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Friedrich:: Replacement Player Aid Cards By: lsamadi
4-card-Friedrich Player Aid replacements Bridge Sized V2.pdf (392 KB)
With permission from Histogames, this is a pdf of the fronts and backs of the original player aid cards included with the game arranged so you can create 4 copies. Center folding line to help align fronts and backs as well as cut marks provided.

The used copy of Friedrich that I purchased was missing most of the player aid cards and neither Rio Grande nor Histogames had replacement cards available. But Histogames kindly sent me the face images and allowed me to post this file.
Jun 20, 2017


Friedrich:: Friedrich Army Sheets (Enlarged and Colorized) By: walterbarrett
Friedrich Army Sheets 2.pdf (893 KB)
Wanted a larger and a little more colorful version of the Army Sheets, so figured I'd have a go at modifying the awesome ones on here! Edit: Now with cutting guides!
Apr 17, 2017


Friedrich:: Friedrich Player Mats (with corrected spelling) By: pnorell
Friedrich~Army Mats.pdf (1.82 MB)
My apologies to all German speakers for mis-spelling Friedrich der Grosse.
Feb 12, 2015


Friedrich:: Friedrich Victory Track By: pnorell
Friedrich~Victory Track.pdf (305 KB)
Victory Track to record each player's city conquests. Use spare game markers
Dec 14, 2014


Friedrich:: Friedrich Player Mats By: pnorell
Friedrich~Army Mats (2).pdf (1.36 MB)
Version 2 of my player mats uses spare control markers from the game to indicate the number of armies per general on a player track. Might be more convenient than plundering other games for counters. Enjoy
Dec 12, 2014
Friedrich~Army Mats.pdf (1.40 MB)
My thanks to Michael Berneking, whose army sheet design I used as inspiration for these mats. They can be laminated (or not) and are designed to be used with any kind of counters, markers etc. to represent armies. Number markers taken from other games are suitable. I use the nice army counters from STRUGGLE OF EMPIRES which are ideal as they have the correct colours. Any ideas for improvements or updates welcomed. Enjoy.
Dec 1, 2014


Friedrich:: Stickers for caps used as covers By: arm69mad
etiquetas cajas copia.jpg (1.02 MB)
I use this stickers for use in caps to hide the troops. It is more resistent than little carton box, is a recycle option and have a little bit of shell game!

You only have to print in a self-adhesive paper and put them on the caps!. You can change size for diferent caps. You can use diferent color caps for diferent nations.
Nov 4, 2014


Friedrich:: Friedrich magyar szabály By: valgab
friedrich_hu.pdf (352 KB)
A szabálykönyv magyar fordítása. (Hungarian translation of the rules.)
Oct 11, 2011


Friedrich:: Impact of Elisabeth (card of fate) on the winner By: ottto75
impact of elisabeth (card of fate) on winner.ods (42 KB)
Shows how strongly an early or late Elisabeth (card of fate) affects the outcome of the game. Data source: the games of all FWC tournaments. This is an OpenOffice spreadsheet.
Oct 18, 2010


Friedrich:: Expert game summary & "Cards of Fate" manifest By: beckeykevin
Friedrich_Expert.pdf (130 KB)
This game summary features the Expert game, "Cards of Fate" manifest and some of the more obscure rules, such as substitute re-entry sites.
Sep 8, 2010


Friedrich:: Improved strategy guide By: bjoap101
Friedrich strategy guide.pdf (210 KB)
This is a greatly expanded and rearranged version of my previous guide. The new chapters are mainly for more experienced players who have grasped the principles in the old guide and want to further improve their game play. Most of the content was worked out in preparation for the World Championships and there are also some lessons I learned in Berlin.
Jan 20, 2010


Friedrich:: Recordatorios de reglas By: Wiskeim
friedrichrecordatorios.pdf (138 KB)
rules reminder in spanish. Sumario de recordatorios de reglas de Friedrich.
Dec 29, 2009


Friedrich:: Friedrich strategy guide By: bjoap101
Friedrich strategy guide.pdf (148 KB)
After viewing the WC-finals I realized my way of playing Friedrich was wrong and I would like to share the lessons I learned. This guide deals mostly with the overall strategy of the game, the focus is on Prussia/Hanover.
Jun 2, 2009


Friedrich:: Friedrich rules summary By: Grimnir
Friedrich Notes v1.doc (63 KB)
Friedrich rules summary that I use to teach the game and to refresh my memory.
Incorporates v2.1 of the rules, the 1/05 FAQ, and any clarifications from the BGG Rules Forum.
Sep 2, 2008


Friedrich:: Redesigned Army Sheets By: mberneking
Friedrich.pdf (2.23 MB)
Eliminate the symbol laden, virtually indecipherable, twin language army sheets with a clean EZ-Read format designed for 8.5 x 11" paper. Gone is the guess work of what is that and how do I assign this. In addition, cards in hand text has been redeveloped to show at start and after the event.
Jan 13, 2008


Friedrich:: TC-in-players-hands.pdf By: rsivel
TC-in-players-hands.pdf (117 KB)
Jun 29, 2007


Friedrich:: Rule Summary r2.doc By: LHIM
Rule Summary r2.doc (70 KB)
Rules Summary with 3rd page for advanced game
Mar 8, 2007


Friedrich:: Alt Army Cards3.ppt By: LHIM
Alt Army Cards3.ppt (194 KB)
Half sheet army cards: Print/Cut/Fold
Mar 8, 2007


Friedrich:: Friedrich Rules Quirks.doc By: JoshBot
Friedrich Rules Quirks.doc (22 KB)
Reminders about some rules quirks for Friedrich
Sep 16, 2006


Friedrich:: Friedrich.doc By: compluto
Friedrich.doc (46 KB)
Traducción al español de las cartas tácticas y de destino
Jul 12, 2006


Friedrich:: By: snoozefest (5.13 MB)
Print the fronts onto cardstock, then flip the pages and print the backs. Cut them out and glue together. Each box fits 2 of the tactical card decks. This is a box from with scans of the card backs added.

Look here for my other player aids.

May 17, 2006


Friedrich:: Army Card Backs A4.pdf By: snoozefest
Army Card Backs A4.pdf (78 KB)
Turn summary; print onto the back of the included Army sheets (A4 paper).
May 17, 2006


Friedrich:: DoItYourself_Part2.pdf By: Zapata
DoItYourself_Part2.pdf (111 KB)
Building your own additional material: the easy way or "DiY for dummies"
Mar 29, 2006


Friedrich:: DoItYourself_Part1.pdf By: Zapata
DoItYourself_Part1.pdf (481 KB)
Instructions to build your own additional playing material for Friedrich (see"home made material" appearing in images section)
Mar 29, 2006


Friedrich:: FriedrichGenerals.pdf By: Zapata
FriedrichGenerals.pdf (842 KB)
Individual pictures of the generals used in my "home made material" appearing in images section.
Mar 29, 2006


Friedrich:: map_start.jpg By: Martie
map_start.jpg (380 KB)
Generals and supply trains starting positions
Mar 11, 2006

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