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GIPF:: GIPF potentials graphical guide By: zefquaavius
GIPF potentials v2.pdf (1.24 MB)
Graphical guide depicting how the various potentials work.

Here is the Google Slides original (which is a reconstruction of the ancient, long lost Microsoft Visio original), in case you catch any mistakes, or want to make your own version (credit, please!).

P.S. A BGG bug is preventing me from updating the copyright to Attribution, Non-commercial, Share Alike, but that's what it is.
Jan 24, 2020
GIPF potentials v1.pdf (1.65 MB)
Graphical guide depicting how the various potentials work.
Aug 27, 2007

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GIPF:: Gipf riassunto regolamento By: 8lackjack
Gipf riassunto.pdf (115 KB)
Riassunto testuale del regolamento di "Gipf".
Vi prego di segnalarmi eventuali errori, verranno corretti al più presto.
Aug 16, 2019

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GIPF:: Gipf - Persian Rules - Q-Mars Ghanbari Azar By: qmars
Gipf - Persian Rules - Q-Mars Ghanbari Azar.pdf (1.31 MB)
Gipf Persian Rules Translated by Q-Mars Ghanbari Azar
Provided by
راهنمای فارسی بازی فکری گیپف
مترجم: کیومرث قنبری آذر
ارائه شده توسط شرکت سرزمین ذهن زیبا
Feb 7, 2018

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GIPF:: GIPF Rules By: huchandfriends
huc_15_6102_GIPF_Project_GIPF_Auflage_A_2016_AL_sc.pdf (3.74 MB)
German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Polish
Jan 25, 2017

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GIPF:: Proyecto GIPF - Resumen de TODOS los juegos del proyecto (español) By: christianlafferla
GIPFPROJECT-playeraid (christianlafferla).pdf (177 KB)
Reglas de TODOS los juegos: GIPF, DVONN, PUNCT, TZAAR, YINSH, ZERTZ (no cubre TAMSK al haber sido reemplazado-retirado del proyecto)
Estructura: Setup, turno, fin-victoria
Mar 27, 2016

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GIPF:: regolamento GIPF By: fabiofiol
regolamento_gipf.pdf (169 KB)
GIPF rules in Italian, Version 1.1
Jul 31, 2015

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GIPF:: GIPF - Official Rio Grande Games Rules. By: jgoyes
Gipf - Rules - Kris Burm.pdf (37 KB)
Official Rules by Rio Grande Games in English.

Posted with permission from the publisher.
Nov 27, 2012

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GIPF:: Guia Rápido GIPF By: pringi
GuiaRapidoGIPFv1.0.pdf (57 KB)
Quick guide for the game for players that already know the game. In Portuguese only.
Dec 11, 2011

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GIPF:: 4 page Gipf board for 4cm tokens By: bithalver
gipf_schemas_for_4cm_pieces.pdf (56 KB)
This is a gipf board which can be printed out on 4 pieces of A4 and put together; it is designed for 4cm tokens (like poker chips).
Jun 16, 2009

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GIPF:: GIPF - Reglamento.pdf By: Adeptus
GIPF - Reglamento.pdf (204 KB)
Reglas en español (spanish game rules)
Jan 5, 2006

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GIPF:: gipf set2.PDF By: benedictus
gipf set2.PDF (764 KB)
Project GIPF set 2 rules translation.
Dec 18, 2003

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GIPF:: gipf__rg.pdf By: BoardGameGeek
gipf__rg.pdf (91 KB)
Traduction française par François Haffner
May 28, 2001