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Episode: Episode 92- Barcelona: The Rose of Fire plus Gloomhaven Contest ( 66.62 MB / 0:00)
BPPP Barcelona (click on the text to the left to listen) During this week’s episode: 1) The Pegs discuss recent news and a recent game plays including Covert, Kingsport Festival: The Card Game, Saloon Tycoon and more; 2) Announce a way that you can win a copy of Gloomhaven, courtesy of Cephalofair Games (#22lbsofgame); 3) Review the area … Continue reading Episode 92- Barcelona: The Rose of Fire
Episode: Perfect Information Podcast Episode 36 - The Phantom Menace ( 112.09 MB / 122:17)
We've spared no expense to get some of our biggest and most famous fans onto this podcast simply to remind you to nominate us for the Golden Geek Awards.  After that bit of shameful self-promotion, we dive into our topic... ominously (or confusingly) named: The Board Game Encyclical. All about the unique cultural traits and dynamics of this hobby, and maybe what to do about them? The great TC Petty III. once more spews wisdom, hard-earned experience and at least one naughty word in Deep Design (38:56) all about The Hook. Which contrary to common belief is not the porn name of anybody on the show... any longer... but that magic quality of a game that makes it click. Shouldn't it then be called the Switch? (Although that IS the porn name, one of us currently uses... so... moving on.) Some words for our sponsor Yolo-Games.com (52:01) A quick stop at the guild (54:23) allows us to talk about your cures for gaming burnout. Also the long-awaited update on the potent aphrodisiac that is baked potato & beans.  A few more words for our sponsor Spielpro.com (1:13:30) Comrade Nick introduces you all to Marxism by way of talking about the socio-political commentary buried within Euphoria: Build A Better Dystopia. All this is of course done in the name of higher learning as he is The Boardgame Professor. (1:15:35) And finally we review a successfully concluded Kickstarter: Perdition's Mouth - Abyssal Rift. A grim, dark and bloody dungeoncrawler that is fully cooperative and comes with more darkness than Charlie Murphy. (1:29:35)
Episode: American vs German ( 45.35 MB / 53:05)
"Sei American o German?" Non è forse la prima domanda che spesso ci si sente fare quando si conoscono per la prima volta dei giocatori? Questa dicotomia ha portato spesso a discussioni e scontri di gran lunga più accesi di quelli visti tra Elfi e Nani o Guelfi e Ghibellini. Ospiti e portavoce dei due schieramenti Daniel "Renberche" e Marco "Normanno". Presentano Salvatore "Sava" e Marco "Agzaroth". Regia Cristiano "Elianto".
Episode: 36 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Learning through Games ( 22.46 MB / 32:42)

What do you think when you hear “educational games”? Some are pretty boring, but then there are games that are truly fun games, that happen to teach critical skills as part of their design. Welcome to our new listeners from the Dice Tower Network! Don’t forget about our giveaway, which closes on Wednesday.   What we played this week: Antidote

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Episode: What Did You Play This Week Podcast Week 117 ( 69.46 MB / 75:53)

Week 117

Buy a T-Shirt! https://www.analoggamer.com/products/wdyptw-logo

Intro :35

Vs with Spencer Kellis (2:31)

  • First Class
  • Oh My Goods
  • Goa
  • Istanbul

The Rambling Review ft Johannes Lindrupsen (7:24)

  • Vinhos Deluxe
  • Santorini
  • Escape Room The Game
  • Through the Ages, A New Story of Civilization
  • Lorenzo il Magnifico
  • *Grand Austria Hotel*
  • Panamax
  • Concordia
  • Terraforming Mars
  • Voyages of Marco Polo

The Evolving Review with Derek Davis (17:31)

  • *Kingdomino*
  • Evolving Review Update & Schedule

Learning From and Through Board Games with Jamie Maltman (27:05)

  • Online:
  • Voyages of Marco Polo
  • Automobiles
  • Offline:
  • Carnival
  • Russian Railroads
  • Castellion
  • Onirim
  • PitchCar
  • Nautilion
  • A Feast for Odin
  • Akrotiri
  • Castles of Mad King Ludwig
  • Abyss
  • 7 Wonders
  • Santorini

The Eric Booth Reviews (36:49)

  • Expansion Boxes

System Mastery with Craig Marks (42:11)

  • Questlandia

Brandon & Kerensa Babble (49:51)

  • Clank!

Mason A. Weaver (1:08:23)

  • Thebes
  • La Granja No Siesta
  • Command & Colors Ancients
  • Crokinole
  • Fight for Olympus
  • The Amazing Labyrinth

Outro (1:14:36)

End (1:15:52)

Podcast: Three Die Block
Episode: Three Die Block #129: WHAT'S IN A NAME? ( 145.01 MB / 158:22)

So most of our beloved Blood Bowl races got new player names.  Or new team names.  Or both.  Or neither.  What does this mean for you?  Well, for one thing, it means you get to listen to Drew and Chance rant about it for over an hour.  Actually, Chance does most of the ranting while Drew plays the voice of reason in this episode.  Then they talk about some roster called the 'Nobles' like it's a real thing or something.  In the immortal words of Weird Al, everything you know is wrong.  Just be glad we didn't name the episode, 'Say My Name'.  Peace!

Episode: WTG10 - What The Geek?! Podcast Episode FIVE : Batman Lego, Legion, The Good Place, ARK, Iron Fist, News, and more! ( 69.31 MB / 75:43)

In this episode talk about a bunch of new shows including the new FX/Marvel show Legion, NBC's The Good Place, and Fox's APB! Jim talks about playing ARK : Survival Evolved, and Jeff finally tries FFXV. We also give our thoughts on the upcoming Netfilx series Iron Fist, as well as Stranger Things 2.

We discuss the trailer for Colossal, and we talk about all the issues surrounding the new Batman solo movie. In the news we cover the new Castlevania animated series, Kevin Smith's plan for a Jay and Silent Bob sequel and a BBC show based on Spawn's Sam and Twitch, and as always...much,much,more!

Jim also gives his thoughts on the new Batman Lego Movie!



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Episode: PSP #346: Trulon, Riptide GP: Renegade, and All the Delicate Duplicates ( 0 MB / 0:00)

Today's episode is all about indie games all the time, every time, this time and that time, why time so serious while spicing up all the foods with thyme 'cause time. Time. Did that opening sentence make much sense? No, but neither does one of the games Marc reviews on today's show and, while I'd love to tell you which game it is, why would you listen if I did? Anyway, check out today's show if you want to hear Marc's thoughts about Trulon: The Shadow Engine, Riptide GP: Renegade, and All the Delicate Duplicates. Cheers and enjoy the show. P.S., It shouldn't be hard to figure out which game is the nonsensical one based on the titles alone. Cheers and enjoy the show again...for real this time. P.P.S., It's All the Delicate Duplicates. | Support us on Patreon: patreon.com/PXS | Buy some art: pxsart.com

The Talking Points:

  • Trulon: The Shadow Engine
  • Riptide GP: Renegade
  • All the Delicate Duplicates
  • Legion
  • And more...


Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Whatever? Email the show: psp[at]pixelatedsausage[dot]com; leave a voicemail: 312.772.5874; or, best of all, chat with me on Twitter: @PXSausage

Podcast: Low Player Count
Episode: Episode 42 - Life, The Universe, and Everything ( 98.78 MB / 71:48)

In Episode 42, the Low Player Count crew answers a ton of mini-topics and questions that normally wouldn’t fill an entire episode. They also discuss the Golden Geek Awards, all while quoting their favorite Douglas Adams lines.

01:40 - The Expanse game
05:00 - LPC Shirts at Analog Gamer
07:00 - InkedGaming.com
11:40 - Indiana Jones
13:15 - 2 Year Anniversary Upcoming
16:20 - Golden Geek Awards
21:44 - A Brief Tribute to the One and Only Douglas Adams
24:30 - Get your new table at boardgametables.com
26:40 - #LPCMiniTopics
27:25 - Buy vs. Trade vs. New vs. Used
33:00 - Essential Gaming Component
38:00 - App-Enhancement?
43:45 - Print and Play Games
48:09 - Solitaire Wargaming - Beginner Edition
53:08 - Little Set-up and Break-Down Solo Games
56:30 - How Long Before A Game Clicks?
64:48 - House Ruling?
69:33 - End Bits


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Ray Gun - FasterFasterBrighter (Blue Dot Sessions) / CC BY-NC 4.0

Flattered (Blue Dot Sessions) / CC BY-NC 4.0

Episode: Episode 69 - Brew Crafters ( 69.76 MB / 121:38)

In our extra sexy sixty-ninth episode, we celebrate the most love filled month of the year as we talk about what we’ve been playing recently. We also review the beer brewery themed worker placement game Brew Crafters. Then Quinten and Aaron are joined by James D'Amato of One Shot Podcast and Campaign Podcast for the third segment in the Behind the Screen RPG series, providing tips for Game Masters.

This episode is sponsored by Board Game Bliss & Tasty Minstrel Games

Episode: WIPNcast 149 ( 21.73 MB / 26:09)
Episode: Garrett's Games 555 - Codenames Pictures and Feast for Odin! ( 29.18 MB / 31:52)

Shelley and I discuss our plays of Codenames Pictures, the sequel to CGE's bestseller, then talk about the HUGE Z-Man/Feuerland release Feast for Odin.

Codenames Pictures by Vlaada Chvatil from CGE


Feast for Odin by Uwe Rosenberg from Z-Man/Feuerland Spiele

Episode: The Game Boy Geek’s Set List (#08-2017) ( 5.09 MB / 2:43)

My set list this week where I summarize all the board games that I covered this week.

Season 5 Kickstarter Fund Raising Campaign - https://youtu.be/aJb4gWM2etI

Clank! Sunken Treasures Rules School - https://youtu.be/aLed-16trwA

Dixit: Revelations - https://youtu.be/6jruC4zh4mg

Team Play
Full Review - https://youtu.be/6m5ScjbxpO0
Allegro (2-min) Review - https://youtu.be/FG4qx4BCZXo

The Game Boy Geek Produces Hi-Quality, Hi-Energy Board Games review with new content at least every other day.
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Podcast: Game Wisdom
Episode: A Talk on Steam Direct with Positech Games ( 41.04 MB / 44:50)

A Talk on Steam Direct with Positech Games Josh Bycer josh@game-wisdom.com

This week on the cast, Cliff Harris of Positech Games returned to talk about his upcoming game Production Line and his thoughts on Steam Direct’s changes to the Steam marketplace. After a brief catch up, we jumped right into talking about Steam Direct. Cliff shared his thoughts on why he’s a supporter of the fee […]

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Podcast: Bretterwisser
Episode: BW085 – Was mit Medien ( 119.78 MB / 149:23)
Wir werfen mal einen kleinen Blick auf die Medien und damit meinen wir vor allem die Printmedien und ihren Status in der Berichterstattung. Nicht vollumfänglich, aber mit einem Gast der Ahnung hat. Dem Social Media Chef der Süddeutschen Zeitung.
Episode: Episode 19: Cavern Tavern, SUPERHOT, Elemenz ( 92.13 MB / 66:50)

Jon, Steve and Andy are back and ready for some chat about board games. First off we look forward to Airecon and have a rather in depth discussion about Cavern Tavern from Final Frontier Games.  We then look at a couple of Kickstarters, SUPERHOT from Board & Dice and Elemenz from BadCat Games. Finally we round off the show with questions from the mailbag, answering our thoughts on Kickstarter versus pre-order and comment on the best and worst Kickstarter games we have backed.

00:00:00 Intro. We welcome back Jon and criticize Steve for not planning any contingency
00:01:56 We’re going to Airecon on the 10th to 12th March and we’re starting to get excited.
00:04:04 Cavern Tavern
00:28:58 SUPERHOT: The Card Game
00:36:42 Andy takes us down his Kickstarter money hole.
00:39:45 Elemenz
00:45:34 Question from the mail bag: Pre-orders or Kickstarter, which do we prefer and why? Which are the best and worst Kickstarters we have backed?

The podcast is available on iTunes or your favourite podcast player via our feed http://polyhedroncollider.libsyn.com/rss

Intro and Outro Music: "Ouroboros" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Podcast: Ludology
Episode: GameTek Classic 145 - Red vs Blue ( 8.78 MB / 6:18)

In this classic GameTek Geoff looks at how choosing a color may affect how you play.

Duration: 06:17

Episode: Podcast #42 – The Answer To Life And Possibly Skirmish ( 138.63 MB / 151:25)
FFG Article – Anchorhead Cantina FFG Article – 2017 World Championship Registration Boardwars.eu VASSAL Tournament talk VASSAL Tournament video coverage Jodocast – Planning for Victory Twintroopers – Regional List Preparation Nerd Paints – Rancor Rules clarification: 4 player map from Jabba’s Realm Rules clarification: 7 steps of attacking Download Episode #42 The podcast on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/boardwars.eu/id986252613 […]
Episode: It’s Our Turn! Episode #20: Mega Civ Review ( 124.74 MB / 119:54)

In this episode Cathy and Sarah talk about joining The Dice Tower Network; Cathy and Frank review Mega Civilization; and Cathy does not one, but TWO Interviews.

Podcast: All Us Geeks
Episode: Time To Get Our Clone On With Orphan Black – Episode 73 ( 21.32 MB / 45:54)
You’ve heard The Geeks talk bout watching Orphan Black. So what do they think of the game based on the show? Jeff and Jordan review Orphan Black: The Card Game. Don’t forget that The Geeks have started using Mixlr to live stream the main episodes! Follow them on Mixlr to … Read the rest
Podcast: Spiele-Podcast
Episode: Das Orakel von Delphi (Pegasus): Spiele-Podcast Nr. 322 ( 16.22 MB / 17:35)
Das Orakel von Delphi (Pegasus): Spiele-Podcast Nr. 322 - Michaela und Christian segeln los und erfüllen Aufgaben.
Episode: Who, What, Why? S16.E01 :: Magical University Voting Grind ( 31.99 MB / 55:55)

Trey Chambers, designer of Argent: The Consortium, joined the show to talk about his awesome worker placement game about becoming the head of a magical university. This game takes the worker placement genre and turns some of it upside-down. The game seems like it is inspired by Harry Potter, but actually came to Trey in a dream (listen to learn more). Trey talks about how he connected with Level 99 and what parts of the game were dreamlike and what parts were developed. Trey also talks about ideas he's floated for expansions, Harvest, and Empyreal.

If you like this game and want to learn more, please visit Level 99 for more information.

Background image (wand) from Lilit Kalachyan from nounproject.com

Episode: Team Play Review with the Game Boy Geek ( 7.96 MB / 4:15)

My review of this team-based card game. Draw cards, play cards, and pass cards to your teammate. It’s a light but fun card game in the board game world.

My Allegro (2-min) Review - https://youtu.be/6m5ScjbxpO0

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Episode: Podcast #53: Matt and Quinns go to the Past! ( 85.07 MB / 92:55)
Like the plot of every time-travel movie ever, Matt and Quinns have officially gone too far into the past and may never be the same again. In this unusually raunchy edition of the acclaimed SU&SD podcast the pair discuss/complain about some titans of the 80's and 90's- Space Hulk, Blood Bowl and Magic: The Gathering. Meanwhile, Paul offers much more sedate comments on Scythe and Santorini. Finally, the group discuss some folk games sent in by an anthropologist... which are played by monkeys. Join us for the critical analysis of Magic, but stick around for our description "Hair In Mouth Game". Have you played any games from your childhood recently? And were they rubbish?
Episode: 039 - Game Tips Hotline ( 54.76 MB / 59:49)
In this video games episode, Chris, Euan and Pawel manage to cram a whole load of stuff in, including chat about the recently-released For Honor, questionable government surveillance game Orwell, old school point-and-click adventure The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery, and updates on Resident Evil: Biohazard and Final Fantasy XV! Enjoy!
Episode: Kicking the Table #93 ( 65.43 MB / 105:09)
Kevin Devine and Jeremy Fridy talk about the new previews that showed up in February including a bunch of terrible Donald Trump games...
Episode: Ion Control LCG Episode 31 ( 52.38 MB / 66:39)

It’s the road to Star Wars Worlds 2017

I am joined once again by Tyler Parrot (Dav Flamrock) from The Shadow Archive Collective.

In this episode we get into the recent announcment for Worlds and Pre Sale for tickets for players who have won at a major recent tournament.

We also get into the new Alliance Cycle and how is Scum shaping up, with much much more!


Show Notes:

1:55 Guest Appearance

2:35 Show Outlook

3:25 Regional Talk 

5:00 Worlds chat

17:55 Alliance cycle

35:35 What is happening with scum?

47:20 Regional sucesses around the USA

54:20 Podcast/ game Shoutouts

Cardboard of the Rings - https://cardboardoftherings.com/

Mythos Busters - https://mythosbusterspodcast.wordpress.com/

Episode: Episode 43 – Arkham Horrors ( 47.13 MB / 58:48)
In this cooperative game special, the crew dares to venture into the nightmarish world of Arkham Horror and dives deep into the unknown to explore a kickstarter project that may just have you and your friends wondering where you put the dynamite. Steven’s creeping leads to an unexpectedly pleasant encounter at church, Seth puts his best foot (and apparel) forward ...
Episode: TGC: 078 Avonelle Wing From Double Exposure on Networking, Inclusion, and Shaping Behavior ( 64.85 MB / 80:57)

Getting people to take notice of your tabletop game is one of the toughest nuts to crack in the business.  Today we are joined by Avonelle Wing, the senior vice president of Double Exposure, to let give us advice about how to get more table time for our games.

On a personal note- This podcast episode is very special to me.  I love the opportunity to share what the gaming industry has to offer, but most times I'm focused primarily on what the guest has to offer you as the listener.

There are a few episodes that stand out to me where I learn something or share something personal on the show.  Episode 60,-where I talk with Jamey Stegmaier about using the 5 love languages in customer service, and Episode 26- where discover my guest actually helped me personally with my color-blind disability and didn't even know it, are both examples of this.

This episode is like those.  While Avie and I have a great discussion about how to get exposure for your tabletop game, we also explore how we are all shortsighted in our worldview and how that can affect others in our game designs.  I end up sharing some embarrassing details about my own design process and the awkwardness of working through that in a global marketplace.  

This further highlights the need for services to help expose our product to a wider audience before it is complete.    

Finally, we also discuss the transformative power of games in education, LARPing, and favorite convention picks :)  Its a long episode... but Ohhhh so good!  Enjoy.

Resources Discussed

Recommended Conventions

LARPing Resources


Podcast: All Us Geeks
Episode: XCOM Is Not Just A Video Game With Horrible Snipers – Episode 72 ( 33.27 MB / 72:00)

Jeff and Jordan step away from the video game, to see how the board game version does, when they review XCOM: The Board Game.

Don’t forget that The Geeks have started using Mixlr to live stream the main episodes! Follow them on Mixlr to be notified when they go live; … Read the rest

Podcast: The Long View
Episode: The Long View - Quick Looks #25 ( 102.88 MB / 45:12)
In this episode of The Long View, I'm happy to be joined by Elhannan Lloyd Keller as we investigate two new titles from Stronghold Games, Great Western Trail and Sola Fide: The Reformation. Are these titles worthy of your attention and collection? What makes them unique? Listen to hear our opinions in this new episode! Thanks to our sponsor, www.gamesurplus.com for their continued support of The Long View. If you are intrigued by any of these titles, please be sure to go to Gamesuplus to pick them up! If you enjoy the episode, please consider joining The Long View Guild for news of new shows, episode discussion threads and more!
Episode: Episode Five - Terraforming Mars, Solarius Mission, Key Harvest ( 39.45 MB / 43:04)
Efka introduces beavers to Mars which prompts a fastidious retreat called Solarius Mission. The key to understanding this is harvesting apples. To support us on the Golden Geek Awards, please follow this link: https://boardgamegeek.com/geekawards/boardgame
Podcast: 21 Game Salute
Episode: Life and Times of a Board Game - Episode 14 - 2017: Farlight ( 51.75 MB / 56:32)

Two men enter this podcast and only 1 leaves. Michael and Chris are back this week in time for Michael's farewell. Yes the charming Michael Fox is setting sail on new adventure.

Speaking of new. Black Orchestra is back for a new edition and Michael and Chris talk to Nick Sibicky about his new game Farlight. That's right the creator of King's Forge is coming out with a new title, leaving the world of fantasy and launching into SPAAAAAACE.

Thanks for listening!

Episode: D6G Ep 207: Tech Talk & Captain Con 2017 ( 174.38 MB / 188:04)
Raef "Hollywood" Granger is back in the third chair. Since it's been a while, Raef and Russ dive into some tech talk: video games, internet connectivity and more. It's all in there. Later Craig and Russ chat about Captain Con 2017.  How was the con and specifically how did our Konflict 47 event go?   All that plus:    - Total Fan Girl - Do You Ever Notice - App of the Ep (Might & Magic: Showdown) -  & More If you'd like to discuss the show with us and others in our forum thread: click here.   The following fine organizations help make this show possible:   www.Battlefoam.com www.geeknationtours.com      ==Quick Reference== App of the Ep: 1 hr 5 min Tech Talk: 1 hr 12 min Total Fan Girl: 2 hr 19 min Captain Con 2017:  2 hr 23 min    Links Discussed in the show: Craig's Blog: www.McNerdigansPub.com Russ's Blog: http://www.RussRant.com Total Fan Girl Blog: Link Dice Tower Network: Link                                        
Episode: Matching Art to Your Game - Ep. 51 ( 19.66 MB / 21:29)

How do you find the right artist for the style of game you're making? Commence discussion! Topics:

  • Finding artists to fit your target market.
  • Identifying market segments.
  • Examples of illustrations or graphic design not fitting the game.
  • Selecting images for the Star Trek Trading Card Game.
  • What should I look for when requesting quotes?
  • What kind of budget should I expect?


Episode: Fancy Interview Ep1 - w David Reed of Time Well Spent Games ( 52.87 MB / 64:46)

MHGG’s Fancy Interviews #1

This special episode has our hosts joined once again by David from Time Well Spent Games. This time, however, the questions are gonna be directed towards him as Zach and Adrian TRY and let someone else talk for once. Jeff, The Inquisitor, gets David to open up about how he got his board game online shop, the pros and cons of it already being established, and the ins and outs of this industry from a new retailer perspective.

00:00:30 Introducing the new Fancy Interview series: with David Reed of Time Well Spent Games

00:02:00 Pre-Interview Banter

  • 00:04:26 David' s gaming background

00:09:15 Question 1: What made you decide to buy a boardgame retail website?

  • 00:14:31 Struggles of physical location vs online store

00:17:29 Question 2: What were the challenges/benefits of buying and existing business?

00:24:40 Question 3: What is it like running a boardgame retail website?

00:29:34 Question 4: Competition in the boardgame industry is tough, how do you deal with that?

00:37:22 Question 5: How do you decide what to stock?

00:42:26 Question 6: How do you deal with all the various publishers/distributors?

  • 00:45:14 How much trouble do you have keeping hotness in stock?

00:49:58 Question 7: Have you looked into any specific niches?

  • 00:52:19 Do you carry accessories?

00:53:37 Question 8: Where do you want to take Time Well Spent?

00:57:53 Final Question: What are your plans for the 2017 convention season?

Episode: G2B Ep. 243: HD Retrovision ( 68.52 MB / 0:00)
​ Are your old console's crappy old video outputs bringing you down? Sick of color bleed, blurriness and noise ruining your gaming experience and you don't want to mod your precious console? Well, the folks at HD Retrovision have got the cable for you. No, this is not a monster cable gold-plated connector scam -- this is actual gaming science, and this week the Gutter Geeks have brought HD Retrovision to the Glorious G2B Towers (tm) to explain to you why and how it works.

 Check them out at https://www.hdretrovision.com/

Audio Only Version Below

Episode: #411: Ravnica Cards Part 3 ( 27.55 MB / 40:36)
This is the third part of a five-part series on the cards of original Ravnica.
Episode: #410: Ravnica Cards Part 2 ( 25.4 MB / 36:50)
This is the second part of a five-part series on the cards of original Ravnica.
Podcast: 7LandHand.com
Episode: 7LandHand Extra: Episode 87 – Thunderstone Quest ( 33.15 MB / 72:24)
John Zinser, CEO of AEG drops by to have a chat with Jaime about the forthcoming KickStarter campaign for Thunderstone Quest. It’s a great chance to listen to where AEG are taking their dungeon crawling deck-builder classic. …for a start, they’re taking it to KickStarter on the 21st Feb 2017. … Continue reading
Episode: Episode 17 - The Energy Empire Strikes Back ( 162.14 MB / 70:54)
Episode 17 - The Energy Empire Strikes Back! This week we're discussing our favourite games for couples, as well as reviewing Manhattan Projects Energy Empire! Let us know in the comments any good couples games we've missed out!
Episode: The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 153 ( 42.65 MB / 46:35)

It’s all fun and games until someone spirals into an existentialist nightmare, as the Dice Men dabble and debate on solo games, online games, video games, solo online video games, and the nightmare labyrinth of Onirim. Trent, Mark and Garth suck all the fun out of everything in this week’s show. Original air date: 09/02/2017 more »

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Podcast: Proxi-Jeux
Episode: [Termes’O’Fromages] Y comme Yams ( 23.73 MB / 25:55)
Dans cette chronique Perekastor et Flavien, discutent autour du micro des termes qu’on retrouve dans l’univers du jeu de société. Le jargon du jeu de société vous paraît obscur ? Le duo tente d’éclaircir une notion dans chaque épisode. Ce mois-ci, ils parlent d’un jeu en Y : ...
Episode: #160: Dominic Crapuchettes and North Star Games ( 16.49 MB / 35:11)
Dirk and David are joined by Dominic Crapuchettes of North Star Games to talk about their breakout hits and the process of creating mass market games. North Star Games is most well known for their widely-available games Wits and Wagers and Say Anything but also their educational Evolution series that is used by teachers across the country. Dominic shares what it’s like balancing creating games using a winning formula and branching out into something new. --------------------- Dirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer, www.CQGames.com, Dirk@Knemeyer.com David Heron - @DavidVHeron Dominic Crapuchettes - www.northstargames.com, dominic@northstargames.com --------------------- Episode Outline 0:00:30 - The beginnings of North Star Games 0:01:59 - Wits and Wagers and Say Anything 0:06:17 - Business partners 0:10:20 - Evolution: Climate 0:19:44 - Managing success and aspirations 0:22:29 - The Evolution series 0:30:48 - New and upcoming games
Podcast: Creators Cast
Episode: 99 - Writing - Michael Anderlee ( 41.97 MB / 44:14)

Hit indy author and Amazon rank climber Michael Anderlee joins the show to talk about how in under a year he managed to hit his goals by writing fast and sticking to a schedule. To learn more about Michael visit https://www.amazon.com/Michael-Anderle/e/B017J2WANQ/

Episode: TABCAST Episode 54: Pursuit of Happiness ( 0 MB / 108:11)
We look at games of the future, discuss why we include games in our life, and do a play through review of Pursuit of Happiness.
Episode: HEX Adventures #01 Part 4: The Journey Begins ( 45.74 MB / 66:37)
It has been a long journey for the adventures and after Perdita's shocking admission to Hamish, they definitely need to get some rest. But where are they? What awaits them at this unknown location? Music and Sound by Syrinscape. store.syrinscape.com/what-is-syrinscape/?att The app that putting sound into the hands of the gamers.
Podcast: I, Geek Podcast
Episode: Ep 051 – Real Time Board Games ( 41.82 MB / 45:34)

After a bit of a random hiatus we’re back with another board game episode for your listening enjoyment! This time we jump into a quick discussion of new expansions coming out for seemingly new games before ducking into a rather

The post Ep 051 – Real Time Board Games appeared first on I, Geek Podcast.

Podcast: CanHammer
Episode: CanHammer 98 - 40k, LVO 2017 ( 125.98 MB / 137:21)
In this episode of CanHammer, Chris is joined by Logan, Dan and Jeff.  We discuss news and rumours and go over our experience at the Las Vegas Open 2017.  After that we answer your questions!
Listen and as usual:


Email: canhammer.podcast@gmail.com
Twitter: @CanHammerChris   @CanHammerYT @CanHammerLogan
Itunes: CanHammer YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/canhammer Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/canhammer_yt/
Episode: GeekNights 20170216 - Lunch ( 0 MB / 0:00)

Tonight on GeekNights, it's Thursday, so we test out some livestreaming with a show about... lunch? Yes, about lunch. Literally. In the news, we did a show in 2010 called A Bunch of Dwarves, The Great Wall is probably awful, and someone got their Nintendo Switch early.

Keep an eye on Rym's Youtube and Scott's Youtube, and support GeekNights on Patreon! See us live at PAX East with Play (Dirty) to Win!


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