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Gloomhaven:: Gloomhaven - persönliche Ziele auf Deutsch - Format wie Personal Quest Cards By: UlliM


Gloomhaven:: Gloomhaven - Kampfziele auf Deutsch - Größe wie Battle Goal Cards By: UlliM


1867: The Railways of Canada:: Stock, Privates and Priority Deal card for 1867 The Railways of Canada By: Pentaclebreaker


The Republic of Rome:: Avalon Hill Counter sheets By: biffta


The Pursuit of Happiness:: QRC for tPoH, 2016 base game By: kosterix


Comanchería: The Rise and Fall of the Comanche Empire:: Comancheria Conditional Checks By: edmoonus
Comancheria Conditional Checks.pdf (126 KB)
Player aid for the conditional checks in Comancheria. The goal is to put all conditional logic on one easy to read card, to align the die roll and success targets with a thematic metaphor, and to assist with memorizing conditions involving ≥, >, ≤, or <.

The conditional logic is equivalent or identical with the published game rules, but in some case I have used the inverse to eliminate all "... or equal to" conditions. The goal was to assist with memorization.
Apr 27, 2017


Daimyo's Fall:: Daimyo's Fall Rulebook By: Tirnanog Industries
DAIMYO'S FALL rulebook.pdf (15.07 MB)
Daimyo's Fall rulebook (beta), ver 0.9.2

The rulebook needs more proofreading, you may find typos or bad wording. Everything will be fixed by a professional proofeader in the close future.
Apr 22, 2017


The War: Europe 1939-1945:: New TW Markers By: e_copley


Martians: A Story of Civilization:: Photoshop Version of Scenario Template (low res) By: jgrg1
ScenarioTemplateA_150dpi.psb (9.33 MB)
In an effort to make the scenario template a bit more user friendly, I created a Photoshop layered version of the templates. There are three template .psb files at 150dpi and a fonts .zip file containing the necessary fonts: (Conthrax SemiBold, Eurostyle and Titillium). A Symbols.psb file also contains the various icons you can use.

Each template contains an example of one of the core set missions to show how it can be used, and is in no way an attempt to infringe on copyright. All iconography and imagery is owned by REDImp games.

The background is not the standard image, as I couldn't find that one online.
Apr 28, 2017


Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island:: Krzysztof Kolumb By: akahoshi


Anachrony:: Player Aid Card - Hungarian By: petervik


Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery:: Latest FAQ as of 3/28/2017 By: daneanker


Blackbeard:: Cargo Charts By: mixykym

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