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Rise of Empires:: RoE - FAQ in English By: Korosu_Itai
RiseofEmpires-FAQ-v1.pdf (89 KB)
FAQ compiled from the official Mayfair Games website.
Dec 14, 2016


Rise of Empires:: Правила игры By: Shinner
14. Расцвет Империи (перевод Shinner).pdf (1.82 MB)
Перевод Shinner
Apr 6, 2015


Rise of Empires:: Памятка By: Shinner
Расцвет Империи (Памятка).docx (598 KB)
Oct 24, 2014


Rise of Empires:: Variante à 2 joueurs / 2-player variant (French) By: Flubuh
naissance.pdf (147 KB)
Il s'agit de la variante proposée sur le forum par Mulrah. Elle rééquilibre bien le jeu à deux.
Aug 28, 2014


Rise of Empires:: Quick Rules Summary and Game Management Cheat Sheet By: bigloo33
Rise of Empires.docx (16 KB)
Quick reference rules summary for helping to teach the game, as well as remembering key rules between plays.
Jun 20, 2012


Rise of Empires:: Boxes for the player tokens and resources By: Robert Olesen
Boxes_Player_tokens.pdf (296 KB)
The lids are removable, designed to keep the player pool in the lid and the general stock in the box, neatly separated during play. Also, you can have two stocks of resource tokens, one in the lid and one in the box.

They fit easily in the box, the pieces don't float all over the table during play and thay set up and pack away easily. The looks could probably be a bit more sexy, but they work.

Picture here

I have a Powerpoint file if you like to fiddle with them. Just send me an email address.

Thanks to yipterence for designing boxes like these in the first place.

Check also my boxes for the money
Jul 8, 2010


Rise of Empires:: Two boxes for the money By: Robert Olesen
Boxes_Money.ppt (2.29 MB)
I have made a couple of boxes for Rise of Empires for the coins, much like these.

They are made to print on A4 and go quite close to the edge of the paper, so they may not fit on B4 paper. In that case you may have to reduce their size a bit to use them.
Jul 3, 2010


Rise of Empires:: Rise of Empires - City Tile Reference By: _mrq_
RiseOfEmpires_Cities.pdf (551 KB)
Era I A/B, Era II A/B and Era III A/B City tile pictures collected to a simple A4-sized reference. Original Graphics copyrighted and I have no claims for those...
Apr 7, 2010


Rise of Empires:: Rise of Empires Wonder Wariant in Polish By: ozy_pl
Rise of Empires wariant Cuda Świata PL.pdf (106 KB)
Wariant "Cuda Świata" w języku polskim.
Mar 31, 2010


Rise of Empires:: Japanese rulebook By: nagamine
RoE_J.pdf (3.09 MB)
A PDF file of the rules in japanese language for Rise of Empires.
Mar 23, 2010


Rise of Empires:: Extended Summary By: angioman
Rise of Empires Rules Summary V2.0.pdf (60 KB)
Updated PDF of the walk-through rules summary.
Jan 11, 2010


Rise of Empires:: RISE OF EMPIRES - Hoja de Ayuda en Castellano By: Gomito
RISE OF EMPIRES - Hoja de Ayuda.pdf (2.64 MB)
Hoja de ayuda en castellano.
Ampliada respecto a la version original.
Maquetación similar.
Dec 29, 2009


Rise of Empires:: RISE OF EMPIRES - Reglamento en Castellano By: Gomito
Rise of Empires - Reglamento JGU.pdf (2.60 MB)
Reglamento en Castellano del juego.
Maquetado similar al original.
Dec 29, 2009


Rise of Empires:: Player Aid Card: Turn Progression By: frankqb
Rise of Empires - Turn Progression.pdf (73 KB)
This is a list of steps taken in each turn, and it is intended as an addition to Sentieiro's progress tiles reference sheet. Great for newcomers trying to learn the game. Translated (more or less) directly from an original French edition of RoE.
Dec 20, 2009


Rise of Empires:: Rise of Empires Wonder Variant. By: promuso
ROE wonder variant..pdf (111 KB)
Well, you've spent all your hard earned resources just to see that newly built wonder just simply tossed into the box.
Well, not anymore!
Nov 24, 2009


Rise of Empires:: Rise of Empires AAR By: ozy_pl
Rise of Empires AAR.pdf (1.84 MB)
After Action Report of Rise of Empires three players game - in Polish, with many photos.
Oct 7, 2009


Rise of Empires:: RoE - Progress Tile List - English By: Sentieiro
RoE_aid.pdf (3.44 MB)
One page - based on player aid layout
Oct 1, 2009

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