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Dragon AGE:: Battlemage specialization By: Wired_Wolf
Battle_Mage.pdf (378 KB)
My custom battlemage specialization for the Primal school of magic.
Aug 2, 2016

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Dragon AGE:: The Veil Codex By: Wired_Wolf
The_Veil_Codex.pdf (2.64 MB)
Latest version of the Veil Codex. Includes the Necromancer specialization, book marks, corrected spell trees, embedded fonts and more!!!
Oct 28, 2015

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Dragon AGE:: Random Weapons and Armor for Dragon Age By: Wired_Wolf
Random_Weapons_&_Armor.pdf (1.00 MB)
Verson 1.0

A set of charts to quickly generate "a possibly cool weapon/piece of armor" found in a chest, room, for an NPC. Whatever you need!

Rings are not included (yet!)
Jan 21, 2015

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Dragon AGE:: Dragon Age RPG Spell Sheet by W_W By: Wired_Wolf
DARPG-Spells.pdf (25 KB)
New spell tracking sheet, with updated fields for faster reference during play. Built using MS excel.
Jun 9, 2011

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Dragon AGE:: Dragon Age RPG Character Sheet by W_W By: Wired_Wolf
DARPG-WWCharacterSheet.pdf (127 KB)
New Character sheet, built using NBOS Character Sheet Designer.
Jun 9, 2011