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Archipelago:: Alternate Action Board and Quick Reference By: Drewkas
quick reference and action sheet - 2 sided.pdf (15.28 MB)
This PDF contains two items:
(1) an alternative to the action wheel
(2) a quick reference sheet

I felt the action wheel was a bit cluttered and difficult to comprehend for new players. This alternative is hopefully more clear. The quick reference sheet gives just a bit more info about the player actions, also helpful for new players. The PDF is two paged, designed to be printed on one sheet, front and back, and then cut to produce to the two items.

Comments/suggestions are appreciated!
Jun 30, 2017


Archipelago:: Uprising! - A variant for Archipelago By: Antares Rangers
Uprising Level v1.pdf (555 KB)
This variant, for 1 to 5 players, introduces local uprisings to your Archipelago game. With this variant, the colonial players will play a regular game, but will now experience local uprisings prior to a game-ending full-scale rebellion.

There is no chance of an uprising as long as the differential between the colonial population to the rebellion level is ten or greater. But whenever the difference is less than ten, the first player rolls two dice at the end of each Population effects Phase to see if the locals rise up to destroy one Meeple. But now you must remain on guard at all times ... the probability of experiencing an uprising increases as the differential between population and rebellion level approaches zero.

If an uprising is sparked, all players roll two dice; the player with the smallest result loses one Meeple (chosen by the player with the highest dice result). Players can help protect their citizens if they possess certain character cards (the Admiral, Pirate, Dictator, Queen, or King) and/or if they own 3 to 4 ships.

This variant adds variability and uncertainty to your Archipelago game. You must now pay close attention to the level of rebellion, playing on a knife-edge as the two markers begin to meet.

As a bonus to those many gaming groups that do not utilize the Order of Play bidding process, Uprising! gives these five character cards an added value.

NOTE: Two 6-sided dice are need to play this variant.
Jan 14, 2017


Archipelago:: New objectives By: cmoipap
Archipelago nouveaux horizons.pdf (6.51 MB)
13 new objectives .... to play again and again....
Dec 22, 2016


Archipelago:: Resumen Archipelago by danielbonito BGG/BSK By: danielbonito
Archipelago.doc (48 KB)
Version 2.0 correguida!
Jun 16, 2016


Archipelago:: ARCHIPELAGO : Règles Solo By: DocGuillaume
SOLO-Regles.jpg (4.32 MB)
Règles Solo en français du jeu Archipelago
May 12, 2016


Archipelago:: Unit State Transition/Action Summary By: jlwill
ActionSummary_1.1.pdf (468 KB)
A printable chart clarifying the sometimes-confusing 'Non-engaged/Engaged/Rebel' state transitions during the Action phase.

v1.1 - Fixed typo on 'engaged' recruit action.
Apr 6, 2016
ActionSummary_1.0.pdf (454 KB)
A printable chart clarifying the sometimes-confusing 'Non-engaged/Engaged/Rebel' state transitions during the Action phase.

Apr 5, 2016


Archipelago:: Archipelago Teaching Script By: gildedrain
Archipelago_Teaching_Script.rtf (6 KB)
Version 1.1 - Revised, stripped down, streamlined a bit.
Dec 15, 2015
Archipelago_Teaching_Script.rtf (6 KB)
Version 1.0 - Teaching Script
Learning the rules of this game seems to be the most difficult part. Once you've got them down, it's smooth sailing. So I attempted to find a way to explain it to newcomers with as little trauma as possible so that they can jump right in and start enjoying this gem of a game.
Jun 20, 2015


Archipelago:: Szenario "Der Kult des Vulkangottes" (C. Bœlinger) Deutsch By: Matschmensch
Archipelago_SzenarioVulkangott_1_0.pdf (275 KB)
"Der Kult des Vulkangottes"
Szenario für Archipelago von Christophe Bœlinger, 2-5 Spieler.
Deutsche Übersetzung mit Genehmigung des Autors.

German translation of Christophe Bœlinger's scenario "Les Adorateurs du Dieu Volcan".
Apr 22, 2015


Archipelago:: Guia de Referência para "Casos Especiais" - Português-BR By: woosh_ito
Archipelago_Guia de Referencia_PTBR_1_0.pdf (70 KB)
Guia rápido de referência para todos os casos especiais que podem não ser particularmente claros no livro de regras, e cujas soluções foram descobertas nos fóruns do BGG, parcialmente através do próprio criador do jogo. Para ser usado como um complemento ao livro de regras.
V PT-BR 1.0, 27/02/2015 Licenciado em CC BY-SA.

Originalmente concebido pelo usuário do BGG Matschmensch.
Feb 28, 2015


Archipelago:: Reference Sheet "Special Cases" English By: Matschmensch
Archipelago_ReferenceSheet_EN_1_2.pdf (317 KB)
Quick reference sheet for all the special cases in which the wording in the rulebook might not be particularly precise, and for which the solutions have been found in the BGG forums, partially through input by the designer.
To be used as a supplement to the rulebook.
It is not a player aid.

EN 1.2, 02/26/2015

Licenced under CC BY-SA
Feb 26, 2015


Archipelago:: Referenzkarte "Sonderfälle" Deutsch By: Matschmensch
Archipelago_ReferenzkarteSonderfaelle_1_5.pdf (318 KB)
Referenzkarte für Spezialfälle, die im Regelheft z.T. nicht offensichtlich erwähnt werden,
und die durch Forendiskussionen und Input des Autors gelöst wurden.
Beinhaltet Änderungen gemäß offiziellem Regelheft V2!
Gedacht als Ergänzung zum Regelheft.
KEINE Kurzspielanleitung.

V1.5 vom 26.02.2015

Quick reference sheet in German for the more "tricky" rules, to be used as a supplement to the rulebook.
It is not a player aid.

Licenced under CC BY-SA
Feb 26, 2015


Archipelago:: Cartas de evolução em português By: drmenna (7.89 MB)
Tradução não oficial, aprovada pelo autor
Feb 24, 2015


Archipelago:: Livro de regras em português By: drmenna (16.51 MB)
Versão não oficial, aprovada pelo autor
Feb 24, 2015


Archipelago:: Archipelago Evolution Cards list By: Monkatron
Archipelago Evolution Cards.pdf (88 KB)
Evolution cards listed, with effects, including the War and Peace expansion. Print on 8.5 inch x 11 inch paper.
Feb 21, 2015


Archipelago:: Worshipers of the Volcano God By: gildedrain
volcanogod.rtf (3 KB)
A new scenario for Archipelago, created by the game's designer, Christophe Boelinger. Translated from French to English via Google Translate (plus some manual editing).
Feb 15, 2015


Archipelago:: Les adorateurs du Dieu Volca By: Chris Boelinger
Les Adorateurs du Dieu Volcan - Scenario Archipelago par Chris Boelinger.doc (28 KB)
Un scénario pour 2 à 5 joueurs pour Archipelago par l'auteur.
Jan 1, 2015


Archipelago:: Archipelago Action Crib Sheet By: Jonniosaurus
Archipelago crib sheet.pdf (1.14 MB)
Designed to ease new players into the game. Hope it proves useful!
Nov 12, 2014


Archipelago:: Правила игры с переводом карт By: Shinner
Archipelago.Rulebook.Rus (с картами).pdf (6.02 MB)
Oct 24, 2014


Archipelago:: Памятка и соло-вариант By: Shinner
Архипелаг (памятка Shinner).docx (26 KB)
Перевод Shinner
Oct 24, 2014


Archipelago:: Mission summary sheets - high resolution By: glaucobacchi (8.33 MB)
Inspired by user 'kilrah', these are imsges, one for each combination of 'number of players' and 'duration', which show only the relevant information on all ten mission cards.
Kilrah's are very useful but quite murky and low resolution so I 'redid' them on a white background and at higher resolution.
Each gif file can be printed to fill an A4 sheet and then cut into three parts.
Oct 17, 2014


Archipelago:: Town Victory Condition Alternatives By: Sturmrider
Long Goals page.pdf (1.90 MB)
The group that I currently play with have noticed a trend in Archipelago: We generally play the long game in which there are two town victory conditions. One is Exotic Fruit the other is Fish. This has led to no one building a town in any area other than hexes with one of those resources, to maximize the chances of getting a potential victory condition.

Thus, we considered adding town cards for the other resources as well.

Now you can build in any hex without limiting yourself to only Fish or Fruit, or raising suspicion for doing so. Unless, of couse, you happen to build only in hexes containing a specific resources, in which case you may give your victory condition away.

This alternative brings towns back to what I thought their primary reason of being was: control of a hex, first of all, and potential victory condition only secondly.

I have made up these cards and rules for their use. (I believe they have to be approved by the moderators if so they will be posted when they approve.)

Hope you like them. Any comments will be appreciated.
Sep 19, 2014


Archipelago:: Carte Evoluzione in Italiano By: crescio88
Carte Evoluzione, traduzione della delle carte di Archipelago. Impaginate su Layout originale, da scaricare e stampare!
Versione: 1.0
Aug 28, 2014


Archipelago:: Archipelago Stylized Reference Sheets By: aploshay
Archipelago_actions_and_turn_reference_v04.pdf (489 KB)
Turn Phase and Action Reference Sheets, laid out with the same aesthetic as the game rules. (Version 4 fixes turn #1 skipping Phase IV, not III.)
Mar 3, 2014


Archipelago:: Archipelago: regolamento in italiano By: Fuliggine
Archipelago_ITA_v1.pdf (9.60 MB)
Regole di Archipelago in italiano - Italian game rules for Archipelago
Jan 27, 2014


Archipelago:: Archipelago Rules Reference By: Zolos
Archipelago Rules Ref.pdf (453 KB)
Archipelago rules ref (V2)
Jan 15, 2014
Archipelago Rules Ref.pdf (223 KB)
A summary/reference of the rules for the game of Archipelago. (Version 1)
Dec 30, 2013

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