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The Pillars of the Earth:: English Player-Aid By: Slayer6022
tPotE_PlayerAid.pdf (423 KB)
Includes English translation of Game Summary Cards and the Game Board locations.
Nov 2, 2017


The Pillars of the Earth:: Variante en solitario con cartas especiales By: cherey
Los pilares de la Tierra - Variante en solitario V3.pdf (2.07 MB)
Nuevo formato para las cartas. Ahora son de tamaño similar a las del juego para que puedan guardarse en el inserto original junto con las demás. Los anversos y los reversos de las cartas se han ajustado al centro de la página para que puedan imprimirse con papel reversible. Reglas en páginas 1 y 2.
Sep 20, 2017
Los pilares de la Tierra - Variante en solitario v2.pdf (5.36 MB)
Modificación y corrección de errores sobre la versión primitiva. Se han añadido cartas que faltaban y se ha remodelado el reglamento.
Feb 26, 2017


The Pillars of the Earth:: Pillars_of_the_Earth_FAQ & 2p variant_HUN By: Gubirobi
Pillars_of_the_Earth_FAQ&2p variant_HUN.pdf (314 KB)
Nem hivatalos rajongói fordítása a játék BGG fórumán felelhető szabályokkal kapcsolatos kérdéseknek és játékvariánsnak.
Non-official fan-made translation of rules questions and variants found on the BGG webpage of the game.
Dec 10, 2016


The Pillars of the Earth:: The Pillars of the Earth Player's Aid By: Slayer6022
tPotE_PlayerAid.pdf (423 KB)
I purchased a German version of the game and wanted a Player Aid that translated the spaces on the game board to English, so I created these. Hopefully someone else will also find these useful.
Sep 2, 2016


The Pillars of the Earth:: PotE - Jon's Teaching Aid By: JVallerand
Pillars of the Earth.pdf (343 KB)
After realizing that I do forget rules, I decided to make these 1-page summaries of my games' structure, the starting set-up, the often forgotten rules, the scoring, and other such things. These are bland-looking, bullet-points, straight-to-the-point. If you haven't played a game in a while though, this is all you need.
Aug 21, 2016


The Pillars of the Earth:: Major Sholto's Holier-Than-Thou Player Mats for Pillars of the Earth & Expansion By: Major Sholto
Pillars_Player Mat_2.0_POR.pdf (2.31 MB)
Portuguese Version - Thanks to Filipe LM for the translation.
Aug 13, 2016
Pillars_Player Mat_2.0_ITA.pdf (2.30 MB)
Italian Version (4/16/2015)

Thanks to miemer (Michele Emer) for the translation
Apr 16, 2015
Pillars_Player Mat_2.0_Español.pdf (2.21 MB)
Spanish Version (1/27/2010)

Thanks to pedrotronic for the translation (and patience with the typos).

Jan 27, 2010
Pillars_Player Mats_2.0_Deutsch.pdf (2.21 MB)
German Version (1/23/2010)

Thanks to Wolfram Troeder (Wolfram) for his translation (and his patience).

I added the sixth craftsmen slot on his suggestion.
Jan 23, 2010
Pillars_Player Mat_2.0_ENG.pdf (2.21 MB)
Version 2.0 - English (1/23/2010)

I made a few tweaks to the layout and made some typo corrections.
Jan 23, 2010
Pillars_Player Mats.pdf (2.71 MB)
Thou shalt download these player mats and rejoice!

These mats accommodate five craftsmen and four privilege cards. There is a space for an extra craftsman if you have the Jack privilege card, otherwise you can use the space for your workers. You can also leave the player aid cards in the box. All the text you need is on the mat.

As always, thumbs, geek gold and feedback are welcome and appreciated.

Now start downloading...or suffer eternal suffering and gnashing of teeth.
Apr 6, 2009


The Pillars of the Earth:: Tableros individuales By: cherey
Tableros individuales.pdf (8.45 MB)
6 tableros individuales para colocar las cartas de cada jugador
Aug 18, 2015


The Pillars of the Earth:: Nuevas cartas adicionales de artesanos By: cherey
Los pilares de la tierra - Nuevos (2.11 MB)
Nuevas cartas adicionales de artesanos y reglas que permiten jugar como si se tratase de una pequeña variante, ya que proporcionan unas características muy contrastadas con las originales.
Aug 18, 2015


The Pillars of the Earth:: Pillars cards hungarian translation By: balijan2
Pillars_cards_hun_1_0.pdf (40 KB)
A kiegészítők kártyáit is tartalmazza. A kártyák típus szerint csoportosítva vannak, a német nevük is szerepel a táblázatban.
May 29, 2015


The Pillars of the Earth:: Paste up para cartas em PT-BR By: Robert Coelho
Paste up para cartas de vento e vantagem.pdf (2.08 MB)
Paste up para cartas de evento e vantagem em português
Nov 27, 2014


The Pillars of the Earth:: Randomizer tiles for builder placement order. By: mizzl
Randomizer Tiles.jpg (247 KB)
Print and cut out the tiles with every unique color combination possible (24 tiles)
Just draw one tile from the bag, add the missing color, place the builders accordingly. If you play with three players remove the tiles with the missing color. Then each player may choose to place his builder as in the regular game.

You can also redraw tiles so that no player can be start builder twice in a row.

Draw another tile. If you draw combination that starts with the color of the last builder played, leave the tile out of the bag and redraw.
When all the builders are played put all the tiles used back into the bag.

The start player may still choose to redraw a tile which he or she dislikes.

I think this method does get rid of a lot of the "luck" or bad draws in the game. Plus it fastens the game while retaining the general gameplay. There will be less draws from the bag, no multiple turns in a row and the prices for builders will be distributed evenly. It also let's everybody plan their decision at the same time.

I did not test these yet but i don't see a reason why it should not work.
Nov 11, 2014


The Pillars of the Earth:: Pillars of the Earth game mat (eng) By: christianlafferla
pote mat.pdf (48 KB)
Game mat, print on A4
Includes resources, cards,... Remember only 5 craftsmen (1 extra available through cards)
Oct 31, 2013


The Pillars of the Earth:: Pillars of the Earth Church Stickers By: JonB38
POTE Church Stickers.jpg (930 KB)
This is my version of Frank Strauss and Maxime Verrette windows stickers for the church model for the game.
Sep 28, 2013


The Pillars of the Earth:: Traductions Cartes privilège prêt à imprimer et coller By: T0m4S
cartes_pilliers_pasteup.pdf (45 KB)
Translation into French of craftmen cards to paste up.

Traduction des cartes privilège prêt-à imprimer et coller sur les originalles.
Oct 29, 2012


The Pillars of the Earth:: The Pillars of the Earth - Croatian rules By: zpintar
the-pillars-of-the-earth_pravila.pdf (5.33 MB)
Hrvatska pravila igre
Oct 24, 2012


The Pillars of the Earth:: Pillars of the Earth-efficiency ideas By: rlennon
PotE_math.pdf (41 KB)
A sloppy attempt to investigate which materials/craftsmen are most efficient at converting workers into points. Not based on actual gameplay experience - just playing with the numbers.
Apr 24, 2012


The Pillars of the Earth:: The Pillars of the Earth Croatian rules - pravila na hrvatskom By: mado78
the-pillars-of-the-earth_pravila.pdf (5.33 MB)
Pravila igranja na hrvatskom jeziku.
Feb 15, 2012


The Pillars of the Earth:: Texto de las cartas en español By: kikekikee
Cartas en español.pdf (47 KB)
El texto de todas las cartas de Los Pilares de la Tierra, tanto del juego básico como de la ampliación. El documento está listo para imprimir a dos caras. Perfecto para los que hayáis comprado una versión que no sea la española.

Para la mayoría de las cartas he tomado el texto de la versión oficial en español, pero otras las he tenido que traducir de la versión inglesa. Por eso, encontraréis algunos textos traducidos libremente, pero he procurado que el efecto quede claro.

Si tenéis alguna sugerencia solo tenéis que escribirme. Espero que os sea útil.
Feb 7, 2012


The Pillars of the Earth:: Pillars of the Earth Player / Teaching Aid By: senorcoo
Pillars_of_the_Earth_player_aid_1.1.doc (42 KB)
Minor update cleaning up a couple of language issues. Reformatted the pages to fit on 2 sheets.
Apr 18, 2011
Pillars_of_the_Earth_player_aid_1.0.doc (41 KB)
This aid is to assist in teaching the game and to ensure that all of the proper steps are followed in order while playing. In the style of my previous aid for World Without End.
Mar 7, 2011


The Pillars of the Earth:: Pillars of the Earth - Resources and Craftsmen details By: rlennon
PotE_ResourcesAndCraftsmen.pdf (60 KB)
A table displaying the various craftsmen available by round, the resources they use, their cost and maximum output. Plus, the worker cost for resources and their market value. Designed with new players in mind; not a rules review.
Jan 17, 2011


The Pillars of the Earth:: Pillars of the Earth - Rules Summary By: jdesmond
PillarsOfTheEarth-b.doc (34 KB)
A quick summary of the rules for PotE, arranged in the order of the phase, laid out to be printed in 12-point type so those of us in the 'Old' Guard and the Thick Glasses Brigade can read ti easily
Oct 20, 2010


The Pillars of the Earth:: A Humbler-Than-Ye Mat for the common materials of "The Pillars of the Earth" game By: done111
Pillars of the Earth - Common Game Mat.pdf (259 KB)
A Pillars of the Earth game mat for holding all the common materials used by all the players like metal, the extra black worker and various card stacks. This gives the game players a designated spot for all those "other" resources. Two identical pages of the mat are given to allow printing on the front and back of the mat. I never liked leaving the back side of a mat blank. Laminate the double-sided aid after printing. It is recommended using this mat in conjunction with the almighty Holier-Than-Thou player mats made by Major Sholto.
Oct 1, 2010


The Pillars of the Earth:: [Español] Reglas Pilares a la JcK By: ArtEmiSa64
Pilares de la Tierra - Reglas en Espanol a la JcK x ArtEmiSa64.pdf (144 KB)
Completo resumen de las reglas con imágenes.

Jun 5, 2010


The Pillars of the Earth:: Stickers to make a real Cathedral. By: Wulfgar24
Catedral (Stickers).pdf (834 KB)
Stickers to make a real Cathedral.
May 24, 2010


The Pillars of the Earth:: Resumen Desarrollo de los Turnos By: Wulfgar24
Resumen Desarrollo Pilares de la Tierra.pdf (114 KB)
Resumen del desarrollo de los turnos listo para imprimir por las 2 caras y plastificar. Tener a mano en las partidas como guia de referencia y consulta rápida.
May 19, 2010

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