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Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: Very rough draft of my radically different movement system with a new wind chart. By: Steve1501
a WS&IM 8 impulses tables 2 legal size.pdf (74 KB)
Use these tables with the Radically Different movement system for WS&IM. Legal size paper.
The one with the radically different wind attitudes.
Watch for an up-date of the rules to go with this file.
The 1st post was very rough, but I wanted you-all to see the diagram sooner.
Jan 21, 2017
a WS&IM Radically diff movement 1 Rough draft.pdf (139 KB)
Page 1 has a diagram of what I'm proposing.
This would be used with the Impulse chart for 8 Impulses in a separate file.
It is a cut and paste job and very rough.
Jan 20, 2017


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: Rough draft of the rules for my variant or new game. 99% done. By: Steve1501
a WS&IM variant rules 4.pdf (213 KB)
This variant or new game using WS&IM components for small actions uses:
1] Old movement rules but with a new scale of 75 yds/hex & 2 min turns.
2] An impulse system instead of pre-plotting but record your move as you make it, action by action.
3] Side-slipping with optional new field of fire.
4] Crew quality effects the ships' maneuvering
5] Use my New Combat Tables Based on the Basic ones. New FoF rule and raking rule.
6] Boarding changed a little
7] Because of the scale change add 1 to ammo ranges (grape?), 4 to Ball shot's range, and grappling hooks can be thrown only if the ships collided [i.e. at range of 0].

I'm posting this now because I'm having pains in my arm.
Jan 17, 2017


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: This better version corrects the 3 errors, etc. Old file was Rough draft of my new combat tables. By: Steve1501
A WS&IM new CRT 7 combined pdf.pdf (61 KB)
Better Hit Determination Table and Hit Number Tables.
The 1st one was, as I said, a Rough draft.
This one corrects 3 errors that snuck in and 5 other minor changes.
Jan 15, 2017
A WS&IM new CRT 6 combined.pdf (43 KB)
Mostly based on the Basic Tables.
Major changes to the Hit Determination Table.
. . 1] Separate tables for Frigates and SOL.
. . 2] New crew quality bonuses. Ave. crews are all +1, etc.
. . 3] New system for how crew losses effect firepower.
. . 4] Others
Minor changes to the Hit Number Tables.
. . 1] I added a new #2 Table like the Adv. table did.
. . 2] I suggest 1 more R on the #0 Number Tables & maybe more R for all Hull tables.
Some changes to the ship specification sheets.
. . 1] Leave G & C hit boxes as Basic.
. . 2] Increase Hulls on Frig by 75% and SOL by 50% more.
. . 3] Reduce the Frigate Rigging Sec., but not the SOL.

Please, lets have a discussion.
Jan 8, 2017


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: Analysis of the Basic Hit Number Tables and MY modified ones. By: Steve1501
Analysis of WS&IM new CRT 3 Number tables.pdf (41 KB)
I added the #2 one to the Basic Tables.
To get just the Basic Tables ignore the #2 one.
Jan 8, 2017


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: WS&IM Ship's Log Forms 2-up By: SgtTodd
wsim_log.pdf (477 KB)
This file replaces the previous log sheets - this version includes depth, and the tournament game items such as reloads, and 2 anchor cable boxes.

Recently teaching a gaggle of young fellas to play I found they were having difficulty dealing with their ship's logs. I've played this game since it first hit the shelves, and I'm used to the old logs, where bow guns are left, stern guns right, left is up, right is below, and the rigging's at the bottom; but even I was having problems with these older eyes, so...

I cobbled these log forms together to address the issues I found in the field. The lay-out is more intuitive, the boxes are half-again larger, and things are arranged with a top-down view like the counters, rather than the profile view of the tournament rules logs.
Jul 12, 2016


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: My House Rules By: SgtTodd
Wooden Ships and Iron Men Jerry's Rules.rtf (5 KB)
My changes to WS&IM regarding mainly rigging hits and anchoring
Oct 8, 2014


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: WSIM Tournament Rules v1.2b complete package By: SgtTodd
WSMv12.zip (5.93 MB)
The Zip file containing the complete package of WS&IM Tournament Rules version 1.2b
May 24, 2013


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: WSIM Turn Sequence - Basic Game By: feldmafx
Wooden_Ships_Turn_Sequence.pdf (271 KB)
A quick reference for the basic game with brief descriptions of what is being accomplished.
Oct 29, 2009


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: 2nd edition changes By: dittohos
Wooden Ships & Iron Men 2nd edition changes.doc (22 KB)
Upgrade your 1st Edition to 2nd Edition.
Oct 2, 2009


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: Advanced Tables German By: SpaceButler
Tabellen Fortgeschrittene Regen.pdf (95 KB)
German version of the tables for the advanced game, made by Heiko Weyen.
Dec 12, 2008


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: Paged version of WS&IM Map By: Awfki
WS&IM_Map_(paged).pdf (2.01 MB)
This is the same map uploaded by bkindt but I've chopped it into pages for easier printing.

In the teach them how to fish dept: I used the OS X freeware "Image Tool" to convert the PDF to a jpg and used "PosteRazor" to chop it into pieces.
Dec 11, 2008


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: Easy to read Master Scenario Chart By: JimM
EZ to read Master Scenario Chart.xls (32 KB)
This chart I made has bigger letters to make it easier to read.
Jun 20, 2008


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: WSIM_Ships_Log.pdf By: Bostich
WSIM_Ships_Log.pdf (24 KB)
Ships Log - 1pp. Better for smaller/longer battles. Easier to read.
Jan 23, 2006


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: counters.pdf By: bkindt
counters.pdf (141 KB)
Complete counters
Aug 30, 2005


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: map.pdf By: bkindt
map.pdf (1.23 MB)
Scan of map
Aug 30, 2005


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: logfile.pdf By: bkindt
logfile.pdf (65 KB)
Log table
Aug 30, 2005


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: wsim_tables.pdf By: bkindt
wsim_tables.pdf (46 KB)
Advanced Tables
Aug 30, 2005


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: Wooden Ships and Iron Men - British Ships.doc By: rennyb
Wooden Ships and Iron Men - British Ships.doc (1.70 MB)
British Ship Data
Feb 14, 2005


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: Wooden Ships and Iron Men - French Ships.doc By: rennyb
Wooden Ships and Iron Men - French Ships.doc (880 KB)
French Ship Data
Feb 14, 2005


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: Wooden Ships and Iron Men Critical Hit Table.doc By: rennyb
Wooden Ships and Iron Men Critical Hit Table.doc (27 KB)
Variant Critical Hit Table and Melee Resolution
Feb 14, 2005


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: Wooden Ships Log3.xls By: chrisinengland
Wooden Ships Log3.xls (56 KB)
"Original style" log sheet as an excel file with abbreviations
Dec 16, 2004


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: WSIM - Player Aid.pdf By: Ipecac
WSIM - Player Aid.pdf (251 KB)
Player Aid for Basic Rules - Turn Order, Helpful Diagrams
Sep 26, 2004


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: WSIM Marker count.doc By: Zandari
WSIM Marker count.doc (20 KB)
List of Markers in the game
Sep 4, 2004


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: ship log.xls By: skink
ship log.xls (41 KB)
Excel version of ship log
Mar 13, 2004


Wooden Ships & Iron Men:: pbem.xls By: skink
pbem.xls (37 KB)
Play-by-email aid (excel file)
Mar 13, 2004

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