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Episode: Episode 5 – Mike Fehlauer with Penny Arcade and PAX. Plus Patrick Day of ETX ( 53.97 MB / 58:57)
In this episode a tale of two cons! We interview Mike Fehlauer with Penny Arcade and PAX then we talk to Patrick Day the Director of the Evergreen Table Top Expo and part owner of Uncle Games. Plus of course con news!
Episode: Episode 13- Games, games, games! ( 55.03 MB / 57:58)
This week we have played a bumper load of games... and the result is a bumper long episode! This week we discuss the 15 games we played on our honeymoon, all two player! Hopefully at least some will be of interest! Games played include: Kingdomino Barenpark Sagrada 7 Wonders Duel Castles of Burgundy Star Realms NMBR 9 Agricola: Family Edition Elevenses Onitama The Pillars of the Earth Terraforming Mars Biblios Great Western Trail Alhambra We will be back to our normal half an hour(ish) next week! Feel free to follow us on twitter @boardgamesinbed for updates in the week!
Episode: Episode 22 (Part 2) – The Rolistes Go To The UK Games Expo ( 45.81 MB / 0:00)
Here's the second part of our episode recorded at the UK Games Expo! Thanks again to the fans supporting the show via Patreon for unlocking that $30 goal. For this part here's some additional...

The Rolistes Podcast is your London based tabletop RPG podcast, discussing everything: games, life in London, best spots and events, life as immigrants, food, music and other geek stuff.
Podcast: Low Player Count
Episode: Episode 51 - A Way With Words ( 134.08 MB / 97:14)

In Episode 51, the Low Player Count crew discusses a multitude of boardgaming terms from solo vs solitaire to automa vs AI, why they matter, and why rulebooks should be well-written. They also chat about Raxxon from Plaid Hat Games, give away a copy of Targi, and tell you to support Watch It Played’s Season 7.

01:00 - In Alaska...
02:44 - Ducklings on Kickstarter
04:24 - The Plaid Hat Raxxon Giveaway!
11:30 - The Raxxon Winners
19:00 - A Ridiculous Targi Giveaway Contest
23:22 - Rodney Smith’s Watch It Played’s Indiegogo
25:44 - boooooooooooooardgametables.com
26:21 - A Way With Words
30:30 - Description vs. Gameplay Dissonance
35:30 - Specific v. Generic Terminology
39:44 - Jamie Maltman, Man of Words, Consistent Verbiage
45:50 - Rulebook Lingo
46:45 - Unspecific Term Usage in Game Teaching
48:50 - Porting Over Known Terms
50:30 - Known v. New Concept Terms
61:00 - “Controversial” Gaming Terms
95:50 - Gaming Genres Series
95:56 - End Bits

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Ray Gun - FasterFasterBrighter (Blue Dot Sessions) / CC BY-NC 4.0

Flattered (Blue Dot Sessions) / CC BY-NC 4.0

Podcast: Bretterwisser
Episode: BWS045 – BerlinCon & SDJ 2017 ( 93.5 MB / 0:00)
Wir waren in Berlin und haben die BerlinCon von Hunter & Cron besucht und waren danach auf der Preisverleihung zum Spiel des Jahres
Episode: Episode 87 - Player Control of Game Time ( 18.92 MB / 20:46)
Episode: The Game Boy Geek’s Set List (Weekly Summary) #29-2017 ( 4.34 MB / 2:20)

Just like a band has a setlist of songs they are playing that night, here is my set list of the videos I produced last week in my board games weekly summary.

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GIANT Kingdomino - https://youtu.be/CsdCya8lvCM


Word on the Street

Full - https://youtu.be/BPgqO7eBJF8

Allegro - https://youtu.be/AynuoxPbFRo



Full - https://youtu.be/qJWnLSFZRI4

Allegro [...]

Episode: Giochi da spiaggia, ed.2017 - Il Dado Incantato #31 ( 0 MB / 37:05)
Come lo scorso anno, prima di chiudere qualche settimana per un po' di riposo, vi consigliamo un certo numero di titoli da giocare in spiaggia, sotto l'ombrellone, in albergo, insomma nei migliori posti di villeggiatura. Filler ma non solo... Anche se il nostro animale guida, il cinghiale, merita anch'esso un po' di riposo, cerchiamo di mantenerlo in allenamento costante. I titoli di cui abbiamo parlato: Mint Works, Justin Blaske [Five24 Games] Micio Mao, Aza Chen [Raven Distribution] Paku Paku, Antoine Bauza [Ravensburger] No Thanks! , Thorsten Gimmler [Dal Negro] Happy Salmon [dV Giochi] I freebies di Reiner Knizia li trovate qui sul suo sito ufficiale Appuntamenti di agosto: GiocAosta, dal 18 al 20 Agosto ad Aosta, piazza Chanoux. Tutte le informazioni le trovate qui. Se ti piace questo podcast, sostienilo su Patreon. Condividi questa puntata sui tuoi social netowrk privati e insomma, fallo ascoltare in giro. Abbonati gratuitamente su iTunes oppure utilizzando il feed RSS su qualsiasi altro aggregatore. Noi ti consigliamo Pocket Casts. Seguici su Spreaker e ascoltaci in streaming. PS: le cicale maledette abbiamo provato a toglierle ma filtrarle totalmente è stato un problema. Fanno ambiente. Statece. :)
Episode: WIPNcast 171 ( 27.98 MB / 36:41)
Episode: Meeples & Miniatures - Episode 221 - Cigar Box Battle ( 98.15 MB / 107:13)

Welcome to Episode 221 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast

The Meeples crew get together once again to talk about what they have been up to, which this week includes Lord of Waterdeep, Dungeon Saga, Open Combat and Conan

For the feature part of our show, we chat all about terrain mats with Chris Ward and Cory Ring from Cigar Box Battle. We find out the company background, talk about their product range and look forward to their imminent Kickstarter project.

We hope you enjoy the show.

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Podcast: Creators Cast
Episode: 119 - Amazon Ads - Brian D. Meeks ( 64.15 MB / 70:04)

This week data guru Brian D. Meeks joins the show to talk about the art of analyzing data, and more specifically the secrets to running Amazon Ads! To learn more about Brian make sure you check out his site: http://extremelyaverage.com/

Episode: 05.El Cine Según El Circock 'Por 13 razones" Cara B ( 27.06 MB / 59:06)
Segunda parte del especial sobre esta magnífica serie. Participan en el programa, Rosita, Alain, CrisLeyton, Dani Feyeron, Isaac Álvarez y TopoFraile. Con un final de programa muy muy especial. Espero que lo disfrutéis.
Podcast: Ludology
Episode: GameTek Classic 156 - Alpha Go ( 9.35 MB / 6:42)

In this classic GameTek, Geoff dives into the details of Alpha Go, Google's Go-playing AI.

Duration: 06:41

Podcast: CoOp Cast
Episode: CoOp Cast - Episode 5: Arkham Horror: The Card Game ( 27.76 MB / 34:39)
On this episode Peter and Mike discuss Arkham Horror: The Card Game and have a Design Debate about dice vs tokens.
Podcast: Heavy Cardboard
Episode: Podblast - WBC recap - Day 0 ( 0 MB / 0:00)

Edward & Amanda talk a little about Day 0 of WBC!

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Podcast: Spiele-Podcast
Episode: Der mysteriöse Wald (iello): Spiele-Podcast Nr. 340 ( 14.74 MB / 16:06)
Der mysteriöse Wald (iello): Spiele-Podcast Nr. 340 - Auf in den Wald mit Michaela, Christian und Leon. Nominiert zum Kinderspiel des Jahres 2017. Rezension auch als Video: YouTube.
Episode: Three Moves Ahead 400: Dream Daddy Civil War ( 55.26 MB / 95:48)
Forgive us. The title was Rowan's fault. Rob and Rowan have been playing Ultimate General: Civil War and Gettysburg: The Tide Turns, and those games have got them thinking about what they really, truly want from a Civil War wargame. Rowan talks about how he wants to feel like a commander in the field, dealing with the same uncertainty and dynamics that Civil War generals faced. Rob agrees, but also wants a game that feels roughly true to the historical record, yet also wants the capacity to be surprised. In other words, we want it all. Rowan also proposes that Sid Meier's Gettysburg, at this point, casts too long a shadow and its influence is stifling other approaches to tactical wargame design.
Episode: Word on the Street Review with the Game Boy Geek ( 2.61 MB / 1:24)

My board game review of the reprint of this traditional party game from Educational Insights. Have your team find words that fit categories, but pull as many letters to your side of the street as you can. First team to get 8 letters off their side of the street wins!

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Czech Games Edition (Codenames Duet) -http://cge.as/cn2

R&R Games (Pyramid Poker) - http://rnrgames.com/pyramid-poker

Eagle Gryphon Games (Lisboa) - http://bit.ly/2sSKFrF

This video was shot on a Rathskellers Councilor table - https://www.rathskellers.com/

The Game Boy Geek Produces Hi-Quality, Hi-Energy Board Games review with new conte [...]

Episode: BCN 7.20.2017 – People Eating People ( 44.63 MB / 48:45)
It's time for the news! Join us for an update on the last month of board gaming!
Episode: ENGN Episode 44 - Pop Culture Games (Harry Potter, TMNT, and Dresden Files) ( 57.74 MB / 50:15)

It's ComicCon week, so Anthony and Jason are diving into three games with pop culture themes, including Harry Potter Deck Building Game, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past from IDW, and the Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game.

All three games can be played solo, so we dig in and share our thoughts on how they run. Are they worth tracking down? Should you get them for solo-only play? Are they generally too light to be anything more than family or fan-only fare? Find out in our reviews.

Make sure to connect with us and carry on the conversation on boardgamersanonymous.com, Facebook (boardgamersanonymous), and on Twitter (@engn_podcast and @bgapodcast). And if you haven't yet, leave us a short review on iTunes. We'd love your feedback!

Episode: The Mega Meeple Podcast – Episode 012 – Escaping to Mars - The Mega Meeple Podcast ( 30.2 MB / 20:31)
In this episode, Thomas keeps it short and sweet as most of the week is being spent getting ready to move. He talks about expecting a bunch of Kickstarter projects that he has backed over the past 6 months as a few of them are ramping up final production and shipping. Also, he looks forward […]
Podcast: Heavy Cardboard
Episode: Podblast - Edward's interviews with Alexander Huemer & Bernd Eisenstein at Spiel 2016! ( 0 MB / 0:00)

Here are two more of Edward's interviews from Spiel 2016. Enjoy!

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Episode: Ep.44 Top Shelf w/Sara Erikson from Renegade Games ( 0.01 MB / 102:30)
How do games get priority on a store game shelf? And how do publishers get their games into that spot too. We are lucky enough to have someone who knows the answer to both of those questions...Sara Erikson from Renegade
Podcast: Eternally Board
Episode: Episode 4 - Games with Controversial Historical Topics ( 50.28 MB / 0:00)
In our fourth episode, Eternally Board evaluates some games that cover controversial historical topics and how they are handled, looks at Trey's Top 3 games that deal with these issues, and reviews some of the new hot games in the market. Games reviewed include:-The Great Zimbabwe-Mystic Vale with the 2nd Expansion -Anachrony-Ethnos-Lanterns: Emperor's Gifts -First Class-Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game -Aquasphere -Ave Roma -New AngelesPlease like, comment, and s [...]
Podcast: CanHammer
Episode: CanHammer 111 - 40K, New Chapter Tactics and PP8 ( 81.1 MB / 88:31)
  In this episode of CanHammer, Chris is joined by Darren.  We talk all about the new SM Chapter Tactics and about PP8 a local event we played in.  After that we answer your questions.
Listen and as usual:


Email: canhammer.podcast@gmail.com
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Itunes: CanHammer YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/canhammer
Episode: Episode 59 – Live from Dice Tower Con! ( 62.13 MB / 67:46)
This is a special episode recorded LIVE at Dice Tower Con in Orlando, Fl.   Intro Music: Happy Rock – Bensound.com
Episode: GSL 69: Renegade Games at ALA Play ( 9.51 MB / 0:00)

In Games in Schools and Libraries #69, Donald discusses ALA Play with Sara Erickson of Renegade Game Studios. 

Sara Erickson of Renegade Game Studios

Games in Schools and Libraries is produced by Inverse Genius
Games in Schools and Libraries Guild at Board Game Geek
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Music by Ian Sovine

Episode: PSP #386: Summer 2017 Anime Preview (Part 3) ( 0 MB / 0:00)

In today's show, Marc spends most of the time, once again (and this time, for the last time), previewing another good chunk of the new summer anime, four more series, including Welcome to the Ballroom (Ballroom e Youkoso), Gamers!, In Another World With My Smartphone (Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni), and Princess Principal, one of which is their early pick for anime of the season. Other than that, Marc talks a wee bit about games, including a sprinkling of Horizon: Zero Dawn and a taste of The Golf Club 2. Anyway, cheers and enjoy the anime-zing(ly dancy) show. | Support us on Patreon: patreon.com/PXS | Buy some art: pxsart.com

  • Welcome to the Ballroom (Ballroom e Youkoso) [MAL]
  • Gamers! [MAL]
  • In Another World With My Smartphone (Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni) [MAL]
  • Princess Principal [MAL]
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn
  • The Golf Club 2
  • And more...


Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Whatever? Email the show: psp[at]pixelatedsausage[dot]com; leave a voicemail: 312.772.5874; or, best of all, chat with me on Twitter: @PXSausage

Podcast: The Curators
Episode: Timothy B. Brown, an interview ( 20.72 MB / 21:05)
Timothy B. Brown is a giant of the industry. He's been making games since 1980 and doesn't intend to stop anytime soon! He gave us this interview in February in advance of the Kickstarter release of Conan: Rise of Monsters. Although the crowdfund for that board game was cancelled, there was still enough awesomeness in our audio files to make a 21-minute episode out of one hour of recording. Enjoy! Continue reading →
Episode: Podcast #49 – Ghetto Solution ( 110.11 MB / 120:16)
FFG News: New Tournament Map – Nal Hutta Swamps Game Discussion: Nal Hutta Swamps Rules Clarification: Ryyk Blades with Vibrogenerator Play Experiences: Freedom Fighters Play Experiences: Mechanical Salvage Play Experiences: Preventative Measures Play Experiences: Tarking Initiative Labs Download Episode #49 The podcast on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/boardwars.eu/id986252613 Support us on Patreon.com/bweu Visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Boardwars.eu Discord Server: http://discord.me/bweu Twitch.tv […]
Podcast: Dragon's Demize
Podcast: Dragons Demize
Episode: Podcast 69 – Eldritch Horror ( 44.97 MB / 0:00)

Welcome back, listeners, to another episode of Dragon’s Demize. This week, we review the Lovecraftian behemoth Eldritch Horror. Edritch Horror is a cooperative game for 1-8 players. Players take on the role of investigators, and travel around the world attempting to prevent the awaking of a particular Elder God. Gameplay revolves around skill checks, with […]

The post Podcast 69 – Eldritch Horror appeared first on Dragons Demize.

Episode: BONUS EPISODE 1 - Chat with Keith Baker and Jenn Ellis of Twogether Studios ( 55.54 MB / 40:26)

In our first BONUS episode, we chat with Keith Baker and Jenn Ellis, owners of Twogether Studios.

Keith and Jenn are a married couple who run a board game company together. We chat with them about what that's like and their current game on Kickstarter, Action Cats!

We also discuss the future of Twogether Studios.

(NOTE: There's some slight distortion in the first 3 minutes of the episode due to our MWBG microphone gain being turned up. Please bear with it for those first few minutes. Thank you!)

"Keith is an award winning game designer known for his Dungeons & Dragons world of Eberron, and the transparent card game Gloom among other titles. Jenn has spent 20 years in product management and developed customer engagement programs for big companies and tiny non profits. They live in Portland, Oregon with their dog Sensei Ping and two adorable cats."

Podcast: WADUB
Episode: WaduB’s Summer Games ( 3.79 MB / 7:41)
WaduB’s Summer Games Estamos en verano, y os hemos preparado un concurso muy especial que le hemos llamado WaduB’s Summer Games, o los juegos de verano de WaduB, que consiste en potenciar juegos made in Spain que esten en campaña de mecenazgo o bien se vayan a editar próximamente. Los juegos que vais a poder tener en vuestra ludoteca, son: Los Muertos No Hablan Sequens 118 7 pecados Manager BG Quetzal Link Para poder participar debéis bien acertar y descubrir un enigma o bien ser los mas ingeniosos en vuestras respuestas y os explicamos como hacerlo: Estar registrados en el canal de youtube de WaduB (así el premio seguro llega a quien nos sigue y no a alguien que no participa nunca) Mandar un correo preferiblemente con el titulo del correo “WaduB’s Summer Games” y dando vuestra respuesta a cada una de los juegos que quereis participar. El correo para participar es wadub@wadub.com, aunque también lo podéis hacer por twitter, o en nuestra página de Facebook, o en los comentarios del video del concurso o de cualquier inner circle night. De todos los que participes, solo puedes ganar en uno de los diferentes juegos que hay en el WaduB’s Summer Games. La fecha tope será hasta el 15 de septiembre de 2017, donde luego anunciaremos los ganadores en nuestro blog y en un video. Las cuestiones para cada juego son estas, aunque en el video explicamos lo mismo. Los Muertos No Hablan: Debéis decidnos que personaje añadiríais a la expansión del juego y que tipo de ilustración pondríais, describiendo la. El mas original ganará. Sequens118: Nos decís que símbolo químico os gusta mas u os indentifica y el porque. Quien sea mas original ganará. 7 pecados: Que pecado seríais capaces de cometer para poder conseguir una copia de 7 pecados. El mas original ganará. Manager BG: Debéis descubrir que jugador de la baraja del Sevilla de este juego es de la misma población que el creador y editor de Dizemo Games. Una pista dentro del video. Quetzal: Nos tenéis que decir que animal hacia una cosa, y dejo de hacer cuando los españoles llegaron a las Americas, y se supone no ha vuelto a hacer nunca mas. Link: Durante las LES de Madrid, el autor Carlos y Sergi de WaduB jugaran una partida a Link, quien acierte quien de los 2 ganará y se acerque al resultado de la partida final ganará (ejemplo Carlos por 10-7). Puede que durante el verano algún juego más se una y os iremos informando. Esperamos os guste y os sirva de pasatiempo durante el verano a la vez que conocéis todos estos juegos y tal vez ganéis si sois ingeniosos. #juegosdemesa #jocsdetaula #boardgames #wadub #wadubsummergames #losmuertosnohaban #sequens118 #7pecados #managerbg #quetzal #link #pinbrogames #venatus #dizemogames #elitegames #tetrakis
Episode: #455: Complexity ( 30.31 MB / 44:08)
In this podcast, I talk about the role complexity plays in game design.
Episode: #454: Flashback ( 28 MB / 40:45)
In this podcast, I talk about the mechanic flashback. I discuss how it got originally designed and the many different blocks that have used it.
Episode: [BONUS] Bringing a Licensed IP to Life with Daryl Andrews ( 11.65 MB / 15:21)
Podcast: WADUB
Episode: Inner Circle Night Ep020 – Spiel Des Jahres o Los Peones Colorados ( 78.57 MB / 171:17)
Inner Circle Night Ep020 – Spiel Des Jahres o Los Peones Colorados Los Oscars de los juegos de mesa los vamos a poner a debate, hablar de los ganadores del 2017, los que quedaron nominados y destacaremos los que mas nos gustan de ediciones anteriores, así como cuales eran nuestros favoritos.Nos mojaremos y hablaremos de si este tipo de premios los ganan los justos vencedores o por detrás hay algún interés oculto. Continuamos con un poquito mas de Made in Spain, y hoy traemos 2 juegos que estan en campaña de Verkami, como son Link de Tetrakis Games y Quetzal de Elite Games. Para eso vendrán sus autores Carlos Martínez y Antonio Becerra, pero nos acompañaran nuestros colaboradores Sergio de Torrox pero desde Tarragona, además de Jose Manu de El Agujero Hobbit. Se nos unirá luego Sergio de Destroqueladores y Nany de D.a.Dos. Y como siempre hablaremos de algún tema más que sea candente y que nuestros tertulianos quieran hablar con plena libertad.. Y a la vez añadimos al sorteo una copia de Link otra de Quetzal, junto con las que teniamos de Los Muertos No Hablan, Sequens118, Manager BG y 7 pecados. #juegosdemesa #jocsdetaula #boardgames #wadub #inner #spieldesjahres #elitegames #tetrakis #quetzal #link #madeinspain
Episode: GrogCast Season 5 – Episode 3 ( 26.22 MB / 36:01)
21 July 2017 ~ Michael returns, and he and Brant discuss some summer gaming, and movies & music for the background during your gaming sessions.  This is a shorter episode, and yes, we should’ve had Gus on it for that very reason ~ What do we talk about?  Papers, Please; Splendor on the phone; 3d
Episode: MHGG Review - Star Realms vs Hero Realms ( 42.66 MB / 59:24)

MHGG Review - Star Realms vs Hero Realms


00:01:33 Star Realms Review
00:25:53 Hero Realms Review
00:51:53 BGG Questions and Episode wrap-up


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Podcast: Proxi-Jeux
Episode: [DBDJ 2017] Libellud ( 16.46 MB / 20:36)
Au cours du festival strasbourgeois Des Bretzels et des Jeux, nous avons pu poser notre matériel pour réaliser un paquet d’interviews dans de bonnes conditions. Pour cette sixième interview, on reçoit Paul, de chez Libellud (Dixit, Seasons, Mysterium, Dice Forge…). Vous pouvez « streamer...
Episode: Przystanek Planszówka – odcinek 48 – Gry z naszego dzieciństwa ( 62.19 MB / 0:00)

Czas na wspominki. Choć umiłowanie planszówek to przypadłość na którą chorujemy od kilku lat, nie jest tak, że wcześniej nie graliśmy….  Może młodzieży ciężko w to uwierzyć, ale jeszcze naście lat temu nie było sklepów z planszówkami, nie było internetu, smarfonów… Ale była chęć grania i zabawy. Jak sobie wtedy radziliśmy? Posłuchajcie: Pobierz audycję w […]

Artykuł Przystanek Planszówka – odcinek 48 – Gry z naszego dzieciństwa pochodzi z serwisu Przystanek Planszówka.

Episode: Vox Republica 147: Sea Captains And Solo Games ( 65.19 MB / 70:38)
Episode 147: Sea Captains And Solo Games

Length: 1:10:37

Show Links: RSS | iTunes | Stitcher | Download Episode


Welcome back to Vox Republica, the Cardboard Republic Podcast!

We post new episodes every other Thursday, with each episode being about 45 minutes long.

Vox Republica is proudly supported by our Patreon. Consider contributing today!

DESCRIPTION: This week, Erin and Ryan go into detail on a few of the games they've been playing, then discuss the lingering stigma of solo board gaming. Then they cap it off by having on a pair of folks who know a thing or two about solo games: Chris Taylor and Alan Emrich, the minds behind solo game hit Nemo's War!

GUESTS: Chris Taylor and Alan Emrich


QUICK TOPICS – (19:21):

  • Branching largely off of the recent article around solo gaming stigmas by the site Gaming for Justice, both Erin and Ryan reflect on their own opinions on solo gaming, its place in the hobby, and whether or not it has any appeal to them personally - and why.


  • And then since it ties in so darn nicely, we sit down with Chris and Alan of Victory Point Games to discuss the 2nd Edition of Nemo's War, our July Indie Spotlight game. A solo game based on Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, you captain the infamous Nemo and the Nautilus around the world going on adventures, fighting imperial ships, and exploring the natural world. We talk about a range of topics on the game, including:
    • How they chose the theme of the game
    • What made them want to make a 2nd edition
    • What prompted them to use Kickstarter over their traditional on-demand model
    • Their opinion on the source material itself
    • And some exclusive info on what may lie in store for more Nemo-based adventures down the line!

PLUGS - (1:10:37):

  • We're doing a Gen Con panel! If you're going, come check out Cardboard Quills: A Written Reviewer Roundtable - a written reviewer Q&A. (If you can't make it, feel free to still leave a question you'd like asked and we can see if we can get it answered!)
  • We’re raffling off a copy of Rolling America (plus a surprise!) to a lucky Patreon backer. Consider donating today!
  • As always, Cardboard Republic YouTube videos, Instagram pictures, and the BGG Guild are still ongoing. Subscribe to one or two - or all of them if you really love us. You do really love us, right?


We’d love to hear from you! You can send questions or feedback via email at podcast@cardboardrepublic.com. You can also reach us social media, including TwitterFacebook, and BoardGameGeek.


Audio Credits: Intro music track is "Swing!" by Bargo!, used under Creative Commons license.

Episode: The Thirsty Gamers Podcast - Episode 42 Dice Tower Con 2017 Wrap Up ( 0 MB / 80:34)
Zack and Hex sit down to talk about their Dice Tower Con experience. They talk about some good games and not so good games...... We also run down the dice tower awards and Game of Thrones puts their mark on Catan. Support us on Patreon! Also follow us on Twitter @thirstygamers_ and Facebook! And as always stay thirsty for games my friends!
Podcast: The White Book
Episode: The White Book S8E28 – 298 ( 82.77 MB / 102:34)
This week Will, Aaron, Roy, and Luke review the Red Wedding chapter pack. Music by Spinozar. Check out the Massacre at Hardhome.
Episode: EotE: The M'dweshuu Comes - Part 10 ( 45.13 MB / 65:43)
A surprise is waiting for our group of would-be bounty hunters in the alleyway of Tatoonie. This can't spell good news, especially when a platoon of Stormtroopers are around the corner conducting a search. They were so close to reaching the ship too. Music and Sound by Syrinscape. store.syrinscape.com/what-is-syrinscape/?att The app that putting sound into the hands of the gamers.
Episode: GeekNights 20170720 - Frank Herbert's Dune ( 70.77 MB / 0:00)

Tonight on the GeekNights Book Club, we discuss Frank Herbert's classic Dune. Love it or hate it, it is a formative part of the wider world of speculative fiction, and its influences are vast. In finally reading it, we have a greater understanding of its place in modern literature.

Episode: EPISODE437 - Star Fleet Universe On Call ( 38.94 MB / 61:02)
Discuss browser-based game development and domain names.
Episode: BGP 008: Who Makes the Best Wooden Insert? ( 90.93 MB / 99:19)

In this episode, we go over what we've been playing for the past two weeks as well as give our thoughts on the top two wooden insert companies for board games. This week we highlight The Broken Token and Meeple Realty.

Dead of Winter – 0:50

Hey That’s My Fish – 3:18

Pandemic Iberia – 3:56

Castles of Mad King – 5:50

Sagrada – 8:40

Okey Dokey – 9:20

Carcassonne – 11:02

Dixit –  12:48

Purrrlock Holmes – 14:50

Wits and Wagers Vegas –  15:15

Word Slam – 16:43

Bang the Dice Game – 18:27

Insider – 20:18

One Night Ultimate Alien –  21:19

Firefly – 25:15

Flipships – 26:33

Century Spice Road – 27:30

Flatline – 28:00

Flip City –  29:00

Affliction – Salem 1692 – 30:10

Colonists – 31:04

Werewords – 32:42

Squeek & Sausage – 34:52

Ravenwood Castle – 37:12 

Game Box Insert Conversation –  46:00

Game Hobby News

Watch it Played Indiegogo 1:36:00


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Podcast: Cognitive Gamer
Episode: Episode 04: Shall We Play a Game? Rise of the Machines ( 8.75 MB / 18:39)
For about as long as there have been computers, there have been computer programs that play games. This episode considers some of the history of game playing computers, and how that has shed light on the nature of human intelligence. … Continue reading →
Podcast: Strange Assembly
Episode: Strange Assembly 218 - Crab ( 34.06 MB / 74:23)
Chris and Jay discuss the L5R LCG Crab story and previews. Plus free Classic Legend of the Five Rings history lessons!

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