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1835: Extension Kit MEK 1 – Enhanced Money:: Russian Imperial Rubles By: notclive
Imperial_Rubles.pdf (8.76 MB)
Currency sheets of Russian Imperial rubles from the decades before the Communist Revolution. I've cropped the notes to a generally consistent size ratio, and resized so that (generally) larger denominations are larger bills. The colour and size make these both functional and decorative replacement currency for many games.

The seven page PDF has sheets for 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, and 500 rubles. Sheets are sized for A4 but should print equally well on US Letter.

Since each denomination has its own page, I suggest printing as many copies of each page as are needed, trimming each half-page before gluing as front and back to heavy card, and then separating the individual counters. For my own use I've printed to regular 80gsm paper glued to 1000gsm agency board and spray-sealed.
Jul 20, 2017