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Descent: The Road to Legend:: LtR weapons rebalanced By: letsdance
LtR_weapons.rar (2.73 MB)
i redesigned the weapons in a way that they rely less on surges, tried to avoid simple 1 surge = 1 damage weapons, and restricted blast to blast 1.

forum thread here:
Oct 20, 2013


Descent: The Road to Legend:: Road to Legend Cheatsheet By: elfshire
RtL_cheatsheet.pdf (73 KB)
A one-page table that gives you the lowdown on when heroes or the Overlord earns conquest tokens, how much gold you get for killing certain monsters, etc.

It also has a table that references everything the heroes can spend their hard-earned XP on, and what the buildings in town can be used for, depending on the types of actions the party takes within them.
Sep 27, 2012


Descent: The Road to Legend:: RtL Special Abilities Reference Sheet By: Gravey
RtL_Special_Abilities_Reference_v1.pdf (2.95 MB)
For Road to Legend, a two-page quick reference for all the Special Abilities in Descent, Well of Darkness, Altar of Despair, and Tomb of Ice as they apply to campaign play. Colour version on pages 1-2, black-and-white on pages 3-4.
Aug 19, 2012


Descent: The Road to Legend:: Road to Legend Quick Reference By: grend
RtL_QuickReference_v1.6.pdf (334 KB)
v 1.6 - Added clarification for question by Gargamel, locations for Grommell, rule book references by Kirk Bauer.
May 10, 2012
RtL_QuickReference_v1.5.pdf (350 KB)
v 1.5 - Added more info from Tomb of Ice. Made preparations for German version, coming soon. Contact me if you wish to translate into other languages.
Oct 16, 2009
RtL_QuickReference_v1.4.pdf (216 KB)
v 1.4 - Added information from Tomb of Ice. Introduced more iconography.
Sep 24, 2008
RtL_QuickReference_v1.3.pdf (194 KB)
v 1.3 - incorporated user feedback; added skills and abilities (now up to 6 pages) and clarified some issues. Introduced more iconography.
Apr 2, 2008


Descent: The Road to Legend:: Neue WzR Dungeons 75 - 102 By: Descentfan
Neue WzR Dungeons Deutsch 75-102.pdf (5.32 MB)
Unter den Dungeons sind die 20 tollen Dungeons von fireschupp lediglich ins Deutsche übersetzt mit zusätzlich kurzen Hintergrundtext, außerdem sind noch 8 neue von mir entworfene Dungeons dabei (2-3 Dungeons sind von Xandria inspiriert).
Die Texte sind alle Deutsch. Nummerierung geht bei 75 los (letzter SdB Dungeon Nr. 74) bis 102.
Feb 29, 2012


Descent: The Road to Legend:: AC Rewards Reference By: Jan Tuijp
rewards ac v1_1.pdf (396 KB)
Whilst playing I realised I'd forgotten the 'Prop' rewards (barrel, bone heap and sarcophagus). Here they are.
Nov 6, 2011
rewards ac v1.pdf (366 KB)
After mixing up the rules several times and many hours of searching through various forums, I decided the Advanced Campaign could use a summary of the rules regarding Conquest, XP, Gold en Treasures. Here it is.
Nov 3, 2011


Descent: The Road to Legend:: Rulebook in ePub format By: Greedo
Road to Legend 103111.epub (158 KB)
The Road to Legend rulebook is a free download from Fantasy Flight Games, so I went ahead and copied all the text from the PDF and created an ePub version. If you have an e-reader that uses ePub (I have a Nook Color), then give this a try and let me know how it looks on your unit.
Oct 31, 2011


Descent: The Road to Legend:: Road to Legend Plot: REALM OF THE DEAD By: caballero_fantasma
PLOT - Realm of the Dead.rtf (93 KB)
This a new Road to Legend plot that can be played with any Overlord and group of players. It is a military plot, where the main objective for the Overlord is to create many armies of undead that will overwhelm the heroes and easily raze all the cities.

It is written in English and Spanish.
Aug 8, 2011


Descent: The Road to Legend:: Updated RtL quick-reference with rule references By: kirkbauer
Descent_RtL_QuickReference_v1.5_KirkBauer.pdf (2.81 MB)
This is an update to grend's excellent RtL reference, version 1.5. I have added many more references to the original rulebook and page numbers throughout. I hope this is useful for somebody else. I'm re-posting it with his permission. Sorry for the poor alignment in some cases, I had to edit the PDF as I did not have the original.
Feb 22, 2011


Descent: The Road to Legend:: Treachery variant without AOD/WOD By: letsdance
treachery+spawn list.doc (51 KB)
These are alternate Treachery abilities for use without the expansions. The OL can buy upgrades to existing cards instead of using the simplyfied treachery variant. It also includes substitute lists for more different spawns (partly also with treachery costs) that need only the Jitd cards.
Feb 5, 2011


Descent: The Road to Legend:: Conquest Points Table - when, how and how much By: Christen
Descent - RTL - Conquest Points.pdf (84 KB)
A table that sums up: When players and Overloard gets Conquest Points in "The Road to Legend" expansion.
This is scattered around in the rulebooks, and FAQ's, so it is quick to miss an instance.
Jan 10, 2011


Descent: The Road to Legend:: The Hobbit - a short Descent RtL variant By: Deodand (2.80 MB)
Consider this a work in progress, but I thought I'd put what I have out there as an RFC. This is a cut down campaign based very loosely on the idea of a hobbit and some dwarves travelling cross country to steal some treasure from a dragon. Owing to time constraints, completely untested as yet, although I did apply some arithmetic in the design, which seemed logical, to do away with the campaign levels of regular RtL.

The most up to date version of the rules as well as the very large photoshop files (too large for BGG) can be downloaded from the google group which I created to hold these files.
Dec 20, 2010


Descent: The Road to Legend:: Universal Head DESCENT: RtL Rules Reference By: UniversalHead
DescentRTL_v2.2.pdf (1.96 MB)
The Universal Head DESCENT: ROAD to LEGEND Rules Reference. Double-sided rules summary, double-sided Hero and Overlord reference sheets, Reinforcements, loot, skills & upgrades summary, monster summaries by type and campaign level. v2.2, Dec'10
Dec 14, 2010


Descent: The Road to Legend:: Road To Legend Encounter Cards By: rdh174
RTL Encounter (642 KB)
These cards are used to create random dungeon levels and wilderness encounters for Road To Legend. The cards are used to generate leaders and minions as well. If you have questions or comments you can let me know at:
Nov 29, 2010


Descent: The Road to Legend:: Descent: RtL shorter campaign By: Deodand
DescentRtL_short_campaign v1.3.pdf (90 KB)
These are my rules for an RtL campaign utilising half the regular number of dungeons. The aim is to reduce the play time to something more tolerable for less "committed" players. It should be possible to complete a campaign with 8 dungeons rather than the usual 15 or so. Version 1.3
Oct 27, 2010


Descent: The Road to Legend:: RtL/WzR Dungeon level monster substitution By: tosc
WzR_Verlies_Monsterpunkte_inkl_SdB.pdf (2.43 MB)
The monster substitution sheet includes now the dungeon levels of "Sea of Blood". Further some minor balance issues were corrected.
Sep 3, 2010
WzR_Verlies_Monsterpunkte.pdf (1.58 MB)
To include a larger variability of monsters in the dungeon levels (beside the A,B,C,D options) each monster has a "monster value". For each level the OL recieves a maximum amount of monster points for which he can choose monster but needs to respect the minimum rules (e.g. 3+) for the given categories.
Nov 21, 2009


Descent: The Road to Legend:: Tłumaczenie kart intryg i kart podziemii Hegemona do RtL By: farmeriusz
descent.rar (52 KB)
Amatorskie tłumaczenie kart podziemii i kart intryg Pana Podziemii do Descent, Road to Legend.

Amatour translation of plot and dungeon cards from RtL.
Mar 26, 2010


Descent: The Road to Legend:: Tłumaczenie kart spotkań w RTL By: farmeriusz
Descent RTL - spotkania.rar (35 KB)
Amatorskie tłumaczenie kart spotkań, kart plotek oraz lokacji.

Amatour translation of encounter cards from RTL.
Mar 10, 2010


Descent: The Road to Legend:: Karty Pana Podziemii z RTL By: farmeriusz
Descent RTL - karty overlorda.rar (17 KB)
Amatorskie tlumaczenie kart porucznikow i ulepszen awatarow.

Amatour translation of Overlords cards from RTL.
Mar 10, 2010


Descent: The Road to Legend:: Normal Monster Average Damage and Range Comparison By: janthis
Descent RtL normal monster avg damage and range V2.pdf (41 KB)
The damage and range for the Dark Priest have been updated to include the Dark Prayer skill.
Feb 24, 2010
Descent RtL normal monster avg damage and range.pdf (41 KB)
This table makes an easy direct comparison of average damage and range for each monster at copper, silver, gold and diamond levels. It has been helpful in deciding in which order to upgrade.

All damage and range ignor misses
Feb 21, 2010


Descent: The Road to Legend:: Complete Campaign Record Sheet By: howlingfang
Custom Campaign Record Sheet.pdf (154 KB)
Single page Campaign Record Sheet that allows you to record ALL the information required to takedown and set a campaign without using the storage boxes. Allows you to play multiple campaigns simultaneously or play vanilla Descent in between campaign sessions.
Jan 7, 2010


Descent: The Road to Legend:: RtL Campaing Sheet for Excel By: Ladoik
RtL Campainge Sheet v1.21.xls (1.09 MB)
This is for all people who like to drive more than one campainge in Time.
I have put this together to save all Informations need for a RtL Campaign.
You can print and fill it manual or with Computer in reach you may use the comfortable pulldown menus and Checkboxes to do so.

Now all stuff of the ToI expansion is included.

If i don't miss anything you should be able to save all informations needed playing with all Expansions including ToI.

Update: Integrated the 3 New Charakters, Tobin, Kel and Jonas

There is a SoB Version of this Sheet over here:
Jan 2, 2010
RtL Campainge Sheet v1.17.xls (1005 KB)
This Version has no support for ToI stuff.
Without need of Feat Cards it is smaler then the Version with ToI.

This is for all people who like to drive more than one campainge in Time.
I have put this together to save all Informations need for a RtL Campaign.
You can print and fill it manual or with Computer in reach you may use the comfortable pulldown menus and Checkboxes to do so.

If i don't miss anything you should be able to save all informations needed.

Update: A place to note the info about the Hero Party Location and the fatique left for the Heros was missed. They are added now and there was minor changes to the layout.

Update2: There was missed a Place to note the current OL Hand.
The Dropdown Menus for Sir Alric Farrows Location and this for the Hero Party Location where linked by misstake.
I did a spell Check as well, there was a lot of spelling errors.
Now all should be allright.

Update3: It was not allright *sigh*
The Dropdown Menus for the OL Handcards where linked with the Card List for OL Powercards. This the list was not complete.
I realised there was missed a place to Note the Rumorcards in the Graveyard, so i put it in.
Now (i hope) finaly the sheet should be complete.

After Sugestions from qpona and davedujour i have add a Place to Mark Legendary Areas as Explored and a place to note wich and how many effectmarkers are on the Heroes.

There are several Changes now.
First some little errors are fixed.
Second have i put in a Place to note wich items are available in Tamalir Market and how many Potions. This might be needed if you make a cut between two Dungeon Levels.
Third i have rearranged the Lists for Skills and Items and i have put in the Infos wich Shop or Skill Deck the Item/Skill come from.
Fourth, the greatest Chang, the Sheet will now calculate the XP left for OL and every Hero. So you don't have to do it yourself.
You have only to note how Much XP the OL and how much the Heros gained.
Then note all the other Infos and the Sheet will calculate how many XP will be left for all the Heroes and the OL.
If you don't like this calculation, write down your own calculations in the XP Left places and the Calculation is gone.

Now some missing Options with the XP counter are in and a 5th Box to note Items in Tamalir Market. Because of the Rumor that would increase the Market Level of all Citys.
The Enslaved Box for the Heros ist replaced by a Dropdown Menu for the Free Upgrade from the fools rapids legendary Dungeon.
There is a new Box to Note how many of the 15 starting XP the OL has used.
Lady Eliza is now available for 5 XP if both Farrows are in game. :)
2 Spelling Errors are fixed

Update7: Uhh, i had to do another Update, because i saw the middle set of OL Uprades (Eldritch Lore, Siege Engines and otherts) was not counted for XP. So the XP Left of the OL will not be right if some of this Uprades are checked.

Update8: After suggestion i saw there was the XP Cost for Trap and Monster Treachery swapped. I fixed this.
I also replaced the Rumor in Graveyard Field by a Generic Graveyard Field. There you now can note all possible Cards going to Graveyard... if i don't miss anything ;)

Update9: Uhhh, the Dropdown for the Active Rumor was linked to the wrong List and to the wrong Cell. I Fixed this and put in a new Dropdown for the Rumor Location (Thanks to Oboewan)

Older Version is up at the Descent main section.
Jun 3, 2008


Descent: The Road to Legend:: Some statistics on how many minions of each type there are By: James McMurray
Minion Ratios.xls (86 KB)
I've compiled the numbers for each type of monster (eldritch, beast, and humanoid) to see who is the most commonamongst minions and leaders. The numbers include Tomb of Ice, but do not take into account unquantifiable variables such as:
- Benefit of ranged vs. melee
- Lower maneuverability for large, slow monsters
- Average damage per figure
- Special abilities
Nov 8, 2009


Descent: The Road to Legend:: Würfelaufwertungsübersicht By: Horo
würfelaufwertungen2.JPG (19 KB)
Ich klebe diese Grafik mit Post-Its auf den Charakterbogen, um so die bereits erworbenen und aufgewerteten Würfel im Auge zu haben. In unserer Gruppe gab es häufiger, vor allem nach langen Spielpausen die Frage, ob ein silberner Würfel nur aufgewertet war, oder ob er komplett neu erworben wurde. Durch das simple Kreuzchen-Verfahren ist auch nach langen Spielpausen sofort ersichtlich, was ich mit meinen Würfeln gemacht habe.
Oct 21, 2009


Descent: The Road to Legend:: Descent - Road to Legend Polish Translation By: Dr Doom (928 KB)
Polskie tłumaczenie Descent: The Road to Legend.
Polish tranlsation.
Ostatnie zmiany.
Last improvments.
Oct 16, 2009 (928 KB)
Polskie t?umaczenie Descent: The Road to Legend.
Polish tranlsation. Ma?e zmiany korektorskie.
Oct 12, 2009 (931 KB)
Polskie tłumaczenie Descent: The Road to Legend.
Polish tranlsation.
Sep 17, 2009

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