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Episode: Garrett's Games 550 - Ulm and Touria from R&R Games ( 24.72 MB / 27:01)

Shelley and I check out 2 of R&R Games' Essen 2017 releases this week. A heavier Euro called

Ulm by Günter Burkhardt

and a lighter more luck-based title

Touria by Inka and Markus Brand, and Michael Rieneck

Episode: DJ128: Pandemic El Reino de Cthulhu (2016) Chuck D. Yager + Matt Leacock ( 9.4 MB / 10:14)

Bon any 2017 a tothom! Tornem a la ràdio per parlar de jocs de taula i ho fem amb un dels jocs de la meva ludoteca que més taula ha estat veient durant aquestes passades vacances de Nadal. Dates de pau i harmonia... que hem substituït (només quan hem estat jugant) per caos i demència al més pur estil H. P. Lovecraft.

Pandemic El Reino de Cthulhu és un joc que ha sabut barrejar els millors aspectes mecànics del clàssic modern Pandemic, tot concentrant-los i passant-los pel xino, amb una capa temàtica que li ve com un guant. En 40 minuts tens feta una partida que, amb recursos com la foscor del tauler i les cartes, les miniatures de plàstic i els diferents efectes dels deus primigenis, guarda tota l'essència del joc pare però és més efectiu narrativament... m'explico: a mi em costa més veure que uns cubs de plàstic són una malaltia que s'expandeix pel món, que no pas que tres cultistes estan pregant a la lògia secreta per tal d'invocar Ithaqua... mentre que un Soggoth s'apropa a la periodista per l'esquena i aquesta queda mig embogida per l'experiència, que la marcarà durant bona part de l'aventura fins que segelli heroicament un portal obert al cementiri de Kingsport.


Espai conduït per Jordi Milian amb la col·laboració/dinamització de Miquel Jornet.

Episode: Quick Start on the KickStart - SubTerra - Peter Blenkharn - Inside The Box Boardgames ( 16.91 MB / 24:37)

Over the next 5 weeks, we’ll be having some Quick Starts on the SubTerra campaign. The idea being to allow you to find out what’s on the mind of a project creator mid campaign in short sharp episodes. 

Peter is happy to answer any questions you have so feel free to direct them through our twitter account. 

Otherwise, I hope this will be an interesting short series that will give an insight into what goes through a creator’s mind mid campaign. 

Links of Note 

Subterra Kickstarter - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/itbboardgames/sub-terra-a-cooperative-survival-horror-game-for-1/description 

Sub Terra BGG Link - https://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/204472/sub-terra/men [...]

Episode: Episode 40: Hail to the King Baby! ( 93.26 MB / 101:52)

In which we celebrate John, Worlds, and next steps. This was a crowd-sourced episode as many people contributed their thoughts on this game and we hear from 2016 World Champ Nathan Gardner. Carl and I share our plans and finally, we end with memories of John E. King II. This one is for him.

You can find the Black Crusade League Expansion here.

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Episode: Ep 10 - Terraforming Mars & Caverna ( 20.09 MB / 28:54)

This episode we discuss Uwe Rosenberg’s “Caverna” - a massive worker placement game about dwarven homesteaders, packed to the gills with wooden pieces.

We also walk you through one of the most talked about games of late 2016 - “Terraforming Mars”.  It’s a competitive game where each player is a different corporation trying to out-compete their opponents to terraform the planet as efficiently as possible.  You’ll learn why it’s awesome, and why you want an aftermarket overlay.

Episode: The Game Boy Geek’s Set List (#02-2017) ( 5.45 MB / 2:54)

My set list which summarizes all the videos I produced this past week in about 2 minutes.

King’s Forge: Apprentices - https://youtu.be/LmRX8bO73SQ

Noch Mal:
Full- https://youtu.be/onOvsUG-F2A
Allegro (2-min) - https://youtu.be/3EUFE8yevsw

The Fog of War
Full- https://youtu.be/1JVsu2wHJU4
Allegro (2-min) - https://youtu.be/G77mpUkHC7s

Doggy Go! Rules School - https://youtu.be/uYPme3-_f5k

Incorporated Rules School -

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Podcast: House of Geek
Episode: Ep 46: 221B Baker Street, Nintendo Switch and Rogue One ( 57.7 MB / 63:01)

Welcome to the House of Geek dudes,

In this episode we discuss the launch plans for the Nintendo Switch and review the board game 221B Baker Street by Gibsons. We also talk about Star Wars Rogue One again with a full on spolier talk. Fear not we dont do this until the end so if you havn’t seen the movie yet you can still listen.

Thank you for listening.

Supported by:


Foll [...]

Episode: Designer Interview - Pam Walls ( 30.82 MB / 38:45)

We have Pam Walls on the show today to talk about Party Game Design and ProtoTO.

Episode: PSP #334: The Winter 2017 Anime Preview (Part 1) ( 0 MB / 0:00)

Today's show is all about the winter 2017 anime season as Marc previews four brand new series (with four more previews coming in part 2). Anyway, if you want to hear what Marc has to say about a smidgen of anime, including two series about monster girls that, surprisingly, aren't overflowing with fan service, this is the episode for you! Cheers and enjoy the show. | Support us on Patreon: patreon.com/PXS | Buy some art: pxsart.com

The Talking Points:

  • Demi-chan wa Kataritai (Interviews with Monster Girls)
  • Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid)
  • Masamune-kun no Revenge (Masamune-kun's Revenge)
  • Youjo Senki (Saga of Tanya the Evil)


Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Whatever? Email the show: psp[at]pixelatedsausage[dot]com; leave a voicemail: 312.772.5874; or, best of all, chat with me on Twitter: @PXSausage

Episode: Planeta de juegos 76 - Cómo crear y gestionar un club; Mecatol Rex. ( 133.98 MB / 146:20)
¡Hola, jugones! Hoy vamos a dar respuestas a algunas de las incógnitas que conllevan crear una asociación de juegos. Huimos del publireportaje y ponemos nuestro ejemplo, el del club Mecatol Rex, para tratar de mostraros nuestro caso y dar varias claves que pensamos que pueden serviros si queréis comenzar un proyecto como este. Pasaremos por nuestro filtro personal los pasos que dar y lo que conlleva fundar, mantener y gestionar una asociación de juegos como la nuestra. Para ello tenemos al mejor invitado posible, a Juanjo, nuestro presidente. Hablaremos de cómo se creó Mecatol Rex, las dificultades que tuvo en sus inicios y cómo otros jugones podrían verse reflejados en las mismas situaciones y circunstancias parejas. Consejos, advertencias y puntos en común que seguro que os va a interesar. Como siempre, tendremos nuestras secciones habituales. - Supernovas La actualidad del mundillo lúdico de las últimas semanas. -Campo de asteroides Hoy dedicamos nuestro cuerpo central del programa la asociaciones y clubes de juegos. Con, Juanjo, presidente de la Asociación Mecatol Rex. -Torre de control Analizamos las partidas que hemos jugado en las últimas semanas. Great Western Trail, Quartermaster, Roma de Stefan Feld, Star Wars Destiny, 10'to Kill, New Bedford y Founding Fathers. -Sala de comunicaciones Con vuestros comentarios de los dos últimos programas. ¡Que lo disfrutéis!
Podcast: Ludology
Episode: Ludology Episode 143 - Two Players! Three Players! Four Players! Bwahahah! ( 93.67 MB / 68:07)

How do different player counts affect the design process? How important is it that a game support a variety of player counts?

Duration: 1:08:06

Episode: Board Game Of The Year: Part One ( 9.39 MB / 82:01)

Board games have become an increasingly massive part of our lives here at GFG and so we felt it was only right to give them the full Game of the Year treatment too!

Join us as we discuss categories such as

Best Art/Production

Best Strategy

Best Party/Light


And a lot more! And join us tomorrow for Part Two.

Episode: Episode 6 - The Case of Walter Lynch Part 2 ( 62.26 MB / 27:12)
While faced with inexplicable horror, Detective Joe Diamond finds himself reminiscing on a simpler time.
Episode: The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 148 ( 44.03 MB / 48:06)

Join Mark, Garth and Leon as they talk about the back stabbing funzies that is Thief’s Market. They ask if there is merit in really bad games, discuss new Kickstarter game The Refuge and let you know how to spend your cash on the current wasteland of Kickstarter. Original air date: 12/01/2017    

The post The Dice Men Cometh – Episode 148 appeared first on The Dice Men Cometh.

Episode: Three Moves Ahead 382: Battlefield 1 and First Person Shooters ( 82.56 MB / 88:59)
The Winter of Wargaming is upon us once again, and to kick things off we look at a different kind of wargaming - the first person shooter. Battlefield 1 tackled the often-neglected first-person arena of World War 1, and to everyone's surprise it turned to be a damn fine game. Several other recent releases have also featured the grim realities of WW1 so Rob, Fraser, and guest Evan Lahti go through them this week to discuss whether historical accuracy is something we need or even want in a WW1 game.
Episode: Noch Mal Review with the Game Boy Geek ( 4.33 MB / 2:18)

My board game review of this dice game. Roll dice, and take a color and a number. Then mark those squares off on your sheet. Try to complete colors, columns, and stars to score the most.

My Allegro (2-min) Review - https://youtu.be/3EUFE8yevsw

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Episode: Episode 17: DOOM, Mech vs. MInions and Timeline ( 81.32 MB / 58:50)

We kick off the New Year with by kicking some demon butt in Doom: The Board Game, we investigate the hype of Mechs vs. Minions and realise we know nothing about our nation’s past with Timeline: British History.  We also discuss board game profit margins, the new Roborally and boardgamegeek.com.

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:26 Andy spools up his BFG9000 to talk about Doom: The Board Game
00:22:06  Steve and Jon tell us about the Mechs vs Minions and how Steve very nearly didn’t get to play the game
00:37:50 Our Mechs vs. Minions chat leads on to a discussion about distribution, mark up on board games and the fabled friendly local game store.
00:41:36 The new Roborally has grabbed our attention
00:45:21 We find that Jon is rubbish at history with Timeline: British History
00:53:16 Talisman! (just for Board Deck & Dice)
00:54:15 Outro – please go visit our guild at https://www.boardgamegeek.com/guild/2726

The podcast is available on iTunes or your favourite podcast player via our feed http://polyhedroncollider.libsyn.com/rss

Intro and Outro Music: "Ouroboros" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Episode: Who, What, Why? S15.E09 :: Pinball For Your Tabletop ( 37.68 MB / 54:53)

Diane Sauer of Shoot Again Games is bringing Pinball Showdown to Kickstarter. Imagine that you are one of the balls during multi-ball trying to pick up speed and slam as many targets as possible. That's an awesome theme. Diane and I discussed the origins of this game and the interesting way speed and control are intertwined in the game. The faster you travel, the less control you have. We also discussed Diane's professional life, which is as a pinball machine restoration specialist.

This game is on Kickstarter right now until 2/9/17.

Credits: Arcade machine credited to Adam Mullen from Noun Project

Episode: Tilbageblik på pappets 2016 ( 57.53 MB / 41:53)
Vi kigger tilbage på 2016 og hører lidt om, hvad der mon lå under juletræet og var der nogen særlige 2016-oplevelser der står ud for redaktionens medlemmer? Vi snakker blandt andet om Legacy spillene som Pandemic Legacy og Seafall – bare rolig, der er ingen spoilers! Vi får også snakket om, hvilke brætspil og brætspils-facetter vi fik udforsket i året der gik, på godt og ondt. Sidst, men ikke mindst, bringer vi et interview med Thomas Eilertsen fra Aarhus Brætspilsfestival om det kommende arrangement i starten af marts.
Podcast: Flip the Table
Episode: Episode 102: Jumanji and Zathura ( 83.56 MB / 90:47)
Prepare to be sucked into the deadly world of board games as we cover Jumanji and Zathura in a super-sized double-header! These based-on-the-movie, based-on-the-children's-book games both feature players racing to finish the game before they are consumed by deadly peril. But is jungle peril better than space peril? Who is better...Robin Williams or Dax Shepard? Plus, a fan-made Battle of Wits!
Episode: PSP #333: Rise & Shine for Nintendo Switch News ( 0 MB / 0:00)

Marc starts off today's episode talking about technical difficulties, hopefully resolved technical difficulties, before diving deep into the Nintendo Switch news that came out and lit the internet on fire last night. After that, Marc talks about Rise & Shine, a brand new indie game from Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team (Super Mega Team for short) that's very pretty and, well, it's very pretty. Cheers and enjoy the show! | Support us on Patreon: patreon.com/PXS | Buy some art: pxsart.com

The Talking Points:

  • The Nintendo Switch!!
  • Rise & Shine [Xbox / Steam]


Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Whatever? Email the show: psp[at]pixelatedsausage[dot]com; leave a voicemail: 312.772.5874; or, best of all, chat with me on Twitter: @PXSausage

Episode: Podcast #40 – Aqualish for 2 ( 96.13 MB / 105:00)
European Championship dates! Jabba’s Realm Review – Onar Koma Jabba’s Realm Review – Skirmish cards for the heroes RoyalRich’s YT channel Streamed tournament over at https://www.twitch.tv/flycasualraw Tabletop Admiral now saves collections Pasi’s Ability Resolution during attacks Camapign Probability Compendium update Jodocast Regionals Report Rules Clarification: Jabba’s Realm 4 player map timing question Download Episode #40 […]
Podcast: Dragon's Demize
Podcast: Dragons Demize
Episode: Podcast 45 – Inis ( 31.38 MB / 0:00)

Welcome back to Dragon’s Demize! It’s been a while since our last update, but we’re excited to kick off the new year with one of our favorite new games: Inis. This territory-control game with heavy Celtic themes is both gorgeous and fun to play, so we hope you’re encouraged to check it out after our […]

The post Podcast 45 – Inis appeared first on Dragons Demize.

Episode: Board Game of the Year Awards ( 90.45 MB / 65:52)

Join us as we reveal the winners of the second annual Thimblies! Find out what won for best co-op game, best card game, best strategy board game, Board Game of the Year and more!

Episode: Episode 41 – The Hotness List ( 44.17 MB / 55:07)
It’s our first podcast of the new year, and the crew has gathered around the microphone (and the fireplace) to talk about 2017! With so many games set to release next year and the hype already building for a number of different projects, Adam has a lot of questions for the boys. What games are we most excited about? What ...
Podcast: Bretterwisser
Episode: BWS041 – Seafall ( 64.25 MB / 79:45)
Wir sprechen über das lang ersehnte große Legacy-Spiel von Rob Daviau. Genügt es unseren Ansprüchen? Oder waren unsere Erwartungen zu hoch? Damit reden wir mit Manu von InsertMoin!
Episode: Work in Progress - Jamey Stegmaier from Stonemaier Games ( 48.32 MB / 70:22)

OUr first recording session of 2017 is with the very wonderful Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games.

We talk about what games influenced him as he was growing up and then chat about Viticulture, Euphoria and some other game about big robots and resource that you might of heard of. 

He also talks about his new project Charterstone, which will not be hitting kickstarter, despite Richard’s awful KS references. 

Additional questions were provided by the wonderful @S0nicH Andy Lewis from Polyhedron Collider.

Jamey as you can expect was a fantastic guest, very interesting and a real inspiration in the industry. 

Links of note 




Podcast: Creators Cast
Episode: 94 - Writing - H. Claire Taylor ( 41.85 MB / 44:06)

Author H. Claire Taylor joins the show to talk about her comedy roots and how she got into writing satires. If you want to know more about Claire you can check her out at http://www.hclairetaylor.com/

Episode: Through the Breach #08 Part 5: After the Echoes of Your Laughter Die... ( 38.27 MB / 55:44)
Remy has scouted Uncle Freddy for a couple days. This time the crew hope to have a plan. Do they have a plan? They don't even know but they are going to do something, whatever it may be. Will the job be completed? Music and Sound by Syrinscape. store.syrinscape.com/what-is-syrinscape/?att The app that putting sound into the hands of the gamers.
Episode: MTG: Prerelease commons ( 0 MB / 0:00)
Join The Uninvited Gamers as they talk about Magic the Gathering and the Aether Revolt Prerelease. The Uninvited Gamers will also be helping you navigate the gaming field by discussing the commons you need to look out for when drafting.

Click here to listen or right click and choose "Save Link As..." to download.

Make sure to follow this week's Uninvited Gamers on Twitter: @DrGloryHogg and a special thanks to EyeProfet.

You can also check out www.gloryhoundd.com for more game reviews.

Podcast: The White Book
Episode: The White Book S8E7 – 277 ( 62.59 MB / 101:06)
Hot off their holiday break, Will and Tommy are back to review the Ghosts of Harrenhall! Music by Spinzar. Consider supporting us on Patreon. Join the Discord chat group!
Episode: EPISODE415 - Star Fleet Universe On Call ( 52.46 MB / 76:18)
Discuss Gamers of Winter, Seltorians and Tholians.
Podcast: Proxi-Jeux
Episode: N°83 – Sébastien Dujardin (Pearl Games) ( 134.62 MB / 147:03)
La Proxi-Team Grand-Est a convié Sébastien Dujardin, responsable des éditions Pearl Games à profiter du marché de Noël et à venir au micro de Proxi-Jeux. C’est donc entre 2 flammekueches que Sébastien a répondu aux questions de Cyrus, Dany, DDSchutz et Pèrekastor. De la genèse de Pearl Games a...
Episode: Top 10 Ways to Build Your Board Game Industry Network - Ep. 49 ( 18.67 MB / 20:24)

Here are Jeremy and Brian's top 10 ways to build your network within the board game industry:



J10 – Participate in contests.

J9 – Be easy to find on social media.

J8 – Place encouragement above criticism.

J7 – Do your homework to avoid wasting publishers’ time.

J6 – Observe Publisher Speed Date.

J5 – Go to Protospiel and Unpub events.

J4 – Attend cons where industry experts have time to talk.

J3 – Don’t view community as a vending machine.

J2 – Offer service or resource to the community.

J1 – Play other designer games.



B10 – Volunteer at con booths.

B9 – Run local events.

B8 – Playtest other people’s games.

B7 – Comment on blogs and YouTube videos.

B6 – Create content.

B5 – Be active on social media.

B4 – Go to bigger cons to meet elites.

B3 – Go to smaller cons for local community.

B2 – Find your local game nights.

B1 – Help others in the industry.

Podcast: Table for One
Episode: Table for One Episode 17 - Top 100 Solo Games Commentary Part 2 ( 30.64 MB / 33:28)

Thank you everyone for joining us last week to discuss #100-51 on the 1 Player Guild People's Choice Top 100 solo games. This week we're back in Episode 17 for the rest of the list!

In part two of our special two part interview, Anthony and Jason welcome Kevin to Table for One to discuss the top 50 entries in the list, our own favorite solo games, and some of the recent trends in top rated solo games. 

To see the full list, visit the Geeklist on BoardGameGeek here: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/217988/2016-peoples-choice-top-100-solo-games

And you can join the discussion of our episode on BoardGamersAnonymous.com and in our guild on BoardGameGeek

Episode: Magic the PROthering: Matt Severa ( 29.32 MB / 32:00)
3 time GP champ in 2016!
Podcast: Würfelwerfer
Episode: Der Große Wurf #11 - Japan-Tag: Kultur und Spiele ( 163.14 MB / 121:24)
Konichiwa liebe Hörer, denn diesmal bringen wir euch einen ordentlichen Schwung japanische Kultur und japanische Spiele. Dazu haben wir einen Überraschungsgast geladen der sowohl das 1. Mal dabei ist also auch jedes Mal dabei war. Unglaublich, oder? :)
Episode: Meeples & Miniatures - Episode 191 - The Veteran Wargamer + Commands & Colors Review ( 95.01 MB / 103:47)

Welcome to Episode 191 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast

In this episode Neil Shuck, Mike Hobbs & Mike Whitaker are joined by the host of The Veteran Wargamer Podcast: Jay Arnold.

We've recorded a joint show. In this show, we interview Jay about his podcast, discuss a couple of topical issues, and then we review the Commands & Colors series of boardgames.

If you want to listen to Jay interview us, then you will have to listen to the Veteran Wargamer Podcast, Epsiode 8.

We hope you enjoy the show


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Podcast: CanHammer
Episode: CanHammer 96 - 2017 Plans & Transporting Armies ( 119.61 MB / 130:25)
In this episode of CanHammer, Chris is joined by Logan.  They discuss news and rumours as well as a recent re branding of the podcast and youtube channels.  We also set our hobby plans for 2017 and how we transport our armies to events.
Listen and as usual:


Email: canhammer.podcast@gmail.com
Twitter: @CanHammerChris   @CanHammerYT @CanHammerLogan
Itunes: CanHammer YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/canhammer Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/canhammer_yt/
Episode: G2B Ep. 238: Not Your Parent's Basement ( 51.84 MB / 0:00)
Prepare for hyper localization this week as the Gutter Geeks chat with Ian from Not Your Parent's Basement Gaming Lounge about the trials and tribulations or starting a game center for both board and video gamers.

Audio Only Version Below

Podcast: 7LandHand.com
Episode: 7LandHand Extra: Episode 84 – Aether Revolting ( 62.23 MB / 135:56)
Aether Revolt pre-release is about to happen, and there’s so much to learn. Two-thirds of the 7LH MTG team jump into the pod while the other third sequins his speedos in Acapulco*. We pick through notable rares and mythics, Aaron leaves us ten AER cards that conceal three bad cards … Continue reading
Episode: Limited Resources 371 - Aether Revolt Set Review: Commons and Uncommons ( 84.04 MB / 183:30)

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis go over every single common and uncommon in Aether Revolt! Get ready for your prerelease right here. 

Limited Resources is proudly sponsored by ChannelFireball.com

You can support Limited Resources on the LR Patreon page here: LR Patreon Page

Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

Marshall’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/Marshall_LR

Luis’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/lsv

Email: lr@lrcast.com

LR Community Subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/lrcast

Contact Marshall_LR on Magic Online if you’d like to join the Limited Resources clan.

Episode: Anticipazioni Norimberga/Cannes/NewYork - Il Dado Incantato #18 ( 0 MB / 32:22)
Iniziamo l'anno con una puntata dedicata a qualche anticipazione delle tre fiere del gioco di Febbraio: Spielwarenmesse di Norimberga, Festival International des Jeux di Cannes e Toy Fair di New York. Fiere in parte dedicate ad una fetta di giocatori giovani e da qui la nostra scelta parziale di parlare anche di giochi per un pubblico meno "pro". In particolare abbiamo parlato di: - Paku Paku - Ravensburger - Antoine Bauza - Maharaja - Abacusspeiele - Michael Schacht - Dr.Microbe - Blue Orange Games - Unlock! - Space Cowboys - Alice Carroll et al. - King of Tokyo: Monster Pack: Cthulhu - IELLO - Richard Garfield - 5-minutes dungeon - KOSMOS - Connor Reid Ascolta il podcast e ritira il coupon esclusivo entro il 31/1, da utilizzare su dungeondice.it !
Episode: The One About the Best Games of 2016 ( 66.85 MB / 145:58)
In this very special episode of The State of Games, Dice, Darrell, TC, and Jessica take a long look back on the games of 2016 and pick their official top three for Games and Discoveries of the Year! All this, plus lots of racing, penguins, yetis, New Bedford, Mythos Tales, Lords of Vegas, Kingdom Death: Monster and the bajillions it raised, the return of Crash Games, the redemption of The Freezer Incident, Thunder Alley, aliens, quilts, ponies, pirates, Cthulhu, and so much more!
Podcast: For Geek's Sake
Episode: Justice League Nesting Dolls ( 0 MB / 68:20)
THIS WEEK! We're so excited to welcome backMatt Heimrel!He's here to discuss his latest venture into the world of Twitch. If you've been trying to figure out how to get paid to play video games all day, this is the man to talk to. But that's not all!! We also get suckered into a DC-filled TWIG- with all the joys and concerns you'd imagine- and spend our B Roll debating Princess Leia's Disney status. Thanks for listening, and SUBSCRIBE!Follow Matt on Twitch by clickinghere!
Episode: Ep 88 The Avery Attack! ( 65.99 MB / 82:23)

We have the man the myth the legend Steve Avery on the show to talk about the industry, pitching to publishers, & his up coming games!


What we have been playing!?

  • (Steve) Kingdom Death
  • (Roy) Star Wars: Destiny
  • (Rob) Disney Princess Match Game
  • (Matt) Baking cookies & Watching Train to Busan

Topic: Steve Avery (content is paraphrased listen to the interview for full transcription [NSFW warning])

  • Tell us the games you have currently published?
    • Ta-Da!
  • Tell us about your upcoming Kickstarter with Everything Epic Games! Dominus & Future Wars?
    • Set in an Terminator 2 style future
    • 2 versions a co-op and a competitive
    • ETA on the kickstarter going live is late February early March this year
  • Any update on Rubber Banditos?
    • Maybe released GenCon 2017
  • You have a ton of games in development! What should we look for coming up?
    • Rubber Banditos
    • Dominus
    • Future Wars
  • What cons will you be attending in 2017?
    • GenCon (Maybe)
    • MACE (Maybe)
    • Cool Mini or Not Expo
    • Dice Tower Con
  • What is your favorite movie of all time?
    • Blade Runner
  • Is there anything else you want to talk about or promote?

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Episode: Ep. 59 – New Year, New Me! Kind of… | Podcast of Nonsensical Gamers ( 55.75 MB / 60:54)
We're baaaaack! After a longer than expected holiday break, we're all behind the mics again to chat game plays and resolutions! Don't worry, it's exactly what you expect.
Podcast: Ding & Dent
Episode: Episode 34 - 2016 Ding & Dent Awards Show! ( 86.61 MB / 68:12)
It's the 2016 Ding & Dent Award Show! Raf & Charlie give out 10 awards to some of the best and most innovative games this year before talking about their personal Top 10s. What earned Raf's "Velociraptor Award"? What is Charlie's 1% game? Find out in the Award Show!
Podcast: G*M*S Magazine
Episode: The RPG Room with Jennel Jaquays ( 58.23 MB / 63:36)

Having Jennel Jaquays on the show was long overdue. With so much talking about OSR and what games were like all time ago, Jim and I thought it was about time we had someone who knows *a lot* about the old days and the starts of many things.

Jennel has been writing games since the mid 70s and has written some books that continue to influence creators to this day.

And she has some truly amazing stories and, by the sounds of it, a really well packed library at her home!

Hope you enjoy the show!


Episode: WDYPTW Conversation w/Kimberly Bullock, Avonelle Wing & Kathleen Mercury ( 77.5 MB / 84:40)

Join Patrick and Brandon as they enjoy learning from three fantastic women about inclusiveness in gaming, but also in life!

Joining us this week is:

Avonelle Wing

Kathleen Mercury

Kimberly Bullock








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