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Dead Man's Draw:: Rules in French By: murphyramusovic
Dead Man's Draw FR RV.pdf (1.33 MB)
Voici les règles en Français que j'ai compilé de plusieurs sources, à vérifier… Le PDF est en basse définition.
Si vous avez des suggestions de correction, merci de m'envoyer un message.
Dec 27, 2016


Dead Man's Draw:: Dead Man's Draw Suit Ability Reference Card By: maydaygames
pnp_dmd_suitabilitiesreferencecard.pdf (946 KB)
This file contains the full front and back of the suit ability references for the recent reprint of Dead Man's Draw. It has all 10 suits available and we're releasing the file for PnP.
May 6, 2016


Dead Man's Draw:: Rules in Greek By: xgmo67
DeadManDrawGr.pdf (425 KB)
Οι κανόνες στα Ελληνικά
Apr 26, 2016


Dead Man's Draw:: Captain Carcasse Rulebook (Dead Man's Draw Deluxe Tin Version) By: maydaygames
CAPTAINECARCASSE_rulebook_US_low.pdf (484 KB)
This is the new rulebook for Captain Carcasse, coming in 2016 by Mayday Games.
Dec 17, 2015


Dead Man's Draw:: Variant for DMD mechanic using miniatures. By: Jiryfoe
dmd3.pdf (208 KB)
Chart for allocating D10 dice from a dice bag.
Print the 1 page for 9 copies of the chart that fits in a standard card sleeve.
Dec 14, 2015


Dead Man's Draw:: Dead Man's Draw Boardgame - Cú Rút Bài của Người Chết By: boardgamesviet
dmd.pdf (11.79 MB)
Bản Việt Hóa Dead Man's Draw từ Tạ Thông - Boardgames Việt.
I've translated the rule into Vietnamese. Hope it easy for Vietnamese players to learn how to play it.
Sep 9, 2015


Dead Man's Draw:: Wakfu Themed DMD using Chips instead of Cards By: bertinc
DMD_Wakfu_with_Chips_ver_1.1.pdf (856 KB)
New version! This version is organized a little differently. I made each space slightly bigger so only 24 stickers fit on each page. There are now lines as a cutting guide for slicing these up or punching them out. I also created backs for the chips. Print pages 1, 2, and 3 once. Print page 4 only if you want to play the mermaid without the ability variant. I prefer that variant, so I put that on a separate page in favor of fitting everything else, including some of the backs on the first three pages. Print the 5th page twice. Print the cards page as many times as you want. One copy will probably be sufficient.

On the backs it says Wakfu Fistful Of Kamas. Named after episode 19 in season 2 of the series. The idea would be that this game is part of Ruel's challenge to Boris, the leader of the rogues.
May 1, 2015
DMD_Wakfu_with_Chips_ver_1.0.pdf (536 KB)
This is a Wakfu (TV Series) themed version of Dead Man's Chest using chips in place of cards. With chips, there is no shuffling. I used a different color chip for all the 2's to make it easier to separate them out for a new game. The PDF also includes Wakfu themed reference cards for the icon abilities. You will need two large draw bags to play and at least 60 chips to print and assemble a set. I own the published game from Mayday Games. If you like the game, buy a copy and support the designer and the publisher.

NOTE TO THE DESIGNER/PUBLISHER: If you would like this removed, just let me know. I will not resist or argue.
Feb 19, 2015


Dead Man's Draw:: Dead Man's Draw Card Game Rulebook -Mayday V. 1.0 By: maydaygames
Dead_Mans_Draw_Rulebook.pdf (7.65 MB)
This is the rulebook for the Dead Man's Draw Card Game releasing in 2014 by Mayday Games
Jul 26, 2014


Dead Man's Draw:: Dead Man's Draw - Final Playmat Design By: malkie13
Dead Man's Draw Playmat.jpg (14.90 MB)
300dpi, Max Quality image suitable for printing of the 22" x 12" Dead Man's Draw Playmat as seen here: and here:
Nov 26, 2013

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