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The Battle for Normandy:: BfN Optional Rules Checklist By: Ardwulf
Opt_rules_ckl.pdf (220 KB)
A quick and dirty checklist of the game's optional rules, with those that are designated as part of the "advanced game" highlighted.
Nov 21, 2017


The Battle for Normandy:: Invasion Phase and Segment Chart By: RustyColeman
Invasion Steps.pdf (153 KB)
Keep track of what Phase and Segment you are in with this handy chart. You will have to put your own counter or maybe a dice on it. It is portrait size with two charts. One is modified to remind the player what rules are now in play in each Phase and Segment, such as artillery fire and what segment you need to form up in. I created this, myself a few years ago. I sent it to Danny Holte and lightened up the background.
Sep 2, 2014


The Battle for Normandy:: TBfN Expansion Counter Listing By: DHolte
TBfN Expansion Counter List.pdf (157 KB)
Detailed list of the counters included with rulebook references.
Mar 9, 2014


The Battle for Normandy:: BfN Operation Epsom Scenario for Vassal By: Gilles OSMONT
BfN OpEpsom scenario.vsav (192 KB)
Based on 2013 new expansion scenario "Operation Epsom", for Vassal (in fact, no change from original version).
Playable map has been selected, and all units at start are already on the map, and all reinforcements are on the time table.
Aug 27, 2013


The Battle for Normandy:: Bloody Omaha revisited 2.0o By: RustyColeman
2.0o OMAHA_MODIFIED.pdf (438 KB)
2.0o Advanced 'Bloody Omaha' is revised to allow for play to end at any phase or turn with the ability to determine a victor. It includes house rules that accurately portray the historical events. This latest version has been updated to include rules from the new rulebook, data collected since the first release and spelling corrections.
Aug 8, 2013


The Battle for Normandy:: German Units for June 6 & 7 By: stevenglyer
1GER June 6-7.pdf (1.22 MB)
As was done with 'at start' units chart, this pdf is of scanned units organized by nationality, date of arrival and unit organization. Each page will be a separate pfd and may hold units for from 2-11 individual dates.
This was created as it greatly aids in locating new arriving units and makes the game play faster.
Dec 29, 2012


The Battle for Normandy:: june 19 campaign start By: marcuzzo
The Battle for Normandy set up 19-6-1944 CAMPAIGN START.doc (78 KB)
Set up at june 19 a.m. Allied turn.
Allied combat supply I suggest, 25 points.
multberry built (& I think damaged by storm).
Air point (near maximum, 135?).
All unit not on map are in eliminated box (I must control the german tank units not in map but, that arrive as reinforce in the day...).
Let me know your comment.

Sep 28, 2012


The Battle for Normandy:: TBfN errata, clarifications & FAQ By: DHolte
BFN-errata FAQ 8-21-11.pdf (253 KB)
Latest FAQ, Clarifications & errata
Jun 13, 2012
BFN-errata FAQ-1-7-11.pdf (53 KB)
Updated FAQ File dated 1-07-2011
Jan 16, 2011


The Battle for Normandy:: CAMPAIGN GAME VARIATIONS By: dhlubin
using the Longest Day Campaign Game Variations on the Battle for Normandy game.
Nov 8, 2011


The Battle for Normandy:: Scenario Book 1.2 By: DHolte
BfN Living Scenario Book 1.3.pdf (3.37 MB)
Scenario Book ver. 1.3
Mar 31, 2011
BfN Living Scenario Book 1.2.pdf (2.21 MB)
Living Rules, Scenario Book 1.2 for The Battle for Normandy
Mar 18, 2010


The Battle for Normandy:: The Battle for Normandy Rules v2 (black tex) By: DHolte
TBfN Living Rules Ver 2 black text.pdf (6.02 MB)
Updated rules. Text is in black for those don't like the blue updates highlighted.

Note that another version is available with the updated text in blue.
Jan 7, 2011


The Battle for Normandy:: The Battle for Normandy Rules v2 By: DHolte
TBfN Living Rules Ver 2.pdf (6.02 MB)
Updated rules. Updated text in blue. Some handy reference charts and examples of play have been added.

Note that a second version is available with the text in a consistent black for those who wish it that way.
Jan 7, 2011


The Battle for Normandy:: Bridging Example of Play By: DHolte
Bridging example of play.pdf (1.25 MB)
Detailed look at three ways that Headquarters units act as bridging units for supply purposes.
Dec 6, 2010


The Battle for Normandy:: Artillery Example of Play By: DHolte
Artilllery Example of Play.pdf (386 KB)
Detailed look at artillery fire & attachment in a combat example.
Dec 4, 2010


The Battle for Normandy:: Rule Britannia & Friends: Order of Battle By: agathon
TBfNCW2.doc (4.00 MB)
Order of battle for CW is now complete
Sep 18, 2010
TBfNCW1.doc (3.89 MB)
Next to the US UoB: the CW (Part I)
May 24, 2010


The Battle for Normandy:: Gold - June - Sword By: DHolte
A relatively short scenario covering the Commonwealth side of the beaches.
Aug 12, 2010


The Battle for Normandy:: Battle for Normandy Support Play-Aid By: DHolte
BFN Support Play Aid.pdf (91 KB)
Replaces original (art may trace ot Div or Corp HQ)
Jun 17, 2010
BFN Support Play Aid.pdf (91 KB)

One page PDF play aid by Bob Bassin.
Jun 14, 2010


The Battle for Normandy:: Eliminated Units Track By: agathon
Elim Units Track.pdf (1.77 MB)
Another way to say, even in our best gaming moments, "We shall never forget".
May 7, 2010


The Battle for Normandy:: US Army: Order of Battle By: agathon
TBfNUS.pdf (3.40 MB)
An organic (not by scenario) US order of battle, with the game's counters, named leaders, assignments... A kind of help when " where's this damn'*** 953 FA bn?"
Apr 14, 2010


The Battle for Normandy:: TBfN Final Rules By: DHolte
BfN Rules-Living Rules 1.pdf (1.51 MB)
Living Rules for The Battle for Normandy
Mar 18, 2010
BfN Rules-Final.pdf (1.41 MB)
The final rulebook for "The Battle for Normandy".
Nov 12, 2009


The Battle for Normandy:: Wheel-type Record Charts for both German & Allied By: DHolte
TBfN Record Charts with (1.06 MB)
These were made to be printed 8-1/2 x 11" borderless. At anything other than that, I can't make promises but they should scale. I printed to gloss label paper then applied that to 1/8"-thick cardstock sheets.
Mar 2, 2010


The Battle for Normandy:: TBFN U.S. 155 and Long Tom counters By: DHolte
TBFN 155 and Long Tom.pdf (86 KB)
Here is a sheet of U.S. artillery units which make distinction between the Long Toms and 155mm howitzers for purists

While this has very minor effect on the game, I believe more stuff is always better than less stuff.

So here's more stuff! Print, mount one side on cardstock then punch & line-up the die holes.
Feb 21, 2010


The Battle for Normandy:: Sequence of Play By: Biswut
Sequence_of_Play.pdf (312 KB)
now as pdf
Feb 21, 2010
Sequence of Play.ppt (828 KB)
The Sequence of Play on a DIN A4 page together with the counter explanations (both taken from the rulebook)
Feb 17, 2010


The Battle for Normandy:: Labels for sorting counters - Avery 8167 size By: DHolte
TBFN Avery 8167 (249 KB)
Labels designed to sort by entry date; Reinforcements and game markers in two Plano 3701 containers (German/Allied) and at-start units two GMT-style counter trays.
Dec 31, 2009


The Battle for Normandy:: 3-Map Campaign Game variant By: DHolte
Three Map Variant.pdf (121 KB)
Allows players to play a three-map campaign game to early July without using maps D & E. Also, to play without these maps in an extended campaign until the Cotentin is cleared.
Dec 28, 2009

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