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Oshi:: OSHI: il gioco dell'influenza - Regolamento Italiano By: Khalmar
OSHI -Il gioco dellinfluenza v 2.0.pdf (761 KB)
Traduzione amatoriale (a cura di Andrea De Carolis) del regolamento di "Oshi, the game of influence" di Tyler Bielman.
Apr 17, 2020

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Oshi:: 'Oshi' based smaller game - Printable rules and board - Playtesters needed! By: steveh6883
Ko-Oshi_Rules_V1_0_Flat.pdf (3.67 MB)
Uploaded with permission and blessing from Tyler Bielman ('Oshi' game designer and rights owner)
Rules in FLATTENED PDF format - which is apparently better for printing
Apr 5, 2020

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Oshi:: Oshi board (A4 x2) By: cid44
8x8_board.pdf (28 KB)
One page A4
Jan 26, 2013