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Five Tribes:: Aide du jeu avec toutes les extensions By: jloupc
Aide Five Tribes JLC v02.pdf (512 KB)
A single sheet in French with all useful informations to play with none to all expansions. It does not explain how to play.

Une feuille d'aide en Français avec toutes les informations pour jouer avec ou sans les extensions. Ne contient pas d'explications sur comment jouer.
Aug 17, 2017


Runewars:: Regelnotizen By: pluemme
Runewars (Zweite Edition).pdf (282 KB)
Regeln, die man gerne vergisst oder immer wieder nachschlägt (Helden, Duelle, Kampf, Aktivierungsmarker, Flüchten/Rückzug, Sonstiges) - kompatibel mit der Neuauflage, inkl. der offiziellen FAQ und sonstigen gelösten Unklarheiten
==> jetzt nochmal komplett überarbeitet
Aug 17, 2017


Don't Mess with Cthulhu:: Don't Mess With Red Dwarf (Variant) By: greasykid1 (4.93 MB)
This is a variant of "Don't Mess With Cthulu", where the objective of the game is to get all 5 members of the Red Dwarf posse - Lister, Rimmer, Cat, Kryten and Holly - to Starbug and escape before the Polymorph reveals itself!

The rules are the same as the base game - just reveal the 5 crew member cards, plus Starbug to win!

Revealing the Polymorph means instant defeat.

I have provided 6 characters - 4 "Good", 2 "Bad", the same as the base game. Also included, an "Active Player" marker in the form of a Red Dwarf Style Bazookoid, and Victory Token cards in the form of a tasty can of Wicked Strength Lager.

I've put in the file name the number of copies needed for any that are not just 1. I've also provided a basic Red Dwarf logo for card backs.

Suggestions for improvements and additions welcome!

I'm toying with adding a twist to the victory condition, and the chance for the good guys to attempt to identify the bad guy for an extra Victory Point.
Aug 17, 2017


Diamonds Club:: "Weaker Trees" Variant Overlays By: PunTheHun
DiamondsClub-VariantOverlays-20170817.pdf (1.61 MB)
Board overlays to implement several variants proposed in the forums and elsewhere to make a trees-only strategy less viable:

- Multiplier scale 2-3-3-4-5
- Score max. 6 tree tiles
- both tree spaces cost 3 gems
- this, plus 2nd space requires 3 gems of the same colour

Mix and match as you like.
Aug 17, 2017


Hawken: Real-Time Card Game:: Deck Boxes and Tokens By: jetcougar
Hawken Light Mech Deck Box.pdf (158 KB)
Used Tyson Manwarren Tuck Box Generator at

Deck box for medium mechs. The box is deeper to accommodate player and shuffle tokens.
Aug 16, 2017


Dragonfire:: Dragonfire Card Statistics By: Nachofan
Dragonfire_Cards_V0.1.xlsx (21 KB)
This Excel file contains a list of all the currently known card information separated into tabs by card type. This is intended for comparison and analysis purposes.

V0.1 All information known to date from the DevBlog
Aug 16, 2017


Ethnos:: Ethnos Chinese Rules By: yucv2006
Ethnos 中文规则V1.pdf (165 KB)
The Chinese translation
Aug 16, 2017


Panzer Leader:: Panzer Leader Counter Inventory By: Jammer17
Panzer Leader Counter Inventory.xlsx (16 KB)
Inventory of all Panzer Leader counters by counter type with correct counter numbers.
Aug 16, 2017


Kaiju Siege:: Kaiju Siege Game Sheets (low ink) - 1st Edition By: zombie_homer
Kaiju Siege Low Ink Game Sheets - 1st Ed Aug 2017.pdf (8.32 MB)
Kaiju Siege Game Sheets (low ink version) - 1st Edition
- includes printable tokens (to replace meeples and cubes)
Aug 16, 2017


Kaiju Siege:: Kaiju Siege Game Sheets - 1st Edition By: zombie_homer
Kaiju Siege Game Sheets - 1st Ed Aug 2017.pdf (9.92 MB)
Kaiju Siege Game Sheets - 1st Edition
- includes printable tokens (to replace meeples and cubes)
Aug 16, 2017


Kaiju Siege:: Kaiju Siege Game Rules - 1st Edition By: zombie_homer
Kaiju Siege Game Rules - 1st Ed Aug 2017.pdf (4.61 MB)
Kaiju Siege 1st Edition Game Rules (pg 1 -4)
Annex A - Info on Kaiju, Daimyo and Missions
Annex B - Illustrated example of game play
Annex C - Info on Bonus Kaiju
Aug 16, 2017


DOOM: The Board Game:: Universal Head DOOM: THE BOARD GAME Rules Summary & Reference By: UniversalHead
DoomtheBoardGame_v1.pdf (1.17 MB)
The Universal Head DOOM: THE BOARD GAME Rules Summary & Reference (Aug17)
Aug 16, 2017


Dune:: dune expansions By: chiswi
Dune Expansions.pdf (7.06 MB)
The three lost factions.
Aug 16, 2017


Inis:: Inis kártyák szövege magyarul By: gnadori
Inis_kartyak.pdf (353 KB)
Hungarian translation of the text on the cards.
Aug 16, 2017


Vast: The Crystal Caverns:: Vast - trad. Italiana dei fogli di regole per i Ruoli By: mirkobern
Vast_RuleSheets-traduzione_Italiana-V0.8.1.odt (602 KB)
Per i dettagli dell'opera vedi prima pagina di note.

Nuova versione 0.8,
aggiunta una pagina con la traduzione dei poteri del drago dalla plancia di gioco.
separate le azioni del ladro in pagina a sè per comodità di consultazione durante il gioco.
aggiunte alcune immagioni/icone per chiarezza.
iniziato ad ampliare la sezione delle regole generiche. corretti innumerevoli errorini e fatti vari altri piccoli miglioramenti...

la principale differenza è però il totale ripensamento di quali termini di gioco tradurre, l'uniformazione delle traduzioni e più in generale uno snellimento della lettura, della scorrevolezza e della comprensione del testo.
Aug 16, 2017
Vast_RuleSheets-traduzione_Italiana-V0.7.odt (188 KB)
Traduzione non ufficiale, ma al momento non ne esistono altre stando all'autore.

Il progetto è passato dal tradurre solamente i fogli di regole per i 5 ruoli, al creare dei player aid mirati al far imparare a giocare un ruolo senza dover fare riferimenti continui al manuale, alla plancia ed agli altri giocatori per chiarisi dettagli vari. Idealmente vari giocatori alla prima partita dovrebbero poter leggere il proprio ruolo ed iniziare a giocare senza perdere altro tempo o subissare di domande chi ha già giocato.

allo stato attuale i ruoli sono completi, oltre a revisionarli sto pensando di inserire anche una parte sulle regole generali e la traduzione delle carte/plancie ancora non fatte. per i dettagli vedere la prima pagina del documento.

aperto a suggerimenti, correzioni e commenti ;-)

p.s. più lo riguardo più mi fanno schifo una serie di cose, in lavorazione rinnovo dell'intera gestione dei termini di gioco tradotti/lasciati in originale per maggiore chiarezza, leggibilità e scorrevolezza
Aug 1, 2017


Magic: The Gathering – Arena of the Planeswalkers:: MtG - Arena Rundenablauf Spielhilfe (Deutsch) By: darKOR
MtG_Übersicht.pdf (346 KB)
MtG - Arena - Turn Structure Player Aid in german
Aug 16, 2017


Dark Is The Night:: Правила / Russian rules By: Pard
ditn_rules_ru_1_0.pdf (265 KB)
Правила, pdf, 1.0 / Russian rules, pdf, v. 1.0.
Aug 16, 2017


Empire of the Sun:: EotS VESOP By: einar_mageroy
EotS Rules3_0 VESOP_v1.54.pdf (290 KB)
EotS VESOP updated to v3 of the rules.
Aug 16, 2017
EotS VESOP_v1.44.pdf (242 KB)
Updated to Version 1.44

I read through “Common errors made by new players” before my first play. However, I needed to perform most of these mistakes myself to really nail down the rules. This lead to several updates in the VESOP. Reading in the rules section made me realize I'd misunderstood the special reaction rules and that it all boiled down to (actually) following the sequence of play.

Even with this new understanding of the rules I still repeatedly performed a set of mistakes in the heat of battle. This lead to a (personal) top list of things easily forgotten at the end of the VESOP. These additions made it a 7-page VESOP, but the last blank page lends itself nicely to copy in the commonly used tables.

I believe someone else stated that the rules are not that difficult, it´s just a lot of things going on. That describes well how I experienced learning the game.

However, it is well worth the effort! This has been one of the richest gaming experiences I´ve encountered - and that´s before I´ve even completed my first campaign.

But to reach this gaming joy there are a lot of details that must be performed in correct order, therefore this detailed VESOP. For those who know the game this VESOP might a bit too much, but if there are still someone out there trying to learn this gem of a game it can hopefully be of use.
Dec 17, 2013
EotS VESOP.pdf (642 KB)
6-page Very Extended Sequence of Play for EotS.
Nov 1, 2013


Massive Darkness:: Massive Darkness Class Sheet replacement By: Gorfried70
Bloodmoon Nightrunner.docx (259 KB)
Bloodmoon Nightrunner is finished.
Also includes a corrected card for Battle Wizard (I had a background colour wrong)

Anyone tested yet? Am I the only one to find this usefull?
Aug 16, 2017
Paladin of Fury.docx (256 KB)
Aug 15, 2017
Bonecrusher.docx (226 KB)
And here's the Boncrusher File.
Aug 13, 2017
Battle Wizard.docx (205 KB)
In my opinion, the Massive Darkness Class Sheets are confusing. It is easy to overlook skills when you need them. So I tried to develop a card solution.
Advantage is, that with Cards you only have those next to your board, that you learned. You can sort them any way you like and turn them sideways if the Level is still too low to use them. Additionally, I color coded them for better overview (red - attack, blue - defense, green - health, yellow - move) and added additional info.
So far I did Battle Wizard and Bonecrusher. I tested them in a solo game and look forward to use them next weekend with my group.
I didn’t put much effort in the design. If anyone likes the idea and has better skills for design, please feel free to improve them.
Aug 13, 2017


Beer Empire:: Setup Summary By: mohnkern
Beer Empire - Re-Written Rules.pdf (5.24 MB)
This file summarizes the game setup for Beer Empire, with pictures of pieces, etc.
Aug 16, 2017


Rise of the Exiled:: Rule Book Prototype By: Saintcloud
RotE-Rules-v0.9.pdf (15.66 MB)
Rule Book Prototype
Aug 16, 2017


D.50: Las Redes del Reich:: Reglas Abreviadas (1x A4) By: Pastor_Mora
D50_Reglas_Abreviadas_00.pdf (75 KB)
Reglas abreviadas xa imprimir B+N en 1 hoja A4
Aug 16, 2017


Kogge:: Kogge Unofficial Rules Rewrite By: quietcorn
kogge_unofficial_rules_1.doc (35 KB)
I found the rules that came with the game a little difficult to understand, so I retyped them in a way that (I hope) makes the game easier to learn and teach.
Aug 16, 2017


Tesla vs. Edison: Powering Up!:: Tesla Vs Edison Player Aid (Powering Up!) By: onetonmee
TvE Player Aid (Powering Up).pdf (4.54 MB)
An updated player aid based on the one found at back of the core rulebook. Uploaded with consent of the designer.
Aug 16, 2017


Las Vegas: The Card Game:: Las Vegas Money Cards - Dice vs Card Game By: davetompkins
LasVegas-Dice-vs-Card-distribution.pdf (169 KB)
Compares the distribution of the money cards in the original las vegas to the card game
Aug 16, 2017

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