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Formula D:: Custom Image Dice - Formula D By: Caesar (424 KB) Jan 11, 2018


Formula D:: Formula D Stop Chart - Monaco By: cheesycrouton
stop-chart-monaco.pdf (219 KB)
Here's a stop chart I made for Monaco.
Nov 29, 2017


Formula D:: Formula D Qualifying Sheet By: cheesycrouton
Qualy Sheet.pdf (209 KB)
Here's a sheet that I made for qualifying.
Nov 29, 2017


Formula D:: Formula D Advanced Rules (Quick Reference) By: cheesycrouton
Formula D Advanced Rules (Quick Ref).pdf (341 KB)
I wanted to make a quick reference sheet that was comprehensive as well as fit on one sheet. Thought it might be useful to others as well.
Nov 29, 2017


Formula D:: Referencia para Reglas Avanzadas By: mauuroo
Hoja de referencia.pdf (194 KB)
Referencia para reglas avanzadas.

Todos los derechos pertenecen a sus dueños respectivos, se permite la distribución sin fines de lucro.
Oct 20, 2017


Formula D:: Formula Death! Instructions v2a & Token Sheet By: BoardGamesOwn
Formula Deth Instructions_v2a.pdf (58 KB)
I made the prior instructions before getting a chance to play, now that I have, I've made a few clarifications, additions, and edits.
This is my update/clarification of the rules included in the FAB Formula D /De expansion found here:

I've added clarifications & a tweak or 2 to the hand building mechanic.
I've made a sheet of tokens to print on foam core, or label paper to mount on cardstock, for use with this expansion.
Oct 16, 2017
Formula Deth Reload token.jpg (421 KB)
This is ALL the tokens mentioned in my rules above, (not just the "reload token" as the file name suggests).
Print at "Actual Size" and NOT at "Fit to page".
Scale will be too big for track spaces if you do the latter.
These are all the tokens ID'd in the v2a instructions.
Sep 3, 2017


Formula D:: Formula D small Reference card (standard card game size) By: kerred
Formula D Reference.png (250 KB)
So, its been a year since you played Formula D. You forgot about the rule about leaving corners. You forgot about what to roll for collision damage.

You play it again a year later, and forget it all over again. Repeat every time you play.

Hopefully not anymore, with everything you need to reference on one little card.

For new players, treat all WP symbols as just "lose 1 WP".

I couldn't find any hi-res images of the WP symbols. Feel free to change this however you want and claim it as your own, as I would love to see a much better version of this card :)

Let me know if I got anything wrong, thanks!
May 16, 2017


Formula D:: Dry/Wet Track Player Aid By: rattle
fd_aid.pdf (424 KB)
Different pages for dry and wet track. Print double sided and flip over when track condition changes.
Apr 14, 2017


Formula D:: Snetterton 300 Circuit By: FantomPencil
Snetterton Final.jpg (15.31 MB)
As promised, here's another FD track for you - Norfolk's premier racing curcuit, Snetterton 300.
This track was not easy to convert, mainly due to the insane number of corners..! So I'm offering it up to the community as a work-in-progress rather than a finished track.
I'd really appreciate feedback on the course as regards the corners. Too many? Too few..?(..!) Should Hamilton & Oggies be a 3-stop complex rather than 2 seperate corners? And is that the same for Brundle/Nelson/Bomb Hole..? And is Murrays too short..? Or just right? Or what..?
Really looking forward to comments on this one.

As for the file, it's a huge 1-piece .jpeg due to the Geeks file upload limits, designed to be printed out on 1 sheet of A0. I do also have this as an 8-page 58meg .pdf for any of you with A3 printers - PM me if you'd like me to email you a copy.

Once again, many thanks to fellow geek SteveFord for his indispensable guide to creating tracks in Illustrator. If you want to have a crack at this yourself, you can find that here -
Apr 5, 2017


Formula D:: Brands Hatch - Combined GP and Indy Circuit - v1 By: FantomPencil
Brands Hatch - Indy & GP v1.1.jpg (14.96 MB)
Tweaked version with corrected values at Sheene and Stirlings.
Mar 31, 2017


Formula D:: Circuit de Charade By: aloween
Circuit de Charade.jpg (6.55 MB)
An old drawing updated to Formula D visual standard
Print on A0 to have it in proper scale
Nov 5, 2016


Formula D:: LE MANS Endurance By: zodiac60
endurance-Formule-D--_12H_du_mans_V1.1.pdf (302 KB)
pdf version
Aug 21, 2016
endurance-Formule-D-- 12H du mans V1.1.docx (302 KB)
Régles en francais pour une course d'endurance sur le circuit du mans.

Particularité : simultanéité de jeux entre les LMP1 et le GT
Aug 9, 2016


Formula D:: Le Grand Epreuve (1930's Formula cars/drivers/and now rules) By: CptBlood
1935 Epreuve rules.pdf (106 KB)
Here are the rules we are using for our 1935's Formula D campaign. Disclaimer, I have never read them....
Jul 20, 2016
Event Cards.pdf (4.52 MB)
The event cards we are using. Each player is dealt one per race and can hold up to your clubs driver count (which is max 3).
Or you can trade them in for 1 Prestige.
May 11, 2016
1935 drivers.pdf (6.35 MB)
These are the Drivers that go with the cars. Each driver only drives certain models.
All (but one) are real drivers from the times.
May 10, 2016
All_Car_cards.pdf (1.69 MB)
These are the cars we are using for our 1930's Formula D campaign. Each players club can hold up to three. You get a new one each race but must discard down to three.
May 10, 2016


Formula D:: LeMans - Circuit de la Sarthe version2 By: RasmusDJ
LeMans2-v4.jpg (14.21 MB)
A little update, with better pit entrance and exit, also all the numbers has been redone for a better reading.

If you want it in high resolution pdf, download it here.

If you have any suggestions, let me know, and I might have a look at it.
Jun 10, 2016
Le_Mans_2xA0-v2.1.jpg (18.29 MB)
Version 2.1, Mulsanne Corner is now a 2 stops corner, to make it more realistic, because the cars in real life, goes as slow as 60-70 km/t.

Done som recalculating for the corners, so the numbers matches the longest possible route.
Apr 21, 2016
Le_Mans_2xA0 v2.jpg (11.33 MB)

As a LeMans fan, I have enjoyed merichards work on the LeMans track, but I missed some of the environment. So I have pepped it up a bit with a google satellite picture. All credit for creating the track goes to "merichards".

The original track cand be found here.

If you want it in higher resolution, or maybe with a bit more terrain around the track, please write. This one, should fit on two A0 papers.
Apr 11, 2016


Formula D:: Formula D Basic Unofficial Romanian translation v.1.2 By: Sportis2009
Formula D (basic rules) (romana).pdf (1.78 MB)
Formula D - Rules for Beginners (limba română) - regulile de bază
May 16, 2016


Formula D:: Ciruit de la Sarthe - Le Mans By: merichards
Le Mans - Fr.jpg (2.77 MB)
Lightly modified, updated the space numbers on some of the corner flags as they were wrong. No other changes made.
May 8, 2016
Le Mans - Fr.jpg (2.02 MB)
A first attempt at a self-drawn Formula D track. The circuit used for the famous 24 hour race. Full size when printed ~2.15m long, can be split across two sheets of A0.
Dec 5, 2013


Formula D:: Formula D Player-Aids By: GamerA11
Formula D Spielerhilfen.pdf (78 KB)
Here are a few player-aids in German for Formula D advanced rules. They can give you a quick overview in many situations of the gameplay without searching the rulebook...

Have fun & enjoy the race!!!
May 7, 2016


Formula D:: Formula Dé Vietnam circuit de Nha Trang By: michaellesecond
Formula Dé Vietnam circuit de Nha Trang fr.doc (19.35 MB)
Formula Dé Vietnam circuit de Nha Trang (petit et grand circuit) fr doc
May 3, 2016


Formula D:: Formula D Player Aid for 2-Lap Races with Advanced Rules By: happyjosiah
PlayerAid.pdf (95 KB)
This is a single-sheet player aid that encompasses all the damage, weather, slipstream, construction, and pit stop rules. It does not include qualifying lap rules or the rules about penalties for unchanged tires on the third lap. If you are doing a 2-lap only race, I think you will find this useful.

Version 1.1 - Corrects missing information about soft tires and adds hard tires to the player aid.
Version 1.2 - Corrects wording on soft tires.
Feb 29, 2016


Formula D:: Formula D team cards By: CptBlood
Formula_D_teams_L_1.2.pdf (5.11 MB)
Couple versions of changes we made as we have played our league.
Jan 26, 2016
Formula_D_teams_L.pdf (1.49 MB)
This is part of the materials we have made to run our new Formula D season using real life teams.
Dec 15, 2015


Formula D:: Croatian rules advanced By: sadistiko
Formula D advanced HR m.pdf (7.63 MB)
Hrvatski prijevod naprednih pravila
Oct 25, 2015


Formula D:: Croatian rules begginer By: sadistiko
Formula D beginner HR.pdf (2.47 MB)
Hrvatski prijevod početničkih pravila
Oct 25, 2015


Formula D:: Rockingham Super Sportscar Circuit By: merichards
Rockingham Supersports v1.1.jpg.jpg (986 KB)
Updated to correct some errors.
Jul 3, 2015
Rockingham Supersports.jpg (973 KB)
The Super Sportscar layout of Rockingham, as used by the BTCC.
Jun 28, 2015


Formula D:: Snetterton 300 By: merichards
Snetterton 300 v1.1.jpg (1.26 MB)
Updated to correct some mistakes.
Jul 3, 2015
Snetterton 300.jpg (1.26 MB)
First track I've uploaded for a while. The newer layout of Snetterton.
Jun 28, 2015


Formula D:: Правила игры (Дополнение 3) By: Shinner
Правила настольной игры Формула Д - дополнение 3 (Сингапур-Доки).pdf (310 KB)
Перевод Игровед
Apr 10, 2015

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