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Indonesia:: Scoring Spreadsheet By: WCabes
Indonesia Scoring.xlsm (29 KB)
Hi All,

I have uploaded a scoring spreadsheet I made. Any suggestions would be appreciated. This makes the last few rounds much easier to score.

Apr 16, 2017


Indonesia:: Indonesia companies - remake By: philestar
companies COLOR.jpg (2.60 MB)
Il lost e few companies.... This is a remake
Dec 9, 2016


Indonesia:: Indonesia Hungarian Rules - Magyar Szabály By: Metttyu
indonesia_HUN.pdf (6.22 MB)
v1.0 - Ha esetleg találsz hibát/elírást, írj és javítom.
Nov 5, 2016


Indonesia:: Indonesia Revised Map v1,7 By: deinstein
INDONESIA_1.7.jpg (18.39 MB)
I think this should be the final version, of Alexandre Freitas' map. Thanks to user wiyum for doing the final revisions. I may have duplicated the file or this may be the only one (I accidentally deleted the old one after uploading the file.
Mar 7, 2016


Indonesia:: Indonesia Japanese rule By: hal200
Indonesia_JPN.pdf (399 KB)
Indonesia Japanese rule.
Feb 3, 2016


Indonesia:: Indonesia Unofficial FAQ By: tmgd
Indonesia FAQ v3.pdf (336 KB)
Indonesia Unofficial FAQ - Compilation with some of the forum questions and answers (version 3 - added new forum rules posts to the FAQ; fixed some typos; improved some content; improved format)
Apr 26, 2015
Indonesia FAQ v2.pdf (175 KB)
Indonesia Unofficial FAQ - Compilation with some of the forum questions and answers (version 2 - added new forum rules posts to the FAQ)
Oct 16, 2010
Indonesia FAQ v1.pdf (192 KB)
Indonesia Unofficial FAQ - Compilation with some of the forum questions and answers (version 1)
Apr 24, 2010


Indonesia:: Indonesia - Hebrew Rules By: ymdv
אינדונזיה - חוקים..pdf (160 KB)
Indonesia - חוקים בעברית
Mar 1, 2014


Indonesia:: Indonesia - Summary By: melusina
Indonesia - skrót zasad.pdf (190 KB)
Skrót opisu faz gry.
Aug 13, 2013


Indonesia:: Indonesia - Player Aid By: melusina
Indonesia - karta pomocy PL.pdf (334 KB)
karta pomocy gracza
Aug 13, 2013


Indonesia:: Indonesia - rules PL By: melusina
Indonesia - instrukcja PL.pdf (2.77 MB)
Polska instrukcja gry.
Aug 13, 2013


Indonesia:: Indonesia Dutch rules PF By: Bulak
Indonesia Dutch rules print friendly.pdf (128 KB)
Nederlandse regels. Printer vriendelijke versie.
Aug 16, 2012


Indonesia:: Indonesia Dutch rules By: Bulak
Indonesia Dutch rules.pdf (182 KB)
Nederlandse regels. Layout gebaseerd op het origineel.
Aug 16, 2012


Indonesia:: Indonesia - Resumo das regras em português By: worol
Indonesia_-_Portuguese_(regras_em_português).doc (200 KB)
Resumo das regras em português.
Jun 24, 2012


Indonesia:: Indonesia Era Cards - Oversized By: crambaza
Indonesia - Era Cards - Oversized.pdf (604 KB)
Here is the file I created to make my Era cards for Indonesia. The cards have all the misprints corrected. They are ~68mm x 120mm which fit the War of the Ring: CE card sleeves perfectly.
Apr 20, 2012


Indonesia:: Concise reference sheet by hecose By: hecose
ConciseRefSheet10 - Indonesia.ppt (108 KB)
Reference sheet useful for quick referencing and provides a structured summary for teaching the game.

This version contains minor enhancements.

See the Hansa Teutonica game entry if you are interested in ref sheets for other games that I’ve made. If you do not have Microsoft Powerpoint, a PDF version is also available there.
Aug 30, 2010
ConciseRefSheet08 - Indonesia correction.ppt (55 KB)
Reference sheet useful for quick referencing and provides a structured summary for teaching the game.
Sep 26, 2009
ConciseRefSheet07 - Indonesia.ppt (54 KB)
Reference sheet useful for quick referencing and provides a structured summary for teaching the game.
Aug 27, 2009


Indonesia:: Large Turn Order / R&D Table By: alexgrant
IndonesiaExpandedTable.pdf (25 KB)
An expanded version of the turn order / R&D table to make it easier to move the discs without bumping others out of place.
May 30, 2010


Indonesia:: Summary - Reference Sheet By: Boah
Indonesia Summary.pdf (45 KB)

Summary of play that can be used as a reference sheet.
In 1 page.
To be printed on both sides (with page reversed on back) and cut in the middle to make two half page two sided reference sheets.

Please send any comments or mistakes I might have made.

May 28, 2010


Indonesia:: City tiles. By: promuso
City tiles.pdf (50 KB)
Print on card. Laminate and then cut apart. Replaces the glass beads supplied with the game and is a handy place to place the delivered counters on.
Jun 15, 2009


Indonesia:: Block Labels for Boat Replacements By: xitoliv
IndonesiaBlocks.pdf (668 KB)
This file contains labels for both sides of 3/4 inch wooden blocks to be used as replacements for the wooden boats that come with the game. This is intended to make it easier to keep track of how much hull capacity is left during an operation phase when goods are being shipped.
Apr 14, 2009


Indonesia:: Indonesia QuickRef ITA By: dimarco70
Indonesia_QuickRef-Ita.pdf (299 KB)
Italian Quick Reference sheet
Riassunto delle regole in Italiano
Jan 20, 2009


Indonesia:: Resumen Indonesia By: witto
Resumen de las reglas en castellano traducido del original de Willem Holthuis
Aug 14, 2008


Indonesia:: Merger Cost Table V2 By: Benji68
Merger table v2.pdf (174 KB)
based on Mark Nemeths table, with icons for the base value of each good.
Jul 1, 2008


Indonesia:: Indonesia Calculators By: crixster
Indonesia (6 KB)
One of the problems of this game is the amount of calculations involved in the merger and operations phase. Here are 3 calculators(excel file) that hopefully will improve gameplay by doing those calculations for you automatically. You can use this to calculate the outcome of a merger, calculate the earnings for goods sold to cities and the cost of shipping it and finally calculate your cash balance after potential company mergers and sales or goods. I don't know bout you but it's quite helpful especially when you have a handy pda or smartphone around that can handle excel files. Just key in the values and voila! Feel free to modify or distribute it. Do drop me some comments and suggestions if you have any. Have fun!
Nov 23, 2007


Indonesia:: Indonesia Companies Summary.pdf By: not2fear
Indonesia Companies Summary.pdf (48 KB)
A Complete list of all the Companies, with relevant info, sorted according to era
Jun 19, 2007


Indonesia:: indonesia-map-light.jpg By: nicola74
indonesia-map-light.jpg (307 KB)
Prototype of a modified Indonesia's map
Jun 1, 2007

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