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High Frontier:: High Frontier 3rd edition cards By: DrakeImmortalis
high_frontier_3rd_edition_cards.pdf (655 KB)
Summary of all 3rd edition cards. I will update as changes arise. Please notify me of omissions and errors.
Dec 29, 2015


High Frontier:: High Frontier - As she's played by Paul Agapov (outlier) - Traducción al castellano por Amarillo114 By: amarillo114
high-frontier-as-she-is-played-v0.7.pdf (368 KB)
Spanish translation of the fantastic guide for learning to play High Frontier v. 0.7 made by Outlier (Thanks a lot!!) Typos fixed.

Traducción al castellano de la fantástica guía para aprender a jugar a High Frontier v. 0.7 hecha por el usuario Outlier (¡¡Gracias!!) Errores tipográficos corregidos.
Dec 15, 2015
high-frontier-as-she-is-played-v0.7.pdf (2.95 MB)
Spanish translation of the fantastic guide for learning to play High Frontier v. 0.7 made by Outlier (Thanks a lot!!)

Traducción al castellano de la fantástica guía para aprender a jugar a High Frontier v. 0.7 hecha por el usuario Outlier (¡¡Gracias!!)
Dec 14, 2015


High Frontier:: High Frontier Tutorial - Traducción del walkthrough hecho por Phirax. By: amarillo114
High frontier Walkthorugh by Phirax - Spanish translation v.0.1.pdf (5.48 MB)
Spanish translation of the Walkthorugh made by Phirax ... Kudos!! Typos corrected.


Traducción al castellano del walkthrough hecho por Phirax. Errores tipográficos corregidos.
Dec 14, 2015
High frontier Walkthorugh by Phirax - Spanish translation.pdf (4.80 MB)
Traducción del High Frontier Walkthrough hecho por el usuario Phirax.

Dec 11, 2015


High Frontier:: High Frontier 3rd edition sites and spaces By: DrakeImmortalis
high_frontier_3rd_edition_sites_spaces.pdf (49 KB)
Summary of all 3rd edition sites and spaces. I will update as changes arise. Please notify me of omissions and errors.
Jul 4, 2015


High Frontier:: High Frontier Alive and Complete - Japanese rulebook By: Sunfish
High Frontier Alive and Complete JPv50.pdf (1.74 MB)
High Frontier Alive & Complete Rulebook - Japanese rulebook v5.0
Vol.1 Basic Game: 2014/06/23
Vol.2 Colonization Game: 2014/08/29
Vol.3 Interstellar Solitaire: 2013/11/03
Vol.4 Colonization Variants: none
Jan 20, 2015
High Frontier Alive and Complete JPv41.pdf (1.02 MB)
High Frontier Alive and Complete(2014/02/05) Part A-V, Y-Z - Japanese rulebook v4.1
Mar 27, 2014


High Frontier:: Outpost Markers By: oninoted
outposts v3.pdf (1.32 MB)
Full color stickers for outposts and claims

8.5" x 11" PDF

Now 100% Tribble free!
Dec 22, 2014


High Frontier:: Ops Summary By: Gregor
HFOps.pdf (43 KB)
A one page summary of all High Frontier operations. The basic, shared, and colonization rules are color coded for easy distinction. Special thanks to John Boone (jwboone) for editing.
Nov 24, 2014


High Frontier:: Redesigned Crew Cards By: WasQ
Redesigned Crew Cards HF Bascu.pdf (373 KB)
Redesigned Crew Cards for High Frontier, in order to fit the same size as the other cards in the game, also a little doing with the general layout. Basically to match a little with the Colonist Cards

Rediseño de las Cartas de Crew del juego High Frontier, para que sean del mismo tamaño que el resto de cartas, además he cambiado la disposición de algunos elementos. Basicamente para que coincidan un poco con las cartas de Colonos
Aug 30, 2014


High Frontier:: High Frontier Alive and Complete By: robbbbbb
HighFrontierAliveAndComplete2014_03_31.doc (790 KB)
Most recent update of the Alive and Complete Rules from the Yahoo! Groups website.
Apr 14, 2014
HighFrontierAliveAndComplete2014_03_20.doc (784 KB)
March 20 update to Alive and Complete rules.
Mar 25, 2014
HighFrontierAliveAndComplete2014_02_07.doc (766 KB)
Feb. 7 update of HF A&C
Feb 10, 2014


High Frontier:: Tutoriel V2 By: barney521
Tutoriel_High_Frontier_V2.pdf (6.28 MB)
Tutoriel pour apprendre les règles de base de High Frontier.
Cette V2 prend en compte les errata des living rules du 04 mars 2014.
Mar 28, 2014


High Frontier:: High Frontier Alive and Complete 21.03.2014 By: Ulterius
HighFrontierAliveAndComplete2014_03_20.doc (784 KB)
Mar 25, 2014


High Frontier:: Règles françaises de High Frontier + errata Colonization By: barney521
High Frontier_Règles VF_V2.0 (avec errata Colonization).pdf (183 KB)
Règles du jeu de base ré-agencé en prenant en compte la Living Rules du 04 mars 2014.
Attention! avec les derniers changement de règles, la précédente traduction des règles de base, le tutoriel, ainsi que des aides de jeu précédemment mis en upload sont caduques.

Bon jeu!
Mar 23, 2014


High Frontier:: High Frontier - as she is played By: outlier
high-frontier-as-she-is-played-v0.7.pdf (356 KB)
Some very small changes, being mostly stating the events and sunspot cycle as they are in the published rules, leaving any discussion of any modifications for Colonization: as she is played.
Feb 11, 2014
high-frontier-as-she-is-played-v0.6.pdf (357 KB)
The "as she is played" with a few corrections and now including the expanded rules (as per the original game). See comments below for discussion.
Jan 11, 2014
high-frontier-as-she-is-played-v0.5.pdf (277 KB)
Various grammar errors, spelling mistakes and incoherencies fixed. Thanks to Lee Ambolt. The original Google Docs source can be seen (and edited) at
Jul 31, 2013
high-frontier-as-she-is-played-v0.4.pdf (273 KB)
A distillation of the game core rules, for teaching or learning or reminding, aiming at being comprehensible rather than comprehensive, trying to capture the important core of the rules and hang it in an easy-to-understand mental framework.
May 9, 2013


High Frontier:: HF base game mission planning guide and route cards By: NoDDs
HF base game mission planning guide & route cards 30-12.pdf (1.89 MB)
This file provides guidance to first (or second) time players in their attempt to establish their very first factory on a distant world. It attempts to resolve questions such as "What do I do now?" or Where do I go now? and especially "Am I stuck now?".

It includes a step by step guide to plan missions with a maximum change of succes, not counting failed prospect rolls.

It also includes a table with potential targets and the basic information to reach those targets. For each target, their is a route card which shows the route to the target. These are created with the same purpose as the colored routes already printed on the map.

The ultimate goal is to create a succesful and positive experience for first time players by reducing the learning curve (somewhat).
Dec 30, 2013


High Frontier:: Proposed new rocket diagram By: rbelikov
proposed_new_rocket_diagram_v4.pdf (462 KB)
Updates for version 4:
- switched to using the exact (rather than linearized approximation to) rocket equation
- added a technical appendix at the end of part 1 with instructions on how to create and tweak your own rocket diagram
- added new more realistic landing rules
Dec 1, 2013
proposed_new_rocket_diagram_v2.pdf (321 KB)
pdf version
Nov 28, 2013
proposed_new_rocket_diagram.docx (20 KB)
This diagram fixes some non-physical situations arising with the standard rocket diagram, has a smaller footprint, and is potentially more intuitive and simpler.
Nov 28, 2013


High Frontier:: HF base game player guide By: NoDDs
HF base game player guide 2013-11.23.pdf (218 KB)
I have added a second page, with some basic rules and a list of possible operations. Again, I tried to aim at first (or senond) time players to help me introduce this game to new players.
Nov 25, 2013
HF quick game guide 13-11-18.pdf (75 KB)
I removed the work in progress bits that are not part of the document I intended to upload.
Nov 18, 2013
HF Rocket flight guide.pdf (114 KB)
I created a reference sheet about rockt flight I intend to hand out to first time players. It is not suppose to contain every rules regarding rocket flight. It should allow the players to answer the most straight forward questions and to plan their fligths. Hopefully this will also reduce the number of plans "That will not work."
Nov 16, 2013


High Frontier:: High Frontier Scenario Chart By: robbbbbb
HF Scenario Worksheet.xlsx (78 KB)
This is the MS Excel spreadsheet I use to plan my turns during PBF games of High Frontier. It's also useful for recording actions during a solo game, or just playing around with some scenarios.

The first four tabs are examples taken from PBF #11. The first tab is my actual game log, up until I ended the game a couple turns before plan (check the PBF #11 thread for details.)

TurnByTurn1 is an empty tab for you to play with. Copy the whole tab to generate new scenarios.

The Fuel Charts tab contains data for doing ISRU refuels, &c. Nothing to change there.

The Actions tab lists all the potential actions you can list in a chart, along with a description and use of each. The actions supported are current to Colonization, and the Alive and Complete rules.

Finally: The "Actions" tab includes a place to list the player faction. If you set it to "UN", then the UN automatically picks up WT when it prospects. If you change it to any other value, it does not.

I'm subscribed to this thread. Hit questions here, or Geekmail me.
Nov 7, 2013


High Frontier:: High Frontier : Beginner's review (Japanese only) By: Masahiro Yamazaki
High-Frontier.pdf (54 KB)
High Frontier : Beginner's review Ver.2 Basic-Expansion-Colinization

基本ゲーム(便宜上Basic とします)は火星までの内惑星で競います。
Oct 14, 2013
High Frontier.pdf (30 KB)
High Frontier : Beginner's review

基本ゲーム(便宜上Basic とします)は火星までの内惑星で競います。
Sep 7, 2013


High Frontier:: HighFrontierBase_Colonization_Interstellar_2013_07_07 By: sircrowin
HighFrontierBase_Colonization_Interstellar_2013_07_07.pdf (694 KB)
just making PDF from DOC using PDF creator
Sep 25, 2013


High Frontier:: High Frontier combined rules 07/07/2013 By: Domfluff
HighFrontierBase_Colonization_Interstellar_2013_07_07.doc (559 KB)
Rules for High Frontier, Colonization and Interstellar
Sep 24, 2013


High Frontier:: High Frontier living rules 11-04-13 By: agraham2410
HighFrontierLivingRules_2013_04_11.doc (371 KB)
High frontier living rules updated to take into account changes required for the Colonization expansion that is going to press shortly.
Apr 13, 2013


High Frontier:: HF solo variant by etagimbo By: etagimbo
HF_solo_rm_V02.pdf (64 KB)
Solitaire rules for the expanded game.
Version 0.2: small cosmetic changes, sequence of play on reputation track page.
Feb 27, 2013


High Frontier:: Rocket Build Options - Full Game By: Gryfon
High_Frontier_The Plan_r3.xls (40 KB)
A spreadsheet for High Frontier showing which cards work together well ; Version 3
Feb 18, 2013
High_Frontier_The Plan_r2.xls (19 KB)
A spreadsheet for High Frontier showing which cards work together well (IMHO)
Sep 18, 2012


High Frontier:: Aide de jeu_High Frontier By: barney521
High Frontier_Aide de jeu_1.1.pdf (100 KB)
Mise à jour de l'aide de jeu sur le point de règle concernant l'ordre dans lequel doit s'effectuer le déplacement et l'opération lors d'un tour de jeu.
Dec 9, 2012
High Frontier_Aide de jeu.pdf (92 KB)
Fiche d'aide synthétisant les 8 opérations, les déplacements, confection de colonies, autres détails exotiques et le comptage des PV.
Nov 16, 2012


High Frontier:: Procédure de combat à High Frontier By: barney521
High frontier_Procédures de combat_V1.2.pdf (103 KB)
Rappels avec tableau résumant la mise en œuvre des différents vecteurs d’agression à la disposition des joueurs.
Dec 2, 2012

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