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Panzergruppe Guderian:: PGG Turn Record Track By: liberty0
PGG Setup & TRT 1-12.pdf (302 KB)
This is a version of the Turn Record Track that lists reinforcements more clearly than the original. Due to the length of the turn record track, this is on a Legal (11x14 inch) sheet. Print it at 300dpi to get the same size as the track on the map. This version corrects the Soviet first turn reinforcement hex from W to V.

Also included is a set of initial setup boxes.
Nov 28, 2014


Panzergruppe Guderian:: Variant By: HiTracey
Panzergruppe Guderian-amendments.pdf (29 KB)
Slight modifications to the game.
Aug 21, 2013


Panzergruppe Guderian:: pggSVTcntrsREV+.jpg By: capt yid
pggSVTcntrsREV+.jpg (372 KB)
Readable Graphic of Soviet Counters; OOB; Leaders/Tried INF (78) + ARMOR (20); turn reinf
Jan 8, 2007


Panzergruppe Guderian:: PGGchart+.jpg By: capt yid
PGGchart+.jpg (395 KB)
Combat Results, Terrain, VP, Leaders Handy Chart
Dec 18, 2006


Panzergruppe Guderian:: Panzergruppe Guderian Order of Battle.pdf By: grognard
Panzergruppe Guderian Order of Battle.pdf (51 KB)
Summary of At Start forces and Reinforcement Chart
May 4, 2006


Panzergruppe Guderian:: PGG.zip By: yankeeap
PGG.zip (315 KB)
My CyberBoard gamebox for Panzergruppe Guderian. Permission is granted to download, but not to modify or redistribute.
Mar 23, 2005

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