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HeroQuest (2nd Edition):: Cthulhu Genre Pack By: MULRAH
Cthulhu Genre Pack.pdf (523 KB)
This Genre Pack is designed to adapt HeroQuest 2 for use with scenarios inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, such as those written for Call of Cthulhu. I have included recommendations to players for character creation, a simple way to handle Sanity, and a new “Pass-Fail Trajectory” that will allow Narrators to closely follow the usual arc of a Cthulhu scenario. v0.4 includes a new rule to add Sidekicks as an Ability.
Jul 28, 2013

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HeroQuest (2nd Edition):: Warhammer Genre Pack By: MULRAH
Warhammer Genre Pack v6.pdf (187 KB)
This Genre Pack adapts noteworthy elements of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay to HeroQuest 2. It is mostly concerned with Careers, but also has rules for magic, combat, and character creation/advancement. The Narrator will still need access to WFRP 1st edition or the Enemy Within campaign for complete setting details. Version 6 has been playtested over a dozen times and represents the latest and most playable ruleset.
Jun 15, 2013

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HeroQuest (2nd Edition):: Heroquest hoja de personaje By: hammerman
heroquest_hoja.pdf (850 KB)
Hoja de personaje
Nov 26, 2011