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Le Havre:: Custom poker chip coins By: missamo80
Le Havre custom poker chip coins v1.pdf (17.04 MB)
Image file for creating custom poker chip coins to replace the cardboard coins that come with the game.

To use these follow the instructions for making custom poker chip coins at Use chips with a 1.25" sticker well and a 1.25" EK tools punch to cut the images out. See the above link for where those can be purchased.

This file is designed to be printed on 8.5x11" photo paper paper with no scaling applied.
Jan 13, 2018


Le Havre:: Wariant solo oraz dla 2 i 3 graczy - skumulowane akcje, tylko budynki umożliwiające kombosy By: Vaader
LE HAVRE - Wariant solo z wirtualnym graczem (ostateczny).pdf (601 KB)
Po kolejnych testach ostateczna już wersja wariantu dla 1 gracza. Dodatkowo pomocnik gracza pasujący do takiej samej koszulki jak inne karty z Le Havre i tabela wyników.
Dec 11, 2017
LE HAVRE - Wariant solo z wirtualnym graczem 13022017.pdf (393 KB)
W punkcie 11 dodałem:
"d.DOK - Za każdy Twój statek musisz zapłacić 2F za przegląd techniczny (do skarbca)."

Aby nieco wzmocnić interakcję w kwestii budynków i doprecyzować zapis zmieniłem nieco punkt 13:
[1-2] Firma Budowlana z opłatą (przenieś tam pionek WG - WG buduje 1 budynek), jeżeli Ty zajmujesz ten budynek to WG zajmuje Kompanię Budowlaną (stawia 2 budynki).
[3] Firma Budowlana bez opłat (przenieś tam pionek WG), jeżeli Ty zajmujesz ten budynek to WG zajmuje Firmę Budowlaną z opłatą (w każdym przypadku WG stawia 1 budynek)."

Trochę więcej presji :)
Feb 13, 2017
LE HAVRE - Wariant solo z wirtualnym graczem 012017_popr.pdf (392 KB)
Wariant solo z wirtualnym graczem, dla wygody oddzielony od ogólnego wariantu. Czytelniejszy i wygodniejszy w korzystaniu. Zmiany: 10 kart budynków specjalnych zamiast 8, zmieniony zakres kart - budynki zwykłe to 3 rzędy po 7, podwyższony próg wygranej.
Jan 27, 2017
LE HAVRE - Wariant dla 1 lub 2 lub 3 graczy.pdf (421 KB)
Bardzo skondensowana rozgrywka, usunięto nic nie wnoszące do gry budynki. W wersji solo prawdopodobieństwa rzutów kostką dobrano tak, aby symulować agresywnego przeciwnika.
Nov 2, 2016
Le Havre - Wariant Solo - finalny.pdf (427 KB)
Starsza wersja, polecam nowszą powyżej.
Apr 13, 2016


Le Havre:: Official English Rules By: lasttruegypsy
lehavre_rules_en_2017_web.pdf (3.02 MB)
Official English Rules
Nov 11, 2017


Le Havre:: le havre Playmat (with turn overview) By: fasolia
LeHavreSorted2.jpg (966 KB)
le havre Playmat (with turn overview)
Oct 7, 2017
LeHavreSorted.jpg (1.73 MB)
le havre Playmat (with turn overview)
Oct 7, 2017
LeHavrePlaymats.jpg (968 KB)
le havre Playmat (with turn overview)
Oct 7, 2017


Le Havre:: Stickers for tokens By: bruno555
le_havre_stickers_A4_v2.2.pdf (560 KB)
Added some new characters
May 16, 2017
le_havre_stickers_A4_v2.1.pdf (452 KB)
Stickers with males and females marine characters- tokens will become personalize!
Aug 24, 2016


Le Havre:: Solo variant simulating a challenging opponent By: Vaader
Le Havre - Solo variant simulating a challenging opponent 13022017.pdf (240 KB)
New version.
I need help to correct the grammar. I read and understand English well but my written English is terrible. Reviews of gameplay also welcome.
I love this variant, it gives me a lot of emotions, no useless buildings, cool numerous engines and a bit of randomness and uncertainty.
Feb 13, 2017
Le Havre - Solo variant simulating a challenging opponent v1.pdf (318 KB)
Exciting solo variant, based on the work by Edward Cabagnot (Simple Solo Variant using D10), however more developed. Setup and probabilities of events were changed, new rules were added and a lot of cards contribute nothing into the game were removed, this also increased replayability of the game. Please make comments also related to grammar. I will correct text :)
Apr 17, 2016


Le Havre:: Container Boxes for storage of resources By: bruno555
CONTAINERS.pdf (4.39 MB)
8 boxes for storage of resources, to cut and assemble.
Nov 5, 2016


Le Havre:: Etiquetas en español para cartas cargadas de texto By: rudolp
Etiquetas.pdf (159 KB)
Antes de que se tradujeran tantos juegos al español, no habia muchas opciones. Yo tengo mi leHavre en alemán y aunque yo memoricé las cartas con mucho texto, cuando juego con alguien estas cartas son las que cuesta a las personas jugar. Pueden comprar su version en español o recortar y pegar estas etiquetas.
Aug 27, 2015


Le Havre:: Le Havre 1.26 Widescreen Update By: Clatch (5.70 MB)
Le Havre 1.26 Widescreen Image Assets File 4 of 4 - An updated version of the image assets have been uploaded with corrected directory structure.
Jul 4, 2015 (3.94 MB)
Le Havre 1.26 Widescreen Image Assets File 3 of 4 (Revised)
Jul 4, 2015 (8.36 MB)
Le Havre 1.26 Widescreen Image Assets File 2 of 4 (revised)
Jul 4, 2015 (8.00 MB)
Le Havre 1.26 Widescreen Image Assets File 1 of 4 (revised)
Jul 4, 2015 (9.78 MB)
This Update Includes: - Base File Including Game Files - Image Files part 1 - Image Files part 2 - Image Files part 3 - Image Files part 4

1. Uncompress the base game files to their own directory.
2. Unpack each of the four image files and merge the "images" directory with the root game directory you unpacked in step 1.

Each of the four compressed image files include the directory tree "images". Each unpacked "images" directory can be merged into root directory of the unpacked base game files, ex: /LeHavre/images/...

WARNING: Be sure to merge in the image assets otherwise you'll overwrite the existing images directory and lose game content. The new base game file, "" also includes some graphical updates and new user interface configurations.

**This graphical update only includes the English version of the cards.

See Ponton's post for more information on JLeHavre:


This is the same Java game of Le Havre developed by Ponton with graphical changes to make the game easier on the eyes with larger monitors. This isn't an exact form-fit per say, just an enhancement.

Also included is a command executable for Mac if the LeHavre directory is copied over to the Application directory. Otherwise, the JLeHavre.command file can be edited with a text editor to use the correct directory.

This also includes the Essen updates Ponton released along with the missing config text files needed at launch.

This version of Le Havre is the complete game! Great for brushing up your skills in solo play. It also includes networking capabilities to play others online if you're savvy enough to set it up that way.

A big thanks to Lookout Games and Uwe Rosenberg for being so generous as to give their consent to Ponton to make this gem freely available!
Jul 3, 2015


Le Havre:: Le Havre - Rules Reference_Player Aid By: jcawlo
Le_Havre_Rules Ref.pdf (81 KB)
This is a 2-pg PDF rules reference/player aid for Le Havre
Apr 20, 2015


Le Havre:: Teaching Outline (with credit to Ryan Sturm) By: JHCallahan
Le Havre How to Play Outline.docx (24 KB)
This teaching outline is based entirely on Ryan Sturm's terrific How to Play podcast. I restructured a few things but the credit here entirely goes to Ryan.
Apr 5, 2015


Le Havre:: Le Havre Player Mats v1 By: binnet
Le Havre Player Mats v1.pdf (4.87 MB)
Player Mats for 6 players, yes more than needed but I could fit 6 on two A4s so why not. Had some trouble with colour accuracy so at least one of the blue/purple should be suitable.
Just to keep your tiles neat and organized so that other players can see how much of each resource you have.
Creds to ScorpionKing who inspired it. This is more or less an English version of theirs but with a bit higher image quality.
Aug 10, 2014


Le Havre:: Le Havre Rulebook (hrvatska pravila) By: Shich
Le_Havre_pravila.pdf (7.82 MB)
Unofficial fan content/neslužbeni prijevod pravila
Jun 15, 2014


Le Havre:: Le Havre - Foam board - Storage Solution By: BigRoad
Le Havre - Foamboard Storage - v1.xlsx (359 KB)
Include all plans, measure, drawing and pictures and link to additional projects
May 11, 2014


Le Havre:: Condensed (down to 8.5 x 11) Game Board with circular turn order for Le Havre By: JeffyJeff
LeHarve Small Game Board.pdf (74 KB)
I mainly created this because I wanted a circular turn order. Makes it easier (slightly) to know who is next (separate from the player seat number on the round cards).

That still left enough space on a "letter" (8.5 x 11 inches) sized page to keep the offer spaces as well as the round cards.

The building proposals are essentially off the board anyway, I recommend laying them out side ways off the left side of this board.

For the ship cards, I recommend the pile(s) be placed to the right of the board.

This leaves enough room to pull or drag chits from an offer pile into ones personal supply. The face down stack of in play Special Buildings cards can go anywhere.

I didn't bother with any graphics, only appropriately (I hope) color coding the offer spaces.
Apr 9, 2014


Le Havre:: The Extensive Le Havre Building Reference [PDF] By: wesphys (41 KB)
This is a complete list of the buildings cards from the game Le Havre. The document is a PDF version of the geeklist written by Grzegorz Kobiela (Ponton). The LaTeX format of this document leans heavily on that of Eugene van der Pijll's (pijll) Unofficial Agricola Compendium. [TeX Files]
Mar 27, 2014
LeHavreCompendium.pdf (285 KB)
This is a complete list of the buildings cards from the game Le Havre. The document is a PDF version of the geeklist written by Grzegorz Kobiela (Ponton). The LaTeX format of this document leans heavily on that of Eugene van der Pijll?s (pijll) Unofficial Agricola Compendium. Version 2 includes building entry fees. [Letter-sized PDF file]
Mar 27, 2014


Le Havre:: Le Havre - Puntuación final para iPad/ iPhone By: yofri
Le Havre - Puntuació (1.25 MB)
Esta es una hoja de cálculo para Numbers (iPad/iPhone) para hacer el cálculo final de la puntuación. Tiene varias hojas según el número de jugadores (incluyo la versión reducida para 2 jugadores). Tiene los edificios normales y especiales que vienen en el juego. He añadido una linea especial para añadir la puntuación para los edificios de Le Grand Hameau y de las Essen Promo Cards (en este caso hay que hacer la cuenta de por separado de estos edificios e introducir el número en la hoja de cálculo, eran demasiadas lineas de más para lo que aparecen en el juego). El uso es sencillo, solo hay que marcar la casilla del edificio para el jugador propietario, la hoja tendrá en cuenta su valor y también el valor extra en caso de otras propiedades (por ejemplo el banco). En caso de prestamos seleccionar el préstamo y la cantidad de francos de cada uno. Para 5 ó 6 jugadores hay una linea extra para el valor de las mercancías si algún jugador es propietario del almacén. Por último, en el ZIP va un archivo en excel, pero no esta testado (en office de Mac no funciona porque no admite macros) lo incluyo por si alguien quiere trastear con el, así tendrá parte del trabajo hecho. Espero os guste.
Feb 4, 2014


Le Havre:: Le Havre "Crates" By: jsydik
JSLeHavreCrates-v1.0.pdf (7.31 MB)
These are instructions and graphics for building a set of storage boxes for Le Havre that fit nicely onto the board during gameplay and store evenly inside the box. The 5 Franc box is not strictly necessary, but without it, you would have an empty spot on the board and a not-quite-as-nice fit in the box.

• Self-Healing Cutting Mat!
• Sharp Knife - I like an Olfa rotary cutter for the long lines and a snap-off X-Acto knife for details.
• Cutting Ruler - I like the clear Omnigrid rulers.
• Printmaking brayer!

• Full Sheet Printable Labels
• Transparent Contact Paper
• Magazine Size Comic Book/Magazine Backer Boards

For the More Reasonable Reader
This method is rather involved and time-consuming, but it may be possible to build a lighter weight but easier to assemble version of these boxes. If you like, it would probably be possible to make a passable version by printing the patterns to index card stock and using double-stick cellophane tape to assemble. If you try this alternative, please feel free to post your experiences and results.
Feb 1, 2014


Le Havre:: Make Shipping Crates By: McGray79
Shipping Crates.pdf (228 KB)
This is a file in PDF who served me for make my shipping crates.
I used boxes for comfit (5cm x 5cm x 5cm)in wood, but you can use anything.
For print this, the print format is A3.
Dec 23, 2013


Le Havre:: Boxes By: yannibus
LeHavre_boites.pdf (387 KB)
Boxes to store ressources, money...
Nov 11, 2013


Le Havre:: Building Photoshop template By: telengard (2.05 MB)
This is pretty much complete as far as I can tell. Some of the arrow color combinations are not done but there are existing ones to modify easily. Also, the generic good type images aren't of high quality and I welcome any better resolution ones.

I have been given Lookout's permission to post this with the understanding that this can only be used for *fan* created cards that will not be profited from in any way.
Nov 3, 2013


Le Havre:: Le Havre Minimal Board By: DigitalMan
Le Havre Minimal Board Wide-Format.pdf (3.90 MB)
An edited version of the Le Havre board, removing everything not essential for play. It allows for much more building space on your table. THIS VERSION IS FOR WIDE FORMAT PRINTER/PLOTTERS.
Jun 20, 2013
Le Havre Minimal Board - Tiled.pdf (3.73 MB)
An edited version of the Le Havre board, removing everything not essential for play. It allows for much more building space on your table. This version is split into 3 tiled sections, for easier printing on most ordinary printers.
Jun 20, 2013


Le Havre:: Le Havre Solo Play Spreadsheet By: LRayZor
LeHavre_v1_27.xls (523 KB)
Final version of Le Havre Solo Spreadsheet. Many Many bug fixes and several improvements to the UI.

This allows you to play Le Havre solo, both short and normal games. It is written for Excel 2003, uses macros, dialog boxes etc. It seems to work on Excel 97 too.

Thanks go to the nice people at Lookout Games who designed this wonderful game and who graciously gave me permission to post it to BGG!

[For reference, v1.13 was downloaded 179 times, v1.19 downloaded 103 times, v1.23 downloaded 332 times, v1.26 downloaded 1180 times!]

v1.27 Fixes for Black Market and Ironworks.
Mar 20, 2013


Le Havre:: Chinese Rulebook & Building Appendix By: j87b0003
LeHavre.pdf (4.02 MB)
ver 4.
fix text description.
(Complete traditional Chinese translation of official simplified Chinese rulebook and building appendix)
有堪誤或文意不清,可內信給我…by 邱老虎
Feb 19, 2013
LeHavre.pdf (4.55 MB)
ver 3.
fix text description.
(Complete traditional Chinese translation of official simplified Chinese rulebook and building appendix)
有堪誤或文意不清,可內信給我…by 邱老虎
Aug 1, 2012


Le Havre:: Tableros Ayuda al Jugador By: Scorpionking
Tableros ayuda jugador.pdf (1.12 MB)
Traducción al castellano de los tableros realizados por Paul65. Son pequeños y van muy bien para clasificar las losetas y los francos que posea cada jugador.
Gracias Paul65
Sep 12, 2012

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