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The Lords of Underearth:: Lords of Underearth Revised Maps and Counters v1.0 By: cowpercoles
LOU_Revised_Maps_and_Counters (5.68 MB)
The archive contains redone maps and counters for Lords of Underearth.

All files are in pdf format, set up to print with no reduction to fit the print area.

The counters are 7/8" enlarged from the original game, double-sided with faction icons, as well as extra alerted/locked door chits. The names of units are on the counters, with extra stats (leadership, individual combat values, movement type). The numbers use a serif font for better legibility.

Optional counters from the Interplay magazine article are included as well.

There is an illustrated play aid with complete charts and tables.

There are two versions of the map, both in parchment-style with runic icons, similar to the redesign first proposed by LDS Jedi.

Hexes are 1" wide, so the full map is 21"W x 24"H.

One version is set up to print in nine letter pages with each map section 7"W x 8"H.

Another version for larger printers is set to 10"W x 26"H, to print out three long modular sections (there is extra space on the margins to allow for errors cutting out the maps).

There is no full 1-page extra large map, as this would make the file in excess of the allowed size for submissions.
Jan 5, 2013


The Lords of Underearth:: Sopplement 2: Magic, Technology and Lords of Underearth By: gloriousbattle
Supplement_2-Magic_Technology_and_Lords_of_Underearth.pdf (147 KB)
An even more simplified magic system that really just explains why things are just fine the way they are. Also, some thoughts on using Lords of Underearth for futuristic science fantasy warfare.
Nov 30, 2012


The Lords of Underearth:: Lords of Underearth Supplemental Rules By: gloriousbattle
Lords_of_Underearth_supplement.pdf (255 KB)
These consist of a player character fate table, a simple but exciting magic system and rules for converting Lords of Underearth to a square grid, so that modern dungeon mats abd dungeon tiles can be used as alternate underworld battlefields.
Nov 29, 2012

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