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Crokinole:: Crokinole rules in Bulgarian By: GeniusLoci
Crokinole_rules_BG.pdf (287 KB)
Crokinole rules in Bulgarian for the few folks here that like the game.
May 28, 2014


Crokinole:: Polish quick start and tournament rules By: locworks
20130902_crokinole_instrukcja_v0_2.pdf (48 KB)
The document contains quick start rules for casual play and a full tournament rule set based on the NCA Rules Feb 9, 2011.
Oct 2, 2013


Crokinole:: Crokinole Hungarian Rules By: Fortune
Crokinole_Hungarian_rules.pdf (33 KB)
Crokinole rules in Hungarian. Fits nicely in a A4 page.
Crokinole magyar játékszabály. A4-es lapra remekül elfér.
Jun 13, 2011


Crokinole:: Reglamento en castellano ´traducido por Carmen Méndez (austercita) By: jsper
Reglas de Crokinole.doc (32 KB)
Reglas en castellano para este fantástico juego de habilidad
Apr 28, 2011


Crokinole:: Graphic Layout of Crokinole board By: LennyS
crokinole board with points.pdf (51 KB)
A pdf version of my CAD drawing for machining a Crokinole board. I used a CNC router. A .dxf file is available - simply GM me and I'll be happy to send it via email.
Sep 20, 2010


Crokinole:: Crokinole Rules by Mayday Games By: maydaygames
Rulebook_03_sm.pdf (3.34 MB)
Crokinole is an amazing game and the boards are notoriously expensive, so why do all the rulebooks available look like they were made in a German bunker on a manual typewriter around 60 years ago? No offense to you euro gamers! Well Mayday Games is producing a high-quality, low-cost board and we're happy to share our updated graphics and high-quality instruction book book for all! Please share this with family and friends, just don't reproduce it for a profit.
May 11, 2010


Crokinole:: crokinole rules By: sporksfoons
crokinole_rules.pdf (25 KB)
These are clearly written rules, formatted between scoring holes. You can print it on a label, stick it to wood (we stick it to our disc storage cover), cover it with clear contact paper, and drill peg holes for scoring.
Feb 17, 2010


Crokinole:: Crokinole Rules Booklet for Hilinski Board Box By: Solamar
Rules_Short_v6.pdf (85 KB)
Crokinole Rules, rearranged from rules at, resized to make an 8 page tiny booklet, that fits inside the wooden disc box available with Hilinski boards. (Oh, the 8 1, 6 3, etc are the page numbers. They are outside the cut lines. They are there just to tell you how to arrange the pages.)
Apr 30, 2008


Crokinole:: Quick history and rules cards By: Nazhuret
crokinole cards.pdf (130 KB)
Use these cards to hand out to people that have never seen the game and are curious. Print landscape and two per page then flip the page over and print the other side. That way you can cut down the middle so each side will have all the information.
Take them with your board down to the pub and hand them out when you are playing so you can take more time taking your shots instead of explaining this great game to people.
Apr 22, 2008


Crokinole:: Rules for 3-4 player "cutthroat" crokinole By: pahool
cutthroat.doc (27 KB)
Re-edited final version from bulletin board posting. Great multi-player variant.
Feb 28, 2008


Crokinole:: crokinolerules.pdf By: mrbass
crokinolerules.pdf (43 KB)
Crokinole Rules from Erik Arnenson
Sep 24, 2006


Crokinole:: Crokinole Variant Set.doc By: BoardGameGeek
Crokinole Variant Set.doc (22 KB)
Crokinole Variant Set (corrected version)
Dec 7, 2003

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