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Glory to Rome:: 3d printable Glory to Rome Insert (full size) By: goat314
gtr-half.stl (3.61 MB)
Half of the insert. For people with smaller 3d printers, make 2 of these.
Sep 4, 2016
gtr.stl (15 KB)
After failing at foamcore, here is a 3d printable insert. I paid $30 via a crowdsource 3d print site to have it produced. I have uploaded images to the GtR creative. All this will require is a bit of sanding on the corners!
Sep 2, 2016


Glory to Rome:: Glory to Rome center matte By: locarno
Glory to Rome matte.pdf (7.05 MB)
My playmat for Glory to Rome. This is a communal matte for the Building sites, card pool, order card deck and senators/jacks.
Aug 26, 2016


Glory to Rome:: concise reference sheet by hecose By: hecose
ConciseRefSheet21 - Glory To Rome.pdf (206 KB)
Reference sheet useful for quick referencing and provides a structured summary for teaching the game.

If you are interested in ref sheets for other games that I’ve made (>250), a complete set is available at my boardgame blog,
Aug 20, 2016


Glory to Rome:: Glory to Rome Camp English Translation Cutouts By: jonassvedas
camp.docx (700 KB)
Helper for people owning the foreign language game.
Jun 28, 2016


Glory to Rome:: Glory to Rome Cards English Translation Cutouts By: jonassvedas
Cards 1.0.xlsx (22 KB)
I have spent some time making a table listing all the cards and their special powers to match the ones in my french GtR. The translation was mostly copied from the Black Box Edition scans I found on BGG. However I did change some things to adhere better to the french edition I have. For instance in this edition the “Jack” card is called “Senator” so I have translated accordingly.

Also, big thanks to Ian Wakeham that game me a great starting point here.
Jun 28, 2016


Glory to Rome:: Paper box for cards By: Pard
Glory_to_rome_box2.pdf (1.69 MB)
No glue telescoping paper box 7 x 9,5 x 2 cm for 40-60 cards, pdf file, v. 2.0.
All for your lovely games GeekList with similar boxes for hundreds of games.
Thread with how-to and new games requests.

Nov 29, 2015
Glory to Rome.pdf (407 KB)
No glue telescoping paper box 7 x 10 x 2 cm for 40-60 cards, pdf file, v. 1.0.
All for your lovely games GeekList with similar boxes for hundreds of games.
Thread with how-to and new games requests.
Feb 20, 2015


Glory to Rome:: 迷你營地卡 By: finhisky
Mini_Camp_v1.0 (Chinese).pdf (625 KB)
Inverted Inverted Mini Camp v1.0 (Chinese)

Courtesy to Adam Vajcovec (BaseTwelve)
Nov 14, 2015


Glory to Rome:: Glory to Rome Card List - updated By: chayashida
GtR_cards - updated.xls (37 KB)
Updated version of batdog's Glory to Rome Card List. Includes both Republic and Imperium versions from the Black Box edition and the cards from the Board Game Geek expansion.
Sep 17, 2015


Glory to Rome:: GaR - Mini Campamentos By: alerce
GaR - Mini Campamentos.pdf (115 KB)
Mini Campamentos invertidos en Español, para la versión de Homoludicus o Europea.
Son 6 mini campamentos del mismo tamaño de las cartas, pensados para tener una versión más transportable del juego.
Basado gráfica y funcionalmente en éste mini camp incluído en la Edición Black Box en Inglés.
Mar 11, 2015


Glory to Rome:: Sit Gloria Romae English Pasteups By: parikkala
Sit Gloria Romae English (8.46 MB)
Sit Gloria Romae english pasteups.
Sit Gloria Romae is Glory To Rome italian version.
These pasteups translate game from italian to english only and not viceversa.
Mar 6, 2015


Glory to Rome:: Glory to Rome - pomoc w dużym skrócie By: nowikk
GtR-pomoc-do_druku2.pdf (264 KB)
wersja pliku do druku na jednej kartce A4 z dwóch stron - najlepiej drukować na grubym papierze albo po druku zalaminować
Jul 16, 2014
GtR-pomoc.pdf (502 KB)
Plik z pomocą dla początkujących. Zrobiłem żeby szybciej innych nauczyć, a przy okazji nawet ładnie wygląda (takie mam wrażenie :P)
Jul 15, 2014


Glory to Rome:: Schemat blokowy przebiegu tury By: nowikk
schemat_blokowy_glory_to_rome.pdf (102 KB)
Schemat blokowy przebiegu tury w grze NA CHWAŁĘ RZYMU wraz z krótką pomocą na drugiej stronie.
Zrobiłem takie coś żeby pomóc innym w miarę sprawnie ogarnąć grę :)
Jul 14, 2014


Glory to Rome:: Swedish pasteups PDF and the odg that generated them By: lacreighton (84 KB)
This is the libreoffice odg file that produces Swedish language pasteups for Glory to Rome. The colours are designed for the IV edition, and the pasteups fit nicely inside these cards when sleeved.

Carl Hallén (my bother-in-law) did the bulk of the work on this file. I took his translations, fixed some typos and errors, got it to format nicely and got the colours to print in a fine fashion (at least on my printer).

This document would also be a useful starting point for people who want to make pasteups in their own language. All the graphical elements could be reused -- you would only have to substitute the appropriate texts. And, of course, anyone interested in doing this is encouraged to do so by both of us.
Apr 24, 2014 (59 KB)
If, for some reason, you cannot use libreoffice and the original odg file, I made a pdf version just for you. But you can _edit_ the other one.

Again, the work was done by Carl Hallén (who did most of it) and myself.
Apr 24, 2014


Glory to Rome:: Glory to Rome - English paste-ups for German cards By: KAndrw
gtr_bridge_thirds.pdf (2.77 MB)
English paste-ups to replace the game text on German Ruhm fur Rom cards. Covers the top third of the original cards. Not much use if you don't own an original copy!
Mar 24, 2014


Glory to Rome:: Score sheet for Glory to Rome - french By: Le bretteur
Gloire-de-Rome-Scoresheet-FR.pdf (1.04 MB)
The file combines two score sheets for Glory to Rome with the Filosofia's version design.
Mar 22, 2014


Glory to Rome:: Score sheet for Glory to Rome By: Le bretteur
Glory-to-Rome-Scoresheet-EN.pdf (92 KB)
The file combines two sets of score sheets for Glory to Rome with the Black Box design. One with black background and the other without. The first one has a better design (all black !), but the second one will save ink...
Feb 25, 2014


Glory to Rome:: Ruhm für Rom - Spielerhilfe (Deutsche Edition) By: silent117
Ruhm für Rom-Spielhilfe-v1.pdf (688 KB)

Eine Spielerhilfe für Ruhm für Rom, die alles abdeckt, was NICHT auf dem Tableau steht. Also Spielablauf und Endwertung. Sehr nützlich um das Spiel zu erklären oder selbst kurz aufzufrischen.

In Spielgrafik und passend skaliert damit es in die Originalschachtel passt.


A player aid for glory to rome (german edition). It contains all information for the game, which is NOT on the tableau, such as game phases, actions and scoring at the end of the game. Very useful for teaching the game.

The Design is in the style of the game and everything is scaled accordingly to fit right into the original game box.
May 16, 2013


Glory to Rome:: Glory to Rome Chinese Rules By: finhisky
Glory to Rome Chinese Rules.pdf (6.89 MB)
羅馬萬歲 Glory to Rome 中文(正體)規則

©2013台東桌遊同樂會 Finhisky
Apr 23, 2013


Glory to Rome:: A quick rules outline By: LPGamble
Glory to Rome.xlsx (12 KB)
Basic quick summary of the rules in Excel
Dec 20, 2012


Glory to Rome:: Polish translation of rules for Black Box Edition By: gafik
Reguły Black Box.pdf (128 KB)
Zaktualizowane zasady Na Chwałę Rzymu. Opisane jest jak dostosować grę do wariantów zawartych w najnowszym wydaniu od Cambridge Games Factory. Opisy zmienionych funkcji budynków z przykładami. [przygotowane przez użytkownika "kolejarz"]
Dec 19, 2012


Glory to Rome:: Quick Rules Summary and Game Management Cheat Sheet By: bigloo33
Glory to Rome.docx (14 KB)
Corrected version, reflecting both versions.
Dec 16, 2012
Glory to Rome.docx (14 KB)
Quick, 1-page rules summary for remembering key rules between plays, and for helping to teach the game.
Dec 8, 2012


Glory to Rome:: Glory to Rome Player Sheet 1.2 Kor By: wook2440
Glory to Rome Player Sheet (6.56 MB)
Glory to Rome Player Sheet 1.2 Kor
Oct 4, 2012


Glory to Rome:: Модуль вассала / Vassal module By: Pard
Glory to Rome_1.3.vmod (9.41 MB)
Модуль вассала 1.3 / Vassal module in russian 1.3

Изменил поле игры - теперь оно у каждого игрока своё.
Добавил справочный файл по запуску игры на сервере.
Sep 6, 2012
Glory to Rome_1.2.vmod (6.91 MB)
Модуль вассала 1.2 / Vassal module in russian 1.2
Aug 29, 2012


Glory to Rome:: Rules for Decline and Fall -- GtR Fan Expansion By: looleypalooley
Rules for Decline and Fall -- GtR Fan Expansion v4.pdf (105 KB)
"Decline & Fall" -- Glory to Rome fan expansion, a significant rules update.
Aug 16, 2012
Rules for Decline and Fall -- GtR Fan Expansion v2.pdf (351 KB)
Revised Version 2 of"Decline & Fall" fan expansion rules and building descriptions for Glory to Rome.
Oct 11, 2011


Glory to Rome:: Правила игры / Rules in russian By: Pard
gtr_rules_ru_v_1_0.pdf (2.98 MB)
Правила игры, pdf-файл для печати на листах формата А4, 1.0 / Rules in russian, pdf-file for A4 printing, v. 1.0
Aug 1, 2012

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