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Panzergruppe Guderian:: For Vassal or pay by email, a less interactive CRT for PGG. By: Steve1501
a PGG alt CRT 2 less interactive.pdf (102 KB)
. . I created this CRT to use with a D-Day variant I'm making,
but it can also be used here. Especially the one on page 3.
. . It is based more on PGG CRT than any other.
. . To understand it please start with the one on page 3 [it is simpler to understand], then look at page 2 [it just rearranges the results at each odds], then finally study page 1 [it adds the 2 DRM for the attacker which give him additional choices].
. . The Phasing player [attacker] does all retreating so no emails back a forth.
. . The def. needs to choose "No retreats" or "Normal" before the enemy starts his turn. He then is stuck with this for all of the turn or maybe just the 1st MP and combat phase, then he can choose a different option for the MMP. The att. can choose to hold or retreat on Db1 & Db2 results.
. . The att. also has another option. He can give himself a +2 or -2 or no DRM. This is heavy attack, engaging attack or normal attack. This rule is optional, you can use the CRT on page 3 [or 2] if you don't want to give the attacker these extra options.
. . Because players get less choices it will be more bloody, esp. for the Ger. Obviously, there are also forced retreats which will hurt the Russians. How it effects playbalance I don't know.
. . I think you will find it useful when you're playing PGG on Vassal or Pl-by-Email.
. . If you try it out, please, make a comment or send me a GM/PM and tell me how it went. Also, to ask questions of me.
Apr 10, 2017


Panzergruppe Guderian:: PGG Turn Record Track By: liberty0
PGG Setup & TRT 1-12.pdf (302 KB)
This is a version of the Turn Record Track that lists reinforcements more clearly than the original. Due to the length of the turn record track, this is on a Legal (11x14 inch) sheet. Print it at 300dpi to get the same size as the track on the map. This version corrects the Soviet first turn reinforcement hex from W to V.

Also included is a set of initial setup boxes.
Nov 28, 2014


Panzergruppe Guderian:: Variant By: HiTracey
Panzergruppe Guderian-amendments.pdf (29 KB)
Slight modifications to the game.
Aug 21, 2013


Panzergruppe Guderian:: pggSVTcntrsREV+.jpg By: capt yid
pggSVTcntrsREV+.jpg (372 KB)
Readable Graphic of Soviet Counters; OOB; Leaders/Tried INF (78) + ARMOR (20); turn reinf
Jan 8, 2007


Panzergruppe Guderian:: PGGchart+.jpg By: capt yid
PGGchart+.jpg (395 KB)
Combat Results, Terrain, VP, Leaders Handy Chart
Dec 18, 2006


Panzergruppe Guderian:: Panzergruppe Guderian Order of Battle.pdf By: grognard
Panzergruppe Guderian Order of Battle.pdf (51 KB)
Summary of At Start forces and Reinforcement Chart
May 4, 2006


Panzergruppe Guderian:: By: yankeeap (315 KB)
My CyberBoard gamebox for Panzergruppe Guderian. Permission is granted to download, but not to modify or redistribute.
Mar 23, 2005

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