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Episode: Podcast EP45 – Suggestions de cadeaux de Noël ( 158.85 MB / 0:00)
Noël arrive très rapidement et si vous n'avez pas encore décidé quoi demander à Noël ou quoi offrir en cadeau! Eh bien j'ai préparé une tonne de suggestions pour tous les goûts. Je fais également un retour sur mes dernières expériences de jeux et mes derniers achats. On conclut l'épisode avec un retour sur les ...lire la suite →
Podcast: Board Game Bros
Episode: 58: Roll Player ( 59.3 MB / 64:42)
This week the Board Game Bros discuss the character-creation board game Roll Player. Learn how this game accurately draws from the experience of creating a character for an RPG (sometimes to a fault) and why you should always tank charisma.
Episode: The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 242 ( 48.03 MB / 52:28)

The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 242 Dead of winter?!?! Summoner Wars?!!? Mice and Mystics!??? Stuffed Fables?!?? Seafall… do these sound interesting (maybe not Seafall)? Would you like to know more?Well Diceman Mark interviews the man involved in all of these, Colby Dauch from Plaid Hat games. We then wrap up this episode with some more »

The post The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 242 appeared first on The Dice Men Cometh.

Episode: Top 5 Puzzly Games (w/The Board Boys Podcast) ( 0 MB / 71:58)

Hope you're excited to talk with The Board Boys! Josh, Cam, and Frank join us today from The Board Boys Podcast, another excellent show with a great sense of humor. They join us to share their Top 5 puzzly games. What does this mean?  Come on in and give us a listen, and go check out the Board Boys on their podcast, on Twitter, or on Facebook!

Episode: Episode 227 Wishlist Wednesday (On Saturday): Pathwise - A dynamic maze-building game ( 86.68 MB / 47:37)
Episode: Pirates CSG Podcast #36 - News, Recent Rulings, How to Use Synergistic Pieces, and Norvegia ( 0 MB / 32:29)

Question of the Day: How do you use pieces synergistically? (combos/etc)



-HWG out of DJC SE 4 box lot for $20 (Hill’s Wholesale Gaming:

-New posts up at Pirates with Ben - comments on posts/pages will help the site with rankings/etc.

-Submit your 2018 Pirates CSG Hall of Fame ballot!

-Set Reviews now officially done, so we’ve literally discussed ALL existing game pieces PLUS nearly all the Unreleased game pieces that are publicly known (covers various “game piece reviews” mentioned in suggestions, plus you can see additional thoughts on most game pieces in my Collection Review Series:

-Nobody has requested custom game piece reviews, and one person even said they wanted less, so might do less of that moving forward.  Link to Podcast survey is below - please provide idea suggestions!


Recent Rulings:


How to use synergistic pieces: +1 to cargo on flotillas - devastating combos available

Norvegia -

Norvegia vs. Altar of the Loa at 40 points:


Strategy talk: who to annoy or help in various situations you don’t expect - should you help or hurt certain opponents at various times? Especially in multiplayer.  Examples include Pandora’s Box, Message in a Bottle with tied islands, Maps of Hades, etc. (with Maps - could go back and forth to toy with opponent)


Take the podcast survey!


Pirates packs on eBay:


Sign the Petition!

Join the Forum at Pirates with Ben!

Episode: Episode 53 – 365 Unpainted Minis ( 44.68 MB / 40:00)

Hey there Flipsters! In this episode we hang out with Chip Beauvais and talk about tweeting, gaming, and how the he has successfully joined the two in not ONE, not TWO, but HOW MANY accounts you might ask? Well, take a listen and find out! Plus, I announce the winner of the 3D Cities for …

Continue reading "Episode 53 – 365 Unpainted Minis"

The post Episode 53 – 365 Unpainted Minis appeared first on Flip Floreys Super Saturday Board Game Serial!.

Podcast: Staying In
Episode: Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Mass Effect: Andromeda, and Dragonmeet - Staying In Episode 69 ( 52.08 MB / 56:53)

00:10 - Saint Nicholas Day (hooray!) and Dan's Deep Clean Dentistry (boo).
09:26 - Another cause for celebration is that Peter has finally completed Mass Effect: Andromeda.
20:58 - Kris thinks Spyro Reignited Trilogy is some pretty hot stuff.
31:27 - Fallout 76's nylon bag sure is something.
36:17 - Dragonmeet 2018 was a tabletop RPG fan's dream convention.
47:33 - The ever-so lovely Neil Bailey asks "what is the best Christmas film?". Thanks Neil!

All that, and a very Gnasty Gnorc, with Dan (@ThisDanFrost), Kris (@DigitalStrider), and Peter (@XeroXeroXero).

For links to topics covered -
Find us on Twitter - @StayingInPod
Find us on Facebook - @StayingInPodcast
Find us on Steam -
Find us on BoardGameGeek -

Episode: RTT Episode #43 ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Rahdo Rants Through!


•••[00:3:00] Gaming Q&A►►►
Kids! King Vlaada! Earlier Essen preview? Teotihuacan inspiration? BGG game description critique? How much dice is too much dice? Street Masters & Solomon Kane? Why isn't Escape too light? Dream home variant! BGG meets Boxofficemojo? Robin Hood and the Merry Men? Player aids? Separate solo rules? Reprints too deluxified? Designers phoning it in? Re-seeking gone games? Tainted Grail deets? Groundhog gaming? Crazy rahdo days? Jen feels the pressure? Santa Maria's theme? Game publisher vision? Boardgame pessimism? Series boardgame rules?

•••[01:17:50] Personal Q&A►►►
Studio Ghibli? Immigration rant alienating audience? Syphonfilter PS1 Classic? Family blacksheep? Fave dog breeds? Jen's fave cocktails? Jen's words of wisdom!

•••Help Rahdo run @
•••Direct MP3 link:
•••Send your questions to
Podcast: Malthaus Games
Episode: Ep.29 Cryptid, Process of Elimination, and Our Favorite Cryptid ( 45.39 MB / 33:05)
Episode 29 is here! We talk about Cryptid, one of our favorite new games to release, and tell you why it's so darn good. Then we go into a topic about why games with a process of elimination are so rewarding and fun to play. Finally we answer the simple question, what is our favorite cryptid? Game Talk: 11:35 Top Shelf Topic: 21:44 Pint Sized Question: 28:34 Game Mentions: Clue, Love Letter, Sudoku, That's Not Lemonade, Altiplano, Strike Support: If you would like to help us improve our product, here's where you can do that! Sound Attributions: Something Elated by Broke For Free, Downloaded from Edits: Cut to length and Faded in. Heavy Happy With Drums by Ryan Cullinane, Downloaded from Cullinane/Heavy Happy With Drums – Beat Driven Productions – Heavy Happy With Drums Edits: Cut to length and faded out. Crowd in a bar (LCR recording) by Leandros.Ntounis, downloaded from Edits: Cut to length, added vocals and own recorded drink making sounds. Vinyl_record_needle_static_01.wav by joedeshon, downloaded from Edits: Cut to length, added to music and raised volume level. Hidden Wall Opening by ertfelda, downloaded from Edits: Adjust volume and cut to length added jungle sound and voice. Yucatan jungle.mp3 by folkart films, downloaded from Edits: Adjust volume, cut to length, added door sound and voice. Footsteps, Concretem A.wav by InspectorJ, downloaded from Edits: Cut to length, adjusted volume, added jungle sounds and voice. Fantasy Sounds Effects Library, Ambience_Cave_00.wav by LittleRobotSoundFactory, downloaded from Edits: Cut to length, faded in, adjusted volume and added footsteps, jungle sounds, stone door, and voice. Game Show Theme Tune by FoolBoyMedia, downloaded from Edits: Cut to length, added vocals, adjusted volume. Audience, Theatre Applause.wav by makosan, downloaded from Edits: Added music, added voice, cut to length and adjusted volume.
Episode: Episode 33 - The ATBCON Recap ( 123.39 MB / 114:03)

This episode is brought to you by the mad scientists at Five24 Labs creators of Mint Works and now Mint Delivery

Episode 33 while full of Convention recap is Hilarious as well as game content heavy! Listen in and laugh with the Board Members as they tell story after story, game after game, and highlight after highlight!

The future looks bright for many more ATBCONS and we need you the listeners to make it happen!


Episode Timeline:

00:00 - Opening Banter

05:15 - Breaking News

07:33 - Banter continued

33:30 - #Nogameleftbehind BGOTM Conclusion

44:45 - ATBCON Recap

Podcast: CanHammer
Episode: CanHammer 145 - 40k, LVO Meta predictions and Christmas top 3 ( 67.84 MB / 71:41)

In this episode of CanHammer, Darren is joined by Colin and Mitch.  The talk about LVO 2019 meta predictions.

Listen and as usual:


Twitter: @CanHammerChris @CanHammerYT
Itunes: CanHammer

Podcast: Context Free
Episode: Episode 23: Don't Check Your Phone...Unless You Want Your Face Eaten ( 32.17 MB / 70:15)
On the tabletop: Keyforge, Cribbage, Battle Lore, and Escape from the Aliens in Outerspace. On the Console: Red Dead Redemption 2 On the web : Alias 'The Magpie' and Bogeyman Our Theme Music is Chocolate and Cocaine by Lorenzo’s Music. Find out more at Our new logo was designed by Andrew Figel. See him spin at Vinyl Nights in the Denver Area and check out his instagram feed at
Episode: #203 TL Simons - Bloc by Bloc ( 13.95 MB / 30:19)

David and Dirk chat with TL Simons of Out of Order Games. They discuss the creation of the game Bloc by Bloc, it's connection to social issues as well as the differences between the first and second editions.

Podcast: Würfelwerfer
Episode: Der Große Wurf #34 - Traditionelles Adventswichteln ( 70.72 MB / 102:44)
Schöne Adventszeit, liebe Hörer. Wir Würfelwerfer haben uns wieder bewichtelt und spielen für euch die ausgepackten Geschenke. Macht euch einen Weihnachtstee, packt die Lebkuchen aus und lauscht diesen Wichtelklängen. Frohe Feiertage & einen guten Rutsch
Episode: Jul i Den Gamle Papstinenser Podcast ( 45.97 MB / 33:21)
Så står julen 2018 for døren og Papstinenser ønsker sig hårde, firkantede pakker under juletræet – både store og små. Med udgangspunkt i Papskubbers udførlige juleguide, snakker Kristian, Peter og Morten om, hvilke spil podcast-holdet kan anbefale indenfor kategorier som voksen-, familie- og nørdspil. Derudover runder vi også, præcis hvor godt er det nye KeyForge og hvad er den ideelle mandelgave? Se alle Papskubbers julegaveguides her Børnespil Voksenspil Selskabs- og quizspil Familiespil Nørdspil Mandelgave Er du glad for Papstinenser… Så husk, at du kan støtte Papstinenser på, med en 10er eller et andet beløb, for hver ny episode. Ingen penge går til julegaver, men alene til at gøre podcasten bedre og udbrede budskabet om brætspilshobbyen.
Episode: The TMG Podcast - Circus Strongman Rob Oren joins me to talk 2018 gaming in review - Episode 075 ( 94.34 MB / 41:13)

Rob Oren is one of the nicest guys in the hobby, and he has a fabulous channel called Rob's Tabletop World. He is also a cranky old man like me, and we talk about the 2018 year in boardgames and look forward to the future!

Podcast: The Curators
Podcast: The Curators
Episode: Around the World in 3 Games (the Curators) ( 6.36 MB / 18:29)
In which we take a look at YOZ from Kozz, The Noticeboard from Jason Watson, and Stonehenge and the Sun from itten. Our curated page is We’re also on YouTube! Related Links: YOZ The Noticeboard Stonehenge and the Sun The … Continue reading →
Episode: PSP #563: Earth Defense Force 5, Divinity: Original Sin 2, More Attack on Titan ( 0 MB / 0:00)

On today's show, Marc talks about Earth Defense Force 5, Divinity: Original Sin 2, and some of the games their planning to play for Attack the Backlog in the near future. In addition to all that, they talk about more Attack on Titan nonsense since their almost all caught up with the series. Anyway, something-something buggy and swept under the ruggy, cheers and enjoy the anime-zing(ly riotous) show. | | Support us on Patreon: | Buy some art:

The Talking Points: Earth Defense Force 5, Earth Defense Force 2017, Earth Defense Force 2025, Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Attack on Titan


Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Whatever? Email the show: psp[at]pixelatedsausage[dot]com; leave a voicemail: 312.772.5874; or, best of all, chat with me on Twitter: @PXSausage

Episode: Episode 14 – Top 10 Games (2018 Edition) ( 200.95 MB / 146:20)
Hello, and welcome to the Pub Meeple Podcast! Join us as we talk about our personal top 10 games for 2018. We value your time so check out the show notes on our site so you can jump straight to games you want to hear us discuss. Or just listen through. Either way is fine with us. Source: Pub Meeple
Episode: #41 - Dirk Knemeyer ( 30.75 MB / 38:24)

Today I chat with Dirk Knemeyer co-host of The Game Design Roundtable Podcast. We chat about:

  • Making historical games
  • The challenges of marketing yourself & your games
  • And who is better: Tesla or Edison?


Episode: [BONUS] Dan & Connie Kazmaier on In-Game Economy Systems ( 8.96 MB / 12:15)
Podcast: The White Book
Episode: The White Book S10E4– 361 ( 64.03 MB / 120:30)
This week Will, Aaron, and Scott review the second half of the Kings of the Isles box - the non-Greyjoy cards! Music by Spinozar. Consider supporting us on Patreon. It keeps the show running and we like to turn it back into cool stuff for the community.
Episode: Episode 117 - Should I Buy It, Pt. 3: Chronicles of Crime, and Beyond the Hotness Gift Guide ( 45.63 MB / 41:09)

Thebrandt from the Portal Gaming Podcast rejoins the show to help us with the last of our "Should I Buy It?" series of deep dive, thorough reviews. We get into Chronicles of Crime, the new app-integrated case solving game from Lucky Duck Games. Brandt loves Detective from Portal Games, so we get into a comparison between the two, looking at what each of them offers in terms of complexity and fun factor.

To wrap up this quasi-holiday themed series of episodes, Jason presents five games to get for yourself and/ or others which are "beyond the hotness" (28:00). These are games which were NOT released in 2018 (plenty of lists do that), but which are continuing to be supported by the publisher and which might be worthy additions to any game collection.

Episode: Ep 107: Tyler Schulz (PATM & Dreadpathzone) ( 44.29 MB / 64:26)
This week I talk to Tyler Schulz. Tyler has been moonlighting recently on the PATM site giving us content from the walking dead. It was great to get to know Tyler a little more, his history, his insight, and also the things in the hobby he has enjoyed since he started doing it. Many thanks to Tyler for coming onto the show I hope you all enjoy it
Episode: Bitter och Tysk - Avsnitt 28 (Julspecial) ( 41.62 MB / 28:16)

Farbröderna Hansson och Freudenthal diskuterar jul och chanukka, är lyriska över gamla godingar och är besvikna på en tysk.

I avsnittet nämns:
Candle Quest
Arkham Horror
Zombicide Black Plague
Sidereal Confluence
Pursuit of Glory
Big Shot
Super Motherload
Piepmatz/Little Songbirds
Above & Below
Near and Far
Empires of the Void II
Klondike Rush
Eight Minute Empire
City of Iron
Consulting Detective

Episode: MHGG Review - Arkham Horror 3rd Edition ( 69.22 MB / 89:43)

Wes is back to help our hosts review the newest in the Arkham Files collection from Fantasy Flight, Arkham Horror 3rd edition. Does this revamp add something new to its long legacy and make it a worthy successor to the name, Arkham? Find out inside!

  • 00:01:23 - Arkham Horror 3rd edition!
  • 00:02:03 - Rules Breakdown
  • 00:03:15 - Intial Impressions
  • 00:07:43 - Art and Components
  • 00:20:52 - Rules and Rules Explaination
  • 00:27:44 - Gameplay
  • 01:02:48 - Final Thoughts
  • 01:19:40 - Listener Feedback!

Slack Channel



Episode: Limited Resources 470 - Unlimited Resources (?) with Ben Stark ( 34.53 MB / 75:23)

This week on Limited Resources Luis takes the reins as the host and invites MTG Hall of Famer Ben Stark back on the show to talk Drafting the Hard Way as well as to answer listener questions!

Ben's Twitter: 

Limited Resources is proudly sponsored by

You can support Limited Resources on the LR Patreon page here: LR Patreon Page

Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

Marshall’s Twitter:

Luis’s Twitter:


LR Community Subreddit:

Contact Marshall_LR on Magic Online if you’d like to join the Limited Resources clan.

Podcast: Game State
Episode: Game State: Episode 17 ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Welcome to Game State episode #17! Game State is the quintessential podcast for all things tabletop featuring lifelong enthusiast and industry insiders. In this episode, the hosts discuss holiday gift ideas. They break down the gift guide into three different segments: 2-player Family Enthusiasts Game(s) Reviewed: Key Forge
Podcast: Proxi-Jeux
Episode: N°102 – L’heure du jeu ( 184.73 MB / 201:46)
Dans l’épisode 97 nous recevions Nils Beranger et Patrice Leser, gérants des bar ludiques Le Nid et la Revanche à Paris et nous vous avions promis de rencontrer d’autres tenanciers : nous recevons donc aujourd’hui Xavier Berret, fondateur et gérant du bar ludique L’heure du jeu à R...
Episode: Episode 47: Top Ten Games of 2018 Part 1 or Dinosaur Watch Has Now Ended...On To Gugong! ( 52.73 MB / 49:36)

Episode 47 - Games of 2018 Top 10 Part 1



  • On Pointe: The Ballet Board Game by Richard MacRae.  Moving thru life as a ballet dancer from rehearsal to performance. This is a set collection style game with special player powers.  24 days left.
  • Chai from Dan and Connie Kazmaier. 23 days to go.
  • Lisboa just became #790, and #566 for The Gallerist…. According to Dinesh Vatvani.



Pandemic Legacy: Season 1






7 Wonders Duel












Ticket to Ride: 10th Anniversary



Mechs vs. Minions






Mansions of Madness: Second Edition

Spot It and 5 minute dungeon, both gained over 500 spots…. Very very good games.

Games played

  • Jason - Super Motherload
  • Joel - Dino Island

2018 Top 10 Part 1

Jason:  10 - Everdell
Joel: 10 Villainous
Jason:  9 - Gearworks
Joel: 9 Guardians
Jason:  8 - Spirits of the Wild
Joel: 8 Temporal Odyssey
Jason:  7 - Spell Smashers
Joel: 7 Gizmos
Jason:  6 - Legend of the Cherry Tree
Joel: 6 Western Legends


Podcast: Solosaurus
Episode: Episode #21 - Architects of the West Kingdom ( 52.46 MB / 47:06)
Welcome to Solosaurus, a podcast about one player board and card games. In this episode, Carter and Brandon discuss the latest solo news and take a look at the hot new Euro from Garphill Games: Architects of the West Kingdom! How does it hold up as a solo experience? Find out in our review!   To see more from Solosaurus, like us on Facebook at (, follow us on Instagram (@solosauruspodcast), or shoot as an email at   
Episode: Episode 212: Rule #1: Always Play the Germans ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Holiday greetings listeners. We hope this yuletide season finds you all cheery and staying warm by the fire. What better time than this to have a cup of hot coco and have a listen to the one and only podcast dedicated nearly 100%  to the greatest game in the world....Advanced Squad Leader.  In this episode Dave compiles a set of recordings he had hanging around on his computer, including a look
Episode: Ep. 505 - Star Fleet Universe On Call ( 49.22 MB / 0:00)
Gift Ideas for the gamer in your life.
Episode: Kicking the Table #128 ( 80.49 MB / 131:34)
Kevin Devine and Jeremy Fridy
Podcast: Bretterwisser
Episode: BWS070 – Interviewreihe: Asmodee Deutschland ( 104.2 MB / 130:00)
2 Stunden Interview mit Carol Rapp von Asmodee Deutschland
Podcast: Harold on Games
Episode: SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT ( 1.99 MB / 2:40)
Harold on Games first pod cast dropped in March of this year. Since then we have interviewed notable designers including: Volko Ruhnke Mark Herman Martin Wallace Ananda Gupta Uwe Eickert Brian Train Cole Wehrle and others The response has been fantastic. As a matter of fact we have just exceeded 20,000 downloads! In celebration of the reaching the 20,000 download benchmark, I am going to run a promotion. In cooperation with RBM Studio, we are giving away 2 copies of the just released C3i Magazine Number 32. This awesome gaming magazine includes two complete games from Mark Herman and Frederic Bey and lots of great gaming interviews and articles. Rodger MacGowan has exceeded expectations again! To enter, reply to my Twitter or Instagram message on this topic & tag a friend who loves game podcasts. For another chance to win, post a review on iTunes for Harold on Games. Send me an email so I can identify your funky iTunes ID. In the coming months, I will randomly select one winner from social media and one winner from iTunes. Rodger MacGowan and RBM Studios will send you a complete copy of the latest C3i Magazine, Number 32 in all its glory Lots of great content to come with Harold on Games including a discussion with Gene Billingsley, Boss at GMT Games and games industry veteran. Hear from the man that picked Twilight Struggle and the COIN Series to be hits before we had ever heard of them. I also talk to Morgan Guoyone-Rety about changes in her life and her process in designing her masterwork Pendragon with the development help of the Volko. An interview with Rodger MacGowan, and of course more from Mark Herman. Stay tuned for a big 2019 and stay involved for a shot at the latest C3i Magazine courtesy of RBM Studios and the icon himself, Rodger MacGowan.
Episode: Aspettando Radio Goblin - Splotter Spellen ( 25.62 MB / 30:07)

Le voci dei playtest dell'espansione di FCM hanno incuriosito la redazione.

Abbiamo quindi deciso di contattare il duo di autori dietro il marchio Splotter Spellen, Jeroen Doumen e Joris Wiersinga, per un'intervista in perfetto stile "Radio Goblin".

Conducono Salvatore "sava73" e Marco "Agzaroth".

Regia Cristiano "Elianto".

Podcast: Bretterburg
Episode: BB21 – Küche grüßt Keller ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Die Messen des Jahres sind für uns rum und wir wollten euch ein wenig über die von uns gespielten Spiele der Messen im Oktober und November erzählen.
Podcast: D6packpodcast
Episode: D6Pack- Episode 41 "December 2018 Sampler" ( 20.79 MB / 15:08)
I don't really know... I'm not in this one, but listen to it anyway.
Episode: Episode 113 - How to Protospiel ( 55.43 MB / 40:21)
We talk about our plans for upcoming Protospiel Madison 2018, and how to approach protospiel to get the maximum returns.
Episode: Lincoln- A 5G4D Review ( 6.1 MB / 4:36)

Ben surveys the aftermath of his plays of Lincoln.

Podcast: Días de Juego
Episode: DdJ Extra 013. Los juegos de Game On 2018 ( 64.94 MB / 0:00)
Hola a todos. Si os gusta Días de Juego, apoyadnos en Patreon. Pincha aquí para descargar el programa. CONTENIDO DEL PROGRAMA DdJ Extra 013, 13 de Diciembre de 2018 Recientemente ha tenido lugar Game On 2018, el evento en el que el grupo Asmodee presenta muchas de sus novedades. Aunque no pude estar mucho […]
Podcast: BaladoLudique
Episode: Jeux de Noël - BaladoLudique - s03-e13 ( 58.13 MB / 84:22)
C'est la saison des partys! L'occasion idéal de créer des nouveaux joueurs et de faire découvrir des tonnes de jeux à votre entourage. Découvrez quoi amener dans votre prochaine soirée et quels sont les meilleurs jeux de société pour le temps de Noël! S03-E13 : Jeux de Noël BaladoLudique, un podcast entièrement consacré aux jeux, plus particulièrement aux jeux de table et jeux de société. Abonnez-vous à Baladoludique sur l'application Stitcher (android, apple ou ordinateur) Merci à notre diffuseur La musique est une gracieuseté de Jeux qui ont été mentionnés dans ce podcast (en ordre plus ou moins) : Fuji Très futé The Mind Chronicles of a Crime Franchises Links – Voyage/Cuisine Le Caméléon - Agent Trouble Sushi Go! Mysterium Happy Salmon Mot pour Mot Cards Against Humanity Diplomacy Formula D Miss Poutine Pit Scattergories Speedy Words Génies en herbe TOP 5 de Jean-François : Telestrations (2009) Las Vegas (2012) Insider (2016) Decrypto (2018) Dream On! (2017) TOP 5 de Simon : Loopin' Louie (1992) Docteur Pilule (2016) Insider (2016) Decrypto (2018) Telestrations (2009)
Podcast: Table Hops
Episode: The Twelve Games of Christmas ( 54.47 MB / 58:51)
In this episode, Cris and Stephen talk about their top twelve favorite games! If you have a favorite game you think we should check out please email us at! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Episode: Not Actual Play - EP 03 - DIE elves FOR SCIENCE! ( 24.56 MB / 35:47)

This week we talk about

  • DIE, the comic by Kerion Gillen with artist Stephanie Hans
  • New settings for D&D5E from Handiwork Games

And answer your listener questions!

If you'd like to send us your RPG news or GM questions you can email!

You can find Oz at
Twitter @OzMills

And you can find me & more Geek On Radio at
Twitter @GeekOnRadio

Episode: Jousting Round 2: Patchwork ( 24.82 MB / 26:53)

Round 2 of KST's Jousting is in session! For this match, Sam & Aaron try their hands in Uwe Rosenberg's Patchwork! Who will thread the needle that brings victory? Will there be an unexpected contender? Listen and find out!

Is there a game you'd like us to feature in this new series? Let us know!





Episode: Episode 199 - If You Like Talisman, Try... ( 81.4 MB / 35:34)

This week's episode is a fun one, if only because you can tell we are jazzed for next week and our big milestone at 200. In advance of that, we're going back to a classic with our "if you like" series. This time around, focused on Talisman - the classic fantasy themed roll and move. 

To kick things off, we asked the listeners our question of the week: "We're in the home stretch for 2018 - what are some of your favorite games of the year?"

For our acquisition disorders this week, Anthony is psyched for a new (but limited) edition of Die Macher from Spielworxx and Chris is interested in the Recharged Edition of Power Grid coming in early 2019. 

At the table this week, we're reviewing Spell Smashers and Great Western Trail: Rails to the North.

And finally, for our feature, we look at six games you might like if you are a big fan of Talisman and looking for the next step, or something thematically adjacent. 

  • Question of the Week: 5:25
  • Acquisition Disorders: 9:17
  • Spell Smashers Review: 13:38
  • Great Western Trail: Rails to the North Review: 17:32
  • If You Like Talisman, Try...: 24:03
If you haven’t yet, be sure to connect with us on Facebook (, Twitter (, and on our website ( You can support the show as well by donating on Patreon (, or using our Amazon affiliate link.  
Episode: #46: Top 50 Games of All-Time 2018: 50-41 ( 47.72 MB / 61:23)

We're counting down to our 50th episode, and what better way than to give our definitive lists of our 50 favourite games of all time?! You've been asking for it, so we've only gone and done it. Brace yourselves, we're just getting started.

01:11 - Mark #50 - Dungeon Fighter
02:51 - Neilan #50 - Werewords
04:36 - Kalen #50 - Agricola
06:28 - Mark #49 - Chronicles of Crime
08:07 - Neilan #49 - Biblios
09:28 - Kalen #49 - Concept
10:55 - Mark #48 - Pictomania
13:02 - Neilan #48 - Mage Knight Board Game
14:54 - Kalen #48 - Hanamikoji
16:27 - Mark #47 - Kanban
17:28 - Neilan #47 - Splendor
19:26 - Kalen #47 - Ingenious
20:40 - Mark #46 - Samurai
22:55 - Neilan #46 - Clank!
25:09 - Kalen #46 - Evolution
27:54 - Mark #45 - ZhanGuo
29:23 - Neilan #45 - Innovation
31:39 - Kalen #45 - Mysterium
33:02 - Mark #44 - Ra
34:21 - Neilan #44 - Puerto Rico
36:48 - Kalen #44 - New Angeles
38:58 - Mark #43 - Wyatt Earp
41:29 - Neilan #43 - The Oracle of Delphi
42:18 - Kalen #43 - The Game
46:23 - Mark #42 - Blood Rage
50:04 - Neilan #42 - Anomia
52:00 - Kalen #42 - Lifeboat
53:51 - Mark #41 - Tzolk'in
55:39 - Neilan #41 - Panic on Wall Street!
57:56 - Kalen #41 - Diamant/Incan Gold

Episode: 160 Two Rooms and a Boom, Dead Planet, Grey Gnome Games ( 47.1 MB / 37:59)
What is your favorite segment on the Tuesday Knight Podcast? Join Alan and Sean on this "Zero" episode, designed to help new listeners (called "knaves")get into the podcast as though they are pro. Hear a knave-to-knight submission from Australia, listen to condoms get mentioned twice, and Sean does his Dave Chappelle impersonation. Music Attribution: Set Adrift by Daniel Birch Titus 12 by Fanfarl Ninja Kik Skillz Lv01 by son of a robot Sponsored by:

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