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Finca:: Finca Tuckboxes and Action Tile player aid By: iamzimmer
Finca_Tuckboxes_n_PlayerAid_v2.pdf (10.69 MB)
Tuckboxes for Fruit, Bonus, and Delivery tiles, including El Razul expansion and player aid.

Check out my other tuckboxes too!
Dec 22, 2017
Finca_Tuckboxes_n_ActionTileAid_v1.pdf (9.15 MB)
Tuckboxes for Fruit, Bonus, and Delivery tiles, including El Razul expansion. Also small player aid for action tiles.
Dec 9, 2017


Finca:: Finca Player Aid - English v1.0 By: moon369
Finca Player Aid - English v1.0.pdf (304 KB)
Player Aid for Finca does NOT include the expansion tiles
Dec 9, 2017


Finca:: Finca riassunto regolamento By: 8lackjack
Finca riassunto.pdf (394 KB)
Riassunto testuale del regolamento di Finca
Aug 29, 2017


Finca:: Finca Reminders By: Roguester
Finca Reminders.pdf (19 KB)
Once, when teaching Lancaster after not having played it in ages, I made a critical error that I didn’t discover until after the game. I said never again and since then I make a “Reminders” sheet for all of my games. The intent was not to cover all the rules but to make note of those little things that can be forgotten. Most of the Reminders start with the set-up and ends with the end of game conditions and scoring. I print them on cardstock and trim away the excess, making an easy to use sheet. They are also a good framework to use when teaching the games. If you click on my user name, then click on Contributions, then go down to Files you can check out my Reminders for all of my games. Enjoy.
Jun 21, 2014


Finca:: Finca - "Dummy" Player Solitaire By: Havox
Finca_solo_v1.doc (23 KB)
This is a solitaire variant where you are playing against a “dummy” player using a simple decision tree. I tried to make this less multi-player solitaire and more like playing a real player, but the bonus tiles make that a bit difficult. Hopefully, the decisions around when to use those tiles for the dummy player will be straightforward. There are no rule changes with this variant.
Mar 14, 2014


Finca:: Финка (Игровед) By: Shinner
Правила настольной игры Финка (Finca).pdf (1.36 MB)
Правила игры
Sep 24, 2013


Finca:: Finca_Short Guide_Game Summary By: dshortdesign
Finca_Short Guide_v1.jpg (943 KB)
Finca_Short Guide_v1 - Game summary for game explainers. This is basically an index sized cheat sheet to aid in teaching the game and refreshing your memory on subtle hard-to-remember rules. It also includes a components list for quick setup/cleanup.

*Go here for more Short_Guides of other games*
Oct 11, 2012


Finca:: Finca Teaching Notes By: iklinck
FincaTeachingNotes.doc (29 KB)
Teaching script for Finca. Assumes teacher is familiar with the game.
Jul 31, 2012


Finca:: Reglas originales en castellano - PDF By: Oskarete
Finca-Reglas.pdf (1.43 MB)
Reglas de Finca en castellano edición Devir. Maquetación original
Nov 5, 2011


Finca:: Finca - Quick Reference in italiano By: campro
Finca-Quick_Reference.pdf (86 KB)
Quick Reference per Finca (compresa espansione "El Razul") in italiano
Feb 26, 2011


Finca:: 2 aids for Finca (and Finca - El RazuL) action tiles By: kusza2000
2_aids_for_Finca_(and_Finca-El_RazuL)_action_tiles_v2.pdf (71 KB)
Two player aids. Ready to print (A4). [v2]
Nov 12, 2010


Finca:: Finca Quick Reference By: Ajax
finca quick v14.doc (49 KB)
1-page quick reference in English, a la Liumas. Added minor updates, thanks to Liumas.
Oct 30, 2010
finca_quick.doc (45 KB)
1-page quick reference in English, a la Liumas. Added clarification about Donkey Carts for the last Action Tile.
Oct 2, 2009
finca quick.doc (50 KB)
1-page quick reference in English, a la Liumas. Added important clarifications regarding Fruit Tiles and Finca Tiles.
Jun 6, 2009
finca quick.doc (49 KB)
1-page quick reference in English, a la Liumas. Added rules clarification on "question mark" Finca tile, thanks to .sanders..
Jun 3, 2009
finca quick.doc (45 KB)
1-page quick reference in English, a la Liumas.
May 25, 2009


Finca:: Finca (és Finca - El Razul) magyar akciókárya segédlet By: kusza2000
Finca-El_Razul-segédlet.pdf (77 KB)
Finca (& Finca - El Razul) magyar akciokartya segedlet |
Finca (& Finca - El Razul) action tile aid in Hungarian
Oct 24, 2010


Finca:: Expansion with the blank tiles. By: thiagbs
blank_tiles.ppt (75 KB)
Suggestion to use the blank tiles.
Mar 27, 2010


Finca:: Finca Rules - English.pdf By: kneumann
Finca Rules - English.pdf (2.64 MB)
Finca Rules - English.pdf
Nov 14, 2009


Finca:: [Español] Reglas Finca a la JcK By: ArtEmiSa64
Finca - Resumen en Espanol x ArtEmiSa64.pdf (186 KB)
Completo resumen de las reglas a la JcK con imagenes

Oct 22, 2009


Finca:: Teaching aid for Finca - in Hebrew By: koby_shachar
HowToTeach_Finca.doc (42 KB)
המערך אינו הסבר ממצה של חוקי המשחק אלא אמצעי עזר לשחקן המסביר את חוקי המשחק לשחקנים חדשים
Jul 1, 2009


Finca:: Finca_PT By: Abruk
FINCA_PT.pdf (1.69 MB)
Portuguese Finca rules from the David Prieto and Ralf spanish translation.
Jun 26, 2009


Finca:: Finca magyar szabály By: banz
finca_szabaly.pdf (2.57 MB)
Hungarian translation of rules for Finca
Jun 19, 2009


Finca:: Finca in the news (Altkreiskurier) By: Ralfonzo
Presse_Altkreiskurier.pdf (1003 KB)
Finca in the news (Altkreiskurier)
Jun 17, 2009


Finca:: Finca Quick reference in Korean By: iamsyl
Finca_Kr summary.pdf (76 KB)
Rule summary in Korean version, especially focused on preparation and final scoring.
Jun 4, 2009


Finca:: Finca Dutch Rules By: stofke
Finca(NL).pdf (1.16 MB)
Finca Dutch Rules
May 5, 2009


Finca:: Aide de jeu en Francais (par Kratos38) By: Kratos38
20090501_CE_finca.pdf (59 KB)
Tout en 1 page.

D'autres aides en Français sur:
May 1, 2009


Finca:: Russian rules for Finca By: Reline
Rules-Finca-Russian_Reline.pdf (3.10 MB)
Правила игры Finca на русском языке.
Apr 20, 2009


Finca:: Finca Reglas en Castellano con quadros By: Ralfonzo
FINCA_Castellano.pdf (972 KB)
Spanish rules of the game Finca with pictures
Mar 29, 2009

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