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Rising Sun:: Rising Sun Solo Mode By: peloquin17
Rising Sun Automa Rules v3 update.docx (15 KB)
Version 3.5

Just an update on the rules wording for marshal and betray.
Some other wording just cleaned up.

Cards are included, but not updated.
Mar 17, 2018
RIsing Sun Solo (26 KB)
V3 Updates:

- More opportunities for AI to go to Kami
- Marshal rules adjusted
- Train rules adjusted
- Betray rules adjusted
Mar 11, 2018
Rising Sun Automa (25 KB)
v2 Update.

- Added more Tea Ceremonies that were left out of the original deck.

- Clarified rules for Marshal

- Updated Harvest

- Added numbers to the cards
Feb 17, 2018
RS (25 KB)
This is a work in progress, but after much testing, here is a version I feel comfortable releasing.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if there are any errors and I will try to clarify.

This is still a work in progress and even though it looks plain, the cards will be eventually updated.

The zip file should include two documents: rules, and a deck of 32 cards.
Feb 13, 2018


Blood Rage:: Dice combat variant and more By: JackLife
Blood Rage (variant) - Dice Battle System.pdf (470 KB)
The variants I created
Mar 17, 2018
Blood Rage (variant) - Dice Combat.png (249 KB)
A set of variants we play.
Mar 14, 2018


Wrestling Superstars Game:: Wrestling Superstars Game Rules By: cauldronofevil
Wrestling Superstars Rules.pdf (201 KB)
The rules to this game.
Mar 17, 2018


Kingdom Death: Monster:: KDM Settlement Locations 1.0 By: Star Slayer
KDM Settlement Locations 1.0.pdf (332 KB)
A two-sided player aid that collects transcripts of all (but one) of the settlement locations from Kingdom Death Monster. (It looks similar to my "KDM Common Tables 1.0" player aid that I've uploaded earlier.)

side 1:
early-game settlement locations (very little spoilers)

side 2:
mid- to late-game settlement locations (some spoilers)

One story-specific late-game settlement location is missing. Partly because there wasn't enough space, partly because it is a big spoiler and I wanted to make the file useable for players who haven't finished the core set campaign yet.

Version 1.0
Mar 17, 2018


Road Hog: Rule the Road:: Road Hog Card Reference - German By: hadesrofl
Road Hog Card Reference - German.pdf (493 KB)
The German translation of the texts on the cards of Road Hog. The images and design of this document come from Randall Hoyt himself.
Mar 17, 2018


Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition:: TI4 - Teaching Aid And Rules Summary By: Quilzar
TI4 - Teaching Aid And Rules Summary.pdf (45 KB)
Updated to reflect changes in the living rules reference.
Mar 17, 2018
TI4 - Teaching Aid And Rules Summary.pdf (45 KB)
Updated gravity rift section based on forum ruling.
Feb 28, 2018
TI4 - Teaching Aid And Rules Summary.pdf (44 KB)
Updated and added some clarifications & the race Errata.

The agenda phase seems to be the most controversial timing wise, tried to follow this thread for guidance...
Feb 26, 2018
TI4.pdf (43 KB)
I find TI4 quite hard to teach, this is my attempt at a cross between a teaching aid and a player aid, and is not meant to 100% cover everything it is an attempt to cover most questions and to get the game going and flowing.

Any comments or corrections are more than welcome, I am in no way a TI expert so I suspect there are some minor (hopefully) errors!
Feb 21, 2018


Redakai:: Redakai Checklist 273 Cards By: Jurdz
Redakai.xlsx (26 KB)
Redakai Checklist 273 Cards
Mar 17, 2018


Dokmus: Return of Erefel:: Japanese rule By: nagamine
Dokmus Return of Erefel_J.pdf (3.73 MB)
A PDF file of the rules in Japanese language for Dokmus: Return of Erefel.
Mar 17, 2018


Pocket Landship:: Pocket Landship - Fan Variant - with Dials By: StevenE
Pocket_Landship_Fan_Variant_v1.pdf (463 KB)
Liked the game so much... I had to offer this variant
Mar 16, 2018


Bärenpark:: Bärenpark foamcore build By: wombat929
barenpark-foamcore-build.pdf (2.33 MB)
Plans for a foam core build that makes it easy to set up Bärenpark to play.
Mar 16, 2018


Incursion:: Incursion Custom Card Template By: andrewvcook (10.81 MB)
Custom GIMP layered card template for Incursion. I originally posted this on the now defunct Incursion forum.
Mar 16, 2018


Recycling Route:: Redesigned Board By: Bichatse
RR.pdf (2.56 MB)
This redesign dresses the board up a bit more as a printed receipt, complete with fleshing out the map a little more with some icons from; the game remains otherwise the same.
Mar 16, 2018


Holmes & Watson 1890-1914: Adventures in the London Fog:: Redesigned Board By: Bichatse
H&WAitF.jpg (1.66 MB)
I found the original board a little hard to read exactly where paths were and were not, so the main aim of this redesign is to make the roads much clearer; while there, I've also dressed it up a bit as the desk of a Victorian gentleman. For the most part the same icons from have been used.
Mar 16, 2018


Shadows of Brimstone: Caverns of Cynder Expansion:: Opal custom Cynder enemy 5 - Fire Elementals By: opaliy
Opal custom Cynder enemy 5 - Fire (5.68 MB)
Custom enemy - Fire Elementals. Ranged magic users with area attack. Cynder threat card is included.
Mar 16, 2018


Aeon's End:: Aeon's End Playmat By: mhuang
Aeons_End_Playmat_Minimalist.jpg (18.56 MB)
Here is another version of the play mat that shows the placement of the cards.
Mar 16, 2018
Aeons_End_Playmat_Lite.jpg (18.10 MB)
I was disappointed by the playmat offered during the kickstarter so I set out to make my own. I think it came out pretty awesome, so here is what I created to be printed @ inkedgaming. The size is 28x24, but you could easily edit it to fit any size playmat. Enjoy!
Mar 15, 2018


Rising Sun:: Clan Token Tray v2 for 3D printed storage solution By: The Clansman
RS_Clan_Token_Tray v2.stl (115 KB)
A revised version of the Clan Token Tray in rockmanlives' 3D printed storage solution. The narrow pillar is a fraction of a mm narrower than in the original, but doesn't seem to break off as easily!
Mar 16, 2018


Caverna: The Cave Farmers:: Tabela do mobiliário em pt_br By: DiogoPbz
Tabela do mobiliário de Caverna v1.2.pdf (192 KB)
Tabela do mobiliário revisada, corrigida e com as figuras dos tipos de quartos. Baseada na versão da Ludofy. Contém a correção do Uwe para o "loop" infinito de minério.
Mar 16, 2018
Tabela do mobiliário de Caverna v1.11.pdf (100 KB)
Mobiliário completo do Caverna em português e em uma só página (com base na versão Ludofy). Inclui a correção proposta pelo próprio Uwe Rosemberg para resolver o "loop" de minério infinito. V1.1: diversas correções e clarificações.
Nov 2, 2017


Gloomhaven:: File to determine the level of a Gloomhaven scenario. By: Mormorod
GloomNivScenV3.jpg (209 KB)
Update V3 3/16
Mar 16, 2018
GloomNivScen.jpg (373 KB)
A small file to quickly determine the level of scenarios according to the number of characters.
In French.
Mar 14, 2018


Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Board Game:: HP tracker - custom card By: thredith
Health - Front.png (147 KB)
I decided to create this HP tracker to... well, track the health of my heroes or villains without using lots of tokens all over the table.

Maybe you'll find it useful. If you do, go ahead and have fun with it!

I created this card using GeckoTH's D&D Templates
Mar 16, 2018


Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Board Game:: Goat (Ally) - Custom card By: thredith
Goat - AllyCard.png (262 KB)
This is a custom card that allows you to have a goat as an ally.

I designed it for fun, and because I wanted my heroes to have a friendly goat to help them as they try and fight Count Strahd and his minions. In my case, I've decided to accompany the card with the goat miniature from the Pathfinder miniature collection, but feel free to use whichever goat representation you prefer.

You may use homebrew rules to include the goat in your adventures, or you may use the Dungeon Command ally card.

The card was done using GeckoTH's D&D Templates.
Mar 16, 2018


Everdell:: Everdell Official Rulebook By: Game Salute
Everdell_Rulebook_Web.pdf (8.05 MB)
Official rulebook for Everdell.
Mar 16, 2018


Valkenburg Castle:: Valkenburg Castle Player Aid_ Special Functions Segment V1 By: MeteorBear
VC_SF_Player_Aid V1.1.pdf (73 KB)
Fixed the misspelling and pg count, added some clarifications.
Mar 16, 2018
VC_SF_Player_Aid.pdf (75 KB)
A player aid I made in Excel. Covers the various actions you can perform and their corresponding dice table for the Special Functions Segment of a Players turn.
The rule book is all over the place so I made this for myself and thought someone here might appreciate using it.
Mar 16, 2018


Das Magische Labyrinth Kartenspiel:: Das Magische Labyrinth Kartenspiel ESPAÑOL - Reglas By: iwab19
magos del laberinto juego de cartas - reglas.pdf (12.45 MB)
Reglas en Español
Mar 16, 2018


Wizardz Bluff:: Rules By: CrookedTower
PDF Wizardz Bluff.pdf (5.10 MB)
Wizardz Bluff rules. These are still subject to some minor changes.
Mar 16, 2018


Junta:: Tríptico Referencia Reglamento Junta (v2007) By: paracelso_dra
Tríptico_Referencia_Reglamento_Junta_2007.pdf (303 KB)
Hoja de ayuda en formato de tríptico. Contiene más texto del que me hubiera gustado inculír, pero no me fué posible resumir más sin que empezaran a quedar afuera datos importantes. ¡Espero que les sea útil!
Mar 16, 2018

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