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Airships:: Airships instruction in polish language By: saxofon
Airships instrukcja.pdf (6.32 MB)
Airships - polska instrukcja
Feb 24, 2016


Airships:: Regex' Horizontal Tuckbox set for Sleeved Airships Cards By: regex
Regex' Horizontal Tuckbox for Sleeved Airships Cards.pdf (1.90 MB)
This is a box with a special horizontal design suitable for sleeved cards that would help you store your cards safely (standard Mayday thickness).

This box also features a nice graphics design and a content list.

Make sure you do not print from the browser preview and you disable fit to page.

Get more of my horizontal designs here: Regex' horizontal tuckbox series for sleeved cards.
Nov 21, 2015


Airships:: chzech rules By: paladin91
vzducholode-neoficialni-preklad-cz.pdf (1.28 MB)
česká pravidla
Apr 12, 2014


Airships:: Airships Dice Probability Reference Chart, v.1 By: bandit_boy7
Probability_Aid.pdf (999 KB)
This is a 9.5"(L) x 6"(W) color sheet, printable on 8.5" x 11" paper. It shows all of the required dice rolls in the game, along with the probability of successful rolls (expressed as percentages). It was designed to make Airships more "family friendly" for younger children, and to even the field of play for new or "math-challenged" players, unused to the graduated dice in the game.
This is a PDF file and should be printed with NO PAGE SCALING for best results.
Jan 19, 2014


Airships:: Summary in Chinese By: klin1982
Airships.rar (2 KB)
Aug 22, 2013


Airships:: Chinese rules By: klin1982
airships.pdf (59 KB)
Aug 22, 2013


Airships:: Airships Rule Book (English) By: ColtsFan76
Airships.pdf (1.16 MB)
Previously available rule book from Queen's website.
Mar 7, 2013


Airships:: Airships - Tuck Box (fits cards in sleeves) By: shigadeyo
Airships_Tuck_Box_Card_Sleeves_1.pdf (41 KB)
This is a simple tuck box to hold all of the 'Airships' cards in either standard or premium sleeves. Paper Size: US Letter; Color: Yes; Font: N/A.
Feb 20, 2012


Airships:: Tabela de Referência - Quick Reference (in Portuguese) By: laskera
airships.jpg (2.42 MB)
Tabela para consulta rápida das etapas do jogo.
Jun 17, 2011


Airships:: Airships - Consulta rápida (Quick Reference, in Portuguese) By: laskera
airships.jpg (2.42 MB)
Tabela para consulta rápida das etapas do jogo.
Jun 17, 2011


Airships:: [Español] Reglas Airships a la JcK By: ArtEmiSa64
Airships - Reglas en Espanol a la JcK x ArtEmiSa64.pdf (257 KB)
Completo resumen de las reglas con imagenes

Nov 19, 2010


Airships:: Airships Brief by Liumas By: Liumas
Airships Brief by Liumas 2009-05.pdf (473 KB)
Everything you need on 1 double-sided page which will fit inside the box.
Setup, turn sequence, and a card type and dice reference.

Apr 13, 2010


Airships:: Concise reference sheet by hecose By: hecose
ConciseRefSheet08 - Airships.ppt (57 KB)
Concise reference sheet for teaching the game or to be used as a refresher.
Dec 25, 2009


Airships:: Airships Summary in Korean By: iamsyl
Airships Summary_Kr.pdf (164 KB)
Korean version of Airships Summary.
Feb 16, 2009


Airships:: Airships Players Aid By: martind
Airships Players Aid.pdf (23 KB)
Airships Players Aid (in A5 format to fit in box)
Jul 27, 2008


Airships:: Airships Tuckbox By: slith
Airships Tuckbox.pdf (456 KB)
A tuckbox for all 66 cards (18 Airship Cards and 48 Expansion Cards) for Airships. This tuckbox has a glued bottom. Base tuckbox generated at
Jun 14, 2008


Airships:: Giganten der Lüfte (Airships) Quick Reference By: Ajax
giganten quick.doc (35 KB)
1-page quick reference in English, a la Weston
Jan 13, 2008


Airships:: giganten dice.jpg By: Ajax
giganten dice.jpg (54 KB)
Instead of constantly twirling the dice and adding the numbers, here is a quick reference for the sides and averages.

Print about 2.5"x5" for best results.
Oct 31, 2007

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