave Adventure ( 86.1 MB / 45:12)

In Episode 07, Arcade Castle plumbs the depths of early text-based adventure gaming as they play a modern adaptation of one of the earliest video games ever made: Adventure/ADVENT/The Colossal Cave Adventure. While Adventure has seen many adaptations and modifications since its creation by Will Crowther in 1975, does this board game adaptation from 2013 deserve a place in the Well House, or cast into the Bottomless Pit?


In The Colossal Cave Adventure, players traverse the rooms and passages of The Colossal Cave and face the hazards and dangers therein in a quest for treasure. As players uncover mysterious items during their trek in The Colossal Cave, they will find these strange items are key to surviving the trials and tribulations they will face as well as finding the treasures housed within the cavernous passages and rooms of The Colossal Cave. As players acquire treasures, a race begins as players attempt to protect their treasures and deposit them in the Well House. The first player to deposit three treasures in the Well House can rightly call themselves the master of The Colossal Cave, and winner of the game!


In this (somewhat delayed) episode, Arcade Castle looks at a board game adaptation of an oft overlooked genre: text-based adventure games. Can you take a game that solely relies upon text as a user interface and successfully create a three dimensional board game that relies, in part, upon a GUI? Further, how can a developer take a solo experience and adapt it into a multi-player experience? 


Episode Outline


00:00 - 10:00: Arcade Castle gives a general overview of text-based adventure games and The Colossal Cave Adventure. Additionally, they discuss text-based adventure games and their progeny, old and new, and their experiences playing them.


10:00 - 18:00: [Once Upon A Powerup] Arcade Castle gives a more detailed history of the circumstances behind the creation of Adventure and The Colossal Cave Adventure as well as its impact upon the industry.


18:00 - 34:00: Arcade Castle takes an in-depth look at The Colossal Cave Board Game. Detailing the contents, rules, and gameplay, they examine the challenges faced when codefabing a text-game into a board game.


34:00-45:00: Arcade Castle gives their final thoughts on The Colossal Cave Board Game. They look at where it succeeds and where it fails in codefabing The Colossal Cave from digital text into cardboard and plastic. They also compare it's success rate in this process with games looked at in prior podcast episodes.

Episode: Clank in Space ( 12.35 MB / 6:36)

My board game review of this new standalone game in the Clank Universe from Renegade Game Studios. In Clank in Space you’ll see new mechanisms like data ports, hyper lifts, power crystals, factions, bounty hunters, a modular double sized board and a new end game scenario.


Click Here to our sponsor Visit Miniature Market: https://goo.gl/ZsyG9q


Additional Sponsors:

Bezier Games (Werewords) - https://beziergames.com/collections/all-games/products/werewords


Grey Fox Games (Deception: Undercover Allies) - < [...]

Podcast: Who Dares Rolls
Episode: Who Dares Rolls Podcast 44 – Sparring Bantz ( 95.73 MB / 83:39)
Yes! we’re back! After numerous technical, psychological and beverage related disasters here’s the latest podcast episode!!! It’s good to be back!    
Episode: Wis, August 2017: Gaming Classics - Axis and Allies ( 38.15 MB / 41:41)

This week's hosts: Liam, Séan and Mary

With the looming re-release of the Anniversary Edition, this week the party take aim at a gaming classic, Axis and Allies. Does it still hold up after more than three decades?

Show Notes:

Episode: Episode 26: The Quagmire of Games! ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Join GloryHoundd and The Uninvited Gamers "After Dark" as they talk about Werewords and update you on the local conventions. The Uninvited Gamers will also be helping you navigate the Kickstarter gauntlet by breaking down The Brigade and Gameception. Meanwhile shenanigans brew as the Uninvited Gamers figure out who the Quagmire of Games is!

Click here to listen or right click and choose "Save Link As..." to download and make sure to Rate and follow us on Stitcher and iTunes.

Make sure to follow this week's Uninvited Gamers on Twitter: @GloryHoundd, @DrGloryHogg, Andrew Spindler/@cardsandchit and Jim Miller https://www.facebook.com/crithitaz/.

You can also check out www.gloryhoundd.com for more game reviews.

This episode's song is Hellcat by Desmeon.

01:09 - Small Talk
05:40 - CritHit Recap
17:45 - Tiny Epic Fest
19:25 - MaricopaCon
21:00 - Overworld
26:25 - Werewords
35:30 - Twitter Poll - What do you like most about cons?
42:57 - Intermission
43:34 -  The Brigade - Fantasy Firefighting
50:30 - Gameception
55:13 - Honorable Mentions

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You can support our show and Abnormal Entertainment on our Support Us page.
Podcast: JTR Podcast
Episode: JTRPodcast 015 – Game Rewind August 2016 ( 14.12 MB / 15:25)
Game Rewind time and I take a brief look at the games I played for the first time in August 2016! 10 VERY different games here…
Episode: RDTN Episode 125: Clank! in Space, Terraforming Mars Expansion, and The Climbers ( 58.7 MB / 64:07)
Surprise, surprise, surprise. That is right Renegade Studios is releasing Clank! in Space at Gen Con. Talk about keeping things under wraps and making a huge a splash, Renegade might […]    Related Stories 
Episode: Podcast #64: Dolphins Are People Too ( 60.86 MB / 66:28)
Buckle up, everybody! The 64th ever Shut Up & Sit Down podcast is here, and it's something of a round the world special. It's Quinns and Paul in the driver's seat once again as they discuss their journey Between Two Cities with the new Capitals expansion. Paul's desperate to discuss the weird creatures he met during Train Heist. The pair examine the fast cars and small components of Pit Crew. Quinns abruptly remembers that he has the first expansion for Captain Sonar, and talks about that a bit. Finally, Paul recalls his time in parts unknown, playing World Championship Russian Roulette. But our automotive notions don't stop there! This week we have a particularly extravagant folk game played by the employees of a car rental business. What's going on behind that plain-looking desk? More than you could imagine. Enjoy, everybody.
Episode: MWBG #24 - Most Anticipated Expansions ( 93.1 MB / 67:47)

On episode 24 of The Married with Board Games Podcast, we have reviews of Shahrazad from Osprey Games, Whistle Stop from Bezier Games, Windup War from Bellwether Games, and Viticulture: Essential Edition from Stonemaier Games.

Then, Lara borrows a Game Night Grub Recipe from her mother, who borrowed it from The Pioneer Woman.

We discuss all things expansions, including questions such as are they necessary or are they cash grabs?

And then we discuss our most anticipated expansions, including some from our listeners!

Time Stamps:

  • Announcements - 1:15
  • Shahrazad Review - 8:16
  • Whistle Stop Review - 17:25
  • Windup War Review - 21:18
  • Viticulture: Essential Edition Review - 26:02
  • Game Night Grub - 33:00
  • Expansions Discussion - 39:11
  • 6 Most Anticipated Expansions - 48:49

Game Night Grub Recipe - Olive Cheese Bread by The Pioneer Woman

Find the link to the recipe at marriedwithbg.com

Podcast: Meeple Nation
Episode: MN 0177 Squirrel! ( 40.97 MB / 51:09)

This week Nathan, Ryan and Brent discuss what attracts them to games, and what instantly repels them. They start out with introductions and move into talking about deckbuilders, engine builders, and direct attacks.

Don't forget to pick up Ryan Decaria's book, Devil in the Microscope for Kindle. Print and audio versions will be released later this year.

Episode: 238: Top 8 Feels So Great! ( 42.51 MB / 46:25)
Meghan Top 8's an RPTQ!
Episode: Episode 41 - Anson Maddocks, Classic Magic: the Gathering Artist ( 81.71 MB / 59:30)

Here it is, folks! I've been talking about it for almost a year. I finally get a chance to talk with my all-time favorite Magic: the Gathering Artist, Anson Maddocks. Jack and Anson talk about moving to the desert, evolving art styles, the history of some of the most iconic pieces of Magic art, and how he met fellow Alaskan MTG artist Mark Tedin.
Thank you to Rob Conley for extra production help on this episode. You can find Rob on twitter through his D&D live-play podcast, Paper Heroes www.twitter.com/paperheroescast

Episode: Lazer Ryderz Review ( 102.88 MB / 0:00)
Lazer Ryderz Review
Episode: Desk-side Talks With Marc #4: Twilight Imperium 4 ( 36.87 MB / 29:53)

Out of nowhere, Fantasy Flight announced earlier this week that Twilight Imperium 4th edition would be released later this year! Obviously I am very excited about this, but it has a very hefty price tag. I take my critical eye to what we know about the game to help out those wondering if they should buy the 3rd edition now or wait for the new one.

Just as I was about to upload this podcast I saw that Fantasy Flight had released the rulebook. I just read through it–here are my thoughts on the new information the rules revealed. Consider this a supplement to the thoughts on the podcast.

1. The rulebook is exceptionally clear and a huge improvement over the 3rd edition rulebook, which was decent. Fantasy Flight has really done a fantastic job with their rulebooks over the last couple of years, and they deserve a lot of praise for that. It’s a remarkeable acheivement, particularly given how inelegant (I say with all fondness) and complicated their games can be [...]

Episode: Lessons Learned as a Small Publisher with Marshall Britt ( 45.98 MB / 54:41)
Marshall Britt, owner of Yanaguana Games, talks about all the mistakes he’s made and lessons he’s learned as a small game publisher.
Episode: GenCon 2017 e novità da Fantasy Flight Games - Il Dado Incantato #32 ( 0 MB / 48:54)
Il Dado Incantato torna anche nella settimana di ferragosto perché molte cose si muovono nell'industria ludica globale e in particolare negli Stati Uniti d'America. A giorni inizierà GenCon2017 e in questa occasione Federico ha selezionato le novità da tenere d'occhio. Tornano i giochi di tricktaking: - Dragonmaster/ indulgence - Fox in the forest - Joraku Non mancano titoli interessanti che probabilmente arriveranno a breve anche in Europa. - Photosyntesis - Dark Night - Crossfire - Unearth - ex-Libris Fantasy Flight Games ha fatto annunci su annunci. Nell'ultimo trimestre 2017 arriveranno: - Twilight Imperium 4ed. - Fallout the Board Game - Genesys system - Star Wars Rebellion: Rise of the Empire In conclusione di puntata qualche annuncio in vista della nuova stagione del podcast. Se ti piace questo podcast, sostienilo su Patreon. Condividi questa puntata sui tuoi social netowrk privati e insomma, fallo ascoltare in giro. Abbonati gratuitamente su iTunes oppure utilizzando il feed RSS su qualsiasi altro aggregatore. Noi ti consigliamo Pocket Casts. Seguici su Spreaker e ascoltaci in streaming.
Podcast: WADUB
Episode: Entrevista con Cristina y Manu de El Agujero Hobbit ( 32.6 MB / 70:41)
Entrevista con Cristina y Manu de El Agujero Hobbit Aunque hablan las leyendas de los juegos de mesa que el camino a seguir para poder ver el agujero de el Hobbit no esta yendo para Santiago, sino yendo mas hacia la Giralda, hoy nos sentamos enfrente de dos caminantes que no vienen de las Tierras del Norte, sino del Sur. Cristina y Manu son una pareja lúdica que tienen un canal donde nos enseñan con su propia personalidad todo aquello que rodea los juegos de mesa. Llevan poco tiempo, pero en el que llevan ya han puesto su sello personal, como partidas con otros canales donde podemos ver alegría y diversión en estado puro. No dudes de sintonizar el Agujero Hobbit y descubrir una nueva manera de ver y entender esta afición lúdica, pues como siempre decimos, el usuario es siempre el que decide finalmente, y creo que os sorprenderán, #juegosdemesa #jocsdetaula #boardgames #wadub #elagujerohobbit
Episode: D6G Ep 219: Wayland, Warcradle, WWX, & Mulling Luck Mitigation Mechanics ( 175.83 MB / 189:39)
  Stuart Mackaness, of Wayland Games & Warcradle Studios, joins us in the third chair! Up first Stuart lets us in on how we got into the industry what it's been like to be a part of Wayland Games, Warcradle Studios, and the re-launch of Wild West Exodus!   Then later mulling mechanics returns as we discuss the ways to mitigate luck. All that plus:   - Total Fan Girl - Do You Ever Notice - App of the Ep  -  & More If you'd like to discuss the show with us and others in our forum thread: click here.   The following fine organizations help make this show possible:   www.Battlefoam.com www.geeknationtours.com   ==Quick Reference== App of the Ep: 57 min -Syrinscape Wayland, Warcradle, & WWX : 1 hr 1 min Total Fan Girl: 2 hr 2 min Mulling Mechanics - Luck Mitigation:  2 hr 6 min      Links Discussed in the show: Craig's Blog: www.McNerdigansPub.com Russ's Blog: http://www.RussRant.com Total Fan Girl Blog: Link Dice Tower Network: Link                  
Episode: Episode 59 - A United Front ( 68.6 MB / 85:18)

Our hosts start off the episode getting caught up on the past week, including first impressions of Rick and Morty Anatomy Park, Bonk, and the new ai opponent in the Patchwork App. Moving on to kickstarter, get yourself a portable gaming table with Game Anywhere Tables, mine some gems in Off The Rails, and pimp out your blood bowl pitch with the Fantasy Football Pro Stadium Scenery. In news, Games workshop decides not to beat around the bush and brings back Necromunda, then Fantasy Flight announced a big portion on their Q4 lineup, including Civilization The New Dawn, and Twilight Imperium 4th edition. SOme BGG responses close out the show.



Slack Channel



Episode: episódio 05 - Bate-papo Game Maker ( 0 MB / 42:00)
Zezito e Zombie batem um papo com Luciano Bastos da Game Maker, onde ele fala sobre a origem e o objetivo da empresa, bem como sobre os jogos que ela levará para o Diversão Offline 2017.
Podcast: Proxi-Jeux
Episode: [DBDJ 2017] Florian Sirieix ( 15.9 MB / 21:23)
Au cours du festival strasbourgeois Des Bretzels et des Jeux, nous avons pu poser notre matériel pour réaliser un paquet d’interviews dans de bonnes conditions. Pour cette quinzième interview, Florian Sirieix prend place au micro pour nous parler, notamment, d’Oh Capitaine. C’est a...
Podcast: The SnakesCast
Episode: Space Month: Franchise Games, Part 2 - The final frontier ( 12.1 MB / 13:13)
Welcome to week 1 of Space Month! This week we are going to be looking at franchise games that are set in space. Today, Wednesday August 16th 2017, we head to the final frontier in order to discuss some of the myriad games that are based on the various Star Trek series.
Episode: Podcast EP29 – Entrevue Zone jeux de société et Yunnan ( 93.85 MB / 0:00)
Pour ce 29e épisode, j'ai reçu en entrevue Martin Lafrenière de la Zone jeux de société. On a passé un super bon moment pour discuter de sa chaîne et du joueur derrière l'homme! Dans les expériences de jeux, je parle de ma première partie de Yunnan, un excellent jeu sans aucune chance et que j'ai ...lire la suite →
Episode: Ep.45 Table Con ( 0.01 MB / 109:02)
Welcome to our live Podcast, were we chat about tables...yes, tables. And give our first impressions of new games that we have played. Try and guess along with us, what those games are and if we like them or not... ****
Podcast: Going Last
Episode: Episode 212 ( 28.15 MB / 37:33)
Episode: Eat Chit and Dice - Episode 16 - Games We Buy and Never Play ( 64.45 MB / 69:52)
Jondi sorta had a stroke at the 21 minute mark but other than that, the episode was fine.  We're on our way to GenCon (actually by the time this goes live we're already there) so this is a fluff piece.  Enjoy!  Check out Professor Shyguy here: http://professorshyguy.com/ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1541227444/dinogenics-dinosaur-park-management-and-corporate | https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2005228768/before-the-earth-explodes-a-retro-sci-fi-card-game | https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-4-mr-bones-epic-adventure | https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/847271320/ogrezine-the-ogre-magazine
Episode: Who, What, Why? S17.E05 :: Toss the Rulebook, Open the iPad! ( 22.51 MB / 48:46)

Jouni Jussila, one of the creators of Dized, joined the show all the way from Finland to talk about his company's revolutionary board game application that attempts to teach people how to play games without ever needing to read the rulebook. The app offers tutorials for teaching the games, graphics licensed from the creators of the games, and a lot more. Currently, there are only a few games available, but Jouni plans to bring more games to Dized over the next year or so. The company is launching an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to produce the app, which they plan to release in 2018. This has the potential to be a seriously awesome companion to any board gamer's collection, and it fits on his or her smart phone or tablet. They plan to offer the app free of charge with other features unlocked through a subscription service.

To learn more about the app, please visit Dized.com.

Credits: Book and tablet icons from Valeriy at nounproject.com

Episode: 094 Gen Con 50, U Mad Bro, Exit the Game ( 20.88 MB / 19:43)
What is the hardest part of preparing for Gen Con as a small publisher? Sean and Alan discuss what they are doing to get ready for their long drive from Cleveland to Indianapolis. They discuss volunteers, and even talk about one of the next games they are publishing soon! Music Attribution: Tuesday Knight Jig by Andrew Manson
Podcast: The Five By
Episode: Episode 15: Evolution, Nemo's War Second Edition, Chicago Express, Vinhos, Dice Forge ( 41.28 MB / 27:41)
Hello and welcome to The Five By. Your favorite rapid-fire board game review podcast. 00:00 Mason - Introduction 00:32 Stephanie - Evolution 05:07 Sarah - Nemo's War Second Edition 10:28 Mason - Chicago Express 16:01 Mike - Vinhos Deluxe Edition * 21:30 Ruth - Dice Forge 27:12 Outro - Lindsay 27:34 Network Bumper *Gaming Rules! How to play Vinhos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoX0FLDtPBM Inside Voices Network: https://www.insidevoicesnetwork.com/
Podcast: The Game Pit
Episode: The Game Pit: Episode 90 - Picking Over the Bones of Flatline, Ethnos, First Class and more… ( 58.62 MB / 102:07)

Sean and Ronan are back with six more board game reviews this time around. 

Going under the knife are Flatline, Ethnos, Pocket Mars, Caylus, First Class and The Football Game. 

Also featured is a review of A Dog’s Life which is live on Kickstarter until 7th September 2017; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2138121641/a-dogs-life-game-be-a-canine-hero

We are part of www.dicetower.com and you will find the home of The Dice Tower Network which we continue to be proud members of.

Catch us @gamepitpodcast, thegamepitpodcast@gmail.com, https://www.boardgamegeek.com/guild/1588

All our episodes are also on iTunes and Stitcher.

Episode: GeekNights 20170815 - Namco Museum (Nintendo Switch) ( 58.7 MB / 0:00)

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the extremely polished Namco Museum that came out for the Nintendo Switch. It's worth the purchase price just for Pacman Vs, literally one of the best games to ever be made for the Gamecube. Bonus points for having Dig Dug!

In the news, Civilization VI had a major update, a bad looking Civilization VI board game is coming, DotA bots superior, humans inferior (at solo mid), Nidhogg 2 appears to fail to capture the magic, and For Honor has some exploit issues in an amazing tournament.

We will be live at PAX West 2017 talking about rage quitters!

Podcast: El Entreturno
Episode: 020 El Entreturno - Celebrando el 20 en vivo ( 0 MB / 103:04)

Celebramos nuestro capítulo 20 en vivo, en Ronda de Juego, en la Biblioteca de Santiago. Un capítulo distinto, con varios invitados y unas cuantas sorpresas!

[0:00:00] - Presentación

[0:00:42] - Introducción

[0:17:31] - Sorpresa 1

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Episode: Episode 53 - Book Club XI ( 66.67 MB / 63:16)

Ian, Derek, and Dan are joined by special guest Jon for the next installment of the book club. We conclude The Fellowship of the Ring with a look at Farewell to Lorien, The Great River, and The Breaking of the Fellowship.

Podcast: Dice Hard
Episode: #28 - Reign of Fire feat. Dann May ( 57.96 MB / 0:00)

Alex is joined by Cal, from The Video Shop and Dann May, to turn your favorite movies into board games.

This Episode: Reign of Fire, where the trio learns a lesson in fire-breathing dragons

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Episode: Across the Game Board - Episode 01 - Con Fever ( 42.07 MB / 29:36)

The inaugural episode of Across the Board.

Since the Four Corners of the Board has gone to every three weeks, I thought a "filler" podcast might tide you over till our next regular show.

I teamed up with Dean Ligget from the Board Game Buffet podcast, and we will be having a 30 minutes podcast every two weeks. We will take one topic and discuss, then finish the podcast off with a top 5 list.

This week is Con Fever, and our top 5 list is top 5 games we loved at a Con, but we didn't love as much when we got them home.

Episode: Secrets Review with the Game Boy Geek ( 12.14 MB / 6:30)

My review of this streamlined social deduction game designed by Eric Lang and Bruno Faidutti Published by Repos Production & Asmodee North America. Figure out who your teammates are (CIA, KGB) and  try to score the most points as a team. Or be a lone Hippie and win by having the least amount of points.


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Episode: Hoopod – Episode 49 – Kalum – I know how to “red” ( 150.37 MB / 0:00)
Been a while since I had the pleasure of joining a fellow podcast and, after much timezone constrained scheduling, it had the great pleasure to join two thirds of Hoopod crew. Come find out about Team Hooman and a bit more about me.Filed under: Podcast, The Rolistes Podcast - Episodes
Podcast: WADUB
Episode: Entrevista con Dani de Play Planet ( 17.33 MB / 37:23)
Entrevista con Dani de Play Planet Si vas a Málaga una de las visitas obligadas es Play Planet, un lugar ideal para todos los que somos aficionados a los juegos de mesa, y un lugar donde ademas podrás tomar algo al mismo tiempo. Para este menester hemos entrevistado a su gerente y encargado de que todo esto sea realidad en Málaga, Dani, quien nos ha abierto sus puertas, aunque esta vez sea en forma de entrevista. Play Planet Coffee Shop es el único restaurante con préstamo y venta de juegos de mesa que abrió en el 2013. Se trata del primer local de juegos de mesa nacionales e internacionales, con cafetería, y consumiciones desde 80 céntimos. Los juegos además de poderse disfrutar en el local con asesoramiento del personal, también se pueden alquilar o comprar con grandes descuentos. El equipo de Play Planet Coffee and Shop quiere acercar esta nueva idea de ocio a la ciudad con eventos culturales. Por ello, cada mes traerá diferentes artistas y organizará numerosos cursos y actividades. También, invitará a artistas malagueños para que muestren su trabajo. En definitiva, un sitio destinado a todo el público donde convergen ocio, cultura y arte. Si quieres conocer mas de este fabuloso local, si vas a Malaga recuerda esta dirección en tu GPS, calle San Lorenzo, nº 18 y pregunta por Dani. #juegosdemesa #jocsdetaula #boardgames #wadub #playplanet
Episode: The TMG Podcast - Joel Eddy and I sit down and talk games, media, and life - Episode 016 ( 73.17 MB / 31:59)

Joel Eddy and I have been good friends for a long time and I consider myself extremely lucky to say just that. Drive Thru Review is, if not the best, one of the best board game media channels on Youtube and he deserves every bit of success and recognition that he has achieved.

Episode: Episode 120 – Glen Again ( 136.3 MB / 0:00)
Click here to download this episode! – Welcome! – News – CotR Stats Game – Black Serpent player card reviews – Do I have a beard? – Gen Con plans! – Patreon pledge drive, any amount helps!! https://www.patreon.com/cotr – Sign off Contact us cardboardoftherings@gmail.com http://cotr.libsyn.com/rss discord.me/cotr http://www.facebook.com/cardboardoftherings @cotrpodcast on twitter twitch.tv/cotrpodcast cardboardoftherings.com YouTube.com/COTRPodcast Chris’ Videos…Read more Episode 120 – Glen Again

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