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Xiangqi:: PnP Xiangqi board By: chrisbogert
Xiangqi board.pdf (989 KB)
Pretty straight forward to make.

What you need:
- Some tough print sticker sheets
- piece of wood (2 or a saw if you want to making it a folding board)
- hinges if you want it to fold
- some screws for the hinges.

Print at 100% in acrobat using the poster printing option.
That should print 2 pages I think, dividing it right down the middle.

Then cut your wood to size, or in half for a folding board.

Stick on the sticker sheets.

I used a kind of book binding tape for around the edge of the board.

If you use hinges make sure they fold flat.

I also put those little fuzzy sticker discs under the board, like you'd find on a chess board.
Jan 15, 2016


Xiangqi:: Lapppi's XiangQi board for Artscow By: Catamount
xiangqi_board_artscow_v2.jpg (1.99 MB)
This file is the same as the first, except that it has been lightened somewhat in order to print a little better. This second version is actually what is in place at the Artscow project link. The original file printed to my satisfaction, but some may prefer it less dark.
Oct 24, 2013
xiangqi_board_artscow_v1.jpg (1.93 MB)
This is the XiangQi board originally uploaded by Lapppi as a PDF for printing on paper. It has been converted to JPG and had its edges stretched for use as an Artscow plate mat. On a 12" x 18" plate mat, pieces of 1.25" or less diameter can be used. It can be accessed directly at Artscow:
Aug 20, 2013


Xiangqi:: XiangQi tablero y piezas (esp) By: JosepGA
xiangqi_A4.pdf (589 KB)
Tablero y piezas (con su nombre) en español

Printable xiangqi spanish
Jan 25, 2012


Xiangqi:: Xiang Qi By: snigfarp
leaflet-16-xiangqi.pdf (228 KB)
Xiang Qi, by Damian Walker. Traditional Board Game Series, Leaflet #16 (second edition).
Sep 12, 2011


Xiangqi:: Xiang Qi board (colour, bamboo background) By: Lapppi
printable_XiangQi_A4_300dpi.pdf (6.20 MB)
A4, 300dpi.
Colour with a nice bamboo background.
Mar 25, 2010


Xiangqi:: Printable Xiang Qi and Jangki sets By: iandstanley
cheap sets XiangQi and Jangki.pdf (215 KB)
Permission to be freely distributable if not changed
Mar 16, 2009


Xiangqi:: Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Rules By: gmonk (261 KB)
A nicely formatted, colour bifold guide to the pieces and basic rules of Xiang Qi from
Jul 21, 2008


Xiangqi:: XiangQi - Cyberboard Version by Rob Robinson (zombiegod) By: zombiegod (22 KB)
Cyberboard version with Scenario File.

Jun 4, 2008


Xiangqi:: Xiangqi - Reglamento.pdf By: Adeptus
Xiangqi - Reglamento.pdf (379 KB)
Reglas en español (spanish game rules)
Jul 26, 2005


Xiangqi:: printable_XiangQi.pdf By: Nomadik
printable_XiangQi.pdf (422 KB)
A Printable Xiang Qi board and Pieces
Jun 9, 2005


Xiangqi:: xiangqirules.pdf By: HiveGod
xiangqirules.pdf (372 KB)
Xiangqi rules and player aid
Dec 18, 2003

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