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Power Grid:: Power Grid - Game Turn / Rules Summary By: AfrikaKorps14
PowerGrid_turn-summary_v10.pdf (297 KB)
Game Turn / Rules Summary, v1.0

As the title says, this is just a "cheat sheet" so that I didn't have to flip through the rules, just to check on the game turn details. Nothing fancy.

Also includes some notes regarding the extra power plant card expansion.

Have fun, everyone!
Sep 9, 2017


Power Grid:: Variant: Deregulation (adding electricity markets) By: ehittinger
Power Grid Deregulation Rules.pdf (1.19 MB)
This rules variant focuses mainly on electricity markets and provides an engaging latter half of the game that involves strategic bidding, market power, and competition to supply the electricity demand. This change adds complexity and interaction to the base game and we recommend that it is used only by groups already familiar with the standard Power Grid rules.

Designed by Eric Hittinger and Eric Williams at Rochester Institute of Technology, and supported by the National Science Foundation’s Civil Infrastructure Systems program (Grant number: CMMI 1436469).

(Yes, we are electricity system researchers but also play board games and have worked to make the gameplay engaging and fun.)

PS: We plan to update and improve this expansion over time, so please contact us with issues or suggestions (contact info in the file).
Jul 17, 2017


Power Grid:: Tablas de Recursos para 4 a 6 jugadores By: netes
Tablas de Recursos Alta Tensió (13.76 MB)
Tablas de recursos del juego básico y la mayoría de los mapas.
Jun 27, 2017


Power Grid:: Spanish Rules Summary By: Adri_corr
Alta Tensión - Spanish Rules Summary.pdf (261 KB)
Rules Summary, my idea is create this kind of files for all my medium and high complexity games, to have it included on the box and quickly remember the rules of the entire game.
Resumen del Reglamento, mi idea es crear este tipo de resumenes para mis juegos de complejidad media y alta, de manera que rápidamente se puedan recordar las reglas de todo el juego.
Jun 16, 2017


Power Grid:: Power Grid Solo - Player's Guide By: riznet
Solo Player Guide BGD v1.pdf (560 KB)
I put together a simple Power Grid player's guide based on the solo variant rules created by SoloPlay BGG user GamesRulesforOne.

It took me some time to distill the rules and write the details in a way that made more sense to me (hoping it helps you as well!).

A video also exists here> However, best to review the pdf since the video is just a quick run through of one round.

Please let me know if any tweaks would be helpful to the player's guide...

May 20, 2017


Power Grid:: Fan Plant Expansion - Top of Card Printable By: wolfpack1298
Powergrid Fan Expansion - Top of Card Printable.jpg (2.12 MB)
I downloaded the new plant expansion set and made my own cards today. In doing so, I decided to make it a little easier by creating a printable sheet with the card backs on it. All you have to do is print the two sheets of new cards included in the expansion onto card stock and once printed, flip it over, put it back in the printer, and then print the attached sheet of card back images. The card backs will print on the back side of the paper and right over top of the front card images. Then you just cut them out and you have double sided printed cards and you won't have to print the card backs separately and then glue them on.
Apr 14, 2017


Power Grid:: Power plant expansion for original Power Grid (1. Edition) By: RobAntilles
PowerGridExpansion.pdf (112 KB)
This is a deck of power plants for Power Grid first edition.
It can be used as an alternate deck to the original deck to reduce monotony.
Mar 8, 2017


Power Grid:: 1sheet: Power Grid By: mattmiller410
1sheet_PowerGrid_v1.pdf (520 KB)
Clean, attractive, summarizes setup, the evolving game steps, as well as the various charts needed. Does not include expansion information.
Mar 2, 2017


Power Grid:: Quick Start and Refresher By: truthsdeceit
power grid quick start and refresher by truthsdeceit.pdf (55 KB)
This isn't meant to teach you how to play. It's for people who know how to play but don't get to play very often and don't want to reread the entire rule book every time to remember all the fiddly extra rules.
Has this ever happen to you? It takes you 10 mins to find where in the rulebook it says how much money everyone starts with.. this will fix that. Or halfway through a game you go "shouldn't that "step 3" card have come out by now?"... yes it should have but you forgot to remove the correct number of power plants for a 3 player game because the rules don't list that in setup... this will fix that.
I even learned a rule I never knew about while making this, because it was tucked away in a weird section of the rules. It doesn't break the game, but playing with it from now on will make it better, live and learn. :)
Feb 11, 2017


Power Grid:: Power Grid complete condensed rules version 1.8 By: Eric
PowerGrid.pdf (125 KB)
Power Grid complete condensed rules, version 1.8.

These condensed rules are a useful guide for setup and teaching, a reminder for play, and a reference for rules details.

Version 1.8 squeezes the Turns section onto a single page side, so no page turns are needed during play, and contains other minor edits.
Dec 29, 2016
Power Grid.pdf (115 KB)
Condensed complete rules for Power Grid, version 1.5. Updated with Rio Grande rules as of February 2009, particularly changes to Step 3 initiation.
Mar 3, 2009
Power Grid.pdf (47 KB)
Condensed complete rules for Power Grid, version 1.2
Sep 28, 2006


Power Grid:: Mise en place de chaque carte By: DecMoon
Funken.pdf (127 KB)
Fichier d'aide de jeu pour indiquer les modifications de règles apportées pour chaque carte ainsi que les ravitaillements.
A découper ;)
Dec 8, 2016


Power Grid:: Power Grid Greek Player Aid and Rules - only 2 pages By: Tsikaboom
Power Grid Greek Player Aid and Rules v4.pdf (483 KB)
This is a Player Aid, setup guide and Rules all-in-one, in Greek, on two pages for double-sided printing. It was based (but significantly changed and expanded) on the original work of Paul65:

Ένα βοήθημα στα Ελληνικά που περιλαμβάνει στήσιμο και όλους τους κανόνες, σε δύο σελίδες για εκτύπωση σε ένα φύλλο. Στηρίχθηκε αρχικά (αλλά αλλάχθηκε και συμπληρώθηκε/διορθώθηκε σημαντικά) στο βοήθημα του Paul65:

Πλέον δε χρειάζεται να διαβάζουμε τίποτα άλλο κατά τη διάρκεια του παιχνιδιού.
Dec 2, 2016


Power Grid:: DIY Paper Money By: qualith
money power grid.pdf (205 KB)
This is just a minor modification of the layout of the excellent paper money created by Aaron Doty for Power Grid.

This version is mented to be single sided to simple hiding just by turning it upside down.

Just print 10 copies and you are done.
Nov 29, 2016


Power Grid:: Polish translation of "Against the Trust" rules By: predki
Przeciwko Koncernowi.pdf (90 KB)
Tłumaczenie wariantu "Przeciwko Koncernowi" dla rozgrywki dwuosobowej.
Nov 17, 2016


Power Grid:: Power Plant Market Playmat By: Recumbentibus
Recumbentibus Power Grid Plant Market Playmat.pdf (88 KB)
Playmat to help with placement of power plant cards in the current and future market. Print double-sided and flip when changing to Step 3.
Oct 2, 2016


Power Grid:: Guia de Referencia Rapida, español By: rudolp
Resumen traducido de las reglas originales en una sola página
Sep 24, 2016


Power Grid:: Power Grid Africa expansion map By: theryanstorm (1.21 MB)
Africa expansion map for Power Grid, includes both a full board size map cut into 8.5x11 sheets and a simple expansion rule-set. A full size map file will follow soon.
Sep 12, 2016


Power Grid:: Power Grid GameAid (Thai) By: chatsakhon
powergrid_GameAid_TH.rar (7.39 MB)
GameAid ภาษาไทย เกม Power Grid
วิธี Setup Turn การเล่น
สามารถพิมพ์ด้วย CANNON SELPHY CP910 แบบ borderless ได้พอดี
คิดว่าสามารถอัดตามร้านอัดภาพทั่วไปได้ ขนาด 4*6" ได้เช่นกัน
Jul 7, 2016


Power Grid:: Player Aid Summary card 1.1 (base game) By: lalle
Powergrid player card.v1.1.pdf (118 KB)
Version 1.1 (same as v1.0, but pre-printed with 2 player aid summary cards per page). Please recommend!
Apr 3, 2016
Powergrid player card.pdf (116 KB)
Covers full summary of turn order rules, incl. steps 1-3. Setup, restock and game end with scoring included. Please note: for the base game without any expansions.

Full-size version, with front and back on separate pages. Intended to be printed on duplex A4 so that each player gets all information on a small area.

Please recommend or suggest improvements.
Apr 3, 2016


Power Grid:: Restocking cards and Map Rule change summary cards (up through Austrailia/India) By: Yargo
PGResourceCards2016v1 new.pdf (9.59 MB)
Download this PDF file if you want to print the cards.
Power Grid Resource Cards (including setup/play adjustments for each # of players)and
Map Rule change Summary cards
(text was written to summarize map rules changes, based on power grid map rules, and taking into account FAQs and clarifications from designer. Please comment if any mistakes are found.)

Cards are poker card sized.
If you want to edit it or do Artscow, download the other Nandeck script file instead and follow the directions in the description.

I welcome all comments!

Based on ideas by Mike Mestemaker (oudknoei) with improvements by Sterling Babcock (Solamar) and additions from the player aid by Travis M Spomer. Updated and rules cards added by Yargo.

updated to generate with latest version of Nandeck after Nand told me a workaround for an error
Feb 15, 2016 (663 KB)
Download this script file if you want to generate image files for Artscow, or modify the script.
First, you will need to install Nandeck ( ), and unzip this script file package into a folder.
1) run nandeck
2) click OPEN DECK on left
3) open PGResourceCards2016v1.txt from the folder you unzipped it to
4) click VALIDATE DECK from left
5) click BUILD DECK from left
6) Click PDF button from left to save as PDF, or click SAVE IMAGES on left to save individual card images for making Artscow decks out of this.

To edit script, edit the PGResourceCards2016v1.txt file.
To edit the source data or translations, edit the DataFeed_V21.xls file
To edit rules summary cards text, edit powergridrulestext2016v1.txt

Based on ideas by Mike Mestemaker (oudknoei) with improvements by Sterling Babcock (Solamar) and additions from the player aid by Travis M Spomer. Updated and rules cards added by Yargo.

I've tested this with 1.19.4 and 1.21.2 (latest version as of this upload) of nandeck and it works.
Feb 15, 2016


Power Grid:: Fixed connection costs for USA, Benelux and Northern Europe By: Vertaler (512 KB)
Three stickers fixing the wrong connection costs from Cheyenne to Boise (USA map), Brugge to Antwerpen (Benelux map), and Göteborg to København (Northern Europe map).

(Posted with permission from Henning Kröpke. Not an official release.)
Nov 8, 2015


Power Grid:: Resource replenishment charts for plexi holder By: Orph
p-grid charts.pdf (24 KB)
This is a set of resource replenishment charts for the custom plexiglass resource tracker shown here
This file includes the charts for all official maps (current to Oct-2015). A blank sheet is also included for making charts for other maps. Players are free to copy this file and make and submit charts on their own if they wish.
Nov 2, 2015


Power Grid:: Power Grid Summary -- All Maps By: xenongames
Power Grid Summary All Maps.pdf (233 KB)
One-page summary sheet for each of the Power Grid Maps.
Each page includes details of Phase 1-5 & Step 1-3, plus a copy of the Resource Table and Payout Table.

Differences from standard (USA/Germany) rules are noted in red.
References to New Power Plants are noted in blue.

Includes one-page setup summary and one-page randomized variant selection process.

Latest: Added clarifications and red text for Japan, UK, and Australia.
Oct 5, 2015
Power Grid Summary All Maps.pdf (238 KB)
One-page summary sheet for each of the Power Grid Maps.
Each page includes details of Phase 1-5 & Step 1-3, plus a copy of the Resource Table and Payout Table.

Differences from standard (USA/Germany) rules are noted in red.
References to New Power Plants are noted in blue.

Includes one-page setup summary and one-page randomized variant selection process.

Latest: Corrected when game ends to after Phase 4 (before Phase 5). I can't believe this error lasted this long.
Jan 1, 2015


Power Grid:: Resource Re-Supply Table Cards for every map By: jglazebrook
Power Grid Resource Resupply Rate Player Cards.docx (2.07 MB)
Another user asked me to upload an editable version of the Resupply Cards

Editable Resource Resupply Player Cards
Sep 14, 2015
Power Grid Resource Resupply Table Cards.pdf (15.59 MB)
Thanks for the Gold and Thumbs.
UPDATED: This is the comprehensive set of Resource Resupply Cards meant for printing.
Format: The Resource Resupply Cards are:
1) Specific for the number of players.
2) Individualised for every single Power Grid map.
3) The same size as the Power Plant cards
4) Colour matched to the gameboard resource pieces.

Germany / USA; France / Italy; Benelux / Central Europe; China / Korea; Brazil / Spain & Portugal; Russia / Japan; Québec / Baden-Württemberg; Northern Europe / United Kingdom & Ireland; Australia / Indian Subcontinent are all in the document.
If you would like only some of these cards see the first comment below for links to individual maps.
Jul 10, 2014
Quebec Power Grid Resource Resupply Rate Player Cards.pdf (896 KB)
The looks of these cards will be changed soon, with a better update, it will also be easier to cut and will have resources colour coded with the resources from the board game.

Québec's Resource Resupply Table Cards. Print on board, trim and give to individual players for the Québec map. These cards are an improvement in style to the original cards in the main document below and should be easier to cut.
Jul 8, 2014
Resource Re-Supply Card USA Germany.jpg (603 KB)
The looks of this card will be changed soon, with a better update...

This is what an individual 7 by 7 of the Resource Resupply Rate player card will look like when cut.

However, with the document below, you can print these resource resupply rate cards for every individual board at a 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 player game.
Jul 2, 2014
Power Grid Resource Resupply Rate Player Cards.pdf (1.59 MB)
Once you have the basics under wraps, most Power Grid boards have different rates of re-supply of resources and this also differs according to the number of players playing. Because this can obviously affect strategy / game play, I created these Resource Resupply Rate Player Cards.

If printed and cut properly, these cards address that potential issue by:
1. Ensuring every player has their own card. That is, there are two 2 player cards, three 3 player cards, four 4 player cards etc…
2. Ensuring only the re-supply numbers for the number of players playing is on the card.
3. Ensuring only the re-supply numbers for the named map is on the card.
4. Ensuring the colours of the numbers matches the colour of the original resources.
Each card should be approximately the same size as the Power Plant Cards. Feel free to download, keep and use as you please. If you find errors in the document, contact me through BGG and I will do my best to change the error. The document has internal links to find your map with correct player number easily.
Jul 2, 2014


Power Grid:: Area Randomiser Tables -- US and Germany By: Stuntman
PG Area Randomiser Tables - US Germany.xlsx (9 KB)
The Power Grid game rules leave it up to players to decide on how to determine the areas to use in any particular game. I have decided to come up with a way to randomly choose starting areas. By using the randomiser tables, you can just roll dice to determine starting areas. I came up with these tables so that when determining which areas to use, every possible combination of areas will have an equal chance of being used. The tables list all legal combination of areas for a 3, 4 or 5 area game. Simply roll the dice indicated on the table and look up the list of areas. Where the table says, "Re-roll", re-roll all dice until a result other that "Re-roll" comes up.
Jun 28, 2015

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