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Neuroshima Hex!:: Neuroshima Hex Tuckboxes By: Maxxh77
Aid-Promo.jpg (8.27 MB)
Promo tiles
Jan 19, 2018
Exp-IronGang.jpg (8.95 MB)
Iron Gang
Jan 19, 2018
EXP-Sharrash.jpg (9.64 MB)
Jan 19, 2018
Exp-Neojungle.jpg (10.22 MB)
NeoJungle (thanks to AzimutTheUt)
Nov 22, 2017
ExpansionTuckbox-3.pdf (13.09 MB)
Tuckboxes for the Expansion army:
Steel Police
Oct 30, 2017
ExpansionTuckbox-2.pdf (12.39 MB)
Tuckboxes for the Expansion army:
New York
Oct 30, 2017
ExpansionTuckbox-1.pdf (13.47 MB)
Tuckboxes for the Expansion army:
Death Breath
Oct 30, 2017
AidTuckbox.pdf (6.85 MB)
Aid Tuckboxes for wounds and nets
Oct 27, 2017
CoreTuckbox.pdf (17.52 MB)
Tuckboxes for the Core army
Oct 27, 2017


Neuroshima Hex!:: Fan army: The Nameless By: elgabster
The_Nameless_V2.5.pdf (11.62 MB)
A sneaky and well-rounded fan army. Reference card & 2,5 version of the army.
Jan 12, 2018
The_Nameless_V3.0.pdf (14.22 MB)
A sneaky and well-rounded fan army. Reference card & 3,0 version of the army.
Jan 10, 2018


Neuroshima Hex!:: Neuroshima Hex 3.0 Army draw Cards By: mauigreen
Neuroshima Hex 3.0 Army Cards v1.4.pdf (2.72 MB)
Updated to v1.4 which now includes the Iron Gang Army.

Nov 27, 2017
Neuroshima Hex 3.0 Army Cards v1.3.pdf (3.08 MB)
Updated to v1.3 which now includes the Death Breath Army.

Nov 4, 2016
Neuroshima Hex 3.0 Army Cards v1.21.pdf (2.88 MB)
Updated to v1.21 which now includes Mephisto 3.0 & The Dancer 3.0

v1.2 had one of the backs aligned incorrectly
Aug 27, 2016
Neuroshima Hex 2.0 Army Cards.pdf (5.46 MB)
Army cards for The Dancer 2.0 & Mephisto 2.0. I'll update when the 3.0 armies are released

Apr 18, 2016
Neuroshima Hex 3.0 Army Cards v1.1.pdf (5.43 MB)
Added a draw card for Steel Police 3.0

Sep 18, 2015
Neuroshima Hex 3.0 Army Cards.pdf (2.71 MB)
Use this card deck to draw your armies randomly each game. Based on the 3.0 artwork. I will update as new 3.0 armies are released.

Aug 17, 2015


Neuroshima Hex!:: New Faction: Johnstown (Neuroshima Hex! 3.0) By: FirstAidKite
Neuroshima_Hex_Tile_Sheet_and_Reference_v3.pdf (3.32 MB)
This update follows the suggestions of forums user allstar64. Thanks to his suggestions, I've decided to make the following changes.

- Bikers no longer have the net ability
- Bikers have an initiative of 2 instead of 3
- Bikers now have 2 melee attacks to make up for removing the net
- When the player uses Johnstown's pressure water attacks, they are allowed to choose where the enemy unit is pushed to
- Units with Armor can be pushed back by water attacks now (but still do not take damage from them)
- Water Bomb has been changed so that the terrain tile only debuffs enemy units instead of both enemy and allied units.

So those are the changes and I hope this army is a little less overpowered now that I've nerfed the bikers. I'm going to be doing some experimentation from here with where to take the army (you can see the discussion thread for details) so for now, here's the updated pdf containing the updated reference card and tile sheets.
Aug 3, 2017
Neuroshima_Hex_Tile_Sheet_and_Reference_v2.pdf (3.33 MB)
Updated version of the pdf for the Johnstown army.

Discussion thread:
Jul 30, 2017


Neuroshima Hex!:: HeXoes3: Heroes3 in NeuroshimaHex! By: Thorag
hexoes.rar (9.78 MB)
Borgo, NY, Outpost, Vegas, Hegemony.
Made for my sons. They love it.
Have fun.
Jul 31, 2017


Neuroshima Hex!:: Neuroshima Board and Track By: CrickRock
NeurohimaHex2p.pdf (11.54 MB)
I wanted to make the game more portable for trips, and the only issue was the huge board, so I made this.

It's real sized, and with the original art (from a photo I took of my board), but I made it printer friendly.

There's a black and white and a sepia toned option in the file.

It has the damage track on the sides like the cardboard, and the provided chips fit in the spaces.

Language independent, printer friendly and A4 international paper sized.
No resizing needed.
Jul 4, 2017


Neuroshima Hex!:: FanArmy: The Tribe By: elgabster
The_Tribe_v2.5.pdf (12.53 MB)

A fast but fragile fan army, that relies on sneaky tactics and heavy range damage at initiative 0. Reference card & 2,5 version of the army.
Apr 4, 2017
The_Tribe_v3.0.pdf (16.65 MB)

A fast but fragile fan army, that relies on sneaky tactics and heavy range damage at initiative 0. Reference card & 3,0 version of the army.
Apr 4, 2017


Neuroshima Hex!:: FanArmy: Bayou Boyz By: elgabster
Bayou_Boyz_v2.5.pdf (13.30 MB)

A weaker but a customizable army.
Reference card + 2,5 version of the army.
Mar 24, 2017
Bayou_Boyz_v3.0.pdf (17.00 MB)

A weaker but a customizable army.
Reference card + 3,0 version of the army.
Mar 23, 2017


Neuroshima Hex!:: 3.0 Version Tuckboxes! By: Seoulmunch
Base Game Z-Man.pdf (2.09 MB)
Updated version of my Z-Man edition 3.0 Tuckboxes.

I can upload the other armies of the same style, but I'll need to re-size them if they're the 3.0 or 2.5 versions.
Nov 22, 2016
neuroshimatuck_3.pdf (2.77 MB)
Tuckboxes I designed for the Z-Man edition of Neuroshima Hex! 3.0.

The blank design was kindly given to me by Midaga. So if you've cut out any of his, these are exactly the same.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Oct 6, 2013


Neuroshima Hex!:: Guild of the Gladiators v2.0 remake By: MasterTouan
Guild of Gladiators v2.0 - by MasterTouan.pdf (3.04 MB)
A v2.0 remake of the Guild of the Gladiators fan army by Mateusz „JAskier” Pitulski, made with eHeck 1.3.
A group of tough melee fighters, with an HQ acting as a medic.
Read and discuss about the army here:
Sep 1, 2016


Neuroshima Hex!:: Hell Angels v2.0 remake By: MasterTouan
Hell Angels v2.0 - by MasterTouan.pdf (2.96 MB)
A v2.0 remake of the Hell Angels fan army by Korneliusz "Kori" Ligenza, made with eHeck 1.3.
A gang of bikers with an excellent mobility (8 movement tiles!).
Read and discuss about the army here:
Aug 30, 2016


Neuroshima Hex!:: [Fan Army] MIT By: LienRag99
MIT_1.0_by_LR99.pdf (4.53 MB)
A very strategic army with only 5 damage-dealing units, powerful but slow and weak. They are helped by a dozen of supporting units, quite useful, but not damage-dealing.
Mar 13, 2016


Neuroshima Hex!:: [Fan Army] Ice Warriors By: LienRag99
IceWarriors_1.0_by_LR99.pdf (4.39 MB)
An army of armored Yetis who have freezing weapons! Freezing attacks do not inflict damages but Freeze units (they are flipped-back). Frozen units can be destroyed by enemy attacks, or unfrozen by allied attacks (see example on ref.card back).
Feb 26, 2016


Neuroshima Hex!:: Super Mutant Killer Bunnies By: MasterTouan
Bunnies.pdf (191 KB)
Re-upload of the Bunnies army by RustanR.

PDF file for the tiles only, see the following topic for the rules:
Feb 1, 2016


Neuroshima Hex!:: 3.0 Army Creation Kit By: elgabster
3.0 kit.psd (4.84 MB)
A .psd file for everyone creator that want to make a army for the current version. A good tool to get you started but will not contain all the abilities and icon from the game.
Jan 30, 2016


Neuroshima Hex!:: [Fan Army] Firemen By: LienRag99
NeuroshimaHexFanArmy_-_Firemen_-_orange.pdf (5.92 MB)
Army of Flamethrowers: mid-range units, but the more they can survive the more dangerous they are.
(v1.0b : orange edition)
Jan 23, 2016
NeuroshimaHexFanArmy_-_Firemen.pdf (8.90 MB)
v1.0: original version with sky-blue background.
(everything else is the same)
Jan 17, 2013


Neuroshima Hex!:: [Fan Army] Zombie Army By: LienRag99
Zombie army for Neuroshima Hex by Samuel (1.12 MB)
Zombie army by Adobi (disappeared from previous file sharing website).

See here for more details.
Jan 9, 2016


Neuroshima Hex!:: AlienShima: Alien army, 2nd version By: dexMilano
card RULEBOOK.pdf (1.05 MB)
rulebook addedndum 0.2
Dec 20, 2015
token.pdf (2.38 MB)
token 0.2
Dec 20, 2015
tilesRETRO.pdf (244 KB)
Tiles retro 0.2
Dec 20, 2015
tiles.pdf (2.60 MB)
Tiles 0.2
Dec 20, 2015
reference card.pdf (5.35 MB)
Reference card 0_2
Dec 20, 2015
Tile ver (11.54 MB)
Release 0_2 of the Army (Xmas gift)
Here you can find:
- A new tile set
- reference card
- rulebook addendum

In the "token" file you can find also some tiles to change the structure of your army (you can easily distinguish for the green line in the bottom) and all needed token to manage the army (see rulebook)
Dec 20, 2015


Neuroshima Hex!:: Neuroshima Hex League tables By: tommyray (1.67 MB)
The archive includes Excel file and Numbers files. Xls file has multiple tabs as tables and Numbers file has all in one tab as separate tables.
Both can be used to store results of Neuroshima Hex games.
There are 4 tables: Table1 - is for person vs person results - it calculates rank position in relation to performance of other players, % of won games and other things as well.
Table2 - is for army vs army results. Table3 is used to store players performance with each army.
Table4 is used to record timeline of recently played games (comments can be used to indicated the army played).
Nov 8, 2015


Neuroshima Hex!:: Neuroshima Hex! 3.0 Reglas en Español By: thorhispano
Neuroshima Hex! 3.0 Spanish rules.pdf (8.05 MB)
Instrucciones tradumaquetadas en Español.
Oct 28, 2015


Neuroshima Hex!:: 2-player Board for printing By: DarkerSide
NH-2-player-board.pdf (479 KB)
It's much easier if you can take small gameboard and few armies to a backpack. Also it's easier to organize a small tournament when you have 2-3 boards and 3 pairs can play at the same time.
A chalk overlay thick paper is recommended for that printing.

{Polish version}
Znacznie łatwiej spakować mniejszą planszę i kilka armii do plecaka, jak również łatwiej zorganizować miniturniej, gdy mamy do dyspozycji 2-3 plansze i jednocześnie 3 pary mogą grać.
Polecam gruby papier kredowy "trzysetka"
Jul 6, 2015


Neuroshima Hex!:: Tuckboxes do edycji polskiej By: Miszcz
pudełeczka.pdf (1.95 MB)
Pudełeczka na wszystkie armie, które zostały do tej pory wydane.
Jun 26, 2015


Neuroshima Hex!:: Custom board (2 or 4 players, box size) By: LienRag99
custom_NHex_board.pdf (1022 KB)
This file contains the right-sized ready-to-print images to have a custom game board:
-3/4 players on the main side
-2 players on the back

The two main advantages of this board are:
-the playing zone is much clearer than in the original 2.x game
-it fits the box size and does not need folding

The main image is taken from Koshiash's Warzone hex (in the file section).
Mar 1, 2015


Neuroshima Hex!:: Regeln, zusammengefasst By: Tamriel
Regeln.pdf (42 KB)
Eine A4 Seite.
Jan 6, 2015


Neuroshima Hex!:: Samenvattingskaart By: kristofbe
Neuroshima Hex.pdf (600 KB)
Als het een lange tijd geleden is, kan deze samenvattingskaart je helpen bij het spelen van Neuroshima Hex! Zo moet je niet hele tijd grijpen naar de spelregels!
Sep 23, 2014

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