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Descent: The Tomb of Ice:: Descent Augmented: Modular Variants by N.G. Martin (v0.9) By: Vodot
NGM_DA_v0.9.pdf (323 KB)
From the introduction:

Rather than being a single ‘block’ variant, this is a compilation of modular, multi-tiered variant rules. The majority of these are original; others have been borrowed but significantly altered or expanded. The modules have various objectives in mind: some address Descent exploits, many address balance, some immersion; others, predictability; complexity; play time; and so on. DA modules assume that you are playing according to the latest official Fantasy Flight FAQ, and should be taken to overrule it wherever implied.

I decided on a modular format for DA because currently nearly all of the variants for Descent that are worth employing require a total game conversion. Many people will be understandably unwilling to go to such lengths. Modularity means DA can be applied as desired, in concert with Enduring Evil and other such sweeping revisions.

Where I have knowingly borrowed significant amounts of content from other variants, I have cited those variants as follows. If you are the creator of one of these variants, and I have misused your content, please let me know immediately.

Enduring Evil: [EE]
Fast Tactics: [FT]
German variant rules: [DE]

Most of the variant rules introduced in DA have optional facets (indicated by Roman numerals) that increase or decrease the complexity and scope of the rule as your group desires. I’ve attempted to quantify the advantage given to the Overlord or the Heroes (as compared to playing with vanilla rules).

These values are approximations generally based on subjective tests and playtesting, and should not be considered authoritative. If your group needs to weigh down the Heroes a bit, use modules that have a net “advantage: Overlord” effect to bolster the Overlord’s chances; vice-versa if the Overlord wins too often. In theory, modules of equal and opposite ranks should roughly balance each other out.

DA makes use of (but doesn’t require) the “Well of Darkness,” “Altar of Despair,” and “Tomb of Ice” expansions. DA does not make use of Road to Legend or any of the campaign rules.

For additional details and explanations for each module, please read the Descent Augmented FAQ.
Apr 6, 2012


Descent: The Tomb of Ice:: Descent: The Tomb of Ice po polsku, [Polish Translation] By: Dr Doom
Tomb_of_Ice_PL.pdf (859 KB)
Polskie tłumaczenie Descent: The Tomb of Ice. Polish tranlsation.
Sep 21, 2009


Descent: The Tomb of Ice:: Overland Encounters By: Juhiza
Overland Encounters ToI.rar (6.81 MB)
All monster encounters for Road to Legend from the Tomb of Ice expansion. All the changes to the stats and abilities of the Encounter leader have already been included here.
May 5, 2009


Descent: The Tomb of Ice:: Cardlist for Tomb of Ice By: Thaadd
TombofIcecards.xls (25 KB)
I made this list so that people can tell if they have any cards missing from their games. It's not too pretty, but it is complete. The detail about the 'Deck one' 'Deck 2' is just there to find out which of the two packet of cards the cards are in. AS a note - the finish is glossy, and sometimes they stick together!
Mar 12, 2009


Descent: The Tomb of Ice:: Dungeon Levels with respective Leader(s) Levels 41 to 44 By: Juhiza
RtL_Dungeons_and_Leaders_41_to_44.rar (5.56 MB)
Card combo including the leader with all his stats and special abilities for the dungeon (where possible) at all campaign levels and the choice of minions for the level plus the description for the dungeon. Let your players do the hard work of building the dungeon while you choose which creatures to throw at them, with the added advantage of not having to work out the maths for the extra health, armour or speed for the leader because it has already been factored into the card for you.
Dec 2, 2008

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