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Pit:: New Commodities By: captainkirk368
pitbitcoincards.docx (640 KB)
Photocopy 9 times to create a set of Pit cards that depict updated commodities.
Determine the true value of Bitcoin only after a player corners the market in Bitcoin.
Roll 1D10 and replace the red X with the number rolled.
Bitcoin will be valued between 10 and 100.
Apr 19, 2019

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Pit:: Rules Summary By: Benjamin Maggi
Pit (Rules Summary).docx (18 KB)
Here is a summary of the rules for the game. I have condensed them considerably so that when printed (back to back), they can be laminated and fit in the original box. I didn't mention a final end-game total because some people play up to a total number of rounds, or play until one player has won a certain number of rounds.
Dec 29, 2015

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Pit:: Pit rules (Vietnamese) By: oewillrocku
Pit rules (Vietnamese).pdf (105 KB) Jul 5, 2014

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Pit:: Pit 中文說明書 By: soldatoJ
PIT 是由 Edgar Cayce生產的桌上遊戲.docx (13 KB)
Repos Production edition's Pit.
Dec 29, 2013

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Pit:: Pit for Large Groups By: wyldeoak
Big Group Pit Rules.docx (18 KB)
Pit variant that allows large groups (even 50 players!). Adapted for American version of "Pit" from file from tallboy
Jan 14, 2013

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Pit:: Reglas - Spanish By: jbrinx
Reglas PIT ES.pdf (799 KB)
Reglas de la versions de Winning Moves en castellano, la version de Asmodee es diferente, ya que lleva un lobo y un toro, en vez de un perro y un granjero.
Aug 22, 2012

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Pit:: PIT - Regras em Português / Portuguese Rules By: stormrover
PIT_PT_102.pdf (229 KB)
Tradução de Regras para Português.
Para as versões da Winning Moves e da REPOS
Versão 1.02
Portuguese Rules Translation
For the Winning Moves & REPOS versions
Version 1.02
May 21, 2011

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Pit:: Tuckbox for cards for Pit By: Cheddar Beer
pit.pdf (1.64 MB)
A pdf of a tuckbox for the cards in the game Pit. Does not hold the Corner card, (or the bell for that matter) File 24635 used to generate template.
Jul 21, 2009

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Pit:: Pit Eng repos production edition By: ahchong
Pit Repos Porduction English.pdf (23 KB)
Repos Production edition's Pit. Using online translator and a help of a french friend...
Jan 19, 2009

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Pit:: Playing PIT with fifty players...or around that many! By: tallboy
Pit for Fifty Players - Instructions.pdf (198 KB)
This relates to a session report
Jun 8, 2008

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Pit:: Pit Rules By: swaits
Pit Rules.pdf (43 KB)
Pit Rules, using standard decks of playing cards.
Dec 28, 2007

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Pit:: Pit_Francais.pdf By: gerald
Pit_Francais.pdf (80 KB)
Regles du jeu (French rules)
Apr 29, 2005