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Battle of the Bulge:: Player Aid Card and OOAs By: atkinsst (4.81 MB)
This ZIP file contains the German OOA, Allied OOA and Player Aid Cards. They are the original 1st edition cards modified for use with the 2nd edition rules.
Oct 8, 2015


Battle of the Bulge:: Reglamento de la 2ª y 3ª Ediciones en Español By: Xerof
Reglamento BotB 3Ed.pdf (362 KB)
El reglamento de la 3ª Edición apareció unos 10 años después de la 2ª. Considera todas las reglas opcionales como avanzadas y modifica algunas cosillas, que he dejado subrayadas.
Jun 28, 2015
Reglamento BotB 2Ed.pdf (350 KB)
Reglamento de la 2ª edición. Corrige algunos fallos evidentes de la 1ª Edición y cambia algunas cosas importantes.
Jun 27, 2015


Battle of the Bulge:: The Nordwind Variant By: kryfam
The Nordwind Variant.rar (1.12 MB)
What if the Germans had used the units earmarked for Operation Nordwind (21. Panzer, 17. SS Panzergrenadier, 25. Panzergrenadier and 6. SS Gebirgs) in the Ardennes Offensive instead??


What if they had used them to strike at Patton's right flank as he drove to relieve Bastogne; unhinging the southern shoulder of "the Bulge".

Variant Rules, Reinforcement Track, and Counters are included (I thru in another set of the 2nd edition corrected counters as well).


Feb 14, 2014


Battle of the Bulge:: Modified Bulge '81 counter sheets By: kryfam
BotB 81 (TK) V2.rar (3.97 MB)
This zip file contains:

1. Very colorful Battle of the Bulge '81 Counters (revised).

2. Explanation of unit revisions.

3. Rules Changes (2nd Edition) to use these Counters.

4. Optional Division Cohesion Rules.

5. Operation Nordwind Variant.

6. Handy Terrain effects chart.
Feb 12, 2014


Battle of the Bulge:: BB'81 Replacement Counters By: kryfam
BB81 Var units.rar (808 KB)
An extremely nice set of replacement counters.......done in PDF, PNG and PowerPoint.

I included the PPT file for those of you who want to do a little editing of your own. I tried to keep the units as close to the original (with the 2nd edition strength changes) counters. However, I did make some changes:
1. Changed all units of PANZER LEHR division to "Kampfgruppe" and changing their unit symbol to "Combined Arms" instead of Armored/Motorized Infantry.
2. Changed the PEIPER REGT to a "Kampfgruppe" and changing it's symbol to "Combined Arms".
3. Changed the three German brigades (Fuhrer Begleit, Fuhrer Grenadier, PZ Bde 150) to "Combined Arms".
4. Changed the unit symbol for all units in American "Light" Armored Divisions (CCA, CCB, CCR) from Armored Regiments to Combined Arms Brigades.

My suggestion for handling Combined Arms formations is:
1. They can only cross rivers at bridges/towns (Like Armored units.....after all, they have large tank contingents).
2. They are only reduced to 2/3 of their printed Combat Value-rounded up (instead of Armor's 1/2-rounded up) when attacking into woods hexes (they have infantry which can dismount and attack into this terrain much more effectively than pure tank formations).

Obviously, these are only suggestions.....feel free to use or change these counters any way you like......enjoy.

btw......These are 1 in X 1 in squares at actual size. If you want 1/2 in counters, print at 50% scaling. If you have one of those large redone map boards from Camelot Games,print at 67% scaling for 5/8 in counters.
Feb 1, 2014


Battle of the Bulge:: Registro de puntos de victoria By: cloro
registro puntos victoria.pdf (41 KB)
Registro de puntos de victoria en español
May 9, 2013


Battle of the Bulge:: Orden de batalla en español By: cloro
BB81 orden de batalla español.pdf (195 KB)
Orden de batalla en español
May 9, 2013


Battle of the Bulge:: Excel File to track PBEM Game By: bettingman66
Bulge_GAME_MASTER.doc (178 KB)
I created this excel file to track and facilitate PBE-Mail of the AHGC Battle of the Bulge-1981. The German player inputs his 16-AM movement for each counter available in his OB and resolves battles. The file allows for advances/retreats and the new hex locations for both German and US pieces. The US player then takes his 16-AM turn in the same worksheet. The 16-AM tab is copied to make the 16-PM turn and the procedure is repeated. Allows for assignment of Support Fire artillery and Air Support and marking/tracking the counters that are eliminated as the Germans advance. Enjoy.
Feb 26, 2010


Battle of the Bulge:: Corrected Homemade Bulge Counters By: MachewR
Bulge 81 Counters.pdf (3.29 MB)
Someone kindly pointed out a mistake on six US counters (movement factor of 3 instead of 4). They are corrected here. Sorry about that.
Jan 4, 2010


Battle of the Bulge:: Homemade Bulge Counters By: MachewR
Bulge Counters (3.07 MB)
Here is a PDF of Bulge '81 counters zipped. I also included the "errata counter" values. One added twist: I added the "division insignia" for each division in the game. I can't vouch for 100% accuracy on each insignia, but they look good. You have the option of gluing some of the information counters front and back, or cut them all out as is if you have trouble mounting front and back like I do.

On my printer, they came out a little dark. You can still easily see the numbers, but if you play in the basement like I do, they may be a little hard to see with poor lighting. Experiment to see what works best for your printer.

Apr 30, 2009


Battle of the Bulge:: 2ndbb81units.jpg By: BoardGameGeek
2ndbb81units.jpg (70 KB)
errata counters for Bulge 81 from Bruno Sinigaglio
Jan 2, 2007


Battle of the Bulge:: BB81.pdf By: BoardGameGeek
BB81.pdf (32 KB)
pdf for corrected errata counters Bulge '81
Jan 2, 2007


Battle of the Bulge:: The Crunch.doc By: goscott
The Crunch.doc (33 KB)
Scenario by Ty Bomba, taken from 'The Wargamer' magazine.
Oct 11, 2006

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