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Giro D'Italia Card Game:: Giro 2010 for Cardgame By: cherksken
Giro Cardgame 2010.pdf (985 KB)
Conversion of 10 stages of the Giro D'Italia 2010 for the die-hard cardgamefans.

Dec 29, 2009

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Giro D'Italia Card Game:: English Rules By: oobydoob
Giro d'Italia The Card Game Rules.doc (2.13 MB)
English rules to make the game understandable for anyone who has not played Leader 1
Nov 15, 2009

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Giro D'Italia Card Game:: Giro Card_ESP V1.0 By: alfdemes3
GIRO_card.pdf (923 KB)
Traducción no oficial, con aclaraciones personales del traductor. Versión 1.0
Aug 10, 2009