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War at Sea (second edition):: War at Sea Variant Out of Drydock By: cbenn67
Out Of Drydock.doc (758 KB)
Alternative OOB's for; British Naval air, ships scrapped by Washington treaty, U.S navy, and more efficient British World War 1 building program. Updated 10/29/2017. Includes new counter sheets. The counters included in the original file download were in need of a major makeover
Oct 29, 2017


War at Sea (second edition):: Reglamento en espaƱol By: Xerof
Reglas WAR AT SEA.pdf (261 KB)
Reglamento completo, incluido el ejemplo de juego.
Oct 21, 2015


War at Sea (second edition):: War at Sea-variant By: HiTracey
War at Sea-amendments.pdf (33 KB)
Slight modifications and collected Q&A.
Nov 13, 2013


War at Sea (second edition):: War at Sea Rules By: Grumbling Grognard
War_At_Sea_Rules.pdf (4.29 MB)
Rules of play (c1977)
Dec 7, 2010


War at Sea (second edition):: A New Improved DeLux WAS Map By: TimAllen
WAS_new_map.jpg (7.31 MB)
I made this a while back in photoshop because I couldn't stand the graphics on the original. Lemmie know if you like it.
Mar 11, 2009


War at Sea (second edition):: WatS.gbx By: alanmb
WatS.gbx (381 KB)
Cyberboard 3.0 gamebox
Jan 14, 2007


War at Sea (second edition):: By: sdiberar (1.48 MB)
Graphical update of the counters (use plastic stands)
Feb 10, 2006


War at Sea (second edition):: War at Sea alternate gameboard By: sdiberar
was2006_final.tif (1.98 MB)
Graphical update of the map
Jan 31, 2006


War at Sea (second edition):: WaS Deluxe By: hoop
WaS Deluxe (1.26 MB)
Deluxe War at Sea Counters
Dec 6, 2004


War at Sea (second edition):: By: WalterLai (33 KB)
Rules in Chinese
Dec 14, 2003

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