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Doctor Who Roleplaying Game:: Nevermore By: quozaxx
Nevermore.pdf (72 KB)
This is an adventure using the recent DWAITAS book "Ravens of Despair." Feedback would be welcome.
Feb 8, 2014


Doctor Who Roleplaying Game:: Mardi Gras By: Barad_the_dwarf
mardi gras.docx (16 KB)
Adventure for DWAITAS - (Kwakkie, Falln or Andy do not read!)
Feb 10, 2013


Doctor Who Roleplaying Game:: Character sheet with PDF form By: Dracoprimus
Character Sheet (Blank with form).pdf (567 KB)
I added a pdf form to the character sheet to assist in making characters. It will keep track of how many attribute, skill, and character points you have spent.
Sep 24, 2012


Doctor Who Roleplaying Game:: The Palace By: Barad_the_dwarf
DW-The Palace.doc (17 KB)
This is a first draft for my new Doctor Who Adventure. As always: Andy and Kwakkie do not read or you will spoil the fun. To everyone else, feedback is welcome that's why I have posted this.
Nov 2, 2011


Doctor Who Roleplaying Game:: 20th Century earth: Something is amiss By: razumny
Doctor Who - Something is Amiss.docx (486 KB)
This is an entry for the RPGG Southern Spring Celebration contest, and a pitch for Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space.

The illustration is CC-BY-SA user Sceptre at WikiMedia Commons.
Sep 26, 2011


Doctor Who Roleplaying Game:: The Decay Ocean By: Brass Jester
The Decay Ocean.doc (51 KB)
This is an adventure I've written for Doctor Who - Adventures in Time and Space, although it is statless and usable for any system. Feedback and comments appreciated as I'm always looking to improve my writing style. If anyone plays it, please let me know how it went.
Jul 21, 2011


Doctor Who Roleplaying Game:: Holiday Camp By: Barad_the_dwarf
doctor.doc (47 KB)
Holiday Camp is a adventure I have just written for Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space. It's my first try at making my own adventure for this game so I would like some feedback on it. It would be very helpfull for me to get a better game from it.

It is written for a time lord (not the actual doctor) and a couple of companions.

One special remark: Kwakkie and Andy are forbidden to read this adventure!
Dec 22, 2010