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Dominion: Guilds:: Tasajara's Dominion Guilds dividers (vertical) By: tasajara (1.44 MB)
Corrected Merchant Guilds to state that the coins obtained may NOT be spent on the same turn.
Jan 3, 2016 (1.43 MB)
Updated Card Sets with Guilds instead of Dark Ages for one of the titles.
Jun 20, 2013 (1.43 MB)
VERSION: June 2013
DETAILS: Vertical Dominion card dividers. A set it available for each different Dominion box set (Base, Intrigue, Seaside, thru Guilds). I designed these to fit into Trivial Pursuit card boxes which I then put into a standard (US) photo box as such:

The dividers all have rules information about each specific card and some clarifications on them where relevant, so there isn't a need to carry manuals around with you (unless you need the general rules for each set)

For each box set :
* 8 Kingdom cards per page, now alphabetically in order with no overlaps between boxes.
* Includes SETS card(s) listing recommended sets for that version/expansion.

When designing, I compromised with more pages but flexibility and interleaving ? just pick and choose what you want:
* In BASE and INTRIGUE sets, the VP and Treasure cards are on a separate page for each box.
* Some pages are interleaved - you can print 2 or 3 different sets of cards onto one page. This is detailed further below.

Special pages:
* A BASE set page includes Miscellaneous, Blank Cards, Randomizers, and Trash dividers.
* Promos specific pages which include first 4 promos on one page and the latest (Governor) on a separate page.

Here is the full list of files for each box set including a link to where you can find each one.

Some pages can be printed together onto one page. Just print one, then re-insert the paper in the same orientation in your printer, then print the other(s).

The pages that you can print together on one page:
* Promos (top 4 slots), Intrigue 4 (bottom right 2 slots)
* Prosperity 4 (top 4 slots + bottom left slot), Seaside 4 (bottom right 3 slots)
* Promos 2 (bottom left 1 slot), Seaside 4 (bottom right 3 slots)
* Prosperity Fixes (top 4 slots), Cornucopia Prize Dividers (bottom 4 slots)


Dominion_Promos_AUG2014.PDF (All Promos)
Dominion_Promos_2_AUG2014.PDF (Governor + Prince only)









Jun 16, 2013


Dominion: Guilds:: English Rules for Dominion Guilds By: elschmear
Dominion Guilds English Rules.pdf (5.13 MB)
English rules for Dominion Guilds
May 9, 2015


Dominion: Guilds:: Happycamper style tabs By: Shewski
Dominion Tabs (latest).pdf (136 KB)
Includes tabs for just Guilds. If you want tabs for all of the sets, they are posted under the main game
Feb 5, 2014


Dominion: Guilds:: Reis's Dominion Tabs - Guilds By: Luce
Reis Dominion Tabs Guilds v2.pdf (3.18 MB)
An elegant set of tabbed dividers for Dominion - v2 adds FAQ text to the tabs. Special thanks to spearjr and karrde for creating the templates used in making this. Also thanks to nzahller for adding the FAQ text to this one after I lost use of my word processor.
Sep 19, 2013
Reis Dominion Tabs Guilds v1.pdf (3.15 MB)
An elegant set of tabbed horizontal dividers for the Dominion: Cornucopia set. Special credit and thanks to Jake Di Toro (karrde) and Jason Spears (spearjr) for their work in creating the card templates that have been used in this document.
Jul 10, 2013


Dominion: Guilds:: Resninja style tabs (for Guilds only) By: ezrimey
guilds condensed.jpg (767 KB)
This contains simple horizontal tabs, made up in a style that mimics the originals done by BGG User Resninja. This file only contains tabs needed for Guilds as his existing tabs work just fine.
Sep 17, 2013


Dominion: Guilds:: Dominion Card Randomizer - v9 - Guilds By: Iceicle
Dominion_Randomizer_v10_(3-5 Potions).xls (357 KB)
The newest version (v.11) can be found here:


This is an update of the Randomizer to include the 3-5 potions option.

If potions gets chosen as one of the 10 kingdom cards, you can guarantee that exactly 3, 4, or 5 potion cards will be used if you select "3-5" in cell A6.

Many people were asking for this in the past. I still generally "hard random" with my playgroup, but now you have another option.
Aug 18, 2013
Dominion_Randomizer_v9_Guilds.xls (324 KB)
Using this file, you can select/deselect cards that will appear in the random set of kingdom cards. This is also great for knowing what cards are required for setup depending on how many players are playing and what cards are in use. For example, if Young Witch is being used, there will be an additional kingdom card in the pile and this takes it into account and will give you a reminder.

For anyone with no clue what this is, this is a MSExcel spreadsheet file that lists all the cards in official Dominion and its expansions. Some of the oldest fan expansions that were posted on BGG are in this too. I have only ever played the Salvation fan expansion so I could not comment on the other ones.

Card descriptions are available on hover for all official Dominion cards. I did not enter them for fan expansions.

Essentially, this is an updated version of the old randomizer. It includes the kingdom cards from Guilds and some great updates based on user feedback.

In response to comments from the old randomizer (found in the Dominion: Dark Ages page):

@ Rick Teverbaugh (rickert): A few comments...

1) I think the minimum 3 cards with potions if potions are used is a suggestion. My friends and I have never followed it as a rule so I left it out. In the words of my good friend, "Hard Random!"

2) I believe that Colonies, Platinums, and Shelters are determined as is suggested in the rules.

@ Ryan Kane (x68zeppelin80x): a few comments...

1) I totally agree about the formula for the Curses (and it works the same for Ruins too), however, I just left it as is. My apologies to your computer's brain for having to work a tad harder.

2) Thank you for mentioning that the Ruins were missing. I have barely had any opportunity to play Dark Ages myself and totally forgot about that. I would've reposted the Guilds revision without the Ruins today if not for your comment. Rest assured, it is in there now, as well as some other additions.

@ Everyone: If you happen to be in the GVRD and have a desire to meet up and play some Dominion sometime, drop me a message. I don't log into BGG as frequently as I would like, but who knows.

Jul 6, 2013


Dominion: Guilds:: Double-sided horizontal dividers for Dominion: Guilds By: Salt-Man Z
Dominion Dividers-Guilds.pdf (308 KB)
Double-sided dividers allow you to sort your cards however you want and still have alternating tabs. Tabs are colored to show card type, and show cost and set/expansion identifier. Card FAQs and notes on dividers. Special thanks to Pawel "m_knox" Pawlak for the icon.
Jun 28, 2013


Dominion: Guilds:: Dominion Guilds Tuckboxes By: teal
Dominion Guilds Tuckboxes v1.pdf (88 KB)
Tuckboxes for the kingdom cards in the Dark Ages expansion set of Dominion. The boxes are sized for use with Eurogame card sleeves. The boxes are a bit loosely sized. They are meant to be glued at the bottom.
Jun 27, 2013


Dominion: Guilds:: Dominion Guilds Avery 5167 lables By: Chanfan
Dom_Guilds_Labels_v1-0.pdf (465 KB)
Divider Labels, Treasure Banner-style in 300dpi, in the style of pdclose's divider labels. Designed for Avery 80-up 1/2" by 1&3/4" labels, template 5167. Based to match pdclose's previous labels.
Jun 18, 2013


Dominion: Guilds:: All Card rules with Icons for all sets and promos By: zackdale
Dominion Card Rules v10_2.pdf (505 KB)
*Edited to include missing card info for "Butcher"
All cards through Guilds including promos alphabetized, and labeled for each set as well as all recommended card set ups. Included are additional setup rules for 5-6 players and such.

Images copyright Rio Grand Games
Jun 16, 2013

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