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DVONN:: Samenvattingskaart By: kristofbe
Dvonn.pdf (327 KB)
Als het een lange tijd geleden is, kan deze samenvattingskaart je helpen bij het spelen van Dvonn. Zo moet je niet hele tijd grijpen naar de spelregels!
Jul 26, 2019

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DVONN:: Dvonn riassunto regolamento By: 8lackjack
Dvonn riassunto.pdf (96 KB)
Riassunto testuale del regolamento di "Dvonn".
Vi prego di segnalarmi eventuali errori, verranno corretti al più presto.
Dec 26, 2018

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DVONN:: Dvonn - Persian Rules - Q-Mars Ghanbari Azar By: qmars
Dvonn - Persian Rules - Q-Mars Ghanbari Azar.pdf (837 KB)
Dvonn Persian Rules Translated by Q-Mars Ghanbari Azar
Provided by
راهنمای فارسی بازی فکری دوون
مترجم: کیومرث قنبری آذر
ارائه شده توسط شرکت سرزمین ذهن زیبا
Feb 7, 2018

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DVONN:: DVONN Rules By: huchandfriends
huc_15_6104_GIPF_Project_DVONN_Auflage_A_2016_AL_sc.pdf (2.15 MB)
German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Polish
Jan 25, 2017

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DVONN:: Reglas de TODO el proyecto GIPF (sp) By: christianlafferla
GIPFPROJECT-playeraid (christianlafferla).pdf (177 KB)
Estructura: setup, turno, fin (2 páginas)
Apr 1, 2016

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DVONN:: regolamento DVONN By: fabiofiol
regolamento_dvonn.pdf (116 KB)
DVONN rules in Italian, Version 1.0
Sep 16, 2014

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DVONN:: Dvonn board sand theme By: Rock1963cat
Dvonn.png (385 KB)
Another version. This is a beach theme an is textured in sand.
Aug 28, 2014

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DVONN:: Custom DVONN board By: Audiosavas
DVONN v2.jpg (10.12 MB)
My sorry, somehow I made the long edge 10 hexes long when it had to be 9 hexes long. This is a corrected image.
Jul 5, 2014
DVONN.jpg (9.64 MB)
Tried to make the board more themed as I've seen lava on the DVONN's cover. Hope you like it.

Board Game: DVONN
Jul 3, 2014

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DVONN:: TZONN - Dvonn Board By: zombiegod
Tzonn.pdf (1.25 MB)
DVONN can be played using TZAAR and the GIPF Potentials Set.

1. Print out two sheets of the PDF onto sticker paper.

2. perform a trial run, by placing the sheets over two pieces of A4 foamcore to find where the two sheet should lay centrally over the two boards.

3. Make sure the Hex edge of 'Sheet 2' has any blank border trimmed away.

4. Apply the uncut bottom 'Sheet 1' so it overhangs over the second piece of foamcore, and forms a hinge.

5. Line up the top 'Sheet 2', making sure the grid is aligned before finally applying it.

From gallery of zombiegod

6. Once the sheets are in place, fold the board and apply a piece of duct or electricians tape to the rear of the hinge, to make it more sturdy.

Board Game: DVONN
Feb 16, 2014

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DVONN:: DVONN - Official Rio Grande Games Rules. By: jgoyes
Dvonn - Rules - Kris Burm.pdf (3.67 MB)
Official Rules by Rio Grande Games in English.

Posted with permission from the publisher.
Nov 27, 2012

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DVONN:: Guia Rápido DVONN By: pringi
GuiaRapidoDVONNv1.0.pdf (53 KB)
Quick guide for who already played the game before.
In Portuguese only.
Dec 1, 2011

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DVONN:: Dvonn rules - polish translation | polskie tłumaczenie reguł DVONN By: yosz
Dvonn.pdf (302 KB)
polskie tłumaczenie reguł Dvonn'a
Apr 15, 2009

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DVONN:: DVONN scoresheets By: qswanger
DVONN_ScoreSheet.xls (20 KB)
I made these scoresheets to record my DVONN games with my usual gaming buddy. Each 8.5 by 11 landscape page accomodates 3 games. The first set of columns ("chess style" moves 1-25) are for Phase I. There is a special bolded block at the start for the DVONN piece setup and a grayed out space at the bottom for black's move 25 -- simulating a pass required by the rules. The second set of columns are for Phase II and are slightly wider to better accomodate two move locations. The header fields should be self explanatory -- "T/C" is for whatever Time Control may be in use and the spaces above this can be used for players' ratings. Enjoy.
Oct 29, 2007

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DVONN:: dvonn.pdf By: szoffi
dvonn.pdf (191 KB)
hungarian translation of rules
Feb 15, 2007

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DVONN:: Dvonn Rules.doc By: Patticus
Dvonn Rules.doc (83 KB)
Dvonn - English Rules
Mar 22, 2006

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DVONN:: DVONN - Reglamento.pdf By: Adeptus
DVONN - Reglamento.pdf (184 KB)
Reglas en español (spanish game rules)
Jan 7, 2006