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Tournay:: German Cardoverview / Kartenübersicht auf deutsch By: MarcelP
Tournay_Gebäudeübersicht.pdf (962 KB)
A short overview and explanation of all cards in the game on one site (last site of German rules).
Dec 22, 2016


Tournay:: Tournay Tuckboxes By: breakfastcore
Tournay_tuckbox_2.pdf (571 KB)
Tuckbox #2
Apr 30, 2015
Tournay_tuckbox_1.pdf (571 KB)
Two tuckboxes for unsleeved cards, one for II and III cards, one for I and the non-numbered cards.

Made using the fantastic

All credit to tysondude for making tuckboxes easy.
Apr 29, 2015


Tournay:: [Español] Reglas a la JcK By: ArtEmiSa64
Tournay - Reglas a la JcK.pdf (295 KB)
Completo resumen de las reglas con y sin imagenes al estilo JcK

Aug 27, 2014


Tournay:: Tournay—Solo Variant By: Spidermonk
Tournay solo.pdf (71 KB)
Unofficial solo rules.

My goals were to make the variant, (a) streamlined, (b) as close to the normal game as possible, and (c) to minimize "thinking for" the dummy player. I hope you enjoy it.

Mar 30, 2013


Tournay:: Rule in Chinese By: fr014371
Tournay_Manual_ch_1.1.pdf (173 KB)
Tournay rule in Chinese.
Please provide any comment :)
Sep 5, 2012


Tournay:: Tournay 1-page Help Aid By: senorcoo
My Tournay Help Aid.pdf (304 KB)
Here are the action options with everything that you need to keep the game moving on one page.
Jul 17, 2012


Tournay:: Abbey - corrected - Paste up By: senorcoo
abbey - corrected.jpg (21 KB)
I photoshopped the Abbey card error. Print onto sticker paper, cut out, and stick over the Abbey card with the error.
Jul 3, 2012


Tournay:: Tournay Cards Reference in Portuguese By: pmbatista
TOURNAY.pdf (429 KB)
Tournay Cards Reference in Portuguese.
Ver. 1.1:
Corrected image card - Abbey.
Jun 6, 2012


Tournay:: concise reference sheet by hecose By: hecose
ConciseRefSheet16 - Tournay.pdf (59 KB)
Reference sheet useful for quick referencing and provides a structured summary for teaching the game.

If you are interested in ref sheets for other games that I’ve made (>200), a complete set is available at my boardgame blog,
May 24, 2012


Tournay:: Printversion - Tournay Cards - Written Descriptions By: maeddes
Tournay-Cards.pdf (476 KB)
The summary was done by Nosnhoj Kräm (Eeeville); i just formated it for a better print.
May 24, 2012


Tournay:: Tournay Manuale ITA By: Gekki
Tournay_ITA_v2.0.pdf (3.31 MB)
Regolamento in italiano con layout originale - Italian manual with original layout
Feb 10, 2012


Tournay:: Tournay Cards - Written Descriptions By: Eeeville
TournayCardManifest1.3.pdf (197 KB)
Sorry for the formatting, it doesn't look like this in my google docs. I realize it's long and plain looking but it's certainly better for new players rather than trying to decode card iconography using the included player aid.

v1.1 - Corrected the Courthouse wording.
v1.2 - Corrected grammar error in Bastion and Wrong text for both non-removable Libraries.
v1.3 - Corrected wrong text for the Bishopric White II.
Feb 6, 2012


Tournay:: Aide de jeu: Description des cartes By: Rickano
tournay_player_aid_fr_v1.0.pdf (1.35 MB)
Description des cartes en français.
Feb 1, 2012


Tournay:: Cards Player Aid By: Sdan
Tournay_Cards v1.1.pdf (1.41 MB)
Cards explained V1.1, corrected minor error
Jan 13, 2012
Tournay_Cards.pdf (1.43 MB)
All cards explained (sorted by category - alphabetically)
Jan 3, 2012


Tournay:: Tournay Korean Rules By: skeil
Tournay Korean Rules v0_91.pdf (149 KB)
Tournay rules in Korean.
It doesn't contain the rules for expansion yet.

I corrected the translation for a part.
Nov 23, 2011


Tournay:: Ayuda de juego By: Bicho
Tournay_player_aid_es.pdf (425 KB)
Traducción al español de la ayuda de juego original en inglés
Spanish translation of the original player aid in English
Oct 24, 2011


Tournay:: Reglas en español By: Bicho
Tournay_es.pdf (2.44 MB)
Traducción al español de las reglas originales en inglés
Spanish translation of the original rules in English
Oct 23, 2011


Tournay:: Player Aid By: sebduj
TOURNAY_PLAYER_AID_ENG_22_08_11_LD.pdf (290 KB)
Describes all the symbols of the cards
Sep 16, 2011


Tournay:: Les règles (Fr) By: sebduj
Les règles officielles en Français.
Sep 7, 2011


Tournay:: Rules (Ger) By: sebduj
The official rules in German
Sep 7, 2011


Tournay:: Rules (Eng) By: sebduj
The official rules in English
Sep 7, 2011

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