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Loopin' Louie:: Salto Sammy Installation translation. By: khards
Salto_Sammy_Eng_Tran_Instructions.txt (1 KB)
English translation of 'Salto Sammy' speed randomiser device installation instructions.

Apologise to any native German speakers for butchering your beautifully language. Having no knowledge of the German spoken word I simply fed the text through Google Translations. The result is functional and gets the message across but is probably not the best of translations.

Please feel free to suggest any better interpretations.
Dec 4, 2014


Loopin' Louie:: Loopin' Louie Rules By: TheThorn
Loopin' Louie Rules.txt (3 KB)
Typed Loopin' Louie rules. far more useful than a scanned copy in a pdf.
Apr 8, 2008