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Shadow Hunters:: Updated Cheat Sheet / character reference card By: thekapptin
Shadow Hunters Cheat Sheet.docx (20 KB)
Everything you need to know about all the characters in Shadow Hunters.
Now bigger & easier to read :)
Nov 26, 2016


Shadow Hunters:: Shadow Hunter Vietnamese By: oewillrocku
boardgamesviet-150610052128-lva1-app6892.pdf (18.09 MB)
Shadow Hunter Vietnamese
Sep 7, 2015


Shadow Hunters:: Paper box for cards By: Pard
shadow_hunters_boxes.zip (5.62 MB)
No glue telescoping paper box 7 x 10 x 2 cm for 40-60 cards, pdf file, v. 1.0.
All for your lovely games GeekList ❤✩♛ with similar boxes for hundreds of games.
Thread with how-to and new games requests.

Feb 20, 2015


Shadow Hunters:: Tuck Boxes for Sleeved Cards (Thick) By: felixleong
Tuck-Boxes-for-Shadow-Hunters.zip (1.49 MB)

Tuck boxes for all the cards, sleeved using thick sleeves. Measurements are being referenced using Swan Panasia thick sleeves.

They should sit snugly with the default insert that come in the box :).
Aug 10, 2014


Shadow Hunters:: Shadow Hunters character reference By: Kingprawn67
Shadow Hunters character reference.pdf (87 KB)
V1.1 reformatted: now larger, prettier and easier to read
Feb 24, 2014
Shadow Hunters character reference.pdf (160 KB)
version 1. A 2/3 page crib card showing all character stats, abilities, and win conditions for easy reference. Not as easy to read as the above version.
Sep 9, 2013


Shadow Hunters:: Shadow Hunters rules summary By: Grimnir
Shadow Hunters rules summary v1.pdf (34 KB)
Shadow Hunters rules summary that I use to teach the game and to refresh my memory.
Incorporates any clarifications from the BGG Rules Forum and from the Q&A on the Game Republic site.
Aug 10, 2013
Shadow Hunters rules summary v1.doc (45 KB)
Shadow Hunters rules summary that I use to teach the game and to refresh my memory.
Incorporates any clarifications from the BGG Rules Forum and from the Q&A on the Game Republic site.
Sep 16, 2009


Shadow Hunters:: Shadow Hunterrs - Cartas Traduzidas By: LadyFliperama
Shadow Hunters - Tradução das Cartas PT-BR.pdf (389 KB)
This is a non-official translation from the English version to aid players in my group that are not very proficient in English. The file is text-only, it was made to serve as a player aid and not a replacement of any game components, so there is no artwork whatsoever. But maybe it can help others.
Jan 4, 2013


Shadow Hunters:: Traduzione in italiano delle carte «Oxana spricht» e dei personaggi By: Bombadillo
Traduzione delle carte 'Oxana spricht' e dei personaggi.pdf (5 KB)
Questo file contiene la traduzione in italiano delle 18 carte verdi «Oxana spricht» e delle dieci carte personaggio (solo del gioco base, niente espansione), ossia le carte i cui contenuti sono segreti: non ho ritenuto necessario tradurre le carte rosse e blu dal momento che queste sono pubbliche e basta una conoscenza basilare del tedesco anche di un solo giocatore per comprenderne gli effetti.

Per usare questo file è sufficiente stamparlo, ritagliare le etichette ed incollarle od infilarle nella bustina della carta corrispondente.
Oct 31, 2012


Shadow Hunters:: Shadow Hunters cards By: muttstain
shadow-hunters-cards-matt-2.zip (5.68 MB)
This is the set of Shadow Hunters cards we are using, which includes the 20 original characters with new artwork to match up with the 30 new ones we added.
Mar 10, 2012


Shadow Hunters:: Shadow Hunters reference chart for balanced variant By: squash
Shadow Hunters balanced.doc (39 KB)
This is BGG user koby_shachar's reference chart with BGG user Alexfrog's balanced play variant. Anything on the chart that is different than what is on the character cards is highlighted in purple. This is a single-page Microsoft Word document.
Nov 5, 2011


Shadow Hunters:: Shadow Hunters custom characters By: StormKnight
SH Customs Set 1 v4 CM art.pdf (667 KB)
Big update - ART!
Ok, so its far from perfect. Art is courtesy of the Anime Character Maker 2 (except for the Unseen). Due to the limited options, that means everyone has the same pose, but its still a good bit better than a blank card and does a pretty good job capturing the look of the characters. I'm still working on a better art solution.

Clarified Evan's ability to return the card to the top of the deck.
Upgraded Belladonna - she can now gain a win condition by damaging a revealed character as well as by killing a character.
Changed Despair so that she only prevents Shadows and Hunters from winning.
Sep 2, 2011
Customs Set 1 v3 no pictures.pdf (330 KB)
Version 1.3: Updated Despair's text to clarify her ability and make it more consistent with other similar abilities.
Jan 18, 2011
Customs Set 1 v2 no pictures.pdf (330 KB)
A set of custom characters that we've been playing with a lot. Some of these characters are a bit more complicated than the basic set, but we think they're a lot of fun.

There's a problem with these; my versions of the cards have character art, but not being an artist, its all taken from other games. So, these were uploaded with blank art. Boring! If there's an artist out there who would like to work with me to make images for these characters, that would be fantastic!
Dec 29, 2009


Shadow Hunters:: Greek translation of Shadow Hunters rules - Version 1.0 By: manosdowns
Shadow Hunters Rules-Greek Translation-Version 1.0.pdf (729 KB)
Greek translation of Shadow Hunters rules. Text and images plus translation of the black, white and hermit cards.
Mar 25, 2011


Shadow Hunters:: Shadow Hunters Cheat Sheet By: stmaher
Shadow_Hunters_Characters.pdf (88 KB)
I made this chart of all the characters to keep track of them. This lists all the characters, their hit points, faction, win conditions and special abilities. It fits 2 charts per page, so print this 4 times and you've got enough to hand out to all 8 players! Happy Hunting.
Jan 31, 2011


Shadow Hunters:: Shadow hunters personages By: zepson
Shadow Hunters karakters NL.doc (39 KB)
Winstvoorwaarden en eigenschappen van de personages van Shadow Hunters in het Nederlands.
Jan 27, 2011


Shadow Hunters:: Cartas de lugares y personajes (tradumaquetas en español) By: Bicho
Lugares y personajes.pdf (4.18 MB)
Cartas de lugares y personajes, tradumaquetadas en español a partir de las originales en francés
Places and characters cards in Spanish (original layout), from the original cards in French
Nov 3, 2010


Shadow Hunters:: Cartas de vision (tradumaquetadas en espanol) By: Bicho
Cartas de visión.pdf (3.63 MB)
Cartas de visión, tradumaquetadas en español a partir de las originales en francés
Vision cards in Spanish (original layout), form the original cards in French
Nov 3, 2010


Shadow Hunters:: Cartas de oscuridad (tradumaquetadas en español) By: Bicho
Cartas de oscuridad.pdf (4.09 MB)
Cartas de oscuridad, tradumaquetadas a partir de las originales en francés
Darkeness cards in Spanish (original layout), from the original cards in Frech
Nov 3, 2010


Shadow Hunters:: Cartas de luz (tradumaquetadas en espa By: Bicho
Cartas de luz.pdf (3.88 MB)
Cartas de luz tradumaquetadas en español
Light cards in Spanish, original layout
Nov 3, 2010


Shadow Hunters:: Shadow Hunters Cards - in Russian By: dima3103
Shadow Hunters Cards Rus.pdf (88 KB)
Shadow Hunters all the cards translated into Russian. Simple text file (no images).
Aug 26, 2010


Shadow Hunters:: Shadow Hunters Rules - in Russian By: dima3103
Shadow Hunters Rules Rus.pdf (106 KB)
Shadow Hunters rulebook translated into Russian. Simple text file (no images).
Aug 23, 2010


Shadow Hunters:: Play By Forum image file for GIMP By: Grimwold
shadowhuntersMaster.zip (1.49 MB)
This is the master image file I am using for a Shadow Hunters Play by Forum game... The image is in xcf format which is native to open source image manipulation program, The GIMP.

The reason for this format is that I can use layers to separate the board, locations and player pieces, which can be quickly manipulated to create a snapshot of the board at any given point.

This is a preview of a jpg snapshot:
Nov 20, 2009


Shadow Hunters:: Etiquetas para las cartas en Español By: manolovila
Shadow Hunters etiquetas.pdf (302 KB)
Etiquetas para las cartas en Español by Manolo Vila
Oct 26, 2009


Shadow Hunters:: Characters' special abilities & win conditions By: koby_shachar
Shadow_Hunters_Characters.doc (44 KB)
A table for quick reference for all characters.
May 14, 2009


Shadow Hunters:: Teaching aid for Shadow Hunters - in Hebrew By: koby_shachar
HowToTeach_ShadowHunters.doc (45 KB)
המערך אינו הסבר ממצה של חוקי המשחק אלא אמצעי עזר לשחקן המסביר את חוקי המשחק לשחקנים חדשים
May 13, 2009


Shadow Hunters:: French translation of the cards (+ extension bonus) By: lapja
SHADOW HUNTERS_trad_fr.doc (48 KB)
French translation of the game cards including the japanese extension
Apr 25, 2009

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