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Tour Guide:: Tour Guide rules v1.1 By: tucky60
Tour Guide rules v1_1.pdf (200 KB)
One page of rules. Folds to fit in a mint tin.
Works for both A4 and US letter format.
Nov 16, 2017


Tour Guide:: Tour Guide v1.1 By: tucky60
Tour Guide v1_1.pdf (705 KB)
Just 2 pages of cards and tiles.
Works for both A4 and US letter format
Nov 16, 2017


The Ships: Armada Invincible:: Ship "Black Swan" - game cards By: joy704
Black_Swan_-_Guns_and_Hold_cards.rar (6.22 MB)
Second cards file.
This archive contains two PDF files: Guns cards and Hold cards.
Nov 16, 2017
Black_Swan_-_Main_and_Order_cards.pdf (15.94 MB)
High quality cards for the "Black Swan" OFFICIAL ship. Tested by Russian players. But there are no official cards and will not be. These cards are similar to the cards of the "Black Pearl" ship, at the request of the players only the name of the cards on the "Black Swan".
Nov 15, 2017


Too Many Bones:: Generelle Spielregeln By: Jetflyer
Too Many Bones Generelle Regeln 3.0.rtf (8 KB)
Aktualisiert! Neue Details hinzugefügt
Nov 16, 2017


Wing Leader: Supremacy 1943-1945:: Wing Leader Rulebook 2.0.2 - changes from 2.0.1 By: Joeyeti
Wing Leader Rulebook 2.0.2 changes from 2.0.1.pdf (272 KB)
Listed changes between Wing Leader rulebook versions 2.0.2 and 2.0.1. They are essentially cosmetic.
Nov 16, 2017


Petrichor:: Petrichor Rulebook By: TDaver (8.06 MB)
updated rulebook, matching printed one
Nov 16, 2017
Petrichor-Base-rules-v5-min.pdf (13.03 MB)
Rulebook for Petrichor, compressed
Jul 2, 2017


Cypher:: Polish pasteups By: zakwas (6.57 MB)
Przy wydrukowaniu na 100% rozmiar wklejek powinien pasować do kart i można wrzucać śmiało w koszulki. Karta Cypher Anomaly dodana cała, żeby można było uciąć wedle uznania.
Po wszystkim może to wyglądać tak:
Nie jest idealnie, ale może komuś się przyda. ;)
Nov 16, 2017


Terraforming Mars: Venus Next:: N. CARTE DI TM+VN IN BASE AL COLORE, AL MAZZO E AL REQUISITO PRESENTE By: pincopanco
TM_VN_COLORE_MAZZO_REQ_by_Pinco v3.pdf (249 KB)

Comodo perché sta in una sola pagina.
Niente di più ;-)

Votatemi se vi è piaciuto, grazie. ;-)
Nov 16, 2017


Time of Legends: Joan of Arc:: Time of Legends: Joan of Arc Miniatures Manager v1.1 By: Mithrandir82
ToL_Joan of Arc_Miniatures Manager_v1.1_171116.xlsx (45 KB)
This excel classifies and lists all the miniatures from Time of Legends: Joan of Arc, and it helps you to manage them for different purpose such as:
- Providing an overview of the miniatures per category, and related cost per boxes purchased, taking into account also the discount for one or more gamer bundles.
- Giving the possibility of creating new unit cards, using the existing miniatures, to be used for your armies.
- Helping to design your own armies according to the boxes you selected.

The current list of cards is mainly based on the ones collected at:
The lists of miniatures and cards will be updated in the future, in particular during the Pledge Manager.

Feel free also to provide suggestions on how to improve the file in the dedicated thread at:
Nov 16, 2017


Peak Oil:: Peak Oil Players Aid By: martind
Peak Oil Players Aid ver2.pdf (424 KB)
Updated version 2 of Players Aid, in light of feedback.
Nov 16, 2017
Peak Oil Players Aid.pdf (422 KB)
A summary of the key rules (including the clarifications in the Forums)on one page A4 size (you can cut the bottom off to fit in the box).
Nov 12, 2017


Root:: Légende des icônes By: AshraamCPC
Aide de Jeu FR - ROOT - double.jpg (1.50 MB)
Traduction française de la légende des icônes de Root du fichier Print & Play.

Remarque : les différents bâtiments d'artisanat mériteraient une autre traduction, afin de rendre l'ensemble plus 'homogène'. N'hésitez pas à remonter vos remarques.

Bon jeu !
Nov 16, 2017


Kingdom Death: Monster:: A4 Character sheets for coin pocket sleeves By: puKKapaks
Charsheet16noart.pdf (2.07 MB)

KDM character sheet arranged for A4 and to also fit with my coin sleeves(Leuchtturm NUMIS K50) hiding flavour information and less often looked at information behind the sleeves.

Added a few things that I liked on other character sheets I've found here and elsewhere.

If you have any ideas on anything to change or add, please leave a comment.

*KD support denied my request to use the assets from the original character sheet so I will sadly not add any art to the file on BGG.

Comined with clipboard:
Nov 16, 2017


Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black:: TEGBtB - Planets Card Box By: Tyinsar
TEGBtB-SM-885-635-070.pdf (1 KB)
Box for TEG & TEG:BtB Secret Missions
Created using
Nov 16, 2017
TEGBtB-Expl-CB-720-720-110.pdf (4 KB)
Box for TEG & TEG:BtB Exploration cards
Created using
Nov 16, 2017
TEGBtB-Pilots-885-635-110.pdf (4 KB)
Box for TEG & TEG:BtB Pilot cards (Non Deluxe)
Created using
Nov 16, 2017
TEGBtB-Planets-885-635-185.pdf (4 KB)
Box for TEG & TEG:BtB planet cards
Created using
Nov 14, 2017


Mage Knight Board Game:: Combat Flow Chart By: ahriman3
mageKnightCombatAlgorithm.png (95 KB)
Combat Flow diagram (Not PvP). I created it to remind me of everything that can happen in combat.
I hope you find it helpful

Sorry for the quality, I made it in Paint
Nov 16, 2017


Operation Whirlwind:: Operation Whirlwind historical scenario By: ltmurnau
opwwhistorical.pdf (87 KB)
Scenario with some simple rule changes to reflect more historical limitations placed on both sides.
Nov 16, 2017


Legendary: Buffy The Vampire Slayer:: Legendary: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Card Dividers By: Wyndam22
legendary-buffy-dividers-v1.pdf (583 KB)
I have created a set of dividers to use with Legendary: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. These are designed similar to the fantastic dividers by finnsea15.

Be sure and print these at Actual Size (100% scale). Enjoy!
Nov 15, 2017


Kung Pao Chicken:: Kung Pao Chicken teaching notes By: iklinck
Kung Pao Chicken Teaching Notes.pdf (103 KB)
Teaching script for Kung Pao Chicken.
Nov 15, 2017


Lord of the Die-angler:: English manual ver.2 By: kitanokunikara
daikoubou_manual_E_out.pdf (2.67 MB)
ENG manual of Lord of die-angler.
Nov 15, 2017


First Team: Vietnam:: First Team: Vietnam re-written rulebook By: airjudden
First Team Vietnam Shortcut.pdf (177 KB)
This goes hand-in-hand with my re-written rulebook.
Nov 15, 2017
Re-Written Rulebook.pdf (478 KB)
I love the game and hate the rulebook, so I re-wrote it.
Nov 15, 2017
First Team Vietnam Rules.pdf (1.09 MB)
I love the game and hate the rulebook, so I re-wrote it.
Mar 6, 2016


Pax Renaissance:: Player aid for the base game By: ekted
PaxRenPlayerAid_v1.pdf (25 KB)
Print at 100%, crop, fold in half. Fits in the box.
Nov 15, 2017


AuZtralia:: Player Aid By: nzmeerkat
A4 Player Aid for printing.pdf (3.96 MB)
A double-sided A4 printable player aid. From the Publisher. This will be included in the published game.
Nov 15, 2017


Kingdom Death: Monster:: Kingdom Death 1.5 Remastered Sheets By: mrsaturn7085
KD1.5_remasteredSheets_core.pdf (2.90 MB)
Final revision to document which contains elements from Logan Ogden's (n4gol) popular 'Kingdom Death Remastered Sheets' v1 (for 1.0) and v2 (for 1.5) as well as some changes I've made to be a little more helpful for new players.

This is a remastered sheet designed to be used with the 1.5 core game with NO expansions added. Once you progress into adding expansions or alternate campaigns, I would HIGHLY suggest switching over to Logan Ogden's (n4gol) popular 'Kingdom Death Remastered Sheets' version 2, which accommodates all released expansions and campaigns at the time of the core 1.5 release!
Nov 15, 2017
KD1.5_remasteredSheets_all_revA.pdf (3.06 MB)
Document update to a 'rev. A' release:

Survivor Sheet:

-added survival descriptions
-improved stat descriptions
-added notes to weapon proficiency
-added 'bonus' to weapon spec. and master lines for clarity of purpose of these lines
-updated impairment check-boxes and clarified wording (equip vs. activate, etc.)
-added severe injury descriptions
-added 'reroll used' box for SotF

Settlement Sheet:

-added 'lantern research level' box and 'monster volumes' lines
-filled butcher and white lion boxes by default
-added 'Final Lantern' and 'Steel Shield' to rare gear
-changed 'Regal Gauntlets' to 'Regal Gauntlet'
Nov 13, 2017
KD1.5_remasteredSheets_all.pdf (1.07 MB)
This is a 1.5 update to Logan Ogden's (n4gol) popular 'Kingdom Death Remastered Sheets'.

I have made the following changes/updates:

Survival ability:
- add 'Endure'

Severe Injuries:
- 'Destroyed Back' changed to a single box
- 'Intestinal Prolapse' changed to a single box
- 'Warped Pelvis' change to five boxes

Settlement Gear:
- (Bone Smith) added 'Bone Club'
- (Organ Grinder) added 'Stone Noses'
- moved 'Sonic Tomahawk' from Blacksmith to Plumery
- (Plumery) changed 'Hollowpoint Sword' to 'Hollow Sword'
- added 'Exhausted Lantern Hoard' location
- (Exhausted Lantern Hoard) added 'Survivor's Lantern'
- (Exhausted Lantern Hoard) added 'Oxidized Lantern Sword'
- (Exhausted Lantern Hoard) added 'Oxidized Beacon Shield'
- (Exhausted Lantern Hoard) added 'Oxidized Lantern Dagger'
- (Exhausted Lantern Hoard) added 'Oxidized Lantern Glaive'
- (Exhausted Lantern Hoard) added 'Oxidized Ring Whip'
- (Exhausted Lantern Hoard) added 'Oxidized Lantern Helm'
- (Rare Gear) changed 'Forsaken Mask' to 'Forsaker Mask'
- (Leather Worker) changed 'Rounded Leather Shield' to 'Round Leather Shield'

- removed page no. references (for future-proofing)
- (LY4) changed 'Nemesis Encounter' to 'Nemesis: The Butcher'
- (LY9) changed 'Nemesis Encounter' to 'Nemesis: King's Man'
- (LY13) added 'Nemesis: The Hand'
- (LY16) changed 'Nemesis Encounter' to 'Nemesis: The Butcher [Lvl 2]'
- (LY19) changed 'Nemesis Encounter' to 'Nemesis: King's Man [Lvl 2]'
- (LY23) changed 'Nemesis Encounter' to 'Nemesis: The Butcher [Lvl 3]'
- (LY25) changed 'Nemesis Encounter' to 'Nemesis: The Watcher'
- (LY28) added 'Nemesis: King's Man [Lvl 3]'
- (LY30) added 'Nemesis: Gold Smoke Knight'

Bonus Notes:
- Added 'Bonuses: Endeavor' and 'Bonuses: Departing Survivors' note boxes between Settlement Name and Timeline - these can greatly assist in remembering things when you take a break between Settlement and Hunt phases!
Nov 10, 2017


Gloomhaven:: Foam Core Insert w/ Player Trays and Map Tile Holder (Standees Edition) By: lanchung
Gloomhaven-Custom-Insert-Lanchung-v2.pdf (2.63 MB)
Updated to fix measurement errors.
Nov 15, 2017 (6.11 MB)
These are the card dividers that are used exclusively for this foam core insert. They are unique in that they are formatted to support a particular tabbed shape and reading orientation. Art assets were provided by Isaac Childres' "Files for Creation" post, and these dividers are shared with his permission.
Mar 27, 2017
Gloomhaven-Custom-Insert-Lanchung.pdf (2.75 MB)
This is the design plan and measurements for my custom foam core insert. It is for the standees version of Gloomhaven, and can organize all components including player trays and map tile holders.
Mar 23, 2017


Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game:: Allan Quatermain By: adman96
Allan Quatermain.jpg (524 KB)
Allan Quatermain Hero Card.
Nov 15, 2017


Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal Rift:: Symbol sheet of PM:AR in Simplified Chinese By: Eridis
SymbolSheet2017_SimplifiedChineseWeb.pdf (2.54 MB)
The latest symbol sheet in Simplified Chinese, thanks to Everblue for translation
Nov 15, 2017

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