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Snowball:: Loyalty (Snowball RPG adventure) By: Muhlakai
Adv MP01 - Loyalty_(complete).pdf (334 KB)
I wrote this for my first experience with Snowball. (I had promised a friend that they could run Roundstone, the only prewritten adventure in English on Snowball's web site.) The players loved it and encouraged me to submit it, which I hadn't planned on doing.

I also played around with creating an actual soundtrack for the adventure. This worked perfectly using the royalty-free music at My play list is included.

First line of the adventure: "There you stand, blood of the King and his soldiers all over you and your weapons. The hush over the castle hall seems to lie like a blanket over
the whole castle. This was loyalty?"

...after that things got more insane. Players loved every minute. Time to play should be about 2 hours. We had a Catastrophe that the players took some time dealing with, though, which made that one scene an extra hour and a half, which was crazy. (Tons of narrative control goes to the players, though, so what are you going to do?)
May 12, 2012