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Bombay:: Bombay Time-Track for all players count By: matmo
bombay.pdf (1.04 MB)
Time track to use with the variant discussed at:
Nov 12, 2015


Bombay:: Bombay Quick Start Guide By: CavemanLogic
Bombay Quick Start Guide.pdf (139 KB)
I found the original rulebook method of setting up a four player game, and then listing the modifications necessary for a two, three, or five player game at the back of the rules, slightly confusing.

This is a quick start guide which combines the Setup, some basic gameplay, and End of Game Scoring for two, three, four, and five player games, all together on a single sheet.
Jun 23, 2012


Bombay:: Bombay time track By: manko
See Peakhopes variant posting to see how to use.
May 25, 2012


Bombay:: Japanese Rule By: atiisha
Bombay.pdf (26 KB)
Translated from both English and German rule. No images included.
Apr 25, 2011


Bombay:: Unofficial Russian Rules By: snowbody
Bombay-Rules_RU_v1.pdf (722 KB)
Rulebook. Russian language translation. Неофициальная русская версия правил настольной игры "Бомбей". Перевод и адаптация текста Spotty, верстка и компиляция sNOwBODY.org.ua. Полноценный PDF с иллюстрациями на основе официального буклета.
Mar 20, 2011


Bombay:: Bombay Aide de jeu By: darky
BOMBAY Aide de jeu.pdf (4.72 MB)
Aide de jeu complet en francais pour Bombay
Feb 27, 2011


Bombay:: [Español] Reglas Bombay a la JcK By: ArtEmiSa64
Bombay - Reglas-Resumen en Espanol a la JcK x ArtEmiSa64.pdf (257 KB)
Completo resumen de las reglas con imagenes.

Aug 7, 2010


Bombay:: Readable _Bombay_ rules By: jdesmond
Bombay.doc (144 KB)
For us senior-citizen gamers, and others in the 'thick-eyeglass brigade', here are the rules necessary to play _Bombay_, formatted to be printed out on 8.5x11 paper in 12-point type. Hope 'twill be more readable than the standard rulebook.
Oct 30, 2009


Bombay:: Home Made Bombay Turn/Round Marker Chart By: volnon
BombayTracker1 copy.jpg (619 KB)
Using a scanner and Photoshop, I made a simple and easy to use chart to keep track of TURNS and ROUNDS.
Aug 22, 2009


Bombay:: Bombay Dutch rules By: stofke
Bombay(NL).pdf (424 KB)
Updated Dutch rules.
Fixed error "oranje paleis fishes voor 2 / 3 spelers)
Jul 2, 2009
Bombay(NL).pdf (428 KB)
Bombay Dutch rules
May 5, 2009


Bombay:: Official German rules By: Hieken
bombay_DE.pdf (600 KB)
Official rules pdf in german language
Jun 26, 2009


Bombay:: Teaching aid for Bombay - in Hebrew By: koby_shachar
HowToTeach_Bombay.doc (45 KB)
מערך לימוד למשחק. המערך אינו הסבר ממצה של חוקי המשחק אלא אמצעי עזר לשחקן המסביר את חוקי המשחק לשחקנים חדשים
Jun 13, 2009


Bombay:: Italian Rules By: ZeroCool_ITA
BombayITA.pdf (715 KB)
Rules of Bombay in Italian. Original color layout. Thanks to Starpino.
Jun 9, 2009


Bombay:: Bombay_PT Rules By: Abruk
Bombay_PT.pdf (1.33 MB)
Bombay portuguese rules
Mar 28, 2009


Bombay:: Hungarian rules By: nagybal55
Bombay hun.pdf (1.42 MB)
Hungarian rules - magyar szabalyok
Feb 22, 2009

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