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Podcast: The SnakesCast
Episode: Board Game Apps, Part 2 - Companion apps, examples, and how they interact with games ( 19.17 MB / 20:56)
This week the SnakesCast is delighted to welcome guest Suzanne Sheldon to talk with us about board game apps in all their forms. Today, Wednesday May 24th 2017, the discussion turns to companion apps which either act as timers or scorers, or help to run the entire game from the app itself, and how these apps interact with the games they support. Find Suzanne online @425suzanne on Twitter.
Episode: EP 281 Preparing for a Protospiel with Ed Baraf ( 9.15 MB / 19:59)
Your Kickstarter board game needs to be playtested. There's no better place to play test than an Unpub or Protospiel. But you can't just show up, sit down and expect to be successful. You have to prepare yourself to attend, prepare yourself to know what you want to learn. With this proper preparation, you will find success. Ed Baraf of Pencil First Games shares key ingredients to successful preparation.
Podcast: Meeple Nation
Episode: MN 0165 Spiel des Jahres Nominees and News for May 2017 ( 39.79 MB / 49:41)
We start off this episode by bringing the news of the nine nominees for the three Spiel des Jahres awards and talk about two of the three of those that we played. We also talk news! Don't forget to support Counter Magazine at https://boardgamegeekstore.com
Episode: Lords of the Dungeon 4: Uncomfortable Situations ( 107.72 MB / 72:46)
Today Bender and Jess talk about their Masque of the Red Death Pirate campaign and Jamie continues to lament how jealous he is. Then the gang takes a question from a listener regarding homebrew vs established campaign settings. After we check back in on the Dark Times Star War campign, we dive into a heavy discussion about dealing with uncomfortable situations in your games.
Episode: The Manhattan Project and Hidden Movement Contests at The Game Crafter - Episode 124 ( 16.33 MB / 35:39)








James Mathe joins JT and Jeff to discuss his contest: The Manhattan Project Dice Game Challenge.


Jeff also discusses the Hidden Movement contest sponsored by All Us Geeks.


Don't forget to check out Jame's current Kickstarter for Manhattan Project 2: Minutes to Midnight at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/miniongames/manhattan-project-2-minutes-to-midnight-board-game


And of course, check out James' blog at http://www.jamesmathe.com/






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"Mechanolith" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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Episode: Eat Chit and Dice - Episode 9 - Top Games We Like with Mechanics We Don't ( 58.72 MB / 64:07)
Today we're talking about playing games with people who have jobs fixing cars.  Oh, wait, that's wrong.  Sometimes games can be really good but have a mechanic that otherwise we would hate.  That, I think, makes the game even more special.  We also totally didn't post any viceo content from Geekway. For what it's worth, Improved D Total looks pretty cool. http://www.gamescience.com/D-Total-Black-with-White-Numbers_p_171.html     Origins awards: http://www.originsawards.net/current-origins-awards-nominees/ Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/13415575/moa-a-martin-wallace-board-game-of-birds-and-mamma https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/931924857/frutti-di-mare-a-strategically-delicious-board-gam      
Episode: Three Moves Ahead 395: Jack Greene ( 60.95 MB / 65:24)
Dr. Bruce Geryk is back to host and talks to legendary game designer and author Jack Greene. Jack has contributed several seminal games over the years, such as Bismarck Second Edition, Iron Bottom Sound Third Edition, and Norway 1940. He tells Bruce about the old days of graphic design and publishing and lays down some practical knowledge about printing techniques.
Podcast: The Five By
Episode: Episode 9: Arcadia Quest, Pandemic: The Cure, Dungeon Petz, Ubongo, Brew Crafters: The Travel Card Game ( 38.37 MB / 0:00)
Hello and welcome to The Five By. Your bi-weekly dose of rapid-fire board game reviews. 00:00 Introduction 00:40 Ruth - Arcadia Quest 05:44 Stephanie - Pandemic: The Cure 11:03 Lindsay - Dungeon Petz 16:06 Mason - Ubongo 21:24 Mike - Brew Crafters: The Travel Card Game 25:57 Outro
Episode: 082 Mythos Tales, Ticket to Ride, Plato 3000 ( 38.96 MB / 29:38)
What's your worst customer service experience? Sean and Alan discuss shipping #NecroBOOMicon, pitch Mythos Tales and Mothership, and knight their first knave! Byron Morgan, an avid listener, becomes SIR Byron Morgan. Listen to the first ever Knave-to-Knight Story! Music attribution: Prince Igor by MIT Symphony Powerhouse by Raymond Scott Slenderman is Watching by Espanto Music Royal Entrance by Visager Kyle Preston: Broken Photosythesis
Episode: Wis, May 2017: Hobocon Preview ( 39.26 MB / 42:53)

This week's hosts: Mary, Sean and Stu

This week the party give a preview of the upcoming Hobocon, running from June 3rd to 4th in the Teachers Club, Dublin.

Show Notes:

  • 00:36 Hobocon
  • 00:46 CORRECTION! HoboCon runs from the 3rd to the **4th** of June in the Teachers Club (not the 5th as stated in the episode)
  • 01:56 You poor fools.
  • 02:12 RPGs
  • 02:18 Hobocon is known for "Recycling" RPGs from previous conventions, so a chance to play that game you missed!
  • 02:41 Pathfinder all weekend, link provided in like every previous episode ever.
  • 04:04 Sean providing you with well researched blurbage since eh, sometime last year maybe, I guess?? Damn it, *I* need to do more research.
  • 04:45 Paranoia as discussed previously can be played very straight and dark or very very slapstick whacky. Sometimes you might want to know what you are sitting down to play, then again sometimes its nice to be surprised.
  • 05:35 Finally the puppet strings are revealed!
  • 07:34 We here at the Adventuring Party are aware of Stu's uncharacteristic thoughtfulness and are currently getting him seen by the best vet in Dublin to ensure it does not indicate a deeper problem.
  • 07:58 CDO Shudder (CDO stands for Compulsive Disorder of Obsessiveness and is like OCD but in the correct alphabetical order)
  • 09:43 Thirty/Thirty  
  • 10:22 Mary disappointed Sean wont lie.
  • 10:46 I think at "Do Ponies ride Horses?" I became too disturbed and stopped listening, there will be no further show notes.

Shownotes resume:

  • 12:57 He's not going to listen, I'm editing and I'm barely listening.
  • 16:20 The poster everyone is talking about   
  • 17:10 Sorry Sean, thats a thumbs down from the future, my google foo has failed to find it!
  • 20:26 LARPS!!!
  • 21:47 Did we cover Micro Larping in our recent Larping series? Maybe not, that might be in Larping 301 - Advanced Concept in Larpology...
  • 29:15 Oh we are going to disagree on that one Mary, Moana is brilliant, Pain and Gain is great, The Mummy Returns is a great adventure and most of his filmography is just downright enjoyable fun.
  • 30:00 A movie I can't wait for it looks like a great laugh
  • 30:28 Other Stuff
  • 32:01 A Bakesale!!! You heard it here first folks (unless you didn't)
  • 40:14 Mary brings us down a dark and depressing road here Dice Vs Rent, a terrible choice to have to make.
  • 40:31 And suddenly this weeks podcast makes sense...
Episode: GeekNights 20170523 - TumbleSeed ( 0 MB / 0:00)

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the utterly unique TumbleSeed, a cross between a roguelike and Taito's Ice Cold Beer. In the news, the Race for the Galaxy app is ace, Blizzard really booched a major Hearthstone tournament, a cheating scandal in the world of speedrunning, Niantic shadowbanning Pokemon GO "cheaters," and two listener questions around rules to games.

Scott's Youtube
Rym's Youtube
GeekNights on Patreon

Episode: The Good The Board and The CON Artists: Episode 116 “Heavy Con Prep” ( 60.18 MB / 71:06)


Trent - Glux

Joe S.- The Duke

Andy- 1830 Old School


Episode 116 Heavy Con prep


Trent - AH 1830

Joe S.- Kemet

Andy- Meeple Source Indonesia Upgrade

Podcast: Low Player Count
Episode: Episode 47 - The Worst Things About Solo Gaming ( 92.87 MB / 67:10)

In Episode 47, the Low Player Count crew discusses the “worst” things about solo gaming, while also talking about Charterstone playtesting and convention season!

00:54 - Introductions and Cats
01:50 - End of School
03:40 - Charterstone Playtesting
08:57 - Travis Goes to Origins!
10:30 - Pikachu’s Butt
16:10 - Shawn’s a Barista?
18:45 - Donny Says Some Things He Might Regret
20:50 - boardgametables.com
21:30 - The Worst Things About Solitaire Gaming    
22:10 - Initial Thoughts
27:40 - Obtaining Games
34:55 - The Social Aspect
45:09 - Rules Issues
58:00 - The Spiraling End of the Episode
65:00 - End Bits

Check us out online here:

Twitter | Online | Email | BGG Guild | Slack | iTunes | Stitcher


Sponsored by BoardGameTables.com



Ray Gun - FasterFasterBrighter (Blue Dot Sessions) / CC BY-NC 4.0

Flattered (Blue Dot Sessions) / CC BY-NC 4.0

Episode: 2d4g 36: 2d4g in the Black Lodge (Twin Peaks Murder Mystery Game) ( 36.07 MB / 40:40)


Turns out somebody made a Twin Peaks board game back in the early 90s. Season 3 just started, and it's our duty to unearth this weird cultural artifact. But maybe we should've just left it in the box.

Travis, Nick, Paul, and Jaccob are now trapped in the Red Room. The game is a trap, perfectly crafted to be the worst board game we've ever played, and damning its players to an eternity in the Black Lodge. We'll see you in your dreams.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/toodumbforgames/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/2dumb4games
Episodes: http://directory.libsyn.com/shows/view/id/toodumbforgames

Episode: Work in Progress - CARCOSA - The Great Old Ones and the Slightly Inexpensive Pachyderm - Nigel Kennington - One Free Elephant ( 46.2 MB / 67:16)

Richard speaks to Nigel Kennington from One Free Elephant about their next game, Carcosa. A tile laying game based on rituals and Old Gods. 

Things are going really well for the first five minutes and then these two just wont stop mucking about. Especially Nigel’s insistence on mentioning a ceartain shelving unit which causes a whole pile of trouble.. 

Nigel was a great guest. Pleasemake sure you check out the kickstarter when it launches on the 30th, and make sure you direct all the difficult questions to Sarah. 

Links of Note




www.twitter.com/onefreeelephant < [...]

Episode: Photosynthesis Review with the Game Boy Geek ( 14.57 MB / 7:50)

My review of this abstracted board game where you’re trying to get light points by getting the sun. Then use those points to plant seeds, grow trees, and gain points.

Allegro (2-min) Review -https://youtu.be/0o47E-Kj3RU

The Game Boy Geek Produces Hi-Quality, Hi-Energy Board Games review with new content at least every other day.
Meet up on these Web & social media platforms:
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This video was shot on a Rathskellers Councilor table - https://www.rathskellers.com/

Episode: Episode 51 :: Mansions of Madness Review + Interview with Tony Gullotti of Arcane Wonders ( 232.56 MB / 169:01)

Recorded from War Room Studios in Albuquerque, NM : 5/23/17

This episode brought to you by Tasty Minstrel GamesBoardgameTables.com, Arcane Wonders and Meeple Realty - Josh and Brandon face off in a Hey Off™ after showing concern for Josh's wet, sweaty head. We announce that we have to do REALLY stupid things on cameras to pay off a bet that we made with our listeners (tutu's, whipped cream pies, and DOIN' A THING).  Brandon continues his epic efforts to wax poetic during discussion about current kickstarters Flow of History, Tradewars: Homeworld and Path of Light & Shadow.  The long awaited Mansions of Madness review is lengthy and covers every aspect of this HUGE title - check out what we think. We give away TONS of stuff in the conclusion of our Big Bad Celebration Giveaway from Episode 50 - Tune in to hear who wins STACKS of #boardgames. Then the show is wrapped up with a revealing interview with Tony Gullotti, Director of Sales for Arcane Wonders.

  Episode Timeline:

00:00:00 - This episode sponsored by Tasty Minstrel GamesBoardGameTables.com, Arcane WondersMeeple Realty

00:00:43 - Intro and Banter

00:12:32 - Meeple Realty will be at Origins with EXCITING new wares!

00:14:04 - Dead of Winter Promo Giveaway

00:17:15 - TNT - Then : War Room Redeaux - Star Wars Rebellion

00:30:00 - TNT - Now

00:49:37 - TNT - Tomorrow : Flow of History, Tradewars: Homeworld, Path of Light & Shadow

00:59:47 - BoardgameTables.com builds incredible gaming tables!

01:00:42 - Mansions of Madness Review : Flavor and Overview

01:18:05 - Mansions of Madness Review : Theme

01:25:40 - Mansions of Madness Review : Presentation

01:29:20 - Mansions of Madness Review : Game Play & Strategy

01:40:54 - Mansions of Madness Review : Final Thoughts

01:51:28 - Yokohama by Tasty Minstrel Games

01:54:35 - Big Bad Celebration Giveaway Drawing

02:08:16 - Feature Segment - Interview with Tony Gullotti of Arcane Wonders


Game Timestamps:

Bohnanza - 00:48:30
Collectors & Capers - 00:40:20
Concordia - 00:31:20
Flow of History - 00:49:55
Mansions of Madness Review - 01:00:42
Path of Light & Shadow - 00:55:22
Secret Hitler - 00:42:40
Star Wars: Rebellion - 00:19:00
Survive: Space Attack! - 00:35:35
Tradewars : Homeworld - 00:53:00
Tumblin Dice - 00:48:40
Yashima - 02:13:30
Yokohama - 01:51:28

Podcast: Going Last
Episode: Episode 202 ( 49.7 MB / 54:17)
Episode: ENGN Preview Series #4 - Tradewars - Homeworld: Exterra Edition w/ Joseph Pilkus ( 50.12 MB / 36:30)

Jason sits down to discuss the new campaign on Kickstarter for Outer Limit Games with developer, Joseph Pilkus. Titled Tradewars - Homeworld: Exterra Edition, the game promises a unique take on deck building and sci-fi exploration with solo support. 

Podcast: G*M*S Magazine
Episode: The RPG Interview Room - Jeff Richard from Chaosium ( 40.21 MB / 43:53)

Chaosium, a company that has been going on for longer than most, has brought some of the most emblematic and beloved franchises to the RPG world.

Glorantha, RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu… all of them prolific lines that have been supported by many thousands in many languages over many years.

And yet, the company has also gone through some very rough times in the last few years. So much so that a lot of people thought it would go under. However, it was rescued by a rather terrific group of people, one of them I had the pleasure of interviewing.

Jeff Richard is the Creative Director for the company and, being an accomplished game designer [...]

Episode: Why Game Design Is Important with Gabe Barrett ( 10.81 MB / 34:00)
Gabe Barrett, founder of the BGDL, discusses why this hobby of ours matters and why game design is much more than just a fun, little activity. He also shares some stories that relate to design and talks about where the BGDL is headed in the future.
Podcast: WADUB
Episode: Entrevista con Sherezade García de El Goblin ( 26.61 MB / 58:05)
Entrevista con Sherezade García de El Goblin Hoy traemos a Sherezade García encargada de una tienda tanto física como online de juegos de mesa, para traernos su punto de vista sobre los juegos de mesa y contarnos como funciona un negocio lúdico, con sus pros , sus contras y todo lo que le rodea. El punto de vista de un tendero que hace de mil funciones dentro de un negocio creemos es importante conocer, por eso esta entrevista y que ya tuvimos alguna en entrevistas pasadas y no será la última, así podréis conocer diferentes puntos de vista que se nos escapan a veces. El Goblin. Somos una tienda ubicada en Sopela, un pueblo de la costa de Bizkaia. Tenemos juegos de mesa de todo tipo, tanto para los más expertos, como para los que empiezan a interesarse por el mundillo Aparte de vender, en El Goblin también te enseñan a jugar. Disponen de juegos de mesa abiertos para que puedas ver una demostración del juego que te interese o incluso jugar una partida. Si queréis conocerla o saber más visitad su pagina web en El Goblin #juegosdemesa #jocsdetaula #boardgames #wadub #elgoblin #tienda
Episode: 71 - UK Games Expo 2017 Preview ( 56.24 MB / 61:33)
The UK Games Expo is back! We've had a blast there the last couple of years, so we share what we're going to be up to and what we're looking forward to. www.criticaltwits.com www.youtube.com/c/criticaltwits www.soundcloud.com/criticaltwits www.facebook.com/criticaltwits www.twitter.com/critical_twits
Episode: The Deep End : Episode 6 ( 115.63 MB / 130:46)

00:00 Intro

07:15 What We’ve Been Playing

Ryan - Neue Heimat / A Feast for Odin

Joe - Yokohama

Clay - Preorders

Ryan - Madeira

Joe - 1867

Clay - Concordia

Ryan - Reef Encounter

Joe - Lignum

Clay - Origins

48:20 - Geekout

Ryan - Origins

Joe - Panda

Clay - Biking

57:15 - Spotlight on : Spielworxx

01:25:56 - Quick Segment : Kickstarter

01:49:00 - Q&A

02:05:46 - Community Corkboard

Episode: News of the North - 2017-05-23 ( 16.06 MB / 23:23)

Hello geeks,

Welcome to the May 23rd, 2017 edition of News of the North. Here’s our weekly selection of interesting news items in the miniature wargaming world.

[Bombshell Miniatures] All Babes 3 KS available on the store
[White Tree Games] New Thugs for Afterglow: Thug 1 and Thug 2
[CMON] Dark Age May releases
[BrokenToad] Herne the Huntress
[Mr Lee’s Minis] Fisty McFisty Fist bust
[Figone] Skoh [...]

Podcast: JTR Podcast
Podcast: JTR Podcast
Episode: JTRPodcast 006 – Kickstarter Preview – Escape the Dark Castle ( 8.48 MB / 9:16)
This is a Kickstarter preview for a game from a designer based in Nottingham. We chat about his new game Escape the Dark Castle and it's upcoming Kickstarter. Continue reading →
Episode: TGT 040: Rulebooks ( 54.5 MB / 67:23)

This week we look at the rules.  Well rulebooks anyway.  What we like, dislike, and the various ways different publishers/designers approach writing rulebooks. Off Topic This is week two of our Mechs vs. Minions giveaway! We’re still working on finding out our Origins time, holding out hope that all works out.  GenCon is official and Friday … Continue reading TGT 040: Rulebooks →

The post TGT 040: Rulebooks appeared first on Tabletop Game Talk.

Episode: RDTN Episode 119: 13 Days – Cuban Missile Crisis and Pax Unplugged Interview ( 76.73 MB / 83:43)
Conventions are upon us and it is all being kicked off by International Table Top Day. We hope you had a good experience and played a few games on April […]    Related Stories 
Podcast: The Dice Tower
Episode: TDT # 506 - Escaping Rooms ( 34 MB / 37:09)

In this episode, we talk about the Hexbug games (Bugs in the Kitchen, BuggaLoop), Cat Box, Amun Re, and then all the different Escape Room games:  Escape the Room, Exit: the Game, Deckscape, Unlock!  We discuss the pros and cons of escape room games.  Enjoy!

Podcast: All Us Geeks
Episode: Sorting Through The Dresden Files – Episode 77 ( 33.55 MB / 72:37)

Jeff and Jordan decide to take a look at Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game.


General Opening Conversation [01:02]


Game Review [07:50]

The Dresden File Cooperative Card Game

BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/187273/dresden-files-cooperative-card-game


What We’re Watching [45:07]

Santa Clarita Diet

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Into The Badlands

The Walking Dead… Read the rest

Episode: Episode 18: Teach me to play! ( 63.36 MB / 46:04)
Episode 18: Teach me to play! Teach me to play: Are you turning people off to games before you even get to play? Learn what not to do and what you should be doing when you teach games. Games Discussed: Captain Sonar, Codenames: Pictures, Factory Fun, Ravage, Barker’s Row Interview: Ian Schofield with Ravage and Brian Henk with […]
Episode: Gaming with Coworkers ( 84.26 MB / 74:42)

In this episode Cathy and Sarah welcome Mandi Hutchinson, Tracy Thillman, and Stefane Labeau from To Die For Games to the show and they talk about gaming with coworkers and Jesse tells us about 13th Age.

Podcast: Knights of Ren
Episode: 224 - My Troops Will Storm This Block And Kill You All ( 0 MB / 48:40)
This week we are joined by our special guest Nick, the runner up at Worlds 2017. Rick is off to compete in his local Store Championship tournament so we sit down and recap Worlds one last time and then discuss the new Spirit of Rebellion meta. We get Nick's insight on newer decks in the format such as Poe/Maz and Palpatine lists, plus how to play them and how to play against them. We also have some fun and talk about underrated cards we find interesting and where those cards may fit into the evolving meta.Connect with us @Patreon:https://www.patreon.com/KORpodcastFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/knightsofrenpodcast/Twitter:https://twitter.com/KoRPodcastDiscord:discord.gg/bEAtcQZYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx0dn5sfXnxfO68XXtKRAswSevern Gaming Network:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0luZxz7FY833bpdC-qOOJwStarkiller Base:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFXNdZ8RUQ_QmcOIZwZNOKg
Podcast: Heavy Cardboard
Episode: Heavy Cardboard Episode 75 - The Colonists ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Edward and Amanda review the 2016 Golden Elephant Award Finalist The Colonists.  Did they LOVE it or...? 6:58 - The Colonists
Podcast: El Entreturno
Episode: 014 El Entreturno - Nico Fierro y Juegos Licenciados ( 0 MB / 129:07)

Capítulo 14 del Entreturno y recibimos a Nicolás Fierro, diseñador del juego de cartas collecionable "Human Kind". Además, una interesante discusión sobre los juegos licenciados.


[0:00:00] - Presentación

[0:00:42] - Introducción

[0:16:48] - Entrevista

[1:15:10] - Noticias

[1:30:25] - Tema de la semana

[1:54:05] - Recomendaciones

[2:08:04] - Cierre

Episode: Episode 153 – The Natural ( 43.91 MB / 63:57)
Daniel has a “Come to Jesus” meeting where he admits that he played Phase 10 and Uno and doesn’t like the Dark Souls Video game, and I talk about the games I somehow managed to squeeze into a very busy … Continue reading →
Podcast: Victory Point
Episode: Dungeon Fighter ( 35.44 MB / 33:30)
In this episode, Camy, Bianca, Misty, and Brittany review Dungeon Fighter, the part strategy, part beer pong board game. This is definitely one of the longer, louder and more fun episodes! Music during the flavor text from jsayles.com Intro and Outro music from Ute Cute
Episode: 051 - Gaming Buffet ( 53.7 MB / 58:39)
A veritable feast of video games is on offer in this week's episode, as we first go back a few years to talk about Borderlands 2 (as part of The Handsome Collection) and all its craziness. Next up is the latest PSVR release Farpoint, a sci-fi shooter using Sony's new Aim controller, and Euan launches into a SPOILER FILLED audio essay on his ongoing playthrough of Final Fantasy XV. Also on this week's show, Pawel talks about sci-fi city builder Anno 2205, while Chris gives a quick overview of his cowardly bathroom-hiding tactics in Battle Royale-esque PC shooter PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Enjoy! Borderlands 2 - 4:00 Farpoint - 19:30 Final Fantasy XV - 26:46 (Spoilers) Anno 2205 - 39:38 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - 50:27
Podcast: Meeple Maniacs
Episode: Meeple Maniacs #079 - Lançamentos Paper Games ( 45.94 MB / 80:15)
Conte conosco: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. No programa 79 do RadioCast, Jack Explicador e Lukita anunciarão SETE lançamentos da PaperGames em primeira mão! 
Os maníacos ainda comentarão o que jogaram nos últimos dias e as demais novidades e notícias do mercado de jogos e os financiamentos coletivos de destaque.
Este episódio do RadioCast é um oferecimento dos colaboradores do Meeple Maniacs. Visite www.padrim.com.br/meeplemaniacs e escolha seu plano de apoio.


Deterrence 2X62

Oferecimento de nossos padrinhos e madrinhas e 

Bravo Jogos http://www.bravojogos.com.br/ 
Tio Gêra Geek https://www.tiogera.com.br/ 
Bodogami http://www.bodogami.com.br/ 
Nerd Offline www.nerdoffline.com.br 
TudeNerd www.tudenerd.com.br 
Caixinha Boardgames https://www.caixinhaboardgames.com.br/ 
Caverna Jogos https://www.cavernajogos.com.br/ 
BG Quest https://bgquest.com.br/ 
Loja Lúdica https://lojaludica.com.br/
Loja do Nerd http://lojadonerd.com/ 


Pacote de lançamentos da PaperGames 

Suburbia + Suburbia Inc (expansão)
Fungi (Morels)
The Mannhatan Project: Chain Reaction (cardgame)

Nova editora, Flick Game Studio: Fields of Green http://www.flickgamestudio.com.br/fields_green.php 

Oceanos no Brasil pela Sherlock S. A. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/192860/oceanos 

Fase 2 do trade-in da Kronos Games https://www.facebook.com/kronosgames.br/photos/a.1194668947230070.1073741829.971938442836456/1533735956656699/?type=3&theater 


Clans of Caledonia https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/680649956/clans-of-caledonia-a-game-about-whisky-trade-and-g?ref=category 

Sailing Toward Osiris https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dailymagicgames/sailing-toward-osiris?ref=category_ending_soon 

Sentinels of Earth-Prime https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1780208966/sentinels-of-earth-prime 


Podcast: Victory Point
Episode: Fireteam Zero ( 33.8 MB / 32:00)
Camy, Joe, Misty, and Paul review Fireteam Zero, a cooperative WWII game with monsters!
Episode: Episode 20: The one all about CMON Expo ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Join us for our special 20th episode, all about CMON Expo!

The Godfather: Corleone's Empire (02:50)

Swag Bags (15:24)

Kronia (19:34)

Council of Four (29:10)

Massive Darkness (37:17)

Ethnos (45:45)

TL;DR Wrapup (1:00:49)

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Episode: Magic Maze Review with the Game Boy Geek ( 10.89 MB / 5:54)

My board game review of this 2017 Spiele Des Jahres nominee. It’s a cooperative real-time game where you can’t talk (for most of it). Use your actions when the time is right. If everyone is waiting for you, you’ll know by intent stares and a pawn in front of you. Can you get the items from the mall and escape in time?

Full Review - https://youtu.be/zkhnGWEmjX0

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This video was shot on a Rathskellers Councilor table - https://www.rathskellers.com/

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Podcast iT [...]

Episode: 48 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Restaurant Games ( 25.81 MB / 37:36)

Waiting around at a restaurant is so boring. What do you do to pass the time with your hungry children? Well, if you are The Family Gamers, you play games, of course! What is your favorite game to play in a restaurant? First, we announce a new winner of the BattleGoats giveaway, since Spencer Williams (marriedwithbg.com) gracefully declined. The new

The post 48 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Restaurant Games appeared first on The Family Gamers.

Episode: PSP #372: Where the Podcast Title is Super Long and Ridiculous Like Some Anime and Light Novels Because It's Not Like This is Annoying or Anything, Right? It's Not Like the World Will End Because of It, Right? We're Still Friends, Right? ( 0 MB / 0:00)

In today's ridiculously titled episode, Marc starts off talking about something you should know about dollar movie theaters, that is, at least according to reddit. After that, Marc jumps back into the pool of spring anime with previews of SukaSuka (WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?) and Seikaisuru Kado (KADO: The Right Answer), before ending with a preview of the Early Access brawler aptly titled, Brawlout. Anyway, cheers and enjoy the anime-zing(ly bad) show. | Support us on Patreon: patreon.com/PXS | Buy some art: pxsart.com

  • "YSK about Dollar Movie Theaters." [reddit]
  • SukaSuka (WorldEnd: What do you do at the end of the world?...) [MAL]
  • Seikaisuru Kado (KADO: The Right Answer) [MAL]
  • Brawlout [official site]
  • And more...


Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Whatever? Email the show: psp[at]pixelatedsausage[dot]com; leave a voicemail: 312.772.5874; or, best of all, chat with me on Twitter: @PXSausage

Episode: GSL 66: Staff Development Day ( 26.53 MB / 0:00)

On this episode of Games in Schools and Libraries Donald and Stephanie talk about using games and escape room activities at the Georgetown County Library System Staff Development Day.  https://goo.gl/photos/K3vDx4sJ5YoKjKMt9

We led off the day with Happy Salmon, then talked to Library Staff about how we would be using escape rooms over the summer.  After lunch we talked with them about drones and how our teen patrons would be building their own drones using Flybrix. 

  • (10:47:00) Code Names & Code Names Pictures
  • (14:57:00) Chemistry Fluxx, Math Fluxx, Nature Fluxx
  • (22:17:00) Card Lines animals, Dinosaurs
  • (27:18:00) Fauna Terra 
  • (31:57:00) Oceanus

Donald will be at the ALA 2017 summer annual in Chicago, you can meet him at:

  • ALA Precon
  • ALA Play 
  • Games & Gaming Round Table Booth

Games in Schools and Libraries is produced by Inverse Genius
Games in Schools and Libraries Guild at Board Game Geek
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Music by Ian Sovine

Podcast: Meeple Maniacs
Episode: Meeple Maniacs #078 - Notícias e Lançamentos ( 42.37 MB / 74:00)
No programa 78, Jack Explicador e Lukita comentarão o que jogaram nos últimos dias e as novidades e notícias do mercado de jogos com muitas expansões vindo (Rebellion, Five Tribes, Imperial Assault, Dead of Winter) e mais jogos baseados em filmes dos anos 80 (Rambo, Enigma do Outro Mundo). Em financiamento coletivo, uma olhada em Brass, Hannibal & Hamilcar, Dead Man’s Doubloons e BIOS: Genesis. Encerrando o programa, o sorteio para as madrinhas e padrinhos do canal de três unidades de Port Royal, oferecidas pela PaperGames.

Este episódio do RadioCast é um oferecimento dos colaboradores do Meeple Maniacs. Visite www.padrim.com.br/meeplemaniacs e escolha seu plano de apoio.

Port Royal 
Mr. Jack

Anime Saga

Oferecimento de nossos padrinhos e madrinhas.

Bravo Jogos http://www.bravojogos.com.br/ 
Tio Gêra Geek https://www.tiogera.com.br/ 
Bodogami http://www.bodogami.com.br/ 
Nerd Offline www.nerdoffline.com.br 
TudeNerd www.tudenerd.com.br 
Caixinha Boardgames https://www.caixinhaboardgames.com.br/ 
Caverna Jogos https://www.cavernajogos.com.br/ 
BG Quest https://bgquest.com.br/ 
Loja Lúdica https://lojaludica.com.br/
Loja do Nerd http://lojadonerd.com/ 


Expansão para Rebellion https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/5/5/rise-of-the-empire/ 

Expansão para Imperial Assault e novos personagens

Expansão para Five Tribes http://blog.daysofwonder.com/2017/05/05/whims-of-the-sultan-a-new-expansion-for-five-tribes/ 

Expansão para Dead of Winter http://www.dicetowernews.com/plaidhat-games-announces-dead-of-winter-expansion-warring-colonies/44461 

Jogo do Rambo https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-imperial-assault/ 

Jogo de Enigma do Outro Mundo https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/226634/thing-infection-outpost-31 

Trade-in de Spartacus da Kronos Games https://www.facebook.com/kronosgames.br/posts/1526041050759523:0 

Nova meta do Padrim desbloqueada https://www.padrim.com.br/meeplemaniacs 

Teve trapaceiro no mundial de X-Wing

Lançamento Gold West pela Kronos https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/154086/gold-west

Nomeados para prêmio da Dice Tower http://www.dicetowernews.com/nominees-for-dice-tower-awards-have-been-announced/44539



BIOS: Genesis https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/684398802/bios-genesis-2nd-edition-begin-evolve-conquer?ref=BoardGameQuest 

Dead Man’s Doubloons https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gonab/dead-mans-doubloons?ref=BoardGameQuest 

Hannibal e Hamilcar https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/phalanxgames/hannibal-and-hamilcar?ref=BoardGameQuest

Brass https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/roxley/brass-an-industrial-revolution?ref=BoardGameQuest 


Podcast: On Board Games
Episode: OBG 247: A Fun Time Was Had by All ( 58.9 MB / 64:21)
In this episode, Erik and Bruce talk with Chris Barter, Professor Laserbooks from Flip the Table, about the games they've played lately, including:
  • Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea
  • World's Fair 1893
  • Epic Spell Wars: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre
  • Quixx


    (22:16) After that, the three talk about bringing your own fun to a game.  
  This episode was sponsored by the Grand Gamers Guild and their upcoming games Unreal Estate and Stroop.   On Board Games listeners can enter a contest to win Stroop and an Unreal Estate jigsaw puzzle by visiting https://grandgamersguild.com/obg/   Inverse Genius: http://www.inversegenius.com/

Parts of this episode were edited by Greuven Reuven, thanks GR!

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Episode: Crippled System Episode 199: The Incredible Alien Covenant ( 65.92 MB / 96:00)
Intros Announcements Alien Movies Alien Covenant Feast of Odin Zappity Grumble Incredibles Doctor Prank? (NSFW) Recommendations Hosts: Andy W, Nathan H, Brian G, Jeremy S, Katie S Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Follow @CrippledSystem
Episode: DoxCast #170: Designing Men ( 21.33 MB / 46:23)
We love to talk about how board games come into being and we’ve done it a few times with some local folks. But this one is special as our very own Paul Tebben and Josh Trumbo take the guest chairs to take us through the process from concept to design to publishing. Find out all […]
Podcast: Dukes of Dice
Episode: Dukes of Dice - Ep. 144 - Call Me Meiji ( 84.9 MB / 92:14)

This episode the Dukes ... 

... Discuss recent plays of Skull King, Honshu, The Banishing, Race For The Galaxy App, Star Wars Destiny - Spirit of Rebellion and Shahrazad (4:32);

... Discuss the latest gaming news including the announcement of the Star Wars Rebellion expansion Rise of the Empire, the announcement of the nominations for the 2017 Origins Award and the Kickstarter for the Card City XL (22:54);

...Review Yokohama from Tasty Minstrel Games (32:23); and

... Discuss importing board games (1:15:47).


Please be sure to support the Dukes on their Patreon campaign page!


Twitter: @dukesofdice
Facebook: /dukesofdice
Dukes of Dice YouTube Channel
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