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The Settlers of Canaan:: Kanaan Hero cards in English By: martman
Kanaan Hero cards in English.pdf (6.84 MB)
I made these with the help of Google Translate and Wikipedia.
Apr 16, 2013


The Settlers of Canaan:: Kanaan overlay for English board to play German version By: martman
Kanaan add on.pdf (613 KB)
I used The Hexes of Kaahtan to make this overlay. It is placed on Jerusalem with the 6 Forest going on the 2 Mountain, the rest underneath on top of Jerusalem. The Hexes of Katan were printed at %85 to match the hex size on the Canaan board.
Apr 15, 2013


The Settlers of Canaan:: Deck Of Dice for Settlers Of Canaan By: violin man
Settlers Of Canaan Deck Of Dice.pdf (200 KB)
Tired of your rolls not following ratios predicted by probability?

Print out these cards, sleeve them, and use them instead of dice.

If you want to add a little of the unknown, shuffle in the Amen card--when you draw this card you reshuffle the entire deck (including discards) and draw again.

All credit and thanks to gray0013 for the image!
May 5, 2012


The Settlers of Canaan:: Stones for Jerusalem By: rongammer
Settlers of Canaan.pdf (4.52 MB)
Here they are! I scanned in the original stones and reduced them. I haven't tried the size since I exported the original bmp file into a pdf, but this size should work. I know the original bitmap files were the right size.
Dec 5, 2007


The Settlers of Canaan:: overlay.pdf By: gzamira
overlay.pdf (79 KB)
Stone of Jerusalem chart sized to fit on board. Glue on or use Avery label.
Mar 31, 2007


The Settlers of Canaan:: Settlers of cover art.Rulebook.pdf By: darcyj2
Settlers of cover art.Rulebook.pdf (5.68 MB)
Settlers of Canaan Rules without cover art submitted with permission
Oct 20, 2005


The Settlers of Canaan:: Settlers_of_Canaan_Regles_VF.pdf By: ynys
Settlers_of_Canaan_Regles_VF.pdf (20 KB)
Règles en français
Feb 6, 2004


The Settlers of Canaan:: The Settlers of Canaan.doc By: Spielfreak
The Settlers of Canaan.doc (161 KB)
Alternative "Stones of Jerusalem" chart for the x-acto impaired
Sep 3, 2002

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