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Twilight Struggle:: A variant for Twilight Struggle By: virlouvet
French Variant to Twilight Struggle_(English language).zip (5.27 MB)
Hi everybody,

We have been working on a TS variant for 8 months now. It has been playtested a few times and was a thrilling experience !

We called this variant the “French Variant”, or FV. This is not an official GMT variant, and GMT provides no official or unofficial endorsement of this variant.

Basically, the FV introduces new mechanisms and Phases to the original game, and 104 new events cards. The 2 new Phases, which were designed not to alter the core gameplay, are :
-A Discard Phase
-A Closing Phase (similar to the Headline Phase)

We also introduced a Special AR4.

We amended the rules in order to introduce those new functionalities and concepts, which allow to keep the game pace while playing those new events along with the original events. In order to let every event happen with significant probability, we introduced some “chaining” feature between the cards.

Please refer to the 3 attached files (English language version)
-the whole set of cards, original and new FV cards, in “print-and-play” mode. Note that for the purpose of the FV, some of the original events cards were slightly updated (this is why you need this set in order to play the FV) ;
-the FV instructions (“how to play Twilight Struggle using the French Variant”). For those who wish, we could directly send a file with the original GMT rules and the FV additions (we have permission for this from GMT). Please ask and send your email address ;
-a player aid for the “chaining” feature, showing how the cards are linked one to another (this is just for the sake of clarity, because this information is printed on each card so that you don’t really have to care about it).

We hope you will like it and have fun, with all due respect to the original TS ! Don't hesitate to comment !

PS : pour les joueurs francophones, une version en français des trois documents (cartes, instructions, aide de jeu plus règles originales complètes amendées sur demande) est également postée. Bon jeu !

Emmanuel Kern and Aurélien Violon
Aug 20, 2017


Warhammer: Invasion:: Warhammer Invasion : Capacités By: KERBORG
Warhammer Invasion - Fiche.jpg (2.08 MB)
Cette fiche regroupe les différentes capacités des cartes.
Aug 20, 2017


SeaRovers:: SeaRovers 2.0 PnP Game Board Full-size 20.25" x 20.25" (med-res) Full-color By: Vanderdecken
SR_GB_full.pdf (6.80 MB)
This is a PDF file of the full-size 20.25" x 20.25" game board. This file will allow you to print the game board in one piece on a large format printer. You can have prints made on a large format printer at most office supply stores, copy centers or sign shops.
Aug 20, 2017


Warhammer: Invasion:: Warhammer Invasion : Deckbuilding version By: KERBORG
WARHAMMER INVASION Deckbuilding.doc (38 KB)
Voici une version pour jouer à Warhammer Invasion sans deck construit.
Aug 20, 2017


SeaRovers:: SeaRovers 2.0 PnP Game Board Panels (med-res) Full-color By: Vanderdecken
SR_GB_panels.pdf (7.11 MB)
The game board panel PDF file is set up on 8.5" x 11" sheets. There are 6 panels you will need to print for the game board which will have an assembled size of 20.25" x 20.25". I use index card stock for printing.

After you've printed the panels, cut them exactly along the white guidelines and then assemble them. I use a single sheet of 22" x 28" solid black poster board. I use a thin coat of 3M Super 77 Multipurpose spray adhesive for mounting then just trim off the excess poster board.
Aug 20, 2017


The Grimm Forest:: traduzione italiano The Grimm Forest parte 1 By: molecola
pag1.pdf (18.45 MB)
Traduzione italiano The grimm Forest parte 1
Aug 20, 2017


Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients:: Complete List of All Components - Shadows of Brimstone By: rlcoon
Shadows of Brimstone 1.3.xlsx (372 KB)
Updated file adding in Trederra Artifacts #1, Derelict Ship Artifacts #1, and Blasted Wastes Artifacts #1 to the Promo Card section.
Aug 20, 2017
Shadows of Brimstone 1.2.xlsx (372 KB)
Version 1.2 the latest corrected file. Many thanks to the people proofreading my file.
Aug 6, 2017
Shadows of Brimstone.xlsx (487 KB)
This is a(hopefully) complete list of all components of all of Shadows of Brimstone so far.

This file can also be found at:

This file looks best with the free font Bleeding Cowboys installed.
Aug 2, 2017


Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game:: Danger Pack 1, Re-Skinned and Expanded! By: kwalmeida
FANG Danger Pack 1 Print PPT Full Size 170818.pdf (2.88 MB)
I did a complete re-skin of the out-of-print Danger Pack 1, including all the cards originally included (with new images), plus additional Cliffhanger variations for every Danger. Print-ready pdf.

Print "Actual Size" on 60 weight paper, then sleeve.
Aug 20, 2017


Yardmaster:: Themed Score Mat (2 to 4 players with goals) By: gauthieryannick
Yardmaster.pdf (786 KB)
This is a score mat I made for Yardmaster. I use this mat with coloured tokens, to help players follow the scoring in real time without having to count all the time.

It's meant to fit exactly in the game box when printed at 100%. I've printed it myself (in duplex), and added a plastic coating on both sides for durability.

Aug 19, 2017


Star Wars: Rebellion:: Build Generator for Star Wars Rebellion: Rise of the Empire By: Stanza987
SWR_Build_Generator_v1.xlsm (46 KB)
The Build Generator helps keep track of what units to build and their respective build queues during the refresh phase. It calculates the types of units needed to be placed in each build queue based on inputting the planets loyal to the Rebellion or loyal or subjugated to the Empire. Knowledge of colored shapes not necessary!

Compatible for use with the new Rise of the Empire expansion.
Aug 19, 2017


Great Western Trail:: Great Western Trail Player Aid By: donrok
Great_Western_Trail_Playe_Aid.pdf (342 KB)
3-page Player aid with descriptions for Neutral and Private building Tiles; and brief description for Phases of each round.
Aug 19, 2017


Welcome To DinoWorld:: Dino World - Instructions Clarified.docx By: jrowley
Dino World - Instructions Clarified.docx (4.96 MB)
I took the original two-page rules, updated several sections for clarity, added FAQ answers from this BBG forum, and included an informative 'play example' posted here by the creator.
Aug 19, 2017


NUT:: Pack O Game tuckbox for eight games By: iamzimmer
Pack_O_Game_x8_tuckbox.pdf (12.75 MB)
Tuckbox designed to hold eight Pack O Games! File includes template created by gamerl3 and blanks so you can design your own as needed.
Check out my other tuckboxes too!
Aug 19, 2017


Pax Renaissance:: Lembrador em Português By: luish
Detalhes sobre as Batalhas, Mudança de Regime e ações "one shot".
Aug 19, 2017


Agricola, Master of Britain:: Agricola Player Aid By: worthdot
Agricola Player Aid.pdf (404 KB)
Expanded player aid for Agricola. Feel free to point out mistakes or tips to improve it.
Aug 19, 2017


StarCraft: The Board Game:: StarCraft: The Board Game First Player Token By: Korei Khan
Base_Game_First_Player_Token.docx (63 KB)
The first player token for the base game.

May be useful to those who are missing game components (such as myself)

- Double-sided

If you found this file useful remember to give it a thumbs up
Aug 19, 2017


Talon:: Talon - Official Play Book By: chrono280
TALON-PLAYBOOK-2017-2nd-printing.pdf (8.55 MB)
Official Talon Playbook that shipped with the second printing of the game, 2017. It includes all prior errata and rules changes.
Aug 19, 2017
This is the official version of the Talon Play Book that will be shipping with the game.
Dec 22, 2015


Talon:: Talon - Official Rulebook By: chrono280
TALON RULES-2017-2nd-printing.pdf (2.65 MB)
Official Talon rules as of the 2nd printing, 2017. This updated version includes all prior errata.
Aug 19, 2017
This is the official version of the Talon Rule book that will be shipping with the game.
Nov 23, 2015


The Spooks Journey Game: The Killer Sequel:: Evil Wizard Spook Game Board By: Warrior DVD
Game Board 1 - Spook 9.pdf (1.02 MB)
Evil Wizard Spook Game Board - PDF file.
Aug 19, 2017


Ave Roma:: Tuckboxes Area+Aedificator cards sleeved By: molecola
area+ aedificator finito.psd.pdf (2.11 MB)
Tuckboxes for the cards of Area Influence and Aedificator. Sleeved cards
Aug 19, 2017


Tribes: Early Civilization:: Rulebook By: RustanR
Rules1-1.pdf (1.95 MB)
Rules version 1.1, including Kickstarter Deluxe level backers.
Aug 19, 2017
Tribes-Rules-Final-16jun2017.pdf (1.69 MB)
The final rules, English.
Jun 17, 2017
Rules091.pdf (1.74 MB)
Current version of the rules.
Mar 30, 2017


Lost in Time:: Spelregels basisspel 'Lost in Time' NL By: Chronos1
Online gamerules NL A4.pdf (2.30 MB)
Lost in Time is een thematische kaartspel over tijdreizen. Het bevat 3 spellen in één: het Basisspel, het semi-cooperatieve 'The Time bandits' en een solo variant. Hier de spelregels voor het basisspel.
Aug 19, 2017


Lost in Time:: Game rules Basic variant ENGLISH By: Chronos1
Online gamerules ENG A4.pdf (2.28 MB)
'Lost in Time' is a game of time travel. There are 3 variants included: the Basic game, the semicooperative 'The Timebandits' and the solo version. Here the rules for the basic game!
Aug 19, 2017


Fleet Commander: Genesis:: Technical Ability Cards By: mpnagel
Technical Ability Cards.pdf (4.73 MB)
I created these technical ability cards to provide quick reference to only those abilities that are in play.

This file also includes one Special Weapon (Gamma Warheads) that I could not fit in the other set of cards.
Aug 19, 2017
Technical Ability Cards.pdf (4.10 MB)
I created these technical ability cards to provide quick reference to only those abilities that are in play.
Aug 14, 2017


Arkham Horror:: Arkham Horror Condensed Game Turn By: Wolfpack48
ArkhamHorror_gameturn_expansions_A5_3.4.pdf (218 KB)
This is a two-page A5 quick reference sheet for the Arkham Horror game turn, including steps for all expansions (v3.3 Aug17).

v3.4: Clarified language for Rifts and Corruptions in Mythos Phase
v3.3: Formatting fixes
v3.1: Added Monster Movement, Monster Limit, Outskirts Limit and Gate Limit tables
Aug 19, 2017
ArkhamHorror_gameturn_base_A5_v3.3.pdf (188 KB)
This is a two-page A5 quick reference sheet for the Arkham Horror base game turn (v3.3 Aug17). Not every detailed rule is shown, but the important steps and substeps within each phase are listed, with references to other rules for detailed explanations. It can be used for "at-a-glance" listing of the turn phases. Hope this helps your game!

v3.3: Formatting fixes
v3.2: Small formatting fixes
v3.1: Added Monster Movement, Monster Limit, Outskirts Limit and Gate Limit tables
v3.0: Set to A5 for 2-sided printing
v2.0: Added "closed gates return monsters to cup" to Location with Gate and Explored Marker step, added expansion turn steps as a 2nd page as an addendum to the standard turn.
v1.6: Added "remaining in" for Fight and Evade step of Movement
v1.5: Added 'Players may move Skill Sliders a total number of “stops” equal to Focus' to Adjust Skills step
v1.4: Reworded "at the start of the turn" step in Upkeep phase
v1.3: Clarified "first (left)" and "second (right)" when referring to Other World areas
v1.2: Added clarification to Mythos Step when gates open on investigators, updated header
v1.1: Clarified left otherworld as drawn through destination when "a gate appears," added "remove any clues on the location" to Gate Opening step, added "Clue tokens cannot be placed on locations with a gate" to Place Clue Token(s) step
Aug 3, 2017

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