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Police Precinct:: Starsky & Hutch Character Mod By: FALCON1717
starsky.doc (1.47 MB)
This includes the character card, the Huggy Bear token to be placed on Duffy's Bar, and the striped tomato (which is always in undercover mode). The character card is pretty well self-explanatory, and the re-roll of Arresting Dice represents the fact that if Starsky's initial dice roll fails, Hutch can back him up by re-rolling 2 of the dice.
Jun 26, 2017


Police Precinct:: amerikano's PP Character Expansion #1 By: amerikano
amerikano's PP Character Expansion (1.17 MB)
Update (fixed logo on Detective Burkhardt's Character Card)
Apr 6, 2017
amerikano's PP Character Expansion (1.15 MB)
This expansion contains Detective Nick Burkhardt from Grimm, Consultant Neal Caffrey from White Collar, Detective Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Mall Cop Paul Blart from ...well Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

Feedback is welcome!
Mar 28, 2017


Police Precinct:: Modular Board Expansion (+ Different Cities - Different Murderers) By: Lines42 (1.21 MB)
This Expansion lets you play PP on a modular board, that changes each game you play. The tiles are two sided to add variety, adjust difficulty and even create a river running through Commonville.

In addition there is a "Different Cities - Different Murderers) expansion, that adds different Murderer behaviours.

No fancy graphics here, everything is kept printer/ink friendly.

Have fun!
Jan 25, 2017


Police Precinct:: Spielhilfen in deutsch By: f-p-p-m
Spielhilfen in deutsch.rar (10.58 MB)
Deutsche Version der Game Capsule und der Übersichtsseite

German version of the Game Capsule and overview page
Apr 10, 2016


Police Precinct:: 3D Roadsign and Police Badge (stl - format) By: f-p-p-m
Rodsign and Badge.rar (1.81 MB)
You can use the roadsign or the badge as startplayer pieces or for decorating your Comonville.

Glue the sign to any base you wish.
Apr 7, 2016


Police Precinct:: Custom TV & Movie Police Precinct Characters By: vegamikeh (7.15 MB)
Batch of eight custom characters I made for use with Police Precinct. I have yet to print these and play test them. If you try them out, please let me know any ideas you have for balancing, modifying, or creating new characters in the future!
Apr 6, 2016


Police Precinct:: Police Precinct Game Capsule By: jfamily
Police Precinct Game Capsule.pdf (417 KB)
Karl Fenner of Common Man Games was gracious enough to allow the Game Capsule to be included in the second edition of Police Precinct in two parts - part one on the back side of the Murder Investigation Board and part two in the rule book. Of course, his graphic artist did a much better job than I could ever do!

I've decided to upload my version which incorporates the setup and actions for the Dirty Cop Variant in case you want those all in one place. There are a few other tweaks, such as categorizing the components during setup so they can be located more quickly and some minor wording changes in a few places, but otherwise, the Game Capsule is very similar in content to what you will find in the game itself.

This version of the Game Capsule will give you both the complete component list with setup on one side and the game overview and detailed actions on the other, and is intended to be printed as one double-sided document, laminated, and stored in the box.
Sep 11, 2015


Police Precinct:: Action Modifiers Aid By: bgm1961
Action Modifiers Players Aid.pdf (51 KB)
This is an aid listing all modifiers to consider when taking the Investigate, Arrest, or Emergency Response actions. Also includes criteria for success, and remarks applicable to each action. This is the only aid missing from the Rulebook! :) 1 page PDF.
Aug 7, 2015


Police Precinct:: Labels for your bags By: diablo663
Police Precinct 2nd Edition.docx (13 KB)
This is a new version of the file. This is labels that you can print and attach to your zip lock bags for storing the components of Police Precinct 2nd Edition.
Use address labels that are 1" x 2 5/8".
Jul 28, 2015


Police Precinct:: PP Justified By: Benji68
PP Justified.pdf (1.26 MB)
PP Characters from Justified
Jul 20, 2015


Police Precinct:: PP The Shield By: Benji68
PP The Shield.pdf (1.93 MB)
New Version with small clarifications
Jul 20, 2015
PP The Shield.pdf (1.93 MB)
The Shield: 6 characters, meant to be played with at least the chance for a bad cop...
Mar 18, 2014


Police Precinct:: Crooked Lawyers -- Larger Cards, New Events By: Common Man Games
CL-77-90.pdf (1.08 MB)
ALL of the Larger Cards, which is 16 of the 26 total cards included in the Crook Lawyers Promo-Pack
Mar 23, 2015


Police Precinct:: The Revised Version of the 1st Edition Rulebook By: Common Man Games
BGG-14-12.pdf (9.00 MB)
This document is the same (though lower res) as the version given to our US Printer who made the new books for The Kit (which included The Heat expansion, etc).

The 2nd Edition Rulebook is VERY similar to this in every regard. Much of the Credit is due to Jeff Brzoz!
Dec 10, 2014


Police Precinct:: The Event Deck for 2nd Edition WITH Crooked Lawyers By: Common Man Games
Police-Events-final.pdf (1.73 MB)
The cards found here are for the 2nd Edition of Police Precinct, and also include 13 extra (new) expansionary Event Cards slated to be published at the same time as the 2nd Edition. These 13 cards follow a Cover Card entitled "Crooked Lawyers".
Sep 17, 2014


Police Precinct:: Some new characters By: scharlemagne (1.88 MB)
I've been working on some alternate characters for Police Precinct- a public relations officer, a vice cop, a K-9 unit, and an enthusiastic rookie.
Mar 31, 2014


Police Precinct:: PP Castle By: Benji68
PP Castle.pdf (708 KB)
4 Characters of "Castle" for Police Precinct.
Mar 25, 2014


Police Precinct:: PP Columbo By: Benji68
PP Columbo.pdf (1004 KB)
Columbo Character for PP, new version with small clarifications.
Mar 18, 2014


Police Precinct:: Probability of Having a Dirty Cop By: jfamily
Police Precinct Dirty Cop Probabilities.xlsx (14 KB)
For those of you who have an interest in mathematics or that are just curious as to what the probability is of having a Dirty Cop in your game, I have uploaded a spreadsheet showing the probabilities for Option 2, Option 4, and Option 5. These are the only three options in the rule book for which it is not certain that there will be a Dirty Cop.

Also included are the number of combinations for each scenario.

For Option 4, the probabilities exceed 90 percent no matter how many players you have. If there were 10-12 Good Cop cards available rather than 6, it would be possible to create an option with more uncertainty.

Options 4 and 5 offer the same probability for the 6 player game because the scenarios are identical.

I hope you find this information useful.

Mar 9, 2014


Police Precinct:: Polskie tłumaczenie instrukcji By: Niekumaty
Polskie tłumaczenie instrukcji. Nie zawiera setupu oraz opisów kart. Jestem wyłącznym autorem niniejszego tłumaczenia. Zgadzam się na jego bezpłatne rozpowszechnianie. Miłej gry!

Polish rules. Setup and card description are not included. I`m the olny autor of this translation. I agree to free share. Enjoy the Game! Ziemek.
Feb 16, 2014


Police Precinct:: Turn Helpsheet By: Lines42
PPTurnHelpsheet.pdf (64 KB)
This is a helpsheet that shows a full turn, including all action and modifiers for dice rolls / card draws, etc.
Aug 18, 2013


Police Precinct:: Tłumaczenia kart na język polski By: bigbossjose
Police Precinct - tlumaczenia kart.doc (37 KB)
Wytłumaczenia efektów kart znajdujących się w Police Precinct. Dla osób mających problemy z językiem angielskim lub dla chcących zagrać z osobą nie znającą dobrze języka. Nie są to dosłowne ani profesjonalne tłumaczenia.
Jul 15, 2013


Police Precinct:: Probabilities of Dirty Cop(s) depending on Setup By: dkingnu
Dirty Cop-likeliness-Police Precinct.xlsx (9 KB)
Probabilities of Dirty Cop(s) depending on Setup
Jul 2, 2013


Police Precinct:: Spanish Rules By: LeBastard
Police Precinct _Spanish.pdf (287 KB)
Spanish Rules for Police Precint. I have used the Official Rulebook + FAQ + Dirty Cop rules.
Jun 19, 2013


Police Precinct:: Car Theft Event Card - Revised By: Common Man Games
Car theft revised BGG-May2013.pdf (1.81 MB)
This is the corrected version of the Car Theft Event Card.
Print this card if you wish to place the printed image inside a card-sleeve with the original card.
May 13, 2013


Police Precinct:: Corrected Compass By: Common Man Games
compass.pdf (1.43 MB)
Printable PDF for Corrected Compass.
May 9, 2013

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