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Nightfighter Ace: Air Defense Over Germany, 1943-44:: Combat Target Mat by Drax By: Draxonfly
NfA_CombatMat_by_Drax_1.4.pdf (4.32 MB)
A Bomber Target Combat mat.

Updated with the current errata.
Just the Mats - you can still get the .psd files below
Dec 9, 2018 (7.23 MB)
A Bomber Target Combat mat.

*No changes to the mats* but..
Had a few PM over night asking for the .psd files (Photoshop). so I thought I would Zip them up and post it here so fans can grab them willy-nilly (should of did that in the first place).

If you don't want the .psd file, then just DL the .pdf above/below this file (it is included in this zip though)

Thanks everyone for for your kind words and interest.
Keep safe
~ Drax
Nov 13, 2018
NfA_CombatMat_by_Drax.pdf (2.82 MB)
A Bomber Target Combat mat.

I've tried to keep it 'printer friendly'. I have a cheep ink eating printer (especially with colour)

It is pretty much the same box layout as the Original mat that comes with the game.

I like the Original mat, will still use it when I play alone, this only came about because I'm running a NF fun game session with some friends on the weekend and needed some more Target mats. (some Bombers are going down!!)
Bit of a Test before I take it to the public!

Looks ok, tried to keep it printer friendly-ish so I can pump a few out. (Printing them on some off-white paper helps, maybe light blue?)
Even got some tokens for it.

I am planing on making some nicer versions of it in the future, but this was quickly made for this weekend.
Thought I would share it.
Nov 8, 2018


The Trick with Occulites:: Tribal Village - The Trick with Occulites Rules 4.1 (Prototype version) By: Boromir_and_Kermit
TribalVillageRules4.1.pdf (1.49 MB)
English rules for Tribal Village - The Trick with Occulites
Version 4.1
Playtest copy.
Please feel free to download these rules and the Print and Play file to check out the game. Post any questions you may have in the rules forum here and I will get back to you asap.
Ben and Shae.
Dec 9, 2018


Nightfighter Ace: Air Defense Over Germany, 1943-44:: RAF Squadron Target Roster By: cowleyi
RAF Squadron.xlsx (13 KB)
This is a list of RAF squadrons that were active during the Nightfighter Ace Period. I have put them into a series of tables with the relevant dates so you can roll up what individual squadron aircraft you encounter. Enjoy Ian
Dec 9, 2018


7 Wonders:: Foamcore insert for 7 Wonders with ALL official expansions By: Gabidospi
7Wonders all ext.pdf (448 KB)
Foamcore insert for casing all the expansions: Leaders, Cities, Babel, Anniversary packs and Armada (all cards sleeved, metal coins also)
Dec 9, 2018


Sushi Go!:: Greek Reference Sheet By: Peopepeo13
Μετάφραση.docx (514 KB)
Εκτυπώστε x2, κοπίδι, μισά μπροστά – μισά πίσω, πλαστικοποίηση σε μια σελίδα, κοπίδι ξανά και έχουμε 4 υπέροχα reference sheets που χωράνε στο μικρό μας κουτάκι!

Να περνάτε όλοι καλά!
Dec 9, 2018


Arkham Horror: The Card Game:: 27mm Coin Capsule Tokens - Mythos By: jjjvvv
Mythos Tokens vp.pdf (13.46 MB)
These are printable tokens to represent enemies and "stuff" that gets attached to locations.


- This in theory should fit in 27mm coin capsules. However, I don't have my capsules, so I haven't verified their actual size once printed.

- It is based on the Core + Legacy + Carcosa cycles.... however, I might had mistakenly included unnecessary stuff or missed other.

- I used the cards available in Arkhamhd... therefore the FFG water mark is visible in some of the tokens.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome. However I wont be doing changes to this file until let next year.

Dec 8, 2018


Victory in the Pacific:: 中文规则书 By: nihilove
Victory in the Pacific中文规则.docx (710 KB)
Second edition Chinese rules book
Dec 8, 2018


Gloomhaven:: Player Boxes - Arcane Tome Themed - Matchbox By: Karnageddon
8.5x11_player_boxes.pdf (6.76 MB)
Matchbox style player boxes I made for my custom insert.

They are able to hold sleeved ability cards, attack modifiers, items and tokens.
Dec 8, 2018


Raiders of the Deep: U-boats of the Great War, 1914-18:: Houserules for Raiders of the Deep v1.5 (09.12.2018) By: Panzer_Schultz
Panzer_Schultz' houserules for Raiders of the Deep (474 KB)

-Addition to 4.5.1
-reworked section 5.1
-Added Counter Chlorine
-updated 7
-New Mine-encounter rules
-rule for the UD-Type (1.1.3)
Dec 8, 2018
Panzer_Schultz' houserules for Raiders of the Deep v1.4.rar (400 KB)
Updated Version 1.4
-Added numeration
-Added Index to the end
-Added a picture for the Teka-Mine
-The pictures for the custom counters are in a subfolder now
Oct 12, 2018
Panzer_Schultz' houserules for Raiders of the Deep v1.3.pdf (350 KB)
Updated Rules to Version 1.3
-Reworked Torpedo-Distribution-Chart
-Added missing Refitrule for U-Cruiser missions
-Added additional rule for minelaying
-Added rule for the Torpedoload of U-Cruisers 139-141 (Projekt 46)
-fixed various Errors and Typos
-The pictures of the Torpedoes will be uploaded as seperate files as they reqire much space and cost ink while printing a new version of the rules.

Have fun with these rules and please tell me you opinion about them!
Sep 13, 2018


Coup:: Retheme to create Napoleon's rise to power By: rod3556lhs
Coup Retheme for Napoleon BGG.docx (7.86 MB)
This is retheming of the game COUP. It creates an historical scenario featuring Napoleon Bonaparte's coup d'état of 1799. The rules for the regular COUP game are utilized with just a few changes and different cards and charts that are unique to Napoleon's coup of 1799. The cards represent actual historical characters who played a part in the events of the final few weeks of the French Revolution.
Dec 8, 2018


Monsterpocalypse Miniatures Game:: 1st to 2nd ed building stat conversion By: DistantOasis
1st to 2nd building conversions (7.68 MB)
Cards to update the stats of some of the old, 1st ed buildings to the new game.
Dec 8, 2018


Pemberton & Grant: Vicksburg Campaign of 1863:: Pemberton & Grant - Resumen de reglas de campaña By: Gentilhombre
Pemberton & Grant - Resumen de reglas de campaña.pdf (618 KB)
Resumen de las reglas de campaña de Pemberton & Grant en español.
Dec 8, 2018


Warhammer Age of Sigmar (Second Edition):: AoS 2.0 Beginner Player Aid v1 By: ErnestWise
AoS_2.0 _player_aid_v1.pdf (449 KB)
a player aid that follows the turn flow so you don't need to flip around pages, and accompany your first few games.
Dec 8, 2018


Warhammer Age of Sigmar (Second Edition):: AoS 2.0 Game Flow By: ErnestWise
AoS Game Flow.png (390 KB)
A turn flow to remind and follow for the first few games.
Dec 8, 2018


Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars:: AoS 2.0 Player Aid v1 By: ErnestWise
AoS_2.0 _player_aid_v1.pdf (449 KB)
to summarized the rules into a flow that can be followed while playing. only for the core rules.
Dec 8, 2018


Duelosaur Island:: Manual del Duelosaur Island traducido réplica del original By: sworie
Duelosaur Replica español.pdf (14.03 MB)
Pdf de imágenes, replicando el manual original traducido. No se puede seleccionar texto, pero visualmente está muy chulo.
Dec 8, 2018


Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid:: Manual traducido réplica del original By: sworie
DITL Replica español.pdf (10.19 MB)
Pdf de imágenes, replicando el original, pero traducido al castellano. No se puede seleccionar texto, pero visualmente está muy chulo.
Dec 8, 2018


Dinosaur Island:: Etiquetas de Cartas traducidas By: sworie
Cartas Dinosaur Island.xlsx (16 KB)
Archivo Excel con las cartas traducidas. Listo para imprimir cortar e introducir en funda de la carta.
Dec 8, 2018


Vindication:: Vindication Quicksheet - German translation v1.0 By: Atrax
Vindication Übersichtsblatt A4.pdf (540 KB)
As the german translation of the main rulebook is already available online, the translation of the quick sheet was missing.

This is quite helpful for my gaming group so I asked Marc Neidlinger for permission to post it here.

Dec 8, 2018


Wild Blue Yonder:: Solitaire rules and charts By: klobo747
WBY solo 01.pdf (365 KB)
Hi everybody, this is my first attempt to create a set of charts to use in a solitaire session.

I created a small program to determine the chance of having specific cards in any given hand. This produced some "statistics" which I then converted into charts to use with a die roll and solve the response by the opponent. I also created some "decision making" charts taking into account the situation without making it too much complex (I hope).

I tested it in dogfights and in a "light" campaign. It is by no means flawless or 100% complete. I noticed that it tends to give the opponent a small advantage since the mechanics involved have no memory and at each turn the opponent has fresh cards. This should be counterbalanced by the fact that you are not playing against a conscious living being....

To play you will need:
2 D10
1 D20
1 D6
..and some common sense..... (since the system is not perfect, in doubt use common sense, do what you would do if you were playing as your opponent)
Dec 8, 2018


Teotihuacan: City of Gods:: Teotihuacan: City of the Gods Player Aids By: hholzgrafe
Teotihuacan Aids.pdf (754 KB)
Designed to be double sided: Pages 1&2 for player turn, 3&4 guides eclipses other activities, 5&6 for game set up. The first two aids are just over 1/2 page in size. Setup is a full page (with pyramid start position picture on the back). They comprehensively cover all rules, the FAQ, and incorporate some clarifications on the BGG rules forum as of upload date (12/8/2018. All corrections and suggestions are welcome.
Dec 8, 2018


Invaders from Galaxy X:: Units By: ycyclop
Units.pdf (273 KB)
Game units as A4 page needed to play the game.
Dec 8, 2018


Gùgōng:: Gugong - A Plain and Simple Guide By: malibu_babe_28
Gugong - A Plain and Simple Guide.pdf (273 KB)
4-side rules summary
Dec 8, 2018


Invaders from Galaxy X:: Player Mat By: ycyclop
PlayerMat.pdf (222 KB)
Player Mat as A4 page needed to play this game.
Dec 8, 2018


Invaders from Galaxy X:: Game Map By: ycyclop
Map.pdf (174 KB)
Game map as one A4 page needed to play the game.
Dec 8, 2018

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