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Nottingham:: [Español] Reglas a la JcK By: ArtEmiSa64
Nottingham - Reglas en Espanol a la JcK.pdf (201 KB)
Completo resumen de las reglas con imagenes al estilo JcK

Jan 31, 2012


Nottingham:: Greek Rules for Nottingham By: Vagos
Nottingham_GR.pdf (1.05 MB)
To βιβλίο οδηγιών του Nottingham μεταφρασμένο στα ελληνικά.
Feb 12, 2011


Nottingham:: Nottingham Samenvatting Nederlands By: zepson
Nottingham kort NL.doc (23 KB)
Samenvatting van de regels, om snel terug aan de slag te gaan.
Dec 11, 2009


Nottingham:: Nothingham Rules translated into dutch By: Bernie_be
Nottingham_NL.doc (871 KB)
Full translation into Dutch - Nederlands -
Nov 26, 2009


Nottingham:: Rules in portuguese By: ealpendre
nottingham regras.pdf (242 KB)
Regras em português ilustradas
Mar 16, 2009


Nottingham:: Nottingham player aid cards (English) By: almo1705
nottingham player aids merged.pdf (462 KB)
These cards are designed to jog the memory of players who are familiar with the rules, but may need a reminder of what all the actions are. They're oriented so that you can print them and fold them over at the line. One side are the actions for each card, the other side is a summary of turn order. Laminate or tape to your heart's content. When folded, they should be the same size as the cards in the game.

The first page of the PDF is a single player aid, the second page has 4, so you can print them all on the same page.
Jan 31, 2009


Nottingham:: Illustrated Nottingham Aid by Liumas By: Liumas
Illustrated Nottingham Aid by Liumas.pdf (723 KB)
Complete illustrated game summary: Setup, Turn Sequence, and Card Action Descriptions. Designed to print on 2 sides of a page and trimmed to fit in the Uberplay Nottingham box.
Jan 5, 2008


Nottingham:: Nottingham_ITArules.pdf By: Favar
Nottingham_ITArules.pdf (498 KB)
Official italian rules (with full color graphic)
Feb 16, 2006

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